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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Part 6 - Organized Science and Religion, Versus Open Systems

By GP duBerger

Continued from Part 5 - The Privatization and De-privatization of the Universe
Related According To The Principles Of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics .htm

Just like our friends who lived 200,000 ± years ago learned things and took responsibility for their mistakes. For them this was natural because there was no religion, and there were no intellectuals to define what we were and put us inside their "boxes" or systems, which now, no one can escape from. If they did not acknowledge their own errors and take responsibility and remain as objective as possible when they tried to solved their own problems in staying alive and then share this knowledge with others, at the time, the human race would of disappeared a long time ago. Objectivity builds things, makes them last and keeps you alive. In no way should anyone laugh or belittle these people because their social skills were refined beyond today's, which are only possible, today, through technology (so we have belittled ourselves with our new electronic prosthetics, and the sophisticated language-communication's of today are used as a means to acquire money and resources from others; not earn it elsewhere or create anything new from any open system and then share it with everybody. When was the last time you shared or gave away anything with no strings attached? Even some good advice? They also heated their own caves like most of us heat our homes today, — with fire, and those that heat their homes with electricity are not exempt because the majority of electrical power is generated with coal-fired turbines; so in a way they would recognize us faster than we would recognize them, especially with any intellectual interference added to this scenario.

All good things we enjoy today come from ordinary people who gave of themselves and shared their knowledge of physical things better than Jesus Christ himself was capable of doing and they were more successful too. There was no question of discovering something and running to the patent, land claim or copyright office, or the lawyers office with malicious patent squatting or claim jumping, and say this is all mine and has a society that rationalizes and defends these things, complete with spys, military and police to enforce the worst abuses of society and organized religion and their elite.

If it weren't for countless architects and artisans who knew how to build churches and temples in the first place, people would not have places to worship their false gods and Jehovah/Yahweh or whatever, is just as much a false god as all the other gods in the Greek or Roman Pantheon.

Communities today, as then, were designed for civilization so that we can, both, help each other, or steal and lie to each other with ease. Today, at the beginning of this millennium we are in our lying and stealing phase. It is where one's Sufficient Equivalency lies on either side, at any time, is what counts where, here, you will decide for yourself, and not for everybody, 'Organized Science and Religion, Versus Open Systems' and decide which one is better. There will be no Pope, Rabbi, Patriarch, Cleric or Whatever to ask which one is better, as you are on your own here.

On the commercial/industrial front they talk about superconductivity when the power grid can't even provide decent electricity in the first place, which itself contains enormous amounts amplitude pollution and random discharges with their 19th century generators and turbines, where three phase 550 is a joke of which Nikola Tesla's hair would stand up by itself without using his high frequency generator to do this if he saw this, where motors in commercial and industrial establishments get burnt out all the time because of overloads and spikes and one does not go and blame or complain to the utility company because they are all infallible like the church and the same 'rotten eggs' award goes for the petroleum industry with their "high quality" products.

If we change the wording on the evolutionary references from 'Stone', 'Bronze' and 'Iron' Age etc. and substituted it for the word 'Fire' Age , we would be in the same age and, comparatively speaking, we are devolving when studied from that perspective because these people found comfort and belonging in the harshest of conditions and probably never complained because that was normal for them. They knew nothing of being middle class or poor or a Christian or a Buddhist etc. and if you explained it to them, they wouldn't know what you are talking about, and not because they were stupid but only because these things didn't exist as these things are also completely unnecessary to living and maintaining existence. These people would think we are nuts and avoid us like the plague (which also didn't exist then).

I completely disagree with the Hollywood Reporter, NASA, Ridley Scott and the Vatican that: "we did not get here without a little help along the way". NASA spokespeople have a lot of nerve to say or endorse things that infer that there were aliens on Earth. This "little help along the way" means nothing but invokes a lot emotions that does not have any evidentiary support of knowing anything, from any kind of real evidence to support this (See Rhetoric), and besides, Erich von D審ken's research (which is in the argument), is not evidence and he doesn't prove anything and is as dated as the things his research discusses with no new follow up or even new conjecture. It's all just pop-archaeology and pop-anthropology. All I need to ask is: What, the hell, does the Pope, NASA, Ridley Scott and the Hollywood Reporter know about UFOs and extraterrestrials? Why must it only be acceptable that we require help from anything for us to exist and that ideas, only, involving Interference are important and must be inserted everywhere at the earliest opportunity? These ideas, not surprisingly, abrogate humanity itself which is about us helping ourselves grow and not be as some plaything for some entity that has "superior technology" as if we were at war with something and must submit. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its Principles pulls the plug on these things real fast, provided one is aware that this (A = C) Law and it's Principles exists.

If we have leaders and readers, from these areas thinking these things and filling up reality with fantasy, then, what is it they exactly do? The things they say and the things they do are not Equivalent to their task. Of course, I know that this is just the Hollywood reporter, The Pope, NASA, Ridley Scott and etc. but I also know people that actually believe this from all different walks of life and there is nothing I can say or do that will change their minds. It's all horse manure because either they have nothing intrinsically intelligent to say about anything, or they are trying to sell something.

If the Pope and NASA know something about UFO's, maybe they should climb aboard and take off with them and leave us decrepit poor Earthlings alone to our own business because it has been proven, for over 100,000 years, that we can manage very well on our own if we are left to our own discoveries, for our own needs and wants including a rich and diverse variety of different cultures that create their own unique things that can be traded, which would be both incomparable and incompatible to today's "global economy's", which if one analyses "Global Economy" Equivalently, it becomes an oxymoron but numbers, nevertheless, don't lie, especially numbers that originate from an open system.

What does China, Egypt, Greece and etc, do now? They make things for the western economic powers and nothing for themselves just so that a few international banks can be happy?!!? Egypt, for example, has to grow tobacco and not food if it's to get any loans from the International Monetary Fund where if they were allowed to grow food they could easily feed themselves and their neighbours too. If the Mayas or any other aboriginal culture and society had been left alone, who knows what man would of become and don't forget that these Aboriginals were quite willing to share this land and their ideas with us because there is a legal document of the sale of Manhattan to show this among many other things.

Of course, sharing this planet and its resources and exchanging ideas with anyone is unheard of and is illegal in western civilization concerning masters matters of property and is also strictly forbidden in Christianity, if its not Christian, and everything must belong to some white person of "good stock" which is the middle class version of a blue blood aristo, who is fully controlled by some system and we have the diseases, the artificially created conflicts and the wars to distribute, democratically, to prove that this is correct.

If there were priests and intellectuals in those days of hunting-gathering, we would of disappeared a long time ago. If they are so smart and enlightened why do they need to line up and shoot 20,000 Communards in 1871 in the streets of Paris? — and this is just one small example from the "City of Lights" itself. Forget Paris, France, because "Swinging Berlin" was the real Paris of the time and Paris was just a hole and definitely no one's tourist destination.

People forget, or don't know that the French and the U.K. are responsible for even more holocaust's than the German Nazi's ever committed that makes WW2 look like a garden picnic in comparison, if we count up the numbers of all dead bodies and atrocities, and the French, the British and now the Americans don't discriminate like the Germans did. Forget 'Enlightenment'. When it comes to money, watch out, you might get shot if you don't play ball and you give them 99% ownership, except now, you don't need to be a blue-blood aristocrat to get that privilege, as this is firmly in the grasping hands of the middle class now, who are even more murderous and exploitative than the aristocracy of old and they are just following orders too!.

The Allies just happen to be the winners in all the latest conflicts, so history is written in their favour but in history, the UK, the Germans, the Americans, the Russians and the French are all the same when it comes to domestic and foreign policy, and one is no better than the other and they (their intellectuals) are all just as blood thirsty. The entire fortune of the British royalty and nobility comes from the sale of opium to the Chinese in the last century which makes them drug lords and nothing else, and no better than any Central and South American drug lord of today.

Philosophy's, politics's and theology's that have problems, will make the situation worse by dragging other systems/things into them for support like a rotten apple. Situation wise, belief and science systems must handle their own problems without any assistance, including political beliefs; otherwise faith or the scientific method cannot exist and cannot be spoken for because this kind of faith or activity would demonstrate that it has no faith in itself except to exploit others.

It is not just education that is important, it is also necessary to give people the tools to understand and deal with their own natures, strengths and frailties which themselves continually change and are being manipulated by the authorities. There are many things that cannot be taught to avoid but can only be dealt with in real time, when they occur, and this is where those mental tools come in handy. It's impossible to think of every contingency so we must learn to deal with the unexpected and the unknown more effectively.

In our age, The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its Principles is the finest of those tools to deal with new situations and bad systems in a good way and allow you to maintain your focus especially where the reality involving any kind of change, whether good or bad, is Isolation, which can be terrifying for some.

This situation applies to anything, anywhere, where any philosophy or belief, that is only a closed system like the Second Law, is not philosophy or true belief but just a closed system, where the Zeroth Law offers opportunities in anything to change and adapt and improve anything seamlessly and make everything more valuable through its open system, yet be part of a closed system by its connection through Work and Information as the open universe is also the spawning ground for new invention that targets these malicious systems and makes one inevitably invulnerable and unreachable by these sorts, if one's own philosophy is to share these things, above all else.

Whether it's people or thermodynamics, any form of "dreaded" isolation can be turned into a "joyous" isolation;   a closed system into an open one, or an open system into and indefinite system and so forth. This is achieved through analysis of models of those systems which are governed by The Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. In the future, this will be obvious when technology is being created by those Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic Principles and this lack of personal responsibility, in relation to any problem or mistake will not be tolerated in society, as it is today because you cannot separate the quality of the human being and the technology from R & D down to the consumer level and then to the recycling bin.

A person's profile will as be important when obtaining or developing any technology that can facilitate nefarious deeds whether in research or at consumer level. Much like you need to be a licensed person to develop, manufacture or buy explosives or guns. For instance, we'll isolate one part of this system: When McDonald's restaurants got sued, before they thought they needed "warning labels", which now requires every company in the world to describe their products as hazardous things, regardless of what they sell or market. The trick here, for any civilization to survive well into the future is to stop glorifying and facilitating violence and exploitation and I am describing why and how right now.

For instance: One does not say any more "This is Hot Coffee", as a company now is required to describe it this way: 'Warning: This is Hot Coffee' because if you don't, someone will find a way to slap a personal injury suit against you if you are a commercial establishment. This goes for anything nowadays. This places severe restrictions in what technology can be invented in the future and put to market because it will be 'The Principle of Sufficiency' of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics that will be the bases of any new development to technology in the future. This Zeroth-based technology, based on open systems, will depend a lot on the consumer's responsible and intelligent use of it as compared to a chimpanzee's and his acknowledgement of those same open systems that pertain to reality and not some fantasy or invention of the mind; that makes the thing work in the first place and you cannot restrict technology to just astronauts but extend it to responsible people too, because astronauts need support from others to be astronauts in the first place. This is just like becoming an engineer today or obtaining a passport where character references are a requirement.

Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the Moon, but it was more all mankind indirectly that walked on the Moon on that day because of all the support staff behind him including the American taxpayer. Aldrin's insistence of reminding everyone he was the second to walk on the Moon completely misses the point, and he was religious on top of this so, from him, this is doubly wrong and really screwed-up philosophically where by, even, closed-system standards he is ridiculous.

This is no different than finding the most stupid imbecile one could find, anywhere, and he will use an ancient technology like fire or water, and use it responsibly or, at best, understand his own involvement and responsibility with it, as he could never claim that he didn't know how dangerous combustion or a flood can be if he caused a problem with these things. In the future, the same responsibilities will apply to higher technologies if they are to be successfully marketed, where the consumer will no longer be able to get away with being an automaton or a poor victim.

This will apply to more and more inventions and ideas in the future, since we have already evolved to the point where the most stupid imbecile that barely represents a human being will not put his hand on a hot element or leave the tap on with the sink blocked while its on, although he might still put his finger on a live wire.

A simple example: There are people who use Twitter to turn on the lights in their home or office as there are others who use the same thing to arm and activate a weapon. This here again, is why I say, as I've said before, why it's important to teach The Laws of Thermodynamics and all sorts of systems (whether they be social systems or thermodynamic systems) to kids at the earliest possible age before religious instruction because any brand-new technology in the future will only be able to be sold to those who understand its implications and the individual's use of it will be what's important including his personal responsibility, education, profile and beliefs. This technology will be expensive to develop so it will require mass production to make it profitable or worthwhile to produce.

One cannot have new generations contaminated with religious and political garbage and expect them to use any technology responsibly, in their future's, especially when these ideas conflict directly with Nature and The Laws of Thermodynamics and all their Principles. These new things will only appear to them existentially as tools to spread their message of "saving" or "the end", whether it's done through terror or done peaceably because that is what organized science and religion boil down too; which is 'Creation and Doom' and nothing else. You can't have your cake and religion too. Statistically, more religious people own guns and other assorted assault weapons than any other group or secular society, which is an interesting way to demonstrate faith.

Organized Religion should be phased out because in the end, death and discord is the only product they ultimately produce in any open system, any way you look at it.

The more people there are, that are properly educated with open systems, the more people will buy this new technology, and the better mankind gets overall, where new diversities, — not universities, that don't exist yet, that can be explored. This is called Evolution, which means becoming new things, in new ways and making new connections with everything and not just social media. Otherwise everything must become a dinosaur eventually and go the way of the dinosaur because life is meaningless without evolution.

Nature if It thought that way, It would of created machines instead that don't think and we would not have authority do this now as if they knew better than Nature what's what. Those that believe today in Irreducible Complexity, or Zionism or Klanism etc. believe that this is what actually exists and that we are fated automatons. Any creed that thinks it is perpetual and all meaning, — yet must face doom anyway, is insane and the only thing that is eternal are the Laws of Thermodynamics through any age which I understand may be a huge leap in another direction for some, but that is not anyone's problem either, because it's not supposed to be a problem.

Discoveries only possible via an understanding of Open Systems where we find the third option/system: Benjamin Franklin's proposed experiment shows that lightning is just simple electricity and had nothing to do with the Lord, dispelling superstition by finding that third system for electricity, through Open Systems concerning the Leyden jar problem.

Fair Use GP duBerger

It will be like the way they advertise AM and FM radio stations today which have existed for a long time but I remember that station as something else entirely, — many times before, so it is all just repackaged old ideas and things, with a new name, a new face (which is odd for a radio station), and sold to a younger public as something spanking brand new and fresh.

Ernestine of the Telephone Company and Cher

On the other hand: Since when has it become everyone's duty to take care of everyone's created indecision or irresponsibility, all the time, and all done artificially, and then have to talk about it as if it should be talked about. Why, even, maintain relationships with those who can't do anything for themselves unless they themselves are inferior forms of life or desparate for company? Let Nature take care of them instead. Nature's motto would say: "Smarten up or die". Anyone who loves this kind of life is equivalent to this form of life but a civilization can only economically handle so much. These types, eventually, become cannon food so they can die "heroically" and the survivors, who are changed by the experience of war, get medals and the civilization's history and economic books look nice and the thing starts all over again until everyone smartens up or dies again, over and over again because world wars (which we can start with the Napoleonic Wars) are getting worse each time they make one.

People forget and couldn't care less, where if we talk about World War 1, we may as well be talking about the Crimean War or the Napoleonic Wars yet, in a manner best understood through the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its open system, these wars still affect everyone, even today, in many ways and represent conflicts that are by no means over. There is no war in history that has ever resolved anything permanently. War is an expensive waste of time, over time and serves only to protect private interests, who themselves are inferior, when there are tons of different ways to produce work and energy machines for the proletariat, for free (as already demonstrated in HTML'S MAGIC pages 'Extreme Cold' and even extract heat if necessary from thermal equilibrium which is everywhere for free because it's already in everything around us in various forms and movement and can easily be converted, also for free if one knows how and why.

Today people don't leave each other alone texting, phoning and multitasking each other 24 hours a day with frivolity and activities they won't even remember, they did, a week later. In my time, in my youth, you needed to be a drunk to claim that prize. No wonder everyone drinks so much coffee today: people must really be boring because in the past you needed to be inebriated to do stupid things and today people need coffee to stay awake when their fully rested because everything is so dull and predictable. If this complete, childish, disregard for technology and personal responsibility continues, a new Dark Age will be born that cannot embrace anything new and will become the norm for another thousand years or more; like the last one that was ruled by tradition, superstition, taxation, stagnation and servitude, with only the privileged few in control of nothing/everything. But they, nevertheless, will believe, in some way, that they are Plato's stepchildren, whose own perversions will be matched in both scope and in philosophy.

I hope, should this ever happen, the weather will just as nice as it was back in the Dark Ages. Except now, there will be an aristocratic society who will have access to an advanced technology that the rest do not understand that will enable them to treat the general population like cattle ad perpetuum because there is no way the rest can ever catch up to these future Cattle Ranch Owners. Any of your friends that are ignorant, violent, racist, small minded, for any reason you should remove from any kind of association with yourself because they can be seen as minions at the service to the very intellectuals they hate and as their operatives in helping create this new society that may be coming.

We cannot opposed or fight these people in authority today using closed-system ideas but only with open systems and any Human who does not want to innately become better than himself and just conform to the wishes of others, society or "authority" should be ignored, so you don't get dragged down with them, even if they are extremely sexually attractive or otherwise. Where does anyone get the idea that they (closed-system intellectuals) are better than anyone else, without having to show any work to prove this, and then express this through hatred or discrimination, and then get the backing from an organized religion or political group? Further, they find people who believe this and others they can convince and get to work for them. This is what Humanism was all about before it got totally corrupted (like Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Faraday's Electromagnetic Field Theory and Relativity).

Humanism was the essential philosophy that ushered in the Renaissance like a bolt of lighting that accomplished things no other philosophy or civilization has ever done before and since. There was no miracle involved either. It was only a bunch of people in Florence, Venice and Rome, who were all Artists, Bankers, Businessmen and Merchants, even one of most revered Saint's in the church (saint Francis of Assisi), that switched the focus of their thinking from God to Man, or they simply got sick and tired of the church and its corruption, as this clip, above, shows.

Where are these type of thinkers today? The Renaissance can be seen as like the Protestant revolution that occurred later, except, as usual, we got things right the first time, where protestantism is just the intellectual version of breaking away from the church while retaining all its money-making systems and creating new ones, where the Renaissance thinker wants everyone to make money, learn and prosper.

This clip (above), briefly describes the spirit of the renaissance because this is something no one should miss while considering all those marvels all around us because this will, also, show you where these things come from and how they came to be and why everything might disappear one day simply because of the way people get involved with each other today, where nothing is being produced and no one is making an effort except in ways that would make types like Milton Friedman happy.

So, now that God was no longer being dismissed as everything and all and everything came from him only; These people started asking where Man's place is in all this; and is there any responsibility we share in this world with God and Nature, that has any relevance, where we can actually affect anything?. Man and every Humanist individual could ask: "Am I Important or can I make a difference in this Universe (besides polluting open systems)?" That was the birth of technology as we know it today because from that moment on, there was no stopping this but by the time we reached the "Industrial Revolution" this progress got completely corrupted by the banks and private interests, including protestant intellectuals. Now we are going backwards again where no one cares about anything or wants to make any difference and either blames God or everyone else including those of different skin colour and religion with their imagined-misery and a lot of extortion or wants to make their god, church or temple as the central hub of everything again.

This is so because it is not only god that stupid people are going back to, but only their god and only their organized religion, as if they had exclusive rights, and 'Rights' also happens to be a secular institution and in no way exists anywhere in religion or spirituality, but privilege does, so we already have, here, many overlapping ideas where untangling them would be virtually impossible today because we have gone too far. Death is the only way to change this unless people smarten up and stop believing in everything the media presents.

Simply because this is the only way people with no substance or education and have not bothered to get any, can get attention which is, by finding every opportunity to be 'the poor victim' of/in any society, by not recognizing their own involvement, of their own personal relationship with anything and this is acceptable in the legal system because there are too many lawyers who argue for irresponsible people and too much media that just likes to create more trouble by distorting simple disputes as important and calling this, "freedom of the press", where we may ask where freedom ends and "abuse of the press" starts where the whole situation is actually some closed system that was created artificially for litigation, for mercenary reasons.

First, what is this obsession everyone has with god or the devil or angels and anything supernatural and what do they have to do with science and mathematics and how do they connect? They should have video games with saints, gods and angels and their minions instead of video games of humans killing each other. Do these things bleed, burn or disappear when you eliminate them? because these are some special effects I want to see. I'm sorry, but I don't see any connection between science and god and I thought that it was firmly established that the two have nothing to do with each other. Further, I have already established in HTML'S MAGIC 'Extreme Cold', that mankind and each individual is perfectly capable of understanding opposing or different philosophies that just happen to work well for where they are designed to work and nowhere else.

Atheists have it all wrong because whether these supernatural things exist or not, it is not the question. These things are not real because they cannot be "sensed", meaning that you cannot feel, touch, see, hear or smell them like any other matter and that is the only reality that we can know of, or be allowed to know of, is the physical Universe because, as I said elsewhere, all reality and all things we interact with are based on the senses, not intelligence, that have evolved because of the existence of unchanging and beneficial phenomena (i.e. photons and waves have never changed their properties or characteristics) over billions of years and then the brain evolves to process this information that, itself, is evolving to the changing ways information puts itself together, but the fundamental particles, waves, quanta and photons always remain the same.

It is illogical, unnatural, spiteful and "inferiorates", (or deteriorates) god to assume that a supernatural-physical being that's invisible created just the physical, when we have Virtual Particles that react physically in this universe and can be measured) as these particles can be seen, theoretically, as quasiparticles instead, (which means they can be reduced, eventually, as a Bose-Einstein Condensate) and that these particles represent the vibration-force of the Universe, itself, and as every force has a corresponding particle; then, so does the vibrations of the Universe, as they represent themselves physically as a virtual particle and these particles are just as unchanging as any other quanta or particle that carries energy and information in, and across, the Universe.

Also: If people can see these things, then they have electromagnetic properties too (forget quanta for now) and judging from the kind of visions, in the open air, that have been reported (not recorded), they would certainly of left a very strong ozone smell reacting with oxygen, but this has never been reported and ozone has a very strong and very distinctive smell that cannot be missed or ignored and hologram projectors (if those things really do exist) would not be used because gods, angels, devils and saints don't project themselves but make "personal" appearances. Quotes for "personal" because, as related elsewhere (Extreme Cold), no god or immortal being can have a distinctive personality, like a mortal's distinctive personality, where each, or one or the other, could interact without some reasonable, physical and inanimate, interface to make them equivalent.

This goes, too, for these conspiracy theorists, where they say the "Illuminati" are building holographic projectors, in orbit, in space, while sprinkling the atmosphere with mechanical dust (barium and aluminum) to create holographic UFO'S, or simulate some bad omen that has a specific supernatural significance, so the populations of the world will become fearful and create the necessary sociological conditions to create a totalitarian world government, just like 911 created the necessary situation and conditions where Americans have given up their Fifth amendment rights, in exchange for "security". I say, if these allegations are true, just ignore them and the media, or laugh at these "projections" and their sounds created by HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) should these things do appear and Don't Panic. They can't harm you, and if we ever see these manufactured things, that manufacture the supernatural, it's time to start thinking seriously about overthrowing our governments, or their political parties, for a variety of reasons, and replace them, and the banks, instead because these things are not UFOs or some Second-Coming but would be a military strategy against their own populations, because, equivalently, that is something the people, government and international banks can understand and work out of. Our job as Human beings is to be reasonable and make sure the "Second-Coming" never occurs under any circumstances, especially in that there is nothing good in it and this thing could only be invented and propagated by morbid and impotent cretins thousands of years ago.

To recapitulate:
It is both physically and metaphysically impossible, because of the way they each deal with information and how information deals with them which is what, fundamentally, makes a mortal or an immortal in the first place, and this situation (as a physical thing) is true in the sense that it is it's own Equivalence where none of these things require explanation in the first place, that is: Matter, Energy and God and are destroyed by subdividing them.

Schizophrenia might of been called religious ecstasy at one time and religious fanaticism may have occurred because of vitamin deficiencies prevalent with everybody who only ate poisoned rye bread and cabbage. The evening entertainment in those days was talking about your "visions" after eating that stuff, because stale bug-infested rye bread grows an ergot fungus among other things, whose molecule is similar to LSD, PCP or Mescaline, but they were not aware of this at the time and ergot can also cause St. Bartholomew's disease. Let's not forget that everyone drank alcoholic beverages in those days too, including children, because most people did not have access to fresh water and the only thing that was not contaminated were alcoholic beverages.

Intelligence, if we look at it as an open system, evolves as a need required by other systems that came before the brain to solve complexities in energy information that become more apparent as those senses become more complex through evolution because energy and matter were not only sources of food now, but also sources of information and something was needed to separate the two, and being so; to adapt to ever-changing environments, climates and competition/predators. The photons and minerals that we consumed once as bacteria, became more useful as information and sustenance could be acquired now in different ways from others that did not treat information the same way.

To this day, the source of any information the brain receive comes from the senses first. Senses evolved to gather endless supplies of timeless unchanging energy and matter to create and nourish life. Primevally, life ate from these "senses" and provided energy to chemical processes, essential for their existence like plants still do by turning the Sun's energy directly into chemical energy through carbon, that can be stored and moved about anywhere needed.

If I had the power of an ancient Roman patrician I would move the Vatican City and other religious organizations to the Grand Canyon so they would have plenty of fossils dating back 300 million years ago, looking at them 24 hours a day, and they would need to move around by mule like St Paul too, and I would place Natural History museums next to every important church, temple or mosque, and after every television-evangelist show, I would make it the law that the station or network present a Natural History documentary immediately afterwards.

Instead of saying that Adam was the first man 6000 years ago, it's probably better and more meaningful to say that Pikaia was the first back-boned animal on Earth in the Cambrian age around 542 million years ago, especially in what this kind of thinking and knowledge is trying to achieve.

That is the only difference between all men, plants and animalia, is that we all treat information differently and the way we treat information, energy and matter is what makes us kings today but tomorrow may render us as useful and as ingenious as a slime mould, of which we are already showing signs of this in many areas because we are so closed as a species, and becoming more closed systemed in the way we treat matter, information and energy.

Our struggle for sameness and "equality" will be the thing that actually kills us instead of perpetuating us because of our inability to deal with diversity in more and more things without creating a conflict out of it too, and because of equivalency we create frivolous things like 'political correctness' were we are actually separating and dividing things from everything, throughout this political correctness by giving the problem a new name and by this new name and concept, assigns blame to whom should be blameless and in other ways, puts the cart before the horse, where if there was proper education offered in the first place, there would be no need for political correctness.

Closed systems like any society must be very carefully designed and be transparent and honest like any machine is, otherwise they become isolated systems where they become vulnerable to attack from any open system created by Nature. Closed systems are only vulnerable to entropy which is far easier to remedy in a variety of ways in either good or bad ways, which is why Thermodynamics is so important to teach to the young because these distinctions and relationships become obvious and immediately present before they can do any harm and encourage constructive change in society because thermodynamics as a philosophy cannot be toyed with by the intellectual or mathematician from any group or society in existence.

Your body is literally a chemical reactor with trillions of different reactions occurring each and every second of your life that have their origin from their initiation over 4000 million years ago and this has nothing to do with intelligence, nor is your brain directing or detecting the activities of every single cell, and molecule, in your body, or is there any type of god's handiwork, or is there any so-called 'Intelligent Design' and 'Irreducible Complexity' (which is an oxymoron) responsible because every single joule of energy and molecule of matter in your body and mind comes from Nature and nowhere else and all cells have a degree of autonomy and still do their most important functions all by themselves and even fight of a lot of disease, bacteria and viruses by themselves without the need for immune cells.

There was no creation of Adam without the creation of 'The Cell' first, which is far more significant. There are even cells and parts of cells that cannot, even, be aware that they are part of a "living" body or a whole entity that also thinks it's a unique or singular thing and probably understand the other cells around it, in an equivalent manner, as we see the stars in the sky. This, as opposed to the vanity of thinking that an individual human being is singularly more beautiful, or intelligent or superior in any way without acknowledging the entire support of this vanity from within and without.

We belong to Nature only, and we live in Its Universe and no other universe. So either god itself is ignorant of important things going on in the physical universe it supposedly created, or is irresponsible because everywhere in religious literature, of any kind; The cart is put before the horse and everything that is related in any religious literature can only be seen with the eye but not with a simple microscope, which have things to reveal that are far more important than man.

For any god to exist, it must be strictly a spiritual entity that has nothing to do with the physical universe or with time, nor must either, as states, take precedence over the other, all the rest of its stories is all nonsense and certainly under those conditions is in no position to judge, offer immortality, perpetual pain or bliss either. The Physical Universe must come first and predominate because that is the same stuff we are made from and react too physically, chemically and "quantumly", in all life and death, regardless if a god created us or not.

You can prove this yourself experimentally: Have a friend go to the top of a building and have him throw buckets of water at you on the ground a 1000 times while you are praying to god that you won't get soaked. I guarantee you that you will get soaked 2000 times: Once from the water hitting you directly, and the water splashing back at you from the pavement. This is the same way Galileo proved that Aristotle was wrong with the idea that heavier things fell faster from a tall structure than light things. Maybe it's time people took to visiting Pisa, Florence and Venice for some inspiration and avoid places like The Vatican City and Egypt. Once Christian philosophers disproved pagan philosophers; now it's high time for Secular philosophers to disprove Christian philosophers in all matters that concern science and Natural Philosophy.

Hell's Bells
As a matter of fact, intelligence interferes with this natural process when it starts poking into things. Such important things like god and angels etc. filling up The Universe, if Nature knew they existed would certainly have developed senses for it, for everybody and not just the few, with the required brain construction to process that information for all Its living creatures to enjoy their spectacle and awesomeness and respect their power, in some way, because they would also have an effect of cosmic phenomena like everything else because apparently these things can interact with the physical Universe and even tell us what to do and how to live our lives; if what they say about them in religious literature and mythology was true.

Besides this makes all men and most animals equal where everyone and everything, with these new senses, can have and enjoy the thrill of a god or angel paying everything an awesome visit and understand their message because all creatures, too, must understand Moses, Jesus or Mohamed, otherwise by just choosing man to be spoken too, it is only politics, where man exists to oppose Nature and that was the only meaning to man's existence.

Otherwise, and in another way, theology and intellectuals are saying that it is Nature who is unaware that god does not exist and therefore is imperfect and ignorant and It failed to create the necessary things to accommodate god which then readily leads to that god comes after Nature; so they can't say anything, which is why they don't but they have their most stupid intellectuals criticising science and evolution by changing it! Just like scientists who work for societies and systems are changing Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Electromagnetic Field theories to suit their systems and societies and not mankind as if it were some proto-religion.

Therefore, whether god exists or not, it has to be an invention first and this invention must come first before even faith is thought of, or imagined.
It could, also, be that these entities change their characteristics all the time, therefore destroying any evolutionary process that could know them in the physical Universe, but that would destroy their importance too and make covenants (promises) irrelevant and prove conclusively that god is not made up of quasiparticles, or any form of quantum energy bundle or any kind of wave of any sort making it impossible to transmit any form of information, — forget monkeying around matter and energy.

This would unfortunately include prophets, evangelists, apostles etc. because no special powers are required to realize something that cannot exist (no quasiparticles, or any form of quantum energy bundle or any kind of wave of any sort), but have the power to be extremely cynical about mankind in relating their "conversions" and "visions" to sway people and entire civilizations when mankind is its own responsibility as it always was before agriculture and civilization, which because of organized religion, they are not improvements to us beings as hunter-gatherers, or; the improvements to life civilization offers, are immediately cancelled out by organized science and religions.

It is more likely that these are only virtual entities, created by society and authority, to create unnecessary guilt and anxiety, with quaint philosophies and systems to keep its populations off balance because religion only addresses society's problems or problems only created by systems where injustice prevails and have absolutely nothing to do with Nature of even man. After this clip (above), try to imagine what an individualized heaven and/or hell would be like for anybody you know, including yourself, because according to this short play, heaven or hell are entirely existential because they are both physically identical according to, both, the damned and the saint.

If they are part of phenomena that changes all the time, then they are not immortal and don't even exist in any kind of system because they leave no trace or any physical evidence anywhere (except books) but there is plenty of evidence of Nature everywhere. I'm not saying that a god does not exist, I'm saying that it must be treated like we use the number zero in mathematics and physics to fill up a space that cannot be left empty in a closed system. In an open system we would be able to put our zeros anywhere, and as many as we want since god can exist as gods and everything else too; It just depends on the way one wants to see the picture, but you decide where to place the zero and maybe someone else can place that zero in a better place in whatever formula he creates.

It, itself, does not mean anything but without it, the whole equation, spreadsheet or formula would collapse. Zero as a non-integer is also a way for The Universe to plainly show everybody and everything that there are things that do not need to be described because that is part of existence too like any other part of existence, but don't go looking for it in this 3 + 1 dimensional Universe. Those that insist in explaining these things or explaining everything as physical manifestations only create monsters and god or any other spiritual entity turned into physical form is a monster.

This also demonstrates that there are no religious authorities in existence at any level who have any qualifications to discuss, describe or intercede for god in any manner whatsoever for not realizing this, in the first place, themselves. How does one create Monsters. Mix one part this and one part that and make sure that both parts are completely incompatible and force them to work together and voilà, — Monster surprise! The best mode is simple Secularism, not atheism or any belief system.

The idea here is that, to even think about god is blasphemy in one way or another since we are physical beings that are only capable of existential-physical thoughts, so such a thing is therefore best considered in/by the heart and not the mind under any circumstances. Besides any god should not be interested in your sexual prowess/escapades, or intelligence or beauty but only interested in your true feelings and as a supernatural entity would encourage you to develop those feelings, yet most people cannot identify their own emotions at any given time except those most base and/or instinctive emotions which are further confounded by making them only operate in closed systems.

A classical mechanical device that always says yes; just like in quantum mechanics
Albert Einstein said: "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." Just like if you think that zero is more than it is, or not, it is like in the quantum mechanics, the answer is always yes. There is no philosophy here and the equivalencies that do exist, are there to service such ideas for the felicitous programming and conditioning of human beings by authority.

According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics the antonym of procrastination would be doing something without delay but according to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, because it uses the Principle of Equivalency, would say: the antonym for procrastination would be 'Sufficiency' because one procrastinates because we only change things when we have too because everything is working fine so far. When things don't work properly anymore for the procrastinator, or are no longer sufficient, then he get of his rear end at does something.

Slaves exist even today; they just don't wear metal chains anymore; the chains are all in the mind, in the credit cards, in the gambling casinos and lotteries, in most marriages, in every clock and in The Second Law of Thermodynamics and everything it touches. Not only are we slaves we are reapers too and we are just as grim because everything we know and touch must die and nothing eternal is fathomed except if it is invented and has the signature of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The gasoline must be replenished, the car fixed or replaced , the husband wife changed, the children fixed, the technology must be modernized or it becomes obsolete (to what?), the furniture is old etc. etc.

But no or nil does not exist in the quantum and creating something out of nothing happens all the time everywhere in the Universe and this has nothing to do with gods but only with Nature, in the intervals between the quantum. What I find hilarious is when something is created out of nothing by "god" this is treated as a miracle, like HTML5, and everybody writes and talks about this for years but when The Universe does the same thing by turning accelerated movement into new matter (the conversion of energy to matter), this is treated as nothing and is never discussed and no student anywhere in the world bothers to write any paper on this comparative phenomena, — Or is told to not write a paper, and is completely ignored by philosophers and organized religions.

My question is why limit yourself to Earth, Heaven or Hell concerning every aspect of your life and your mortality when you are already part of the entire physical Universe, right down to the most distant quasar and beyond that too. How do clocks and credit cards etc. compare, as being better than those things in the Universe you are part of already and consider more important than the Universe itself? Just because you cannot hold it in your hands and control it does not mean you cannot see it with your eyes and be part of it, in one way or another.

If you can accept that the entire Universe's answer to everything is yes because it is an open system then quantum mechanics is not so weird after all. It is only weird when some closed system is involved which can be remedied instantly when/where one looks for whatever equivalency is trying to be achieved, at the appropriate time, to any "given" problem.

The only thing that we are equivalent to, is that we are our own entity like every other living and non-living thing in the universe and owe nothing to anyone and are not expected to live up to any thing's expectations, anywhere. Many organized religions, societies, corporations and philosophers try to take that completely away from you. Every living thing has an intrinsic value but society warps this into an inherent status, reshaping the individual into subservience and making life a gift from society or a god and not from Nature.

There is a profound verity here because when something that is not real (i.e. cannot be detected by any of the natural senses or instruments designed to enhance them) and creates something out nothing on top of that, that is a lot of miracles piled on top of each other because there are too many systems, involved, that are not even equivalent to each other. It would be an actual "miracle' that this present system of monotheism would work or could be made to happen in actual physical reality and existence. In the way god is portrayed, it's a miracle that god exists in the first place. We don't need atheists to tell us that god does not exist because religion is doing a good enough job all by itself if one questions its authority and considers the answers that are given.

But atheists are merely trying to transfer religious authority to their own proto-religious "science"-authority instead. People who think god or Jesus perform "miracles" is also form of blasphemy, twofold, since by these "recorded miracles"; god is placed in a position, in the role of intermediary, using, itself, intermediaries (like Moses), or as an operator of machinery that creates the illusion of miracles that function like a time machine, of which Nature would find to be superfluous anyway because It can do this stuff Itself and much more simply and better too because It has the philosophy to carry out Its own wishes where time has superior meaning and purpose.

The second blasphemy is saying that anything a god or its progeny and prophets do as "miraculous", since they can do anything, anyway, anytime, anywhere because it's God and people should expect this from such an entity so it's no longer a miracle especially if you believe that god is the centre of all things like the Byzantine.

The principle of 'The Miracle' depends on Nature to exist since without Nature to compare god, and gods works, there would be no miracles to say they are miracles. The very idea of the "miracle" proves we live in Nature's Universe and Nature is our creator because god cannot do the same in reverse, nor can god ever be measured or compared to anything, or be found in any reference except in things manufactured by man.

For god to survive in these conditions, we have to change "Alpha and Omega" to "Everything and Nothing" instead, but then that means no more creation/apocalypses, heaven and hell, good and evil or devil etc. and other nonsense which is not good for organized religion. We clearly need a brand new theology where everything is scraped, if believing in anything is important for you as an individual, which believe it or not, I have a respect for this because it is your life and your paradigm and "believing" is important for you and this belongs to you, not me.

The more of a fanatic you are, the more you destroy or remove yourself from god since it is in the showing of this particular devotion that put sensationalism before god and not let god provide the faithful with the sensation. God's systems of reality are either true or false, so miracles don't exist because that's superfluous.

Just like we would expect an electron to perform a certain way in science, but an electron is real and its experience cannot be existential. If one met Jesus one expects miracles and therefore contaminates him by giving him miraculous attributes in a physical Universe which are incompatible. If you saw Santa you'd expect gifts, If you saw Satan you expect to be punished, You buy liquor or recreational drugs you expect a party, if you buy a lotto or go to a casino you expect to win something. Creating existential things out of existences that, themselves, are either metaphysical, supernatural or haven't happened yet and creating for them the same value as real experiences is the crowning achievement of intellectuals and I must say is a work of evil genius.

The difference, as stated earlier, is that no one is a slave to any electron because they are real but to any illusion one becomes its slave and slavery can only exist in systems where one serves illusions and you cannot be a slave to anything real and existing and recognizable by Nature. We are bombarded by an infinite number of photons yet we are not addicted to electromagnetic radiation but we can get addicted to systems that are artificially created from, or use electromagnetic radiation. Then, when something goes wrong they blame it on Nature or God.

Therefore next time you feel oppressed, focus on the illusion or system hiding behind a/the reality that's responsible for the oppression and there you will discover how to be free or dismantle its power as you decide the most appropriate action to take. This works in life or in any laboratory experiment. There are two ways to dismantle illusions: through the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its Principles or The Second Law of Thermodynamics and its Principles. One is non-violent and open systemed and the other is violent and closed systemed but neither resolve anything and the only advantage the Zeroth Law and its Principles provides is that it can change the Equivalency of the situation and this equivalency can only go in one direction: From Bad to Good.

Those that play the poor-me victim game are themselves illusions or part of some system that sustains this and they and it cannot be changed, nor can they save themselves until they assume a personal responsibility in life or make a connection to some open system somewhere that belongs to Nature. Otherwise its all meaningless except for the closed or isolated system the "victim" and "sustainer" is involved in.

To stop personal liability suits, it would be necessary for a judge somewhere to examine human rights and human obligations that should be included in all rights and remove the god-given parts as non sequitur, because there is no precedent anyway of any god, anywhere, giving humanity any rights ever in any history, including the right to live freely, as previously stated, where god only bestows privileges to his favourites, where life too is a privilege.

Another example of a god being inefficient and theatrical while performing multiple miracles to do one thing is by simply looking at the Creación de Adán on the Sistine Chapel. God, who is supposed to be Alpha and Omega but can't even fly and requires a squadron of angels, that he creates for the purpose of flying, to support and position him to initiate a spark with precision. It makes me wonder how he managed the five days before with all this unnecessary multitasking whose multiple redundancies are equivalent to the mistake of creating Adam itself since by bible reckoning we are supposed to be failures in the eyes of god, which is a pretty sick philosophy. This is handy to know because here we see how different Michelangelo's concept on 'Flying' was from his competitor,   Leonardo da Vinci.

The only thing I can say about this is: I know for certain that they will never name any airport after Michelangelo Buonarroti despite his superlative genius. The only beings, I know, who improvise like god on a similarly tight schedule, are scientists and technicians who work with plutonium as is well documented by a number of criticality accidents listed in Trinity Atomic Web Site caused by using improvised things, like screw drivers instead of the proper tool, resulting in death and these things created nasty sparks too! This business of vastly superior entities creating vastly inferior entities to worship and sacrifice to them does not exist in Nature and is not supported by any form of systems, however complex, in arithmetic/mathematics, Laws of Thermodynamics or Physics or any form of chemistry which are all things that do run the Universe, that are not afraid to reveal themselves to everybody anytime and anywhere. As for gods, any kind of sacrifice, love or worship cannot ever be equivalent to the needs and supposed intelligence of these kinds of beings anyway.

This is like going to the store to buy dead batteries and expect them to run things. There is no equivalency except in that religious systems make human beings look perpetually pathetic. Take away religion and we are no longer pathetic (or dead batteries) and if you are a believer this should only add to anyone's faith since any leap of faith truly requires that you not jump of cliffs, but jump off any theology and only there will god catch you and save you, otherwise the whole thing is just a sham or you are not ready to jump which then gives no one any authority to discuss god under any circumstances, until they jump.

According To The Zeroth Law Of Thermodynamics, Creation Points To Itself And All That Is Required Are Three Systems In Equilibrium To Do This, And Has Nothing To Do With Probabilities But With Inevitabilities, And All Good Things Are Inevitable And It All Depends Whether You Want To Be Part Of It Or Not.

Do you know who Stanley Miller is? Religious creationist's think they do. Click on the picture to see the religious view of Stanley Miller’s famous experiment including Jeff Bada's work (his student and heir to his experiments) being twisted by creationists to suit their needs. Before I continue, things like 'Irreducible Complexity' and 'Creationism' become redundant when considered through The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics when working its systems backwards. At one point, these complicated things like organic molecules can be broken down to very simple processes. Working our way back up, using the three systems sets of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, we find that very naturally, new systems evolve by themselves.

These more complicated systems can be calculated in advance every step of the way and can be reproduced in a laboratory equipt for this and can never be determined using The Second, The First and the Third Law Of Thermodynamics. They are more complicated not because of "irreducible complexity" but because the molecules that acquire new atoms and molecules of different kinds, are themselves more complicated and can arrange these things in a multitude of different ways, and this creates more new chemicals where probabilities, guided by their chemical affinities, could project likely reactions to occur (and do so) and create all by themselves, more new things that are beneficial to life.

Irreducible complexity is cancelled out where we discover that our "unique" presence is not so unique and there are other forms of life and death that can only live off hydrogen sulphide, and oxygen is a deadly poison and that is just one example of one compound that can sustain life but the clincher, that destroys irreducible complexity is that all life and death depends on hydrogen regardless of its source and regardless of species which is not complex or irreducible.

These arrangements can occur anywhere in the Universe too, if the conditions are right for them and the time is allowed for them to occur. Any argument for 'irreducible complexity' depends on time periods being removed from all probability or even as probability (against) where even the lack of, or abundance of oxygen is not even considered.

In fact, it has more to do with systems coming into being that have nothing to do with probabilities but with inevitability. This is why it is so important to find evidence of any kind of new life outside Earth (even an alien type of algae will do) to get rid of these bastards and the following paragraphs will explain why.

The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and it Principles of Sufficiency and Equivalency, when used as philosophical tools, we find that the Universe Itself, is evolving from simple matter to the creation of life where if we compare the difference of comparing a piece of iron to a living being, we can see the future, where in a few eons there will be things beyond present-day life and existence, and through the eons, these new things will view life, itself, as a piece of metal and just as inanimate in comparison but nevertheless still perform functions all by themselves like any mineral does for us, where awarenesses beyond those living things of today will evolve too, and so forth.

This is because the Universe is everything and more and all of it simply hasn't come into being yet, but everything you can imagine must come to pass in one way or another, where one simply becomes Sufficiently Equivalent to that thing as a closed, isolated or open system, and that is the part of the Universe one represents. Of course, I may be wrong but then, I have all eternity to be wrong too, since I'm using the logic of Equivalency and applying this to Open systems. My thoughts and your thoughts about this are Sufficient.

"Irreducible Complexity" via the Principle of Equivalency of the Zeroth law of Thermodynamics would it be given a new definition which would say: "The astronomical length of absurdity organized religions will go to, with an infinitesimally short length of time given, to alter and distort reports on scientific experiments that don't follow religious doctrine and make them appear as to support creationism instead". This more detailed illustration that is used to teach The Miller–Urey experiment (which is its real name) in secular universities where the one used by creationists is from 'Open University' which makes this modern institution a piece of crap, and very amenable or convenient for the use by religious intellectuals.
Find yourself a glass jar creating a chamber with only inorganic hydrogen, water, methane, and ammonia it (you can add inorganic hydrogen sulphide too). Boil the water and to speed up "geologic time" in your experiment and instead of exposing the mix to ultraviolet light you use an electrical discharge inside the reaction chamber like sparks which also produce ultraviolet light. After just a week (faster than making wine or beer), disgusting looking organic goop is created and fifteen percent of the carbon from the methane had been turned into ( Amino acids ). Now just because anyone can practically do this in their kitchen does not make anyone god either but there are far more important things going on here where a god doesn't even scratch the surface.

Abiogenesis:Amino Acid Experiments and Other Discoveries -- Jacob Bronowsky

The only significant thing one has created are organic compounds out of inorganic elements and it is only this that should be considered very significant. This experiment was only meant to determine if organic compounds could be created from inorganic elements from a primeval earth's atmosphere that contained no oxygen. Now the next reaction out of this stuff, which is life itself, has the inevitability of occurring once each 100 million years and this can't be speeded up because that's the speed these reactions occur for these type of systems. The Sun itself, that produces the stupendous energy needed to energize and provide the conditions for life and other things to exist, also has a busy-conflicting time schedule but works well because of a Sufficiency and an Equivalency where there are literally countless hydrogen atoms in the Sun. The Sun converts 657, 000.000 tons of hydrogen and converts this to 652,500.000 tons of inert helium ash each and every second and had been doing this thing for 5 billion years and will continue for another 5 billion years.

Yet if we look at the life cycle of one single proton, we find utter boredom created from seven billion years of waiting but there are so many protons in the sun, this conversion process is continuous (more below). All reactions have their personalized schedules ordained by Nature alone and they are very consistent where inevitability is a mathematical constant where things not only have a probability of occurring but also MUST occur eventually.

Like gun powder, when activated, it reacts in a consistent way, instantly. If it didn't we wouldn't have as many wars and murders. Hydrogen nuclei reacts explosively in a consistent way too but not instantly, or with the same probability of occurring, like gun powder yet both are explosive reactions. In exactly the right conditions and initiating circumstances, this will take seven billion years of trying to make hydrogen nuclei to release any kind of energy. This is why "fusion reactors" are impractical and unpredictable in our time and energy reference. They might have better luck if they learned how to create and control/contain High-Pressure Plasma that's equivalent to a Bose-Einstein condensate instead of just tinkering with powerful lasers because nuclear physics and chemistry is still very much in the realm of Classical Mechanics but that's in a couple of hundred years from now.

The hydrogen they use in H Bombs to produce fusion is a highly unstable isotope called tritium and this stuff costs 30,000 a gram and must be handled with extreme care because in contact with oxygen it becomes tritiated water (HTO) and can enter the body.

Genesis is just a topological view of the big bang, which was a story invented theory created by a priest in 1927 named Georges Lemaﵲe; two years before Hubble's findings were published (which seems to be very convenient) which I write more about in: 'Einstein, The Media and Acceleration'. Creationist's findings on studying Jeff Bada's work; were that for a couple of decades, nothing has happened in Stanley Miller's preserved and sealed vials and they sprinkle in some parity arguments for seasoning.

These imbeciles, when viewed through Equivalency, Sufficiency and open systems, created irony and contradiction by doing exactly what Stanley Miller did with organic compounds but they did it with numbers instead (probabilities); both being was to throw things together into a closed system and see what happens, instead of performing the same experiments, which is an insult to mankind, science, mathematics and religion/god because numbers don't react the same way as inorganic compounds when thrown together the same way and these Ph.D intellectuals didn't catch this intrinsic error created by them, in both, their hypotheses and arguments. This makes this a prime opportunity, in seeing one example, in how organized religion infects other systems and brings everything down along with them and not only interferes with things.

Well, wait a 100 million years first, before drawing any conclusions because Miller's experiments were meant to measure, — not to calculate anything, which is what the creationists were doing instead. Not every chemical reaction occurs instantly like gun powder and Miller didn't put his ice experiments in freezers for nothing because they are still going on and are meant to continue with periodic observation. Most reactions may take millions of years to complete their cycle if all the conditions are met. Creation does not involve turning on a light switch and voilà.

That's OK to do that in the circus. These "creationists", who should be called "destructivists", see the Universe so simplistically that it goes beyond, (in the wrong direction) of childish ideas. Because of their lack of perspective concerning matters involving time requirements for different reactions to occur, they invented this thing called irreducible complexity and intelligent design.

In Nature, it's not just throwing the dice that is important but also how the dice is being thrown and where it is being thrown and when the dice is being thrown, how long the dice is being thrown — not why the dice is being thrown. They also never discuss, in their "report", other research by the Miller group indicating the formation of seven different amino acids and 11 types of nucleobases in ice where ammonia and cyanide were left in a freezer from 1972–1997 and other experiments. This means that the research work of the proponents of intelligent design, irreducible complexity and creationism are not honest or thorough because of their selective use and compilation of information concerning abiogenesis and are characterized by being non-existing experiments, although, if you looked it up yourself you'd find these carefully logged experiments quite easily.

Why religious thinkers find it necessary to lie or distort the truth, to promote their ideas is indicative of an ulterior motive, or a severely defective mind and a serious lack of faith, where for whatever reason they decide what god is and not let god reveal itself, like gods are supposed to do.

Proton Proton Reaction

Click or tap to magnify
Let's talk briefly about genesis in what powers the Sun which gives us light and concentrate on the time frame and conditions that are required and, as well, will shed some more truthful evidence on simple matter antimatter reactions where nothing is actually being destroyed: The Proton Proton Cycle.
This requires a core where heat and pressure of at least 20 million degrees Fahren-
heit strips the hydro-
gen atoms of their electron making hydro-
gen nuclei unstable, and turns Hydrogen Ions into protons.

The cycle will begin for any proton, where once every seven billion years it collides with another proton, creating a deuterium nucleus. A neutrino is produced and goes off into space effortlessly, unimpeded by anything including gravity, and a positron is also released where it meets an electron and they, together produce a gamma ray which works its way, like all gamma rays, produced this way, to the surface of the Sun or may split into a quark - antiquark pair and release a gluon (not shown, see; Feynman diagram).

After a couple of seconds the deuterium nucleus is hit by another proton and creates helium 3 and another powerful burst of gamma rays. After waiting 400,000 years this helium 3 nucleus is hit by another helium nucleus producing one nucleus of stable helium 4 and two protons are released that are now free to start the proton proton cycle again.

This, anyone can see is a very slow process but the number of hydrogen atoms is so inconceivably immense that this process is continuous and on an enormous scale and this is not over: The photons themselves (gamma rays) are rattled around so much that it can take from ten thousand, up to one million years to finally make it out of The Sun. So the sunlight you see, may of had its origins a millions years ago and this includes the Sun's activity we see on its surface today also may be an old story from long ago, that's only appearing now and has nothing to do with what's going on at the core presently, concerning many things.

All reactions take different amounts of time and the cycles within these reactions may be complicated too as shown here with mastery
This makes, "Let there be light" an impossible statement, including the assumption that there can exist an entity who could say such a thing, where a language was developed to describe an idea before the idea even existed and even before the actual physical phenomenon, so that it would require an expression beyond itself, to reveal its existence, except now, we are talking about the entire Universe with the invention of the Big Bang.

In simpler terms, this question can be put to the bible itself where we may ask who is the narrator of these events before man and when/where god was monkeying around with the Universe, because there is no prophet or angel who spoke about these events in Genesis, so this is just a fabricated story put down in pen which no one had ever noticed this fraud in thousands of years when this became something to actually believe, and a punishable offense if you didn't. The very beginning of the bible is where it completely collapses because of this, and you only read further for the story and not take anything seriously.

Here, this is just the proto-Sun and reactions could be going on full blast in its core but then, it will take over ten thousand years to see a faint glimmer out of it (see: Kelvin–Helmholtz mechanism), if it never shined any light before just as Jupiter gives off more energy than it receives, there is no light that comes from it and we only see it as any other planet (Jupiter could pass as a brown-dwarf star).

If there is a god like they describe in literature, this can be considered an extreme insult by making him and man as simpletons with a special fondness for dramatic overture by only being capable of judging things from their surface with more than enough impudence to match everything that is missing in their stories and this includes those conjectures being expounded by cosmologists and modern theoretical/particle physicists who work for systems, think tanks and societies, which gets picked up by media groups like a beetle picks up dung.

Respecting and acknowledging only Nature as the Creator of all things, and one can never fear any god or their supposed wrath and their psychotic minions here on Earth. Further, Nature's version for "immortality of the soul" is a better system too.

This Cycle that powers the Sun (see: Stellar nucleosynthesis) was theorized in the 1920's by Arthur Eddington and "Eddington's theory appeared in mature form in 1926 as 'The Internal Constitution of the Stars' (which in 2012 is a book you still have to buy), which became an important text for training an entire generation of astrophysicists".

The Roman Catholic Church was going to have none of that, so in 1927 they came up with the primeval atom theory through a Jesuit priest from Belgium which later came to be called 'The Big Bang theory', effectively transferring the statement "Let there Be Light" from the Sun to the Universe for future generations to enjoy or get confused with, where things like "Inflation" were invented to fix the obvious and immediate flaws in this theory and in 2012 there is still no explanation for inflation or any discussion on its mechanism in how this thing can completely go against Relativity and Thermodynamics in OUR Universe, including how the infinite gravity this idea creates, was overcome so easily. Here, again, we have a story where there is no narrator like in Genesis who can explain where and why all these complicated and contradictory processes occur, which is the mark of religion and this "infinite mass problem" states that science itself knows very little about mass to say such things like the big bang, since mass itself must have different properties or forms we are not aware of, or gravity is not infinite and so forth. Concerning gravity, mass and acceleration (inertial acceleration) there are no flaws but there is obviously a missing system somewhere and what that is, no one knows.

Inflation is treated like something that requires no explanation which is not science. The big bang or any other kind of creation stories are all ridiculous philosophically and otherwise since the concept of god To Be as alpha/omega cannot be as the creation of the primeval atom (let there be light) that expanded because this separates god from every existing thing in the universe and becomes a spectator sport which is fine if you are an existentialist but I'm not because here the physics is about a closed or isolated system (god) creating an open system (Nature/the Universe) and is absolutely impossible and totally insane to impose this as the only truth. A closed system is a closed system because there is an open system around it and there can be no other architecture for this.

Great Quotes From Arthur Eddington, who was a superb Determinist and passionately believed in the The Second Law of Thermodynamics, which I have only respect for, even though I'm a severe critic of the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. At the time of his pronouncements, The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics didn't yet exist and was only "re" established, from oblivion when he was old.
At the time there was the Church, Fascism and Bolshevism that put heavy demands on science in different ways and if I where him, I would of done the same as him and make a big show out of the Second Law.

It would of been interesting to know what he would of built with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its systems because with it he could also of built a larger model where he could describe theoretically the very complex process of turning, among other things, the Hydrogen Ion into a Proton when viewed among all the other interactions and in how the electrons, themselves, where they go, and how the mass around the core is affected by this since the core becomes one gigantic proton system and the shell around the core a gigantic electron system, which cannot be done with the Second Law of Thermodynamics and is only barely understood or dealt with in quantum mechanics.

As for the Protons, themselves, the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics makes the Proton Proton cycle both a fusion and fission process occurring simultaneously and equivalently with the creation of a new stable element and not with the isotope of an element, which is obvious when you look at the diagram above with the release of the two protons at the end of this cycle, but is completely "invisible" if you only see things the Second Law of Thermodynamics way and is probably why fusion reactors are impossible to create because somewhere in the transmutation of the elements by fusion, there must be fission involved in there too.
So according the the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its Principles, there is only fission or Fusion-fission and never just fusion. This Fusion-fission process also would contribute to the reasons why the majority of all matter in the Universe is so stable in the first place and not filled with unstable isotopes everywhere and we must consider the same consequences that Equivalency and Sufficiency contributes to this concerning subatomic particles where their stability lies in whatever systems they represent. So what would be a wonderful dream-com-true for engineers and ordinary people with the implications the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics possesses and instigates, this would alternately would be a nightmare and embarrassment for all modern science because this revolution should be happening by now, yet still to this day, the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is never considered anywhere in all science. (Note: Although, in fairness, I have to report that I'm seeing more and more science papers where Equivalence is being more and more considered and discussed with and in a variety of studies, so this is a good sign and a step in the right direction as well as being Sufficient for now.)

Here we can get an idea of where and how a hydrogen Ion and a proton can be different, even from the inside, where not much of the outside of these things are considered with this short explanation of computation chemistry
They all say there is no difference between a hydrogen Ion and a Proton which is entirely incorrect because they both involve completely different systems to exist since it is the conditions that create protons and Ions that are just as important as the protons and Ions themselves. There are no free protons anywhere in the universe where there is not an electron somewhere for it and that electron will affect or interact with proton one way or another so the systems these things are in are very important.

This wonderful physicist shows everyone the difference between a determinist and a bigot or bully who is a determinist like we have too many of today, in both science and religion because of his most perfect and correct use of The Second Law of Thermodynamics as a philosophy.

Where an Eddington was necessary for the times, a modern determinist is no longer required and the modern scientists who are determinists rather than "equilibriumnists" are fossils and have no business being determinists today because they have no excuse for being so except maybe for political reasons, as it was in Eddington's time.
Politically, if you have to deal with greedy private enterprise and Bolshevism, I choose Private enterprise because it gives one more time to correct the situation.

Here's one quote from Eddington, and any man that can trash Maxwell is OK with me. Here, I agree with him 100%.

If someone points out to you that your pet theory of the universe is in disagreement with Maxwell's equations—then so much the worse for Maxwell's equations. If it is found to be contradicted by observation—well these experimentalists do bungle things sometimes. But if your theory is found to be against the second law of thermodynamics I can give you no hope; there is nothing for it but to collapse in deepest humiliation.

— Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington

Thank god for Eddington because he gives me the opportunity to establish very clearly that I'm not against the Second Law or God or business, I'm against the way these things are abused and their undeserved Elitism, especially if they belong and serve any kind of system, and the Zeroth Law clearly establishes that all these things originate from systems that themselves must find equilibrium. You cannot split apart religion, science, thermodynamics, music, art, families, civilizations etc. into smaller and smaller things and call them complete, or as complete, or as they were once or as something new.

This is like in the example of the atomic clock I used where the more decimal places there are, may make the clock more accurate: Instead, the lower possibility of error is exchanged for a higher inevitability of chaos and then declaring this thing as improved. Each new decimal place is more possibility for error and one needs an equivalence of ground based computers that have the same decimal places operating at the same speed to make corrections which are mathematically based from closed systems, that themselves go off into their own tangents if not corrected with some outside help, which an ordinary stargazer or a quantum physicist could provide because at one point the only reference to time and its existence comes from the Universe and no time will allow itself to be bottled-up forever.

The Universe, like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, is its own measure for anything, including time where if you put time in any kind of closed-system machine it is no longer time or even a counter but an approximation and will inevitably move at its own speed and variations of speed.

The minds that conceive of these things and don't see problems in advance are obviously incapacitated somehow and bear closer scrutiny or are closed minded. This is military technology trying to adapt and market itself for everyday use and forever. It's entire philosophy of the clock is only good for war and this is now been extended to trade which is even worse than war when it comes to cutting throats.

More Disgusting Affectations of the Middle Class
The only thing anyone should split apart are their own weaknesses, and their own credit cards, and their own time, and their own activities to gain more quality things and lives for themselves. This only entails the changing from one form of selfishness (the Milton Freedman kind that services others, that is also closed or isolated system, and subject to fits of entropy) to another better form of selfishness that emphasizes higher ideals for yourself and everybody and simply believe in nothing, — even without the higher ideals its better.

Why believe and/or follow anything that is not a complete system made up of three systems in equilibrium? For example: Very cold winters and very hot summers are not so bad anymore when you understand Thermal Equilibrium and this applies to anything when you only consider the three systems involved in anything. Since there are no modern paragons of virtue I can cite, maybe it's because we should do this ourselves and this belongs to every individual to be his own angel or devil and not because our species is rotten or damned.

These various social systems, institutions (marriage) and, now, social networks/media are necessary up to a point but within themselves, there are conflicts and divisions, yet all together they claim some form of superiority over others around them. From within and then all around, they attack other freedoms and free individuals and interfere with them either passively (by denying them the attention they deserve, or have rights to) or aggressively (which we get to see on the news).

Systems, from atomic digital clocks to social networks that either create more decimal places or more subdivisions within them, we create new problems that cannot be dealt with heuristically. The irony lies in the fact that if you place yourself in the periphery of these things (as a virtual open system) they become even more powerful tools for you and your needs, as opposed to being inside these things or their philosophy.

The idea is that if you don't live inside these systems you will find their outside much better and be able to use their philosophy to serve everything and not just themselves. Quid Pro Quo because these things feed off some open system anyway and your business with all this is where you position yourself to take advantage of these systems and make them more useful in a variety of new way their creators never though of.

You are your own match to whatever evil or good you come in contact with and there's a point always where you decide to go along with it or not, and Equivalency can prove this with its Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, which is why it is not popular with anyone because it shows how each individual is part of the Universe too, where with the Second Law of Thermodynamics, we are separate from the Universe and so cannot be made responsible for anything especially when things go wrong and provides our inferior brothers and sisters a way to blame Nature or god for these problems. So we have to wait for future generations to build a brave new world with none of the crap and crappy people we live with today.

Chemists Playing God
Good exists in many ways and there is room for everything and everybody, and is in all open things that cannot be put into a box or fixed ideal.

Anything 'good' can be broken down thermodynamically as being able to exchange Matter, Energy and Work which makes the idea of 'good' an open system. Anything 'bad' that can exist, can only exchange Energy and exist in a closed system. What could be simpler than that? For example: The truth involves open systems and can only exist in open systems. A lie involves closed systems and can only exist inside them.

So when someone is describing any closed or isolated system there is a very high probability that there are lies or defects too and they must be scrutinized, where a protocol must exist that this has nothing to do with not trusting the information when dealing with nonsense like being polite.

When you go to these closed systems, ex: A casino, a traditional marriage, et cetera, they will drain you of all your resources and time because you become its energy source since matter, itself, will not go to it, to replenish it automatically, as it would do if it were an open system, or a closed system prevents matter from doing any work thermodynamically or otherwise which puts succinctly the modern corruption of the Second Law of Thermodynamics because it was never conceived by Natural Philosophy to do such things, but was meant to do miracles, like Eddington's miracles, in describing how the sun works as a closed-system fusion reactor among other things. Forget the Carnot cycle, and think about the Proton Proton cycle, and there one can truly appreciate the Second Law of Thermodynamics, not to mention the First Law too, in the way it was originally created and used by Natural Philosophers.

The work done by the tiniest of creatures of the Earth is equivalent to the cells and the body

Fair Use GP duBerger
Thermodynamics describes a magical, living/breathing Universe, itself, and how everything shares and exchanges energy with everything through matter, and matter itself shares its properties with other matter through Hot/Cold and Vacuum/Pressure. It is the only thing, today, that can deal with open and indefinite systems and equilibrium in all things as there is still no science, religion or mathematics that does this yet, anywhere.

The Universe is ALIVE, where things we consider inanimate and lifeless always go to places to replenishing and nourish other things all by themselves or "know" how to do this, just like the organic iron in your blood goes to replenish and nourish cells in your body with oxygen it got from somewhere else and then takes away the carbon dioxide and safely dispose of that somewhere else in the open system of Life where everything simply gets better all the time, and/or is doing something useful for everything, where we, on the other hand, with our use of a corrupted Second Law of Thermodynamics in everything, makes everything a tiny bit worse then it was before.

The world is diminished everytime you turn on the ignition key so don't expect any form of heaven from Nature when your dead, and you better focus your beliefs on god instead. A fake/false existence requires a fake/false god.

None is this activity coordinated by the brain or by any god, but does this all by itself without any polluting emissions or entropy involved.
Only good science can demonstrate this. No religion can claim this in the future as their own idea because even the best ones never thought of this in the first place, which by now, you should be able to answer why.

Instead we have an obscure artist explaining Thermodynamics to those who most need it; just like the oxygen-carrying cell bringing in the oxygen and then hauling out the poisonous carbon dioxide, which of course they never discuss in biology or 'Organic Iron's Relationship With Carbon Dioxide'. I have yet to see any paper on this which shows, again, that science today is complete balderdash because this is not being discussed or is only being examined in a Second Law of Thermodynamic way, like they do everything else, because inorganic iron cannot do either processes and sustain life but organic iron can.

True Story: This reminds me of the scandal with the Kellogg cereal company back in the 1970's when they were finally told by the government to put iron in their crappy cereals, as a nutritional supplement, which contained absolutely no nutrition whatsoever (or eating sugared paper could be found to be more nutritious). So they put iron filings in their cereals which would settle and come out of the box as black dust mixed with corn flakes.

Kellogg's, for a "food" company, either did not know (the spin version) that there was a universe of difference between organic iron and inorganic iron and it is the organic form of iron that was required for nutrition, where the inorganic type (iron fillings) was perfectly useless and unappetizing for sure, but the real reason was that inorganic iron was a lot cheaper and they thought that this was enough to satisfy the FDA. There were other scandals at the time too, like with the "Geritol" brand name that did the same thing as "Skulloggs", and as vitamins were completely useless to health maintenance.

Never once have these priests/theoretical physicists or cosmologists taken the opportunity to make god, the primeval atom itself that expanded into everything and everything and everyone and everything then becomes god or at least a part of it (which would of explained Inflation very neatly because that would of been god but instead they chose Nature). Why? Think bottom-line logic and go no further because no one makes as much money when people are happy and know truth and realize that they themselves may be part of god through this process.

It is also interesting to note that it is only scientists who belong to societies and systems that advocate the Big Bang and every scientist and philosopher who is not part of some society and system is against the Big Bang which makes this a political thing and has nothing to do with truth on either side for different reasons because their politics comes first before science, whether they are aware of this or not.

They all split Man away from Nature and all spirituality instead and have the balls to even declare that Nature and Thermodynamics never existed prior to approximately 13 billion years ago. Dread inc., Fear S.A., Amalgamated Misery, Shame Limited, Consolidated Terror, Foolish & Ignorance Incorporated, Divide and Conquer Logistics Limited etc, etc. are very old "legal" entities that have been the favourite fronts for all organized crime religions that have come and gone, to invest-in, since Babylonian times and always got a 1000% return on their investment.

This video clip from Babylon 5 explains the Pauli effect in a closed system - creating disaster.
I have found, through my own research, that the only faith and belief system one requires is Thermodynamics in their proper order beginning with the Zeroth Law which will give every individual a ten thousand percent return on any investment of time, energy, matter, money or work, and no one owns anything but gains everything and more, and gives you something you want to share with others and not own for yourself.

Another thing I found was that the closest thing science has now, to the supernatural, is the Pauli Effect which itself is far more fun and innocent than anything else they tell us about the supernatural realm. All become more than the parts that make us up and is more powerful than the imagination, which makes this irresistible for the artist to discover and although this effect is viewed as negative until we learn that the Pauli effect only produces disaster to closed and isolated systems and wonders beyond belief with open systems.

A Nobel Prize is waiting for anybody who can discoverer a form of radiation that can detect angels and devils in the physical Universe. Isn't it easier, cheaper and more efficient to just open your eyes and look around and say "It is good" like god is supposed to of said in 'Genesis' or do we have to always have a god to do this for us too. Do things that only exist for you only do so because someone told you they exist? Are you a machine, a moron or a man? This planet must be beautiful because we do recognize when it is not beautiful when we do nasty things to it, to other things and to each other. Do we feel appalled because we truly feel appalled or do we act appalled because it is required because this is now an affectation of the middle class?

If one does not know or recognize beauty and wonder in what most people consider reality by themselves and find a personal connection now to it, than how is this possible to consider in the metaphysical heaven to come? When and if we arrive at this metaphysical dream, will we do the same mistake again and chase new ghosts and shadows and ignore the blessedness of heaven? If one goes to hell, why should the person going there understand that he is there for a reason, and that it is a just reason, and not hope for anything better where even saint Francis of Assisi inferred that Lucifer himself, if he wanted to go back to heaven, he would not need an Army but only would need to Repent. I paraphrase saint Francis: "Hell is like a springboard; the lower in hell you are, the higher in heaven you will be, if and when one repents".

Well, this system invented by saint Francis might work well in quantum and classical theory but in religion today, this would not be accepted, yet it is also a perfect representation of all The Laws of Thermodynamics which begin (in this example) with The Zeroth Law, in any kind of physical example of it you can find because there are three systems at work here that are regulated by those Laws. This is another example where the truly metaphysical and the physical are analogues in the sense that they both say the same things and they don't say the same things if one is lying and "going down the ladder"; If anything metaphysical or physical is discussed that does not have three systems, where at least one of the systems is an objective system; it is either not true or not complete or one of the systems (take your pick) must be replaced with an objective one like I already showed in the "Fly And The Glass Experiment".

Trailer: How To Live Forever
(according to the Second Law and not the Zeroth Law)
As I said before, I have no arguments with Jesus, God, Atheists or whatever but I don't think about them, or about these things personally, because there is nothing they have that I want or need. If I met Jesus I would ask; "What can I do for you?" and I certainly don't need him to do or feel anything "though Jesus Christ" since as an artist I'm aware of many avenues and I know all about good and evil through the power of Sufficiency and Equivalency and I certainly will not worship something that looks like man if I need an intermediary to feel love and belonging. Being each other's friend is Sufficient. If I am forced to worship anything, that thing better be a monster of some kind, like Godzilla.

I don't want to live forever and if I did; what would I do after the purpose of my existence is complete? My own individuality, character and personality is part of the Universe itself, albeit small but very sufficient nevertheless. I am a human being and not an angel and I like the way I am (it is good) and wouldn't appreciate having wings, horns or a tail growing out of my body and would ask someone over there: "What are these ugly things for?" This metamorphosis is like a maggot becoming a fly except a maggot lives, so even with this exception, I would ask myself if I've been reincarnated as an insect on another planet.

Philosophically, maybe we should think more about us trying to live together than us trying to live forever or, at least, prioritize these things in some way. Before people start thinking on the immortality of the soul, maybe they should think first what kind of systems they put all their time and energy into here first and how they treat things because heaven or hell are not places to cleanse or augment the soul but are childish places for reward and punishment instead with no possibility to do anything whatsoever.

Most of the things described in religious literature are only possible with The Second Law of Thermodynamics which are treated as things that exist in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics where the deficiencies are then called "miracles", where if one imposes open-systemed thinking upon this kind of literature, miracles and anything supernatural become unnecessary in the first place. Theologians, religious philosophers, believers in the illogical and etc. have a lot of work to do because they, literally, have to create truth in their systems and not enhance miracles and treat life itself as a closed system where one can only go from A to B, instead of the open A = B then B = C so A = C.

Whatever happens, religious people and scientists (believers and expounders) better get prepared because there will no room in the future for the nonsense they teach, one way or another, and things like the Bible etc. better start relating more to Thermodynamic Principles and especially in terms of equivalency than to god, which I like to think of as: 'Phase Two Renaissance' where even entire thesauruses will need to be rewritten with new types of antonyms and synonyms that are based on equivalency and not closed systems.

Assorted wings, horns and halos in themselves, should be considered as a form of universal damnation for everybody; whether one is good or bad, — just in case. I like to think of these kinds of accessories as growths, that disguise a form of cancer in the afterlife, which apparently is epidemic in both heaven or hell and there is no cure there either, like someone puts on a wig or a hat to hide their chemotherapy here, or the same way traditional communists dress up when they go out as comrades. So they "cosmetically" alter this monstrous-cancerous appearance and call them wings and horns and god knows what else is there, which is a certainty that they also serve no purpose anywhere in the Universe. It is their version of shame like here, nakedness is ours. These places are the form of unknown, yet they are perfectly described in detail; if only Entropy and Natural Philosophy were so lucky.

These thing are not even aesthetically appealing and are designed only to the standards of the reptilian emotions of our brains by the way we respond to these things. Think of me as a more evolved crocodile who bites back after something antagonizing interferes with me. What is really fun is to consider that it's impossible, in any kind of universe, to put on clothes with these things attached to bodies;   just this, puts out serious questions regarding purpose and meaning regarding anything heavenly or helly. Who needs cloths, or wings or bodies in these places and besides we are supposed to be sexless there too, so what's with the shame?

As for shame: What's with the idea of "disgusting" or "obscene" body parts of which god is supposed to have its own "dirty hands" in developing and for both sexes I might add? Does this make god a bisexual?, because there is a lot of love of many different kinds in the making and usage of these things which are part of life and not the bible.

If people actually believed these places were true they'd work harder to get to them and Earth would already be a much better place; I have no room anymore in my life for any hypocrisy. If I want to fly I'll get on an airplane. I enjoy fixing my own problems and helping others when and if I can, and this has nothing to do with "morality" but with feeling. These articles I write, hopefully show as much. This business of forgiving wrongs is nonsense because the nervous system does not forgive nor does it forget and neither should the brain and I don't like creating internal conflicts. At my age I'm certain that 99% of all mental health issues are caused by religious and scientific programming, from their respective societies, which conflict with the central nervous system, if its total effect is splitting man from his own self, physically and mentally. Synchronize the Central Nervous System and the Brain and you get rid of a lot of issues instantly and you can deal with the past in a peaceful and satisfying way; way better than revenge. The concept of morality doesn't exist in Nature and is an invention of organized religion and society since the beginning of recorded history. Besides, morality kills, just like the Second Law of Thermodynamics kills, because of the way they are used and implemented, but used correctly they are both beneficial things.

It is another method to judge, divide and isolate whereby the ones who issue these moralities are in no position to do so anyway. Just because morality is part of a religious entity doesn't protect it because the individuals who propagate these thing are, themselves, immoral in both the sacred and profane, where people, by themselves, can only be immoral in the profane manner.

The church, itself as an entity is not a person and therefore is very fallible because it is a closed system and not wikified. To describe the church as "infallible" is also a contradiction and impossible in terms of equivalency and not because it is true or not true, which equivalency makes redundant as concepts to consider regarding this entity. Maybe it was infallible in the past, but today? People can throw "morality" directly in the garbage and not in any recycling bin because we don't want this thing coming back in another form. Business Ethics and Fair conduct are Sufficient, and Equivalent towards any type of goal and meet the requirements of any kind of morality which themselves don't need any kind of 'sugar coating'.

To me, Oblivion in Nature's Universe is quite Sufficient and I don't require anything more. I don't need to trust Nature because the fact that I'm alive now makes death irrelevant. If and when The Universe needs me again, If it wants to, It can haul me out of oblivion and put me back together again somewhere for some purpose that I'm good at handling, at the right place, at the right time and it can hope for the best, just like a virtual particle, fractal or a Pauli principle that appears out of nowhere because it must. The difference will be through my recreation, as in a fractal, the Principles of Sufficiency and Equivalency will be present that will alter the shape and function of what I would become, creating a blueprint for this new existence, which would be the third system that is always missing in fractals when they are demonstrated and therefore would not be any random creation by any means.

Imagine this mountain animation created with fractals where random chance is replaced by algorithms reflecting or applying Equivalency or Equilibrium instead, where this equivalency-algorithm is directly tied into how many new connections I made with this Universe and its systems which increases the chance for me reappearing though time because I'm useful for many other things that may require my presence or attention in some way. Where its not my mortality that's important but how many reasons to exist, that I created at every opportunity, that counts as it is for everything in this Universe, which only exist because there are many reasons for them, by themselves, to exist and so they do.

According to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics I either die and live and die, or I live and die and live, not just live and die, and my own worth as evaluated by any closed system is irrelevant, or the things I talk about and do may take hundreds of years to bear any fruit but are no less important and necessary, much like the "boring" proton proton cycle.

Of course there is no mathematics yet to calculate this so you must use your imagination. Accuracy is not important anyway, but feelings are because I am only invoking a concept in architecture, sculpting, painting, poetry, composing etc. I don't believe in The Moirae or believe that any destiny is necessary but I also don't believe that anything happens for nothing but there also is no entity with a personality either. I myself, will not be worse for wear, if I emerge from oblivion, because to me every dream is a reality and every reality is a dream because I will always exist spontaneously and become self-aware at the appropriate moment and not before, as I do now because self-awareness is not just phenomena confined to childhood as a one-time event.

New self-awareness is part of awareness itself, since I am part of this Universe that has many magnitudes of equivalent realities. The fact that I know I'm part of the Universe and I'm "aware" of this too, it only becomes necessary for me to find a Sufficiency and Equivalence to anything I want, which creates the necessary third system as required by The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. I'm already mortal and immortal one way or another just like Nature, because I'm part of Nature and I can prove it with every single atom and molecule in this body and mind that belongs to the Universe.

Self-Awareness is not just something I remember that happened once when I was 3 years of age but is something that happens all the time when I learn new things that exist all around me, even in my 5th decade and my curiosity is even stronger and more purposeful with each new addition to my being, and let's not forget that I have not stopped growing either, although it might appear to a person living in a closed system that I'm shrinking, fading, getting withered and old and unappealing sexually; everyone forgetting that there are different forms of beauty and there are different ways to reproduce oneself that gain more vigour as age and wisdom increases not to mention the more connections I make with things now, as people are not as important to me as when I was younger since I am thoroughly accustomed to them now and learn nothing new from youth, or I'm sailing the wave of time and charting a course to a better town that is part of Nature's Nation.

Just because I'm tired of people does not mean I'm finished with the Earth and not learning new things from Nature which if I were immortal, would take that long to learn about, even after the Earth would be gone one day, I could study data that was compiled and preserved because the Earth is more than the sum of its parts.

Sometimes, I playfully see myself here as part of Nature's Maintenance Crew, like Buckminster Fuller, who referred to himself as "the property of Universe" (which is easy for an architect to say). By his reasoning: when he talks about making a better environmental plan could create utopia (click on picture), where in my proposals; put a proper energy plan based on The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, before all else; the environment, humanity, all philosophy and the future will take care of itself.

Further all things that impede mankind must be eradicated like organized religion and replaced with Secularism and educational systems must be made better and completely free, or at the very least; University courses of subjects that the government of society needs should be made free to encourage the sciences and Natural Philosophy and should pay top dollar for the best professors or create educational systems that give credits of/with video recordings with a certain degree of interactivity in all the sciences, and organize these things for their populations because there are only so many students that a class can handle but with the internet this is no longer a problem.

There is nothing wrong with a society investing in itself and take full advantage of the talents of its youth because genius always comes from an unexpected corner and never from the privileged class. The rich and powerful have to prove they are better than everybody, every time, as each of their own generations are spawned and education should not be controlled by money systems otherwise we create an elitist society.

I don't see myself as contradicting Fuller but rather as adding a new element where his philosophy proves itself immediately by accommodating this without any trace of interference on either parts and we both become better. I can do this easily with dead people and their ideas, the problem, for me, is to do this with living people and that's very difficult, and not because people are stupid but because of the amount of junk in their minds that makes everything difficult. My job "as an entity " probably involves identifying and studying anomalies and other things that are not doing what they are supposed to do, or are not supposed to be where they are and then report these findings, including, as part of this service, some recommendations because I feel that this is part of the essence of my being.

This is no different than with mathematicians, as a collective, who can see patterns everywhere, and so far only in closed systems, but these things must never be watered-down and considered like existential experiences and takes these things seriously 24 hours a day. Existentialism is itself an absurdity and should not be followed as a paradigm for the evolution of any kind of individuality or achievement since: When the quality of what's important to these individual's fails, then, its quantity becomes more important, which is fine for Marshal Stalin but not for life.

Or in another way when someone fails to achieve an individual or an individual idea, he transfers his achievement to an ideal to compensate, but then the ideal suffers from increasing made-up expectations of the ideas properties, which either do not exist or should not be there in the first place. This is demonstrated comely and very clearly in the following clip.

Transylvania 6-5000 video
Gods and Jesus and the rest need more help than anyone dies does because their representatives here, never stop interfering, always asking for more money and recruiting "new" martyrs for jihad (which is an oxymoron) or setting themselves on fire. What happened to "abracadabra"? Even Bugs Bunny knew the power of "abracadabra".

What I like about this intelligent Bugs Bunny cartoon, here, is that the same magical words produce different results in different situations depending on what necessitates an Equivalency and not as specific incantations for specific things. Bugs Bunny is better and more powerful than Harry Potter and Harry Potter is only popular because his "magic" follows Second Law of Thermodynamic rules which is a safe environment but Bugs Bunny's follows the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and equivalency is exposed between the two forms of magic via irony for both.

An aspect of their interference is that; instead of monkeying around with theories in science or theories on Americans or Jews, they can use the "miracle" of quantum mechanics that would provide them with an opportunity for research to find something like a ' Faith Force-Carrier Boson Particle' that has the power to move mountains. Or even theorize a quasiparticle which they could call a 'Faith particle' like the new 'Leviton particle' discovered and proven in 2013 but theorized years before, which is an excellent example of top-notch science today, as compared to this higgs boson scandal "emanating" from CERN like fallout from Chernobyl. It is certainly worth a great deal studying the history of this new particle to see an example of what superb science is all about as compared to the mountains of crap from C€RN and E$A. See: Articles:

New 'leviton' quasiparticle spotted by physicists. GD

Meet the Leviton, the Quasiparticle That May Change the Future of Quantum Computing by Michael Byrne

The fact that they don't do this, with all the money at their disposal, probably means that they already know this does not exist and it would be interesting to find out how they know this. What could be better than having science prove that god is real rather than attacking science because I don't see a dime being spend in research for this. I'm sorry but Mr. Alpha O'Mega (god is Irish) who claims to exist in our physical universe must have some sort of interface to do all these wonderful things everybody talks about or claim he can do that can be measured since it is recorded that god has a direct and absolute effect on the physical universe, where if so, it can then be measured. Let's see some numbers and until then religion can crawl back into its hole of quasi-spirituality and stop interfering in politics and morality.

So basically, any ideas that come from any theoretical/particle physicist and religious personalities, entity, societies or systems like C€RN and E$A that are not verified or are not verifiable by mathematicians and nuclear chemists and quantum and physicists, are, basically, only "certifiable" through psychoanalysis, or are a total con job and have no significance elsewhere or anywhere except in the minds of the incredulous who have no education or any substance in their character whatsoever. Let's face it; These places are too large and too complicated to come out with anything conclusive about anything. Just as corporations and multinationals are supposed to be psychotic, — well so can be scientific societies and systems for science like think tanks and cyclotrons/accelerators and huge private universities.

This thing (video clip "Pathology"), like religion is a sham by the government where in # 2 we find that corporations do maintain enduring relationships with consumers (who in this system can be considered sociopaths), it is with employees a corporation does not maintain relationships, so this should be reworded as "personal relationships" but then, 'political correctness' would have something to say about that too so we see how this whole thing is carefully crafted by an American Government agency to create chaos, while looking innocent like Dorothy and her dog in 'The Wizard of OZ'.

#5 is ridiculous and this opens the door for Milton Freedman economics and his type of arguments. Nevertheless, there are similarities to be noted which cannot be ignored but video journalists should be more careful in their arguments, in the things they present because with the right people this whole argument can be torn apart by any good psychologist or sociologist. They should be more scientific in their presentation by merely showing how, for example: "such and such is INDICATED because of such and such". This is perfectly represented by Lily Tomlyn in her monologue: Peeved.

How many artificially created 'wants' can you satisfy? video
It's now your job to save Jesus and not the other way around. These "spokespeople", whatever they are, are not St. John the Baptist or Moses, but are supposed to be objective 24/7 as much as any businessman only thinks about money or a dog thinks about food 24/7. This includes evangelism when its expounders do not have their "visions", "revelations" and "miracles" verified and confirmed by their peers in all religious communities because I would think this would be an important new development in getting intelligent people to believe again and different religions should not squabble but share their knowledge and wisdom together.

This simplicity of thought doesn't require morality, religion, philosophy, meditation or copulation with people you don't like but you do so because they are part of the same church. This, naturally, is another reason to teach Thermodynamics to your kids as soon as possible before the media gets to them. Tell the kids: "No television, video games, computers or smart phones until you learn Thermodynamics first" and then get them to write a paper on it so you know they understand it. This paper they write will also show if any media Disney bullshit or religion got through the backdoor and is now embedded in their minds because this will show up in the paper. If that is the case, make them start over from scratch from a fresh perspective with instructions that nothing about God, religion or Disney et al. is to be used as an example, justification or reference and don't tell them why because that they must find for themselves and then disinfect their unacceptable paper with chlorine before recycling it.

I'm not drawing any conclusions about the media and legal entities with this video clip, above, since it's actually very important to move products, and it's actually the banks everyone should keep an eye on, and besides it would be premature to draw any conclusions because they have not finished with their bullshit yet. I'm only saying that exposing people and or children to this onslaught without knowing the essence of Thermodynamics first is like being thrown naked to the lions in an arena. As a Matter a fact, no preschooler should be allowed to watch television in today's media climate until they know how to read and write because if they knew Thermodynamics they would ask their parents: Why is this toy so nice instead that one when I like both? Rather than; Mommy or Daddy I want this toy and that toy and not tell you why. Thermodynamics, when applied universally, it is the only tool that can deal with chaos effectively, where you can make better decisions in life regardless of your age or education.

Its effect is immediate; you feel better, you gain more confidence, the world looks quite different and much prettier from then on, you don't need to acquire unnecessary things to valorize yourself, you don't need to gain esoteric or intellectual knowledge to feel intelligent and it will surprise you all the time, besides making day-to-day existence very entertaining all by themselves. Best of all, it's completely free with no obligations and no salesman will show up at your door.

It's as simple as hypothetically adding Nature to your 'Friends' list on a hypothetical 'facebook wall' and the best thing here, is that the government can't monitor hypothetical 'Friends' and 'Groups' because Nature doesn't need Facebook or any other closed-systemed social networks that can be exploited or manipulated. Today, as they are building more and better prisons and hospitals they are building better social networks too, to accommodate the supposedly "young", "free' and "healthy".

Interestingly, I have discovered through 'You Tube comments', that The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is beyond the comprehension of psychopaths and sociopaths which I will now refer to as a 'smart-Alecs'. There are people who post videos that have something interesting in them and I say something nice but whenever I mention any Zeroth Law function (without mentioning the Zeroth Law by name) or an open system that applies to their ideas, they write back and argue with me! This is where I realized that 'smart-Alecs' cannot understand or accept any concepts of equivalence and sufficiency that are the things that define the Universe. Smart-Alecs are all Closed and Isolated system's Determinists where Equivalency and Sufficiency is evil in their minds and the most impressive thing, is the speed of the identification of their supposed enemy and their reaction to it.

This thing can reveal morbid personality types immediately where/when they are disguised because of their need for control. It is as if an undeclared war is going on where there is a true hatred for anything that is real or natural in the physical Universe and especially those things that involve the senses that work to make physical reality purposeful that requires nothing metaphysical. The interesting thing is that they needed their own senses which are the same as everybody else's to detect anything new because this information could not come any other way because I am not an invention in any "smart-Alec's" mind.

This, therefore, makes them egotistical hypocrites, because a 'smart-Alec' uses them to attack reality and enhance any of their own inventions while playing god as, both, scientists and religious people often do. This is, also probably, why a lot of people want to get rid of this Thermodynamic Law, which in a Equivalent manner is understandable because this law, when it is applied, gives an enormous amount of mental powers or mental tools to ordinary individuals to defend themselves from dangers of any kind; especially from those that think they are better than others. The following video clip with Flip Wilson demonstrates egotistical hypocrisy in a hilarious manner.

The Reverend and The Devil

G P duBerger

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