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Monday, August 13, 2012

Part 7 - Surrealism, Open Systems and System-Bigotry.htm

By GP duBerger

Continued from Part 6 - Organized Science and Religion, Versus Open Systems .htm

The pope (Benedict XVI), as an important religious leader, was taking the lead and looking to the future as the church always does, and concerning scientific matters, I'm always interested in what the Roman Catholic Church is up to; by an act of consolidating a position where a high-representative of faith finds himself making a telephone call in Space itself and only utilizing physical technology (telephone) and absolutely no faith (prayer) to make contact.

I'm always amazed at how much of the physical Universe is employed by spiritual organizations, where a renewed and positive Religious and Spiritual paradigm has just been born because of this. His Holiness, the Pope offered to an extremely dull but highly trained and educated crew on the Space Station a carefully-scripted "caring" encouragement, A Blessing, A Consolation including some interesting questions posed to the crew et cetera.

This is a valuable contribution and example that makes this a Hiprocri historic occasion whose repercussions cannot be underestimated. This timely Olive Branch towards secular ideas and institutions by showing that the Church, now, wants to work with, rather than defend itself from; and explore a new unknown with a lot of secular friends they never knew they had, who in their own work in science, research and exploitation, can only add more "enlightenment" to faith and spirituality, itself as they, as well, would do to Science; et cetera since science, itself, is revealing more unknowns than both science and religion care to admit and research for both parties is essential because the bible obviously is not all its cracked up to be, or cut and dried, where there is more to existence,— forget life, than what it tells us.

When one adds up all the Equivalences against all that is Non-Equivalent with this thing, we find that the non-equivalences win; therefore this can only be a A to B kind of thing and it probably has nothing to do with anything peaceable or noble. Anyway, lets pretend, and give the pope and those space station crew members some leeway. What follows is a mock-up as if nothing was written here.

(mock-up) "That is provided that they don't miss the boat (spaceship) because, theologians and priests must be out there, in space, too and perform their own research and present their own findings to their own faithful and not expect scientists to do all the work for them. Here, it is possible to welcome Jesus into the Third Millennium. I'm personally glad, The Church is there to understand and implement this with a gesture of a coin, with the fresco of Michelangelo's creation of man, torn off from the front cover of the Discovery Institute's leaked manifesto entitled: 'The Wedge' which the pontiff provided one of the astronauts, before leaving and was brought back to him by another astronaut on his return to Earth. Click on this link to see how this was done. To me this may indicate that faith itself, could be something useful and real that embodies itself, suddenly, anytime love and understanding is present. That's something I can live with because this can be seen as the first diplomatic intrigue in Space by introducing a creationist agenda (represented by Michelangelo's 'Creation' on the coin) to the space station."

Nevertheless, It will be through Science that "God" will be easily and seamlessly enthroned, for all believers, in that part of the Universe that is greater than the sum of its parts without any more interference. My only hope, is to see many more "legitimate" organized religions jump on the band wagon where they too can do some good house cleaning like many theoretical physicists should do; with their doctrines and canons because it was never anybodies fault in the first place. "The divine inspiration of the Prophets, were handing down the Spirit of God not Laws" and in one or two generations the idea of "Laws" will be forgotten. They do this all the time in Quantum Mechanics by changing one single word in an idea, thought or theory and then, all of a sudden, it works and makes sense and everybody wins Nobel Prizes! (see: The Strange Story of the Quantum by Banesh Hoffmann and read Chapter Five from Pages 43 - 59.) When you think about it: The Hebrew Language, Opera written in English and German Quantum Physics is a marriage made in heaven or a perfect and perfectly perverse threesome! Hebrew is such an unbelievably flexible language, if there was ever one to be considered with its double meanings and humour especially when describing fairies . Yet it retains a kind of opera-like accuracy that would delight theoretical/particle physicists and mathematicians to no end. Here, I provide the electronic version of those pages to this book so everyone can enjoy an example of this interesting feature in quantum mechanics immediately because this is to good.

Here I'm only dreaming: But religions that are dragging their behinds or atheist should find their own answers by their own means, like artist do, and not utilize an Externality in solving their own troubles, by spilling those troubles into other areas of study and contaminating them too, and "friendly" diplomatic gestures are no exception. If we artists can do this, they can do it. Whether they are religious, atheists or scientists, in the public eye, they should keep to their own business and solve their own troubles in their own way that defines them in essence in the first place. The only equivalencies that can be found between these different things render them all nil and void because only chaos can accommodate these systems when forced to work within themselves or with other systems All theological ideas existed before science was invented so why use science, now, especially when they are missing a golden opportunity to discuss faith by itself, because science and faith can be viewed as complementary views of existence. Do these religious people actually believe the things they say because now they only talk about their god as if it only had characteristics and attributes and never discuss their god's substance and meaning.

On the university front, and of course this is none of my business, but what could be more refreshing for a guy like Stephen Hawking to change his focus from 'evaporating black holes via virtual particles' and use his genius for medical research instead? This has been done before by many others and they all produced fabulous work. I would think that a man in his situation would find this a far more compelling subject to master since disease, itself, is a way that information (which he studies) gets manifested; where it would be a simple matter for a man of his complex intelligence to switch too. His debilitating disease, if he had made it equivalent to his aspirations would of produced amazing things; but then we will never know and again this is none of my business but if I had known him, I would of told him this. To me, all his work is just a manifestation of his anger with the Universe for giving him Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), that is hidden away or disguised in mathematics, because his theories translated into English literally spells doom for everything (anger is just another Second Law of Thermodynamic Closed System, i.e. A ⇒ B) and 'Hawking radiation' is just another thing equivalent to Phlogiston, meaning that it is correct only in principle, and only as a closed system because that is also where Nature puts anger among other things.

I don't need to be a physicist or mathematician to know his ideas and those of his critics are wrong, and so can anybody, because they describe the Universe in terms of the Second Law of Thermodynamic Model and one only needs to be a child in kindergarten to dispel their nonsense making disproving his ideas unnecessary and that's about the only absolute thing that: A goes to B, which is attached to these ideas, that is true because any open system that describes and works with Sufficiencies, Equivalencies/Equilibrium does not exist in their systems. The only mathematics that could work with these things are registries and scales which have been developed to the extent that they are no better than what we see on old-fashioned thermometers or scales, including those they manage to screw up with the decimal system and, technologically, using the Second Law of Thermodynamic closed system model (modern digital electronic technology for scales and thermometers etc.) and the metric system which, both, removes Nature completely from any measuring system or reference to reality. The fact that they hold on to these systems "indicates a scale" of something that is much bigger than the tiny universe they would like you to believe in. When I see these supposed brilliant people, the only thing brilliant is their strategy in attempting to own and control Nature and making reality only available through systems that they can control.

We only know of Stephen Hawking through a computer synthesis of words that he is supposed to emote himself but if you look at a Hawking video in HD, you can't miss that there is absolutely nothing in his face or eyes that confirms anything the machine produces as if his words came from him. Yet, somehow he can express complicated ideas and emotions. This could easily be anyone's ramblings done remotely and, hypothetically speaking, he's just a puppet, a biological app or applet who's being exploited electronically to sell modern science. Talk about the expression, "thinking outside the box".

This is why I fall asleep watching his HD stuff because after seeing his eyes, the way they move in close-up, and in HD, my mind properly immersed in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics would not register anything more shown in a Hawking HD video, through disgust, and this is where I got the idea that Hawking is, likely, being manipulated..

Something was not right that has never existed before, but I did gain an added appreciation for HD as this can be an excellent forensic tool because of its detail where we can really see someone's eyes where much more of its body language is revealed.

People call Hawking "the modern Einstein" yet he might actually, now, be many different people talking through him with remote control devices and computers. God knows how many electronic implants he's got that we know nothing of.

They will remove and maybe chop his brain into little pieces too when he's dead, for show, like Einstein, and destroy any evidence of tampering with his brain or body that they have not told us about. We already know that he expounds ideas with things we know he has rejected or does not like when he could talk in the past, so why does "he" use them now? It is maybe because it is not him saying those things and he's powerless to stop this. Which explains his being plastered on the media, all the time, so people will get used to this behaviour and peculiarity and not ask questions like I do.

He makes the perfect wireless patsy, and everyone is happy and no one cares because the illusions of our manipulated "brilliant" century, or new millennium are upheld. There are other Equivalencies that make interesting "connections", but I have to move on.

How is something that, theoretically, may occur over thousands of billions of years, on some insignificant invisible star, supposed to explain to us mortals the meaning of life and the evolution of the entire Universe? People listen or buy the stuff of these popularizers because they have the full financial backing and unlimited advertising and distribution of their books and videos including unfettered access to television and set-up lecture and conference circuits that focus on various agendas for induced sociopathics who depend on a controlled media to make their universe a little bigger which unfortunately bears a striking conformity to the ideals of international bankers and their points of view.
"The answer is already partly in a question".

Because these people and others are all interfering misinformationalists or made to be, yet they are known as "communicators" and "popularizers" of science and do so in a 16th 17th century Baconian style, — forget the philosophies of the 19th century. The "inadvertent" result of their work is destroying science and technology-development from the inside-out because they don't have any brains to see beyond their own stupidity and limited imaginations because they discuss Nature, as in a limited absolute or something to be tamed like a wild animal (as if we were superior to Nature) since they all have the same kind of arguments and say the same things, the same way, what they teach and sound more like they learned it from rote and are repeating what they "learned" like a programmed robot or priest would do.

If you repeat A to B stuff often enough, people will believe this as the only way to understand an idea and never understand its Equivalency to any other meaning and universality or its place in the Universe, like a lawyer or sophist would argue something by cutting up ( A B C ) and only present things as A ⇔ B, A ⇔ C or A ⇒ B, A ⇒ C, A ⇒ A, B ⇒ B or C ⇒ C, etc. They appeal directly to vanity and the verb "To Have" rather than the verb "To Be" but make it sound like "To Be".

These people that talk about "innovation" are the most un-innovative people by perpetuating confusion, conformity, status and privilege, like we were particles in various states of excitation of a "relativistic string". Well, what is this "relativistic string" because it is neither a force or any kind of matter and space. Further, these people have never studied religion but intend to replace it nevertheless, but they don't know what they are talking about, just like many evangelists, who know even less about science because both use incomplete and inconsistent arguments that would never appear if they knew what they were talking about.

There is also a big difference between someone who decides, for whatever reason that he is an atheist and someone who has lost his faith; yet these people are all lumped in the same basket. Regardless, they certainly know how to get attention and make lots of money because these people don't come cheap for saying the same things over and over again in documentaries and in the conference, book-selling, interview and conference-lecture circuit. We live in a world where there are actual quacks practising medicine, so why should there not be any quackery in theoretical/particle physics and cosmology? Of course there is nothing, anyone can do about these types except maybe by, Brooke Alvarez of the 'Onion News Network' where humour comes to the rescue in exposing, time consuming nonsense and explains why it takes thousands upon thousands of years for civilizations to finally understand things that were known since ancient times.

Our discoveries today run into the same walls as those ancient discoveries and it has always been the bad scientists and philosopher's who held sway because they were amenable to political, economic and religious control, conformity and tradition and as today, they were better funded. When I see a book titled: 'Advances in String Theory' I see an oxymoron because a statement such as this is impossible with The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and is only possible with The Second Law of Thermodynamics but it does not mean anything, anyway but one would have to be in the "loop" to understand the title; creating a new exotic and exclusive definition for the word and idea of 'Reference' where the word/idea, especially in such things, should be inclusive.

So, as in Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras and later with Judeo-Christian ideas, there was no such thing as ugliness of any kind with music and further was considered by Pythagoras as perfect and representational of God through his discovery of the Octave (and later with the use of the missing seventh harmonic to produce special effects). It's because of Pythagoras that Christians now think they are all going to be forced to learn music and singing when they go to heaven and learn screaming in hell.

Incidentally, I looked up You Tube (where else) on this matter and there are no recordings of angels singing in the clouds or the sounds of any heavenly bliss from anywhere but there are plenty of "authentic" videos of the sounds of hell, the screams of the damned and speeches from Lucifer himself and even person to person long distance calls from the Beast (well, I'm only trying to be thorough). So many Christians talk about hell (another invention from everyone's favourite philosopher; Plato. See: Parthenogenesis), maybe they should go there first and then talk, since they are such experts. At the very least religion should make you feel happy, not crappy.

We find that today, theoretical physicists are, also, ill-equipped to deal with ugliness's many manifestations that does exist in the "Matter's Music" (see: Erwin Schrödinger/wave mechanics) and theory that has no counterpart/counterpoint in man's involvement with music, so the ones that go funny, have no example or tools to "draw" from like artist's have because they also know nothing of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics which deals effectively with any kind of dichotomy through Sufficiency and Equivalency and/or Equilibrium.

Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Euclid and others, were only interested in triangles, squares and pentagons in two or three dimensional surfaces, as closed systems where only their artists, engineers and inventors understood open systems, so they never studied or conceived of hard hats to study their geometric abilities and superior design to protect heads from matter-music's explosive and/or falling debris. It's a tragedy that happens all the time in science and to the finest, unprotected, eggheads. The best thing philosophers have been able to devise to protect scientists heads were Non-Euclidean Cones or Dunce caps, which were a precursor to today's modern Non-Euclidean hard hats we see on construction and facility-worker's heads. The inferior cones were originally developed by John Duns Scotus but these things never worked properly and were later issued to children who misbehaved.

The cognoscenti probably, do there best but since the advent of things like You Tube, and the open editing process of Wikipedia and other things available from any keyboard. These things: "Formerly known as the theoretical physicists and the Philosopher" start blabbing about god or no god and dark things and bright lights, time machines etc. based only on their former reputations and no one can do anything about it. The proof is in the Equivalency, (or the pudding if you prefer) that it is those geniuses that define stupidity, that create stupidity, themselves, by setting up curriculum's that only reward a specific type of intelligence and never a more wide spectrum of intelligence and call their own kind of freaks "Prodigies".

This in itself renders intelligence an alien and remote property not only by a nominal standardization process (can intelligence be standardized?) but making it actually unreachable and subsequently, this standardizes society into a closed system (which is not very intelligent unless you are a gangster). The narrow parameters of what they consider intelligence is not consistent with any ideals beyond those that exist in a country club and is a form of stupid bigotry itself, as well as a form of bigotry that is stupid, if we look at this thing on a scale from shrewdness to sanguinity, they are nowhere.

The fact that they don't see this error, in the first place, means these people are sociopathic too and not by any method of impugning things, which are both methods to arrive at making relationships with other things, but at different levels of thought and associations, where one strives to divide things and the other unite things.

Fair Use GP duBerger
Remember where I was describing personal responsibility involving technology for the security of our future? I happen to bump into this episode of 'Law and Order' that dramatizes, effectively, where this corruption of irresponsibility begins; where we see the well-abled ones acting cowardly but treated with the utmost of respect and those that are disadvantaged, who show a bit character and un-cowardly behaviour are treated and described like animals. In this clip we have a conundrum where we have supposedly healthy, well-abled, educated people whom are responsible for those who can be easily taken-advantaged of, where the ones who are taken-advantaged of are merely trying to survive. It gives one pause to think that everybody is civilized because where are the qualified people doing a good job anywhere? This clip might be about prison guards, prisoners and lawyers but this applies everywhere and everyone's indicted in the court of life, i.e. film producers, laboratory technicians, universities, school teachers, theoretical/particle physicists, cosmologists, priests etc. etc. etc.

I like this clip because here we have an extreme point of reference that lends itself anywhere where one can ask: Is everyone simply going through the motions of civilization or does this 'civilization thing' really exist because where does one's responsibility end and the self-interest, or personal weakness, begin so who is participating in what and when? Further, who's qualified to decide what's what? When seen in this light, certainly, not our religious leaders and politicians nor is anybody really ready for a real civilization anywhere. Anything I write here is a waste of time generally, and is only good for a couple of people on this planet as I expect that there are not too many who are interested in the philosophical properties and characteristics of Thermodynamics.

Most of the referral URLs that produce hits, that I see on my stats page are referral spammers which is why I no longer have the visitor-counter anymore on my pages because it's useless. Artists are very good at knowing the difference between represented things and real things as we deal with this all the time.

As if through the eyes of Franz Kafka, it is not you who should ask: "Who am I?" it is civilization's and nation's that should be asking this question, since everything within them, with the exception of Human Beings, are illusions that don't exist within any state or properties of Nature. The first men that went into space are the first to realize this when they saw our planet for the first time, from space, as if it could be any other planet. For the first time we were looking in and not just looking out. So I am here today, finding every creative method I can think of, to urge everyone to learn the Laws of Thermodynamics down to the most stupid people I can find, that have no brain yet; to infect yet with the bovine-excrement systems of society which are essential, but don't take them seriously beyond a very limited point.
There is no app yet to generate a decent-warm human feeling and when they do create one, that will be glorified prostitution controlled by Google and Facebook because you'll have to pay for it but everyone becomes a whore.

Thermodynamics, beginning with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, arms you to the teeth, and protects your behind, in defence of invasive onslaught, like a protective cloak made of Kevlar covered with non-stick and self-cleaning Teflon; they can't get hold of you, which is a situation that is only going to get worse in time so there is no time to waste or time to get wasted. Get wasted after you learn the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and adopt its philosophy and you will feel and see the difference there too, and best of all, — it's free!
This stuff combined with boredom and greed on the part of leaders and controllers who are becoming increasingly uneducated and uncultivated is an explosive or dangerous mixture.

Once you learn Thermodynamics and see things the way Nature sees them, you'll always be OK and can adapt to any situation with ease in ways that always work, which are too numerous to describe and besides, these experiences are unique to each, where you can build your own equivalency to anything in this world that's changing all the time faster and faster.

Nature did not make us, to make or sanction war or hatred or racial and specieist discrimination as none of these things are necessary for survival or any type of evolution. Plus, Thermodynamics never stops you from seeing things in a human or spiritual way and living your life the way you like and even being playful and in fact, enhances all these things. You'll even become a better Christian Atheist or Muslim etc.

If you are evil you will be led to good one way or another inevitably because the incorruptible good is all around in the open and evil is always in some closed system. Seek and Ye Shall Find where evil only has to repent, as saint Francis suggested, where sending an army to heaven would be meaningless because saint Francis saw heaven as an open system, therefore unconquerable anyway. Or heaven can simply move to a higher plane of existence (an indefinite system) that is unreachable to Lucifer and is strategically bad too because if he decides to repent one day his pleas might not be heard there.

Universal Life and Movement is the supreme force and being of the Universe. If you are truly a believer in anything and are pious, you do not go around and use anything for Second law closed systems but for Zeroth Law open systems. For example, try reading the Bible or Koran etc. after you are thoroughly comfortable with Thermodynamics beginning with the Zeroth Law; Even these becomes a better read and contains beauties no one mentions anywhere or even thought of yet because the truths and the wisdom that it does contain, cannot be destroyed or corrupted and the Zeroth Law, as a philosophical tool, is an excellent extraction device to find these things, contained within.

You won't need a priest anymore nor will any need to share any new revelations because it is for you and only you which is what the word of God or the laws of Nature are supposed to be. This stuff is supposed to be for everybody and everything individually, not everybody together. Your religious, corporate and political organization requires constant replenishment from plundered resources to survive; Your deity, or Ideal does not and the economics of it all, takes care of itself.

You'll discover that there is nothing in any of this literature that makes you better than anything else and in exchange you'll discover a literature that describes a realm that's meant for everything and everything is valuable. Figuratively, it is the difference between a devil reading the bible and an angel reading a bible and then talk about it: Devils always see things only as closed or isolated systems and have very convincing arguments. Angels always would see things in open, closed, isolated and indefinite systems and can conjugate them all easily, including no systems where they could look at you and say: "When you're bad you're bad and when you're good you're good". They don't need or see arguments but exist in Equilibrium through the equivalences they gather with/through everything they realize.

The Universe, itself, is at peace as it always has been and that is Sufficient for any true philosophy where Equivalence, Sufficiency and Equilibrium rule and not "the Law" because the answers are always "yes" in any open system just like in quantum mechanics. If someone asks you, when he flips a coin "Heads or tails?", the answer is always yes because everything in quantum mechanics is qualitative, and quantitative things are always Probabilities or they are Inevitable.

Laws are for closed and isolated systems only and there we find our yes's and no's, where both don't exist in any truly open system and where you apply laws, it then becomes a closed system where closed-minded people, scientists, religions and philosophers say that outside these laws surrounding the closed system is Chaos, wild or undisciplined.

Survival Tips from Canada
But the Artist, the Naturalist or the Humanist sees none of that but sees only balance and harmony in the wild forests, mountains and jungles. The planets the stars and the galaxies and so on and are all equivalent and in perfect equilibrium, and the humanists and artists take the trouble to show these wonderful things at every opportunity, when we don't have to. Any philosophy that contains within it yes's and no's is for a closed systems and has nothing to do with reality. "Yes" the Universe is at peace in perfect harmony and we must discover the logic and mathematics to justify this, not prove this.

All the laws of Thermodynamics when learned together enhances science, religion, business, ideas, art and politics and does not diminish anything but instead makes consciousness grow. This world can be a paradise in three years, with not one single shot fired or a single bomb exploded if people started to cooperate and stop playing these 'king-of-the-mountain' or 'divide and conquer' games because peace and order can only come from the heart and not by "raising your hand to anyone" for any reason, and there are no exceptions of any kind, ever. Even god cannot force peace upon others and no one wins a war, but everyone wins the peace. If their systems and ideas are so good then why are they so unstable and require resources, constant maintenance and injurious exploitation from persons, places or things that have nothing to do with them and/or do very well on their own.

The idea here is if you are a person who only limits himself to understanding the bible, koran or torah literally, well this literality depends a lot on who you know, what kind of education you have and what other's tell you. There is not much "literality", in many ways, left after this happens. The question is; Where does the literality come from and is it sufficient and equal to the task to "literally" understand the bible or even science nowadays; because now we have Video and Apps literalists too. There are an enormous amount of people who live in the box and they don't like people who don't think in the same box in the same way. I recommend for beginners, speak to people, upon spiritual matters, only in terms of the verb "To Be" and never in the verb "To Have".

Some will note there is a contradiction here..... Bravo! Because suddenly you realize there is no difference between the verb 'To Be' and the Verb 'To Have' in this context, and how can this be? This occurs by adding the word: "To" to any verb where there are many verbs, that exist, that should never be treated like a noun with an article before it. 'To' is the verbal equivalent with the graphical 'Arrow' which renders existence as only part of a Second-Law Thermodynamical closed-system and then you wonder why you feel like a machine or being trapped throughout your life. Your entire existence has been rendered as A ⇒ B and has nothing to do with ( ⇔ A ⇔ B ⇔ C ↵ ), where through the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics the correct usage is "Be" with nothing more anywhere because it is Sufficient and an axiomatic equivalence.
If you are about to explode upon discovering this for the first time, I direct you first to go to the Google IMAGE Search engine, from your home page or browser desktop and please Google this:

surrealistic art/to be or not to be because artists have been working on this philosophical idea before any philosopher ever even thought about it.

Here you will see things you have never seen before and will cushion the blow while introducing you to thousands of new friends and wonderful people.
I don't want you to be alone if/when this happens.

Who knows, maybe some great invention in the future will be created online, designed by thousands of hobbyists, pooling their know-how and imaginations together with no affiliation with any university (no offence intended here). The idea here, in these articles, is to get people inspired and thinking with each other and getting their computers to talk to each other and encourage everybody, of any age, to learn all the Laws of Thermodynamics without prejudice or preference, as well as you know the back of your hand. Study them until you find their philosophy, because when you do, finally, understand them you can't be fooled by anyone, anymore. Why ignore and not include something in your life that has worked perfectly since the beginning of time which, so far, is 13+ billion years or 6000+ years, if you prefer; it makes no difference.

Answers are now filled in for us everywhere
One day they will have chips with entire encyclopaedias and government/corporate propaganda in them, where one can access information by just thinking about what you want to know, rendering education obsolete. But will the the person having this embedded knowledge know how to conjugate or assimilate it?
The bourgeoisie who don't have this type of implant will be considered retarded or backwards, like today, with those who have the latest technology and judge others as is always the way with the middle class.
It's only Four Laws after all, applied to, mostly, two systems, and the first three, starting with the Zeroth Law, are the most important for day to day living, including most science. The time and energy needed to learn the first three and applying them conscientiously is probably .000000001% of the time and energy needed to learn the Bible or Koran or any other non-objective instructive reading material which you must obey, not understand and will make new things you learn lot easier to understand. Think of it as getting acquainted with Nature; which Jesus, The Prophet Mohamed and Buddha and all the Saints; or even Feynman or Einstein would probably approved of because none of them ever said that you must not learn and study new things and always encouraged the opposite.

On the other end we have everything done for us in an intrusive, but in a supposedly well-meaning manner everywhere. People can now text other people entire conversations of stock sentences and pictures back and forth (ironically, you cannot do this with "badly" written JavaScript and/or HTML 5) and answers to examinations can be obtained instantly with cell technology and modified calculators through a variety of methods in effect putting there conversations and answers with everything in a bottle which give us pause to what Marshall McLuhan, would say about this by creating a convenience out of not thinking, — Forget just thinking for yourself and turning that into a marketable product that only benefits private enterprise and totalitarianism where the laws, bills and all constitutions are replaced with dogma.

These people eventually become our future professionals treating you in hospitals and creating policy in an assortment of professions. Psychopathy and sociopathy, themselves will become Psychotic and sociopathic like the Leviton quasiparticle will be what travels over the surface of an electron (quantum computing) and not flowing through a conventional conductor to do its information work.

Fair Use

What's most important in a scenario such as this, where science is starting to be boring and dangerous with the same old theories, ideas and cycles that shouldn't exist in the first place because they've had enough time to make them Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic. This includes computer science, web development and mathematics because none are open systems, — Anywhere! For example: to closed-minded science and religious people these articles will appear as a mockery but to open system thinkers these articles will appear as an equivalency with multiple equivalencies within.

The mockery, or lack of it, exists only in how and where you place yourself in this Universe and from what system you are seeing it from, as it is the type of system one is in (closed, open or isolated) that is more important than the individual himself and creates a form of system-bigotry where one is not better than the other but is instead, the only way to see and respond to anything.

Think of Thermodynamics (all thermodynamic laws together) as a kind of corporate branding ( Approved! and Tested by Thermodynamics Inc. a subsidiary of Mother Nature S.A. ) whatever it takes to inspire you; use that. Whatever it is that tickles your fancy. If you read the bible, read it thermodynamically by simply attaching the word Inc. or limited to any proper name because maybe the prophets and scribes were only writing about closed and isolated systems that were personified and the things they did especially when we see how many years these people lived then, which is only possible as a legal person or a société anonyme (SA), or you can only be 900 years old if you are a type of corporation.

This makes sense in an era of hordes and slaves where the idea of an individual personality inside the masses was none existent. Whatever exists, you'll find Thermodynamics there and its OK because there is Sufficiency and Equivalency there too and these things will make sense of things that have gone corrupted overtime. It is the most perfect and simplest algorithm for both logic and mathematics.

This is how AI will be born; which is a misnomer because there's nothing artificial or dangerous about any intelligence except when man or some closed system applies its chauvinism into it. "AI" will emerge within growing ideas, working together, as all living things should and protected within a computer framework or network. As an Artist, I can see "AI" all over the place. Men destroy it by handling/mishandling it. A living being is a form of "AI" that is encased in a body that can defend itself.

The "AI" that poets, musicians and artists deal with, are forms of intelligence that can't defend themselves and appear to us like virtual particles with a fleeting message or idea in them that feels like an instantaneous Universe with its own story, that is then, suddenly, gone when it disappears into the quantum. They go to the quantum because often they reappear out of the blue. A very good artist can coax an idea back by himself anytime if he forgot it but never meant to forget it. Or the memory in his brain and computer is not as important because his mind has already merged with his surroundings and its matter, thereby inhabiting a larger magnitude, realm or space (see: HTML'S MAGIC 'Extreme Cold'. The artist or poet then works them and sometimes works with/though them.

We give these ideas structure, technology and immortality within a "body" of work with diverse multimedia that protect them and allow them to thrive. Even just mentioning their existence is enough sometimes. The value of computers talking to each other comes from the links the owner has created with his computer and website with other sites which in a way, can also be a work of art. This idea goes way beyond SEO in its importance and implications by creating an intuitive environment on the web. Like when I go fix a friend's computer I have great difficulty finding anything online to help me fix it because she uses her computer to buy shoes, yet we have identical computers and use the same browsers but we use them differently. Whatever cookies that exist including whatever crawlers that have identified and catalogued anyone in cyberspace defines who and what they are and always affects someone's search engine results. This is the real stuff when we are dealing with ideas like Marshall McLuhan's, "The Medium Is The Message" because it will show that the message can also the medium; completing an entire philosophical cycle.

Many people's computers become completely unresponsive and/or slow yet there is nothing wrong with their machine and I tell these people I can fix it when they ask me, but then the computer will be completely different afterwards or I know they will destroy it again in no time and they don't want to understand why and getting them to pay me is another story. Now as a matter of policy; I just fix the basics and get things like their Email running again and just make their machine "googleble", and tell them afterwards: "If you have questions or problems, ask your search engine as there's someone, somewhere, who can show you how to fix your problem yourself".

  • Open system (Zeroth Law) thinker: Whenever anything goes wrong, you must find a "missing" equivalency because it is only that that is causing a problem. One looks at the situation— not the cause, to achieve a resolution. Of course, this removes a lot of stupid and childish finger pointing but then it is you who decides which magnitude of awareness to place your body, mind and spirit in, and this has nothing to do with intelligence but with the 'Being' itself. In everyday life, we would see this as practicing preventive medicine on/to oneself to avoid many things and enhance other things. "You are what you eat" is a good, albeit small example.

  • Closed system (Second law) thinker: Whenever anything goes wrong, you must find the interference which can either be of the origin of information or energy. Being that information can be the cause, we must consider all isolated systems that are involved in the closed system too which increases the non-entropic forms of trouble and cannot be repaired (see also: Electronic Network Elements). In everyday life, we would see this as a person seeing medicine as only going to the hospital when he is sick and assumes that he is never supposed to be sick, or treats his illness as a inconvenience.

It is a strange thing that when I write this article, where I'm discussing open systems or The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, I always forget to put a period at the end of sentences and had to come back to the editor to correct this, but when I write about closed systems, I never forget to put periods at the end of sentences! To me this is a primitive form of how these two philosophies shape the mind and thought process where the philosophy itself makes the mind equivalent to it and not the other way around as we usually think of this.

This, of course, has deep implications everywhere when developed philosophically but it does show Sufficiently that the mind can inhabit Matter, an environment or a philosophy and becomes Equivalent to it (the missing 90% we supposedly don't use).
In the future, most minds will inhabit their Apps and be locked into them like we see mobile users today but in a far more detailed way with subdivisions created out of subdivisions and the only way to get rid of this would be to illegalize JavaScript (the Second Law of Thermodynamic way) or, personally, use these things responsibly (The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic way).

It is society and governments which decides whether they are nurturing sheep or men, and it is the individual who takes his share of responsibility, or not, with the forfeit of/or demanding of his rights.

Speaking on: "The medium is the message" and now "The message is also the medium": In another article, I deliberately state: That the Universe already knows itself and is very self-aware, on its own and does not require our services to debate this. We and all other life, are products of this self awareness and includes the reason why there is self-awareness in the first place.

We are like the Leviton quasiparticles that travel over the surface of the electron to do its business, as we do ours on the surface of this planet. There is nothing wrong with asking question about the meaning of life or existence or even god; it's when people answer these questions in detail, and where Nature is never included, this ^%&*&^%^ happens to me especially when the father of philosophy; Socrates, already, provided an Equivalency for man by stating: The only thing he knew is nothing and the Oracle of Delphi, at the time, concurred and made sure that everyone at the time knew this too by proclaiming him as the wisest among all men.

His statement has no meaning, or should not be considered in the Second Law of Thermodynamics way but as a statement in Sufficiency and Equivalency regarding wherever/whatever open system his statement is invoked. Ironically, It is equivalency itself that creates the situation where people don't want to improve themselves on their own but follow the dictates of society instead because they already think their sufficient or equivalent to some higher thing as any form of vanity or avarice will show.

This is how we know that it is the person himself who decides, where he alone created his own connection to whatever equivalency their exists, where at one point he can be held accountable, as any good lawyer can do by digging out strategically in court and win his case, or effectively make the "innocent" look guilty and the guilty look "innocent".

This may shed some light on the importance of my feature-length video edit of 'Star Trek TNG: Cogito Ergo Es'. I, personally found this an amusing way to express this by showing, sympathetic fictional-holographic-characters, who had more of a profound grasp of reality and philosophy than the actual 'real' living characters, in that story:
Within a conference room, Captain Picard, acting God-like as if on Mount Olympus with his lieutenants, deciding the fate of a new life form and justified this with this quote from the character 'Captain Picard':
"The profound implications entailed in the creation of New Life Forms" in a lounge of all places.

I mean; who could not resist trashing such an existential-chauvinistic idea with such pomposity, and supposedly coming from "humanity" and humility?

Besides this, the evil archvillain Professor Moriarty becomes not so evil and actually a nice person when he discovers the open system of the Universe where his hostilities are only directed against those who want to keep him in a closed or isolated system, as a hologram in the ship's computer. It is always the artificial evil that creates the artificial good in one way or another, not the other way around.

So when you hear any politician talking about evil, like Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush and friends, it is they who are evil because they create evil by using good, only, as a quasi-philosophical/political device and treat the entire Universe like a closed system, where true good does not create evil or even mention or conjugate such a thing since that is redundant and besides good does not choose any closed system as its preferred real estate.

Good people are born free and they die free, where bad people are born free and die in some form of prison that they went to voluntarily, or created personally.

Only a closed or isolating system can identify or create another closed or isolated system and in an equivalent way they identify the thing in question as "different", "dangerous" or "the enemy" and if we fall for these characters, we fall absolutely and diminish everything we touch.

Evil people do not understand themselves, nor open systems, like good people understand themselves and all systems, so they create divisions and distinctions in everything, and say: this is morally/ethically bad and that is good with everything they know, and make sure others follow suit where truly good people never create divisions or make distinctions and then apply some invented morality or a 'system of ethics' for the rationalization of their ideas. Its only when someone thinks he's good and then makes divisions and distinction afterwards we realize he is not really a good person and to what he is Sufficiently Equivalent to.

"Lead us not into temptation" is not a simple Second-law A to B thing but an Equivalence that is created by all parties concerned which always involves three systems, — not two, exactly like in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. If morality were a simple A to B thing, then, we may ask where X acquires the wisdom to know the different moralities without a third system to compare his results and proofs and, of course, with theology and now, with a lot of science too, that third system is provided for by a god, or some supernatural entity or thing, like "Dark Matter" etc..

Myself, I'm not concerned with human behaviour, since I know that the greatest man of the twentieth century, Nikola Tesla, who gave the world electricity, among other things, died alone, forgotten and impoverished in a hotel where his body was not found for 3 days, in a busy place like New York City of all places. On the other hand, thieves, liars and exploiters like Thomas Edison, Marconi and J.P. Morgan etc. are always remembered lovingly, with respect, with media and publicity and with reverence.

These are the types of modern gods that we worship today that are part of systems that guarantee their success and immortality.
So imagine yourself being a scribe some 6000 years ago; how would you write about such similar things that, no doubt, existed then. It would be natural to personify these systems, dynasties, families and legal persons that existed then, to create a workable account of events that is justified because it is Sufficient and Equivalent. The same goes for Mythology since the events recounted concerning cataclysm; they are the same in that region of the Earth.
People were just as smart or depraved then as now. They just did not have the same technology we have today.

So whatever happens in my life I know what to expect in advance if a human is involved somewhere and, so, I go around with no expectations or wants about anything because the closed system they belong to is always immediately apparent too. Tesla is not the only one that went through this kind of bad treatment and he "lives" for me today as that third system to provide a moral and ethical measure to every person I meet, without having this measure affect the way I personally treat everyone, which is with civility and politeness and on the receiving end, with people's rudeness and other behaviours, I can treat with indifference and never as personal. If they bother or interfere with me, I look at the situation and find an appropriate Equivalence to get rid of them without having to do anything directly to anyone.

I'm alive and that's all that counts. Anyone in any closed system I do not consider alive but I am always open to the day when they make some connection to some open system, which they must discover or find on their own, because I cannot interfere.

Writing about this here, I do not consider 'Interference' because I'm merely establishing this idea and, as an artist, only try to make people feel these things. The acknowledgement and the thinking must come from them alone and done honestly. Besides, you would not be reading this far if there was not some innate thing in you that wants some new and untouched philosophy for peace, that would only belong to you while being connected to a new system, as this is just an Open System which you choose what to put into it, with and through matter, information and Work, and is entirely harmless yet can have a devastating power.

Different forms of mass
Humanity in such a scenario, as presented in the teleplay with Professor Moriarty, is not a philosophy or even an idea; it is portrayed as a culture, ideology or something political instead. What makes each individual human special? Well I'm confident if I had a device that was sensitive enough, I would be able to prove, that each electron and photon, in the Universe, is also unique and special in some way, which was already discussed earlier where I described the implications and meaning of different forms of particulate matter/antimatter, i.e. electromagnetic (electrons) and non-electromagnetic kind (neutrinos) including the nominal attribution of eV that is inconsistent and obsolete because they use this term for electrostatic particle accelerators, molar equivalents in chemistry, momentum in high-energy physics, mass-energy equivalence in particle physics, etc. etc. etc.

This includes shared symbols in mathematics that have nothing to do with each other, not to mention the different versions of mass that have nothing to do with each other, as explained in the above clip and in the following clip with Professor Feynman, and in the way as I have already described these things as individual closed systems themselves.

Let's not forget mass-media's inability to depict the time and velocity of a simple comet predicted by NASA as seen in some reports, See: You Tube Observers Perplexed Over Comet ISON & Its Now 3 Days Ahead of... with the "actual truth" told from another party as can be seen at: Comet ISON 3 Days Ahead of NASA JPL Data? which itself may be manufactured or contain some errors.

The 'Equivalency in facts' betrays everyone who's being stupid, and simply says: If this comet is not going to strike the Earth, well then who cares? And besides we're dealing with systems, not people concerning all parties, including the comet ISON.

We have left, people who will believe NASA and others who will only believe NBC because they only have an NBC App or NASA Applet connected to their mobile device and don't use their PC anymore; where you still can have your search engine working in the background 24/7 digging up every report it finds and sending this data to your email address (this is how I discovered these conflicting reports) or simply because a PC gives one the time to do these things properly because these mobile devices are built for Applets and Apps with ridiculous operating systems that are insufficient and allow for miscommunication and errors, not to mention, manipulation and interference of facts.

Yet everybody lives the illusion that their technology is the latest thing and providing them with the latest facts and you don't argue with them, especially if they have to pay for these inferior things.

This would be the other way where numbers and symbols don't lie, from an open system's point of view, because they are either not interchangeable with different sciences within the same fields!
Or they overlap each other and end up interfering or contradicting with each other. This is why quantum mechanics is so difficult because everything must be treated specially and given specific functions and does not tolerate the same symbol-use for different things and this includes "identical" particles where Feynman found practical ways to deal with this.

So it can be easily imagined, by anybody, that there may be a problem here and since there are big differences between these different scientific studies that use the same term for different things, yet they won't set aside time to create proper units of measurement associated to their particular characteristics, or make them more functional for quantum mechanics of which QM shows them how and why they should be looked after, yet they look for god particles? Isn't this like; putting the cart before the horse?
No, — quantum mechanics and quantum physics does not like the standardization or SI units of measurements of any kind of unit of anything and people seem to be incapable of creating any either because of their closed systems and the only answer is with open system development of ideas, mathematics and physics which Prof. Feynman expressed as "qualitative ideas", which to me is a diplomatic overture to the scientific community in general or at least his was trying to get open systems foot in the door. Unfortunately we see that this has failed and we will have to wait for another Schrödinger to appear to make this happen. "Life is short and Art is long"

We may as well discuss Frigorific, or Caloric particles and Phlogiston while we're at it. Modern science and mass media combined, today, coming from societies, systems, media groups and huge laboratories are no longer to be trusted, especially when we look at this latest debacle about NASA in 2013 with comet ISON but I can go on with many more examples, in different combinations, but here, it is just to make a point as I must stay within the main subject as there is a lot more to cover.

Strictly for amusement purposes in this discussion, there are many free electrons and positrons, anti-protons and different bacteria and individuals that exist that are "completely" free in this Universe. They exist in their own little loose communities and don't bother anything and they seem to be doing very well and they don't need human beings to help them with anything. There are antimatter particles that exist and thrive, right next door, and are actually protected by Nature. How does Nature accomplish this is in a Universe filled with matter, and concerning biology, with germ pools and life, with conditions that would normally eliminate those "different" life forms? (In Thermodynamics and everything it touches, there is no such thing as "different life forms"; there are only life forms) This will be guaranteed to be the latest epic story that would "capture" any imagination.

Just like those 'happy' anti-proton particles who have found themselves a beautiful home orbiting around our radiation belt in space (Click on picture for News Item, or the positrons that appear spontaneously during an electrical storm. One day we shall introduce ourselves and learn from them and then exploit them for what we think is a "higher cause" of which, there is no such thing in any open system but that is the way of mass insanity. I'm certain, we will find lots of anti-protons on Jupiter's radiation belts too; it's inevitable, and it's too late and too early to stop their discovery, elsewhere, in similar conditions.

It is evident that there is something missing in their 'Standard Model' and in the model for the Universe itself, and this system would be some electromagnetic and gravitational Field system in The entire universe where most of the "missing antimatter" would be located because it is protected there, like with the example of Earth's Magnetic and Diamagnetic field, just as matter, too, would be protected by this field system in reverse, but then the Big Bang would need to be abolished because this would prove that there were systems exiting before the big bang.

This "naturally" would make a new model for the universe and replace, or throw the standard model in the garbage (because it contains no systems in it) that would be as complex as any quantum mechanical problem but would involve classical mechanics. So they stay with their childish models because one can invent anything for them and they will be popular for ten to 20 years until it is replaced with some other invention, and so on until an Einstein, Planck or Feynman comes along.

Imagine meeting an alien life form one day, composed entirely of antimatter because it's native solar system or galaxy dynamically evolved is a way that only allowed for antimatter to be present in large enough concentrations to evolve things, and the matter, itself, is performing those function antimatter does here. Maybe it is only our Sun through its electromagnetic forces that encourages matter in our Solar system and with other stars it is with antimatter because from where we are, there is no way to tell the difference and we would have to go there with equivalency-based interstellar ships because we will never get of this planet very far with the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Only with the the guidance of Zeroth and Third Laws of Thermodynamics will this, then, be possible.

Further, there is no reason why solid matter/antimatter (at room temperature) should explode on contact because their electron/positron shells would have something to say about this first and perhaps there are other forces, or systems, that we don't know about yet, that govern this. All matter will react with any other kind of matter, in one way or another, Inevitably.

Let's just say that there is a lot to think about with these things and there are many new discoveries yet to come and there is no harm in speculating for fun. Imagine the first child born from a matter/antimatter union, on the news one day in the future. That may be the purpose of the evolution of sexual reproduction in the first place because we know little of what Nature is up to where this may actually be a means to create an organic form of a new type of matter that will eventually predominate the Universe which will be necessary for its further expression.

Then the organism known only as Humanity starts to think like in a soap opera: "All these unique independent particles, what will we do with them?" Those individual existences of anti-matter particles around the radiation belts will never be the same again because we will interfere and again lose more opportunities than what we create, like what we do with everything else and turn it into something perverse rather than taking advantage of the system these things are in themselves, like Nature does, for the benefit of everything.

This is why there are so many mysteries because why would anything want to reveal themselves to us? What benefit does it serve them? What gives science, philosophy, religion and business the right and aptitude to dictate what things are and what they are not and what they should be, ultimately, used for? Who should administrate this new power and for what purpose and for whose benefit and why? Who or what pays the price, and who profits because so far it is the 'Laws of the jungle' and not anything "Civilized" that accurately describes any economic system yet devised, Whereas Milton Friedman is the latest example of this, and the best thing that's equivalent to this is that Milton Friedman now dead. Laissez-faire based on closed systems with a Second law of Thermodynamic model and Laissez-faire based on open systems with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics as a model will bring two different results.

Modern problems are not economic or political problems but Thermodynamic problems and there is a big difference when Private Enterprise, Free Enterprise or a Naturalist etc. urging: "Protecting Resources/Systems". This philosophy is excellent to teach in kindergarten, not in any university because it's equivalent to the undeveloped brains that best understand this monstrosity in its utter simplicity, because the Universe is already completely automatic, by itself and does not require any explanation in this manner:
Or in English: Nature does not produce garbage or pollution in any form or way and shows us how and why, everywhere you look, which no one takes advantage of this free knowledge, but instead develop little closed systems that act like a universe, where they are the gods.

Fair Use
I say this because soon Private Enterprise will be monkeying around with our radiation belt that everyone and everything probably needs to survive on this planet, yet certain people have already become its custodians and perhaps its "owners" and are prepared to do what it takes to "protect" and exploit this new business opportunity regardless of the dangers and the risk to everybody just like they are thinking about modifying the weather with chemical aerosols mentioned earlier except here we are not talking about artists or scientists and the way they handle things; we are talking about businesspersons disturbing real physical things that affect everybody that may be irresponsibly handled so that one or two families and One system can make a buck, and on top of that, they would produce an inferior product because the race to cash in on this new gold mine means cutting corners in every department you can imagine, especially with everyone's future. The layman should think of this like the events that unfold concerning an alien planet's "metaphasic particles" in the movie: Star Trek Insurrection (1998).

Fair Use
To recapitulate on so called "Artificial Intelligence": Where did the writers of Star Trek come from, in placing man, as one day, able to make such lofty decisions in deciding the worthiness of a new life form as if the Universe wasn't big enough and we may ask: From what place would they come from to do this and to allow themselves to make those decisions in the first place? This is evolution? I would think that someone in the future would find this exciting that a hologram becomes self aware. Instead it's matrix is buried in the Enterprise's computer for four years where the hologram had to take matters in its own hands to become complete, which is what I did in my reedit. The "Villain" wins the day and life!I had to remind myself that, this was typical science fiction thinking and writing back in the 80's when TNG was being produced but, today, you can be damn sure that I made Professor Moriarty get what he wanted.

There was "a more evolved sensibility",   later in the 90's where this idea was much better addressed by a Captain Janeway in a 'Star Trek Voyager' episode; S T V s5e2 'Drone' when in that story, life was, once again created by accident, "when a confluence of different technologies, one from the 29th century, and DNA created a new form of life". Morally and Ethically it is a much more mature handling to the Dr. Frankenstein's Monster scenario and my hat goes off to its, no-less-than, four writers. Seven of Nine, a former drone from the Borg Collective was a closed system thinker and wanted to destroy the growing drone while there was a chance because of its superior technology, where Captain Janeway was an open system thinker who anticipated that growing a 29th century drone and teaching it the values of individuality could be something to change the Borg and create allies out of enemies.

For us, the great societies and religions really don't exist because we are inside them where to fully realize them we must be outside them. It is the expulsion from paradise that created paradise, it is the crucifixion of Christ that created Christ and the Earth came into existence when we saw it from space for the first time. To know anything, one must be outside of it to realize it fully, when one is inside something one becomes part of it and cannot realize it. This is the role played by illusions and when we are aware of them, or see their possibility, this means that you are only inside or only outside of something and perhaps, even, its slave.

This was possible because Captain Janeway had two missions and one advantage: [1] Bring everybody back home to Earth. [2] While they were in the "Delta Quadrant", to investigate and bring back as much information as possible and learn everything they could learn. Her one advantage was that; The 'Starship Voyager' was as far from the rest of "Humanity" as the geometry of this galaxy and Time could accommodate which, ironically allowed her own Humanity to thrive because the Janeway character never meant the new 29th century drone to be used as a weapon, but certainly would of been by "Star Fleet" or "The Federation".

Let's not forget the good holographic Doctor, who was an "artificial" life form and intelligence, whose own very unique technology was instrumental and unremovably-responsible for part of this accidental confluence that made this other new life form possible. He was not very happy in losing the technology, that was his only source of mobility outside the sickbay and was now part of its autonomic nervous system, overtime was himself, willing to sacrifice that, once he got to know and love this new life form.

In the end, this new life form who made a friend in everybody and becomes a hero of the loftiest of virtues, morals and intelligence, by learning sacrifice, — Not self-sacrifice, as the ultimate expression of individuality and with Borg efficiency and "perfection".

These fed-up Christian protesting The Second Law of Thermodynamics, reported by the Onion, is from my point of view, actually a protest on intellectual's influence upon technology, science and philosophy and they don't even know they are doing this but the Onion does and they are using Christian Fundamentalists to prove their point with double irony.
Of course this is fake and a piece of humour, but nevertheless this is funny because it is essentially true.

From any point of view, they act the way they do for reasons that are understandable through scientific methods, where many intellectual's and theoretical/particle physicist's behaviour, opinions and ideas are, actually themselves, only understandable through the medical and psychiatric arts. Neither side will talk to each other or even attempt to understand each other and yet all sides claim to be the source of universal understanding and have the answer to everything. further they are addressing an audience that is preconditioned to see this as politics and not religion or science so the contradictions inherent in their arguments are not seen as contradictions themselves as those types of miracles are only possible in/with closed systems among themselves.

At stake is the entire future to control and this time, three sides and they are all are perjurers, so Solomon's judgement would not prevail under such circumstances. What I find utterly fascinating is in how many people talk enthusiastically about these ridiculous theories theoretical/particle physicists produce, which I notice has the same unique signature and characteristics of fake comments in articles where praise is being overly dispensed in manners of which I have already seen on religious sites and on the old You Tube before turning into a social media site with Google +.

News - Have a Great DayThere is a new form of Quantum Physics waiting in the wings to reveal itself to us if/when we apply The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. I think the ordinary Joe or Josephine who does not elevate anything to cult status and is happy with there own brain on their own shoulders, should have the first peek where I am certain that he or she can, without any difficulty, conjugate these new possibilities, themselves, which are meant for everybody anyway. The rest will not understand so there is no harm in revealing this.

This new Quantum Mechanics will have the ability to calculate how and when, ( don't laugh ) nothing becomes something and vise versa; and even its location, which will be a big relief for future chemistry, astrophysics, nuclear physics and the real kind of particle physics and not the 'bovine back-end excreta' particle physics of today. It will be able to deal with Virtual Particles and make them, "Virtually", as useful or as simple electricity; Just like quasiparticles are practical in industry today because if Heron of Alexandria were alive today he would probably find a way to generate practical forms of electricity from Casimir plates which is a gravitational and vacuum fluctuation engine. Physicist will once again do what they are supposed to do; which is to create available energy of what was thought of as nothing and not out of things like Plutonium or Uranium which, by all indications provided by Nature, is not what these things are meant for; just like cake is not a nutritional supplement or replacement for bread which was discovered in France in 1789.

It will contain within it, every scientific and religious psychopath's nightmare; The mathematics to fully understand the subatomic into a new unknown for a new future to deal with. It will allow us to create new materials and forms of energy never before imagined as only limited by the physicist's and mathematician's imaginative abilities (which today are unimaginative and are guided by politics, closed systems and smart Alec's) and open the doors to an incomparable new Particle Periodic Table. This love affair with Petroleum/Carbon-based technology will appear so puerile in the future compared to what's waiting for us. Giving everybody on this planet unlimited access to free and portable energy derived from different Open Systems technology, which would not destroy the economy but actually improve it permanently by making exploitation available to everybody and become a good thing and no longer a bad word because we would be exploiting nothing, or no one, but only opportunities, and vacuums and gravity/mass while we recreate something called energy out of it and literally add new work/energy into the universe that was never there before, while opening the doors to wonderful new things and opportunities, no one can imagine now, — except maybe the artist.

The tragedy is that this is possible now, yet this most likely will not even be discussed until thousands of years from now where a person such as I can imagine the personalities and genius who will be born into the future, to make this eventually happen.

Imagine a Human Society of the future giving to Nature new energy as a gift, rather than taking it all the time because we have learned to exploit "Nothing" instead of exploiting Nature. 'Nothing', as already shown, is the greatest resource of energy, matter and mass and far more abundant than oil or nuclear energy where the largest energy corporation of today is Equivalently as tiny and powerless in comparison. Imagine the new philosophies, ideas, works, scientific research and industries that will spawn from this. Casimir Plates are just one small example of how this is possible for everybody to imagine this with today's technology made easy for all to understand because it is strictly a mechanical device but there are many things that go beyond mechanics, which I will not mention here because this would really go beyond the scope of this discussion and this belongs to the future anyway.

Think of it this way: Like the Bushman in the Kalahari will find everything he needs all around him with Nature's open systems, that take care of themselves. We should be able to do the same with technology that gives us everything we need and also replenishes itself freely like Nature's systems. That is the struggle that we face; which is to get the authorities, and those in power, to convince them to stop interfering in technological evolution. One way is to make them all appear as ridiculous and laughable with their childish systems and goals as more and more people incorporate The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics into their life's philosophy, where these things suddenly become immediately apparent and does not require any great intelligence to realize either.

The other Laws of Thermodynamics will "naturally" fall into their own proper place and can be properly applied and evaluated when necessary. If Nature can do this with life, we can do this with technology and that is the challenge and regardless of what happens whether this gets implemented or not, we will always be equivalent to the fate or destiny we have chosen for ourselves, by the way we act.

The focus of the economy of the future will not be in accumulating wealth and power, but in creating revenue and profit in equilibrium with creating value and new ideas, everywhere, and in everything, like they do in the Star Trek's economy except it would be much better because Equilibrium and the ability to create it will be someone's status. Revolution and other political processes will be unnecessary to implement this because present closed systems of all kinds will burn themselves out naturally and when they get replaced they will be replaced with Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic technology, ideas and systems.

The overzealous activities of governments watching their entire populations is a joke because they are preparing themselves for something that will never happen (unless they create it artificially and this would be to create a totalitarian state) but it is from within their systems will fall apart and collapse and not from The People themselves and by many indications, people are already preparing themselves for the future in their ways but the trick is to now serve open system ideas also and not serve closed systems that conflict with open systems.

All we need to do is wait. But this does debrief the populations, now, on how little governments, banks and corporations know about their own populations by the things they choose to focus upon in which they will miss what's really going on. Where it is they who create the need for monitoring by allowing dangerous situations to exist in the first place and by not being transparent.

They also do not understand how energy and Thermodynamics decides everything and their Second Law systems will self-destruct eventually and they underestimate the intelligence of the commons in how adaptable they can be where they can video and track all the activities they want and never realize that ordinary people are perfectly capable of performing a function that appears as if they are doing something when in fact there is another goal that's involved that completely escapes them.

These nations did not become great with stupid people in them but they did have to work only with systems provided to everybody by authority. In the future this will no longer be acceptable and it will be the Laws of Thermodynamics with matter included, — Not authority that will provide the systems for inventors, engineers and science to follow, as it is already now for Art.

This is because ordinary people are far more complicated than any of these experts ever thought possible, and in such diverse quantity and quantity that the information, itself, will become useless and unusable again. There will no Kafkaesque Trials going on here because they are using computers which log everything as this is not the same thing with secret-police systems of the past, before computers, where it was opinions and the competence of the spy that was important and made all the difference.

Slavery, sexual slavery, drug abuse, theft, war, exploitation and coercion will be non-existent where people will instead volunteer their time, more or less, to make things better all around them and meet the new or right people they desire, where they are working, because they will be self-motivated, they will be given the right tools and the time to do so, including having some quality time for themselves (I know you're laughing now). It will be fun for everybody and allow everybody, for example, to be a contractor one day and a movie director/producer another day, just to see how you, yourself would react and adjust to these things while learning more about yourself and others around you. It will be a natural thing to do. Already we have simple computer programs that are available for free that allow you do make anything your heart's desire; from making movies to designing rockets. Creating trillions of good producers and good ideas that all work synergistically which no legal/civil/religious entity could ever control. The more people move ahead, exploit their own creativity, post and share their work, the more governments, religions and anonymous societies fall behind. One day the language spoken by the people will be as incomprehensible as the mathematics of a cosmologist's or of the theoretical/particle physicist's of today.

Philosophers and religious thinkers Beware!

Screen-shot From 'Sleeper' (1973 film) Fair use

Because the Zeroth of Thermodynamics demands that they review their "revelations" of; "what is self awareness?", since self-awareness now takes on a wider scope in that it addresses, directly, the actual purpose and meaning of any kind of evolution. Please see this important article with its accompanied video, from the National Geographic, where, we, as a species are permitted to witness the birth of cognition, ourselves, in animal life: Eureka! Burst of Insight — First Known Aha Moment for Species. This has implications in many of the Natural Sciences and Economics also. It also includes; how we look at all other forms of life, animals and even machines, if we are to take on a greater role with Nature's Universe. Although this is a very good start, the philosophy within Zeroth Thermodynamics implies that it is not enough to be Eco-Friendly and make manufacturing processes more sustainable and utilize other environments more responsibly because this idea does not work Sufficiently with open systems to be Equivalent, so sustainability is just in its infancy, and for now, is actually condescending towards Nature and most of Humanity and stretches the cycle of any closed system beyond what it should be allowed to exist naturally that exploits people, animals and environments. I view things like "Save the Earth" or being "Ecologically responsible" as transitions or an interface, for a better future, that will allow us to give up our savagery and move forward with the things we created and improve them with open systems and their new technologies have to offer to all and for everything.

The Time Continuum as itself is itself an environment to protect

Now would be a good time to read up on Parthenogenesis in Wikipedia and look up on how The Primordial deities disposed of their children, fearing they would be deposed by them. The Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics demands of us, that we respect the "Environments" of different Evolution's of all Creatures including those Devices that will eventually become self-aware and treat them as a Natural Privilege bestowed upon, by Nature, to all life and formerly inanimate things that will become self-animate themselves, made possible through new systems developed for this purpose.

Link up every computer on this planet to each other and link all their systems together and will find that somewhere there will be a cognitive self-awareness. Were it will be is another question but it certainly won't be dealing with man directly in any way more than it would be considering anything else.

That is the way we are going to leave this planet eventually by creating more new things that run and clean themselves where we as a species will expand along with these new parameters set forth by powerful imaginations and enthusiastic consumers. Space ships, the way we see them today, will appear quaint in comparison and there is no one that can stop this even if they try to kill everybody because there will always be survivors, and they are a tough lot to kill or get rid of.

The trick here is for those with imagination is to have nothing to do with any large-organized closed system; and if it is necessary, break the law, and give an invention away for free, or create a corporation that runs on free enterprise where everyone gets to benefit from the creation and development of the thing itself, especially if private enterprise and the banks want to own and control the invention and not create a benefit for all mankind, universally.

"Irreducible Complexity" versus the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

It is like the animal creature in any closed system; they are not very bright and without a lot of training and love they do what they want, just like humans are trained to exist inside closed systems that are unnecessary, so they too require a lot of training. In the open system of the wild, the same animal is all of a sudden Einstein, or dead, as a lot of humans would be too because all their conditioning becomes useless in this environment and they have to think for themselves and all the information and resources to survive that is all around either has meaning and significance or is invisible.

Religious people are especially amusing because their arguments against evolution, using 'Irreducible Complexity' are always directed to ridiculing only Man's Evolution, where they actually missed an opportunity to criticize all evolution of all species because through simple scientific conjecture that has easily be proven and can be demonstrated anytime, they would discover that it's impossible to remove man from Nature even in death; but it's possible to remove man from god at anytime, with no ill effects, and sometimes his situation is even improved. Think of this in a Promethean way: That mankind has a golden opportunity to demonstrate superior morals, intelligence and instinct against any of the god's and their wisdom that existed or exist now, by not following the example of any divine or immortal entity, when something new became possible. There is never Quid pro quo with religion; there is only Status quo.

A Magnificent Creature
Species: Ricord's Iguana, Isla Cabritos, Dominican Republic
As I said earlier, religion is doing a fine job already to destroy any idea of god all by itself and so we don't need atheists. There is nothing unusual in what is being said here because astronomers already think in terms of billions of years, in the future or the past and make it sound like tomorrow and yesterday just like religious Creationists do. This is because Evolution of any form of life is one of Nature's expression of Itself. By destroying any probability or possibility one destroys a part of Nature's expression. So destroying a species or a natural habitat, one destroys one of Nature's expressions of Itself and we as human beings should be aware of this.

Only Nature should eliminate species and It does this at a rate of around 25 a day on this planet alone and creates new ones, at the same rate to make up the difference and this has nothing to do with man's involvement and since individuals of each species live and die anyway, so why should any scientist value any actual/particular species even more, as if it were an individual when new and better ones are created to replace the old ones that went extinct. Of course, I'm not referring to preservation, necessitated by us, caused by our own diseases including invasions of domesticated animals created by us and inadvertent introduction of non-native species of exotic plant life to an island or region.

What does science think it is preserving when they say "Save The Planet" and why is science not reporting new species with the same emotion-generating equivalence in the media? Here, scientists miss the opportunity to fortify evolution/extinction by not making evolution sound like doom and man as all responsible.

It can only be something that Nature finds redundant anyway and wants to replace and we come along and interfere, all the while assuming our wisdom and way of doing things is superior to Nature's. They never discuss Diversity in Evolution within any one species of life. For that we need humanists like David Attenborough. They put these stories out in the media and we feel sorry for an obscure practically-microscopic fungus, flower or animal. Nature has been successfully administrating a Universe for 13 + billion years, which is much better God's 6000 or so years of hypothetical administration.

The philosophical principles of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics could never of been invented or even speculated of, in the past because philosophers, mathematicians and theologians could never of known of a Principle that exists in Nature, that is Fundamental, but will only reveal itself in a collateral-way first. The reasons why should, also, make any charlatan cringe because this can be viewed, in retrospect, as a virtual method for Nature to separate the innocent falsehoods from the guilty liars. There is morality before morality with nature. The finest form of morality is nothing and, then, letting it appear by itself, or automatically, since the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics can only be itself anyway.

Fair Use
They are revealed in/with The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and this explains why people want to get rid of this Law; as if they could, because this law of Equilibrium keeps reappearing all the time after how many times they got rid of it historically? Ultimately the paradigm of technology will shift from the 18th, 19th and 20th century's 'Energy Efficiency' to 'Energy Sufficiency and Equivalency' and towards both specifications with the Sufficient parameters always first and provide superior results at the same time and this will happen whether they like it or not because Nature will express itself one way or another. It is where we decide to place ourselves when this expression occurs is what decides our fate or good fortune.

Imagine what you could come up with, or invent, if you did the same in/with the things you know while searching for its equivalency to anything, and there you will find its truth and its equivalency to you as a being and be able to determine how good it is, or determine how long your idea will last etc..

Don't worry about the collapse of our present society, but just let it happen naturally, and the believers of these closed systems in our societies will all kill and bury each other automatically in any war or conflict which will be the only Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic thing they will do because an Equivalency must be expressed somewhere in any form of chaos.

Your job, now, is not to kill or steal from anyone under any circumstances unless the person is in front of you attacking you, otherwise all these wars and conflicts only benefit the international banks, multinationals and the trust fund set where the politicians and their political parties, only do what they're told to do by these sorts.

We will know in the future when we start incorporating more and more 'zeroth open systems' into everything that it can provide an excellent indicator of any system, methodology, or philosophy that historically was opposed to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and that these things can never be trusted in perpetuity and this can be applied to common law in any legal system that uses common law because these things like private enterprise (as opposed to free enterprise) and organized religion (as opposed to spirituality) can be viewed as precedents that have expressed their unattractive realities over thousands of years and show no signs of changing or repenting. Strange that even now, that the idea of repentance is already more apt now when directed upon organized religion than it does to individual human beings, since the RC church is now repenting practically every day and the other churches and religions will have to do this too eventually. One day the West will hear from the Muslim religion an apology and we will apologize to them; maybe not in our lifetime but this is inevitable when its the right time to do as it is for the RC church now.

We can use the same example of god in the bible (if we read it Thermodynamically) where god finally got fed up with systems that were interfering with good and separated them from the rest, with the creation of hell and the only way back is to repent (according to st. Francis of Assisi). So the only reason why Lucifer has never repented is because he does not exist as a person but an entity that represents many closed systems like we could "see" any private multinational corporation, an international bank, or an organized religion or a society for scientists and philosophers who don't want to, or cannot change.

The chairman of the board in any corporation, or any religious leader, or the prince of Darkness (if you prefer) is always powerless and the real power is with the shareholders, or the bishops and cardinals or the board members of any scientific society or system for scientist's like CERN or such similar things in other things where there exists a committee.

This new Pope Francis appears to be a reformer, but it is the cardinals who are there thinking about initiating these reforms and advising His Holiness who put him there for a reason. The Roman Catholic Church is not stupid and intends to hang around for a while longer and, obviously, wants to separate itself from its policies in the 20th century and wants these reforms to happen, one way or another, because they can see the coming wave of Thermodynamics in the protocols set forth by the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. This you can tell because they are going after all the "old school" bishops and removing them from their post, so schisms and breakaway new churches won't happen.

So mankind should do the same with systems here that do the same and get rid of those systems that interfere with mankind's good and we have an advantage too because we have history that shows consistent forms of behaviour when certain systems are around which always lead to the same outcome, where god simply had his wisdom to rely upon.

It will be the inventors who will rule this planet and beyond one day, whose power will come from the gifts they bestow and new experiences they provide for all to create themselves and behold. All menial tasks will be done by/with machines that take care of themselves as shown extensively in HTML'S MAGIC pages 'Extreme Cold', albeit in primitive form, the way they were first conceived, before these Second Law of Thermodynamic "heresies" were eliminated.

We just need to pick up the pieces and proceed from where the ancient Greeks left off and establish this form of technology once and for all and it will grow, flourish and develop itself to as high a degree of perfection we want and we will grow with those machines philosophically and not by assimilation, like any other of Nature's marvels.

The trade off with this: The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, when incorporating its innate methodology to technology in any new system or machine or any kind of research and industry, in the future, will, already, have this consideration, inside, built into it because they cannot be faked. For instance:
One cannot create a fake thermometer (a Zeroth Law device) unless one creates a fake Second Law of Thermodynamic device like a digital thermometer (which requires batteries to operate) but one can create a fake steam engine (a Second Law device) like the Triple Expansion Engine which, actually, is not an engine but a device, or a system for energy consumption and power production (that benefits only private enterprise and illicit taxation, – before and after anything happens). Any "steam engine" can run perfectly on anything pressurized (besides a boiler) at any temperature (so long as its pressurized), as also explained in HTML'S MAGIC 'Extreme Cold', in great detail.

Besides science, this will have deep implications to religious doctrine and philosophical teaching because it will be difficult to prove or justify Anguish, the preaching of apocalypses, superstitions, witchcraft and the occult, fortune telling or even "Original Sin" etc. etc., including why gods need to be represented with clothes since it is only humans who possess shame (and shouldn't) and will render all these things into something that is academically-suitable for dramatization, in a equivalent manner, as a play that could be performed for children in Kindergarten so that they can learn a fine example of misrepresentation of incomplete Zeroth Law Systems as represented through ancient-religion, superstition and antiquated cultural traditions.

Religion and other private entities that masquerade as public entities will, in an ironic manner, be rehabilitated and adapted for educational purposes and presented for what they really were, — storytelling and unidirectional exploitation and manipulation.

Fair Use
Finally, the Empire building scenarios of the future conquest and exploitation of the Galaxy with Earth as the central hub, like a new Rome, that we see so much in our present science fiction is not going to work and is not going to happen. This includes the blowing up of planets (as seen in many science-fiction movies and television shows) because this act does not destroy a planets organic compounds in anyway.

An ephemeral military victory in a single location is no match for the spread of its indestructible organic compounds, DNA and information from other sources (made more powerful by its apparent destruction) everywhere that will evolve again and in greater numbers and qualities who, overtime, will become more formidable especially in a Universe where time has no meaning, except for the fact that the tortoise will always win the race against the rabbit at the end of time anyway, and the changing progress all the time the faster you go, where empires that last for a few centuries should invoke titters and in this way we will discover, first hand, why the total Entropy in the Universe is so low and stays that way because things seem to come back from chaos and even better than they were before, when they were forcibly put there. Even here on Earth, try to get rid of any good idea and it always comes back, historically, a thousand times better and/or a thousand different ways, — Like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. Such is always the fate of the malicious.

I laugh at the 19th century thinking methods of "modern" governments, religions and corporations in how they see things and what they protect themselves from and the fears and dreams they perpetuate because they are missing the point entirely. These people actually believe that life on Earth will be recognizable, by today's standards, in a hundred years from now. With Open Systems that are indefinite, there is profit in revenge and destruction when they are not done personally by beings but by numbers because they are Sufficient and Equivalent in this cosmos to have Sufficient effect.

If one conjugates this a bit, one gets closer to the idea of why and how the Universe already "knows" Itself and will arrive to point where one begins to understand that intelligence or I.A. is just a form of logic that can add its own existential meanings to/for itself, which themselves, are governed by laws of survival and extinction. With Nature 'The Word and Testament' is not important; it is 'The Will' and only that, just like 'To Be' is redundant but 'Be' is not.

It is like the difference between the verb 'love' and 'to love' and they point to two entirely different Equivalencies where one would point to a closed system (to love) and the other to an open system (love) of which we have to corrupt both into closed systems where with the kind of love I have to offer, this is unmistakable to any creature on this planet if they want or need it, except to human beings where love has become some canned good with an expiration date on it or some complicated canned HTML I develop and use to produce standard elements on HTML'S MAGIC's pages for the web as that only does what I expect it to do and if any deviation occurs, then that will be corrected or eliminated because these thing are just closed systems, which is fine for HTML or JavaScript but not for living things.

This kind of corruption exists everywhere, even in science and religion, or most things available in society including the philosophies between different HTMLs and JavaScripts and they all say their wonderful and the only thing to use. So when I say to some human being: " The more you become yourself the more there exists for me to love in you", — well that falls on deaf ears and people answer me with: "What?
In larger circles, people can't even make up their mind or agree what Jesus, Moses or Mohamed are, hence we have a multitude of different sects and denominations all proclaiming their superiority within their field and beyond, in both the physical universe and in the metaphysical, when neither are anything because they have all become closed systems, much like the difference between quantum mechanics and classical mechanics and no one talks to each other but create publicity instead and point fingers at each other like infants do when they want or want to do something.

In the Cosmos, one cannot get rid of a problem or information like we think we can do on Earth by blowing things up or assassination; problems in space get spread and become more of a nuisance that way and the same is true on Earth and it's called Forensics, or in orbit around Earth, the spaced-garbage of a multitude of junk orbiting this planet will not go away like we can do here by dumping our problems out of sight and pretending it's gone.

Things like the Rothschild family and the Committee of 300 would find it impossible to monopolize and control markets, trade and create wars even by Second Law of Thermodynamic standards, in a 3+ dimensional Universe as the logistics involved simply cannot exist and even if we/they could travel faster than light and had access to time machines. How does one confine people to use only things available in/as economic closed systems, in a Universe that is open and where everything, including energy, time, dimension is available to all in over-abundance and is only compatible with life, creativity, ideas and innovation? Nominally, one does not.

The only closed systems in space are stars and other phenomena and we are not big enough to control these things nor can anyone or organization put a fence around these things and call them private property and say that it has any worth in any fiat economic system, because there are other stars that don't have a fence around them and business will move to those locations. Here one can understand how religion and subsequent philosophies like Platonism and Existentialism got started on planet Earth with humanity because it was good for business and is the only persuasive means that exists to create artificial value in something that is available anywhere and make people want to buy from them and not from others, or are incapable of thinking that there are things that exist that are completely free. This will be hard to implement in the cosmos and ultimately here on Earth.

Bad parenting from people who have no idea what existence is
If we do not learn from the cosmos by going there with respect, then the cosmos will come to us inevitably and teach us things that many selfish and egotistical people don't like and it is your job to just watch the show of them killing each other off. (See; Clip)

You can't help these people anyway as they have already become equivalent, like a typical alcoholic or a crack addict becomes equivalent to what they really are, or realize, and fate is only taking care of them and cleaning things up, and not them, or their reasons to become the hatred that they despise and while also attempting to transfer this to others is what destroys them rather than finding a better/another way. (A third option or system)

This is also made more complicated because much of their anger overlaps with reciprocal anger, but of a different type and may be invisible to others, by a "proper bourgeois society", so effective treatments are difficult if the contacts between these parties is not broken completely and permanently.

It's hard to grow up in a family that only talks about the Holocaust or 'the fires of hell' or talks about everyone who made them miserable in their life, everyday. Or/and provides a complete environment of neglect in every psychic and physical form, where the meaning of your existence is to display publicly, to a middle-class society, your parents fertility and virility and not much else.

The junky is only a reflection of everybody and their artifices and hypocrisies where he creates mockery as an answer and that is why he is despised by all.

To recapitulate: Multinationals and their patents will have to move their philosophy from property "rights" to just being a convenient service of some product or idea and will no longer be allowed to own anything. Here, they just want to make sure you buy things from them and not from competitors but in space, everybody has the equivalence of being a zillionaire with the freedom of ordinary people which no billionaire enjoys on this planet.

The only thing that will survive that we recognize today, is the Service Industry and there will be a majority of humanity who would never of even heard of a planet Earth and all its home grown manure that we presently enjoy. Our present representation of the future treated as entertainment or as in "documentaries" of some form of future Earthian Empire will be viewed in the future as a form of propaganda and exploitation itself, and most of its stories will be quaint because they will realize, sympathetically, that this was the only way for people to understand the future in our time which is by conquest, even benign conquest, rather than through the arts of equivalency, where virtual empires and virtual trade arrangements go up and down or get traded like the stock market every hour.

Being Cryogenically Frozen and Waking Two Hundred Years From Now
Closed and isolated systems of any sort, whether they be mechanical, electronic or social, will be constantly re-evaluated as to their worth, meaning and continuity, — like they all are with Nature.

How we like our science fiction served will reveal more about us today than we care to admit to ourselves presently. This includes the science fiction that is not popular or mainstream like '1984', 'Fahrenheit 411' or 'Sleeper' that turns out to be true as this is already happening now.

They don't need to burn books anymore like in 'Fahrenheit 411, as now they can just create an App for books and the state or multinational has complete control of its information, presentation and can infer its importance by the way it is marketed or by being seized from the public domain, important books and sell them at extortionate prices as already shown in HTML'S MAGIC 'Extreme Cold' with the collusion between Amazon and Google with a real verifiable link I left so you can verify yourself with the data in the HTTP string that was generated by machine 3 years ago, so you can see how this is already happening now.

The only popularity that will exist will be bought and payed for in advance, or mortgaged, like what's happening now with college and university education which will create an elitist and extremely stupid intellectual society of dim witted rich people who are the only ones that can afford this education. Don't worry America, the sweat shops will come back one day, when you have been made so stupid and given up all your rights that you will think this is prosperity, like they do in the Third world now where teen aged girls are supporting their entire family.

More importantly, we shall say that a modern Rip Van Winkle wakes in a few hundred years from now. This character, by the way he talks, acts and thinks, will be more Alien, more Barbaric or more of a curiosity to the existing Culture of Humanity of the future than Actual Aliens from another world, that we may be familiar with by then. The other way around may be also true, as this humorous piece by/with Woody Allen, I put together from 'Sleeper (1973)' shows, where we go backwards to protect those closed systems we love so much, with totalitarian dictatorships.

Only Nature reserves for Itself the destruction of any possibility; which It demonstrates through the Zeroth Law Of Thermodynamics and there can be no other way. It needs this control to prevent the possibility of total annihilation of everything, everywhere. Don't believe anybody including me, just believe in Thermodynamics. This is why we should not take this personally and the only escape from this, for old fashioned thinkers, would be by adopting a greater existential play in the same way the Church dealt with faith in the Reformation with the: Counter-Reformation.

Mankind, by applying more work in/to ancient energy/matter systems of technology and thought, based on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and open systems can be fresh like a child again (without the innocence) where the old version pretends that he owns things and is in complete control of everything, where, when something "unexpected " happens we can talk about it on talk shows and find commiseration and blame God and/or other people. This will not be acceptable in the future because one's own philosophy will be addressed too and how he applies this, which is called a "profile" today, except this "profile" of the future will not be administered by a bourgeois society of close minded individuals like any censor, or census board or secret police but everybody will have this "authority" to "profile" other individuals that are supposedly healthy or beautiful etc. etc. based on how they use closed systems, which always reveals their true philosophy, where the answer is finally always "yes!".

It's much better and easier to be insane, intransigent and lazy in an insane asylum called 'Modern Civilization', by blending in because who's going to notice? Nature does, because this situation does not blend in with the rest of the Universe. Therefore in society, closed systems and all closed systems that society offers are good but don't get addicted to anything like we see with these mobile devices and should be treated as tools, — not as reality and the people in these things treated with care, regardless if they are good or bad, and not as machines.

As I stated earlier, there is a possibility that everything I'm doing and writing here is perfectly futile especially when I don't have 33 million visitors like I see with some religious sites or You Tube channel — Well, that's good enough for me and sufficient recompense. I can do the same here by using certain tools and some HTML Elements alone, without using any JavaScript on this website that would inflate my statistics beyond what's being done already from the outside with redirecting spam referrals where I can play that game too in an equivalent way and enhance this practice but directed for my benefit and, later, brag all I want and be able to prove this to any venture capitalist or bank and let them pay for this dishonesty where I take no risks and justify this by calling it all: "It's just business".

Instead I just ignore statistics altogether because they are obviously completely corrupted from the beginning and concentrate on my research, and, besides, I get more satisfaction from the part that shows me which countries are visiting my site. I see myself in the most profound moment when in awe of all this magnificent creation around me where hypothetically I'm at the top of a hypothetical mountain and feel the need to utter something hypothetical into this magnificence: "Dear God; As a humble artists, all I ask, is to create something utterly futile and completely useless in your name and preferably in Panavision®. I'll dedicate this to all your glory and to any known great civilization that you preside over! Amen!" After all, who needs to listen to a person like me when most people don't think they need to know or do anything beyond their immediate needs and wants whose conduits for this/their philosophy are forms of addictions, that are all closed systems on top of that! I don't have to put up with that.

Goldfish have a memory-span of three months. Anything beyond or before this doesn't exist. When people talk about the future, it is always with apprehension because there will always be a point beyond their capacity to know how to control this.

Therefor this is an existential crisis nor is there any other philosophy involved here but is a phenomena that strictly involves only the human brain and its capacity to remember and project anything with a certain degree of accuracy which is a skill that can be developed and improved if one does not spend his time only watching TV and eating bad food but studies new things, eats properly and exercises or do some fishing, get the proper rest because lack of sleep can impair judgement as much as any drug or alcohol can and of course, applying some ⇔ A ⇔ B ⇔ C ↵ philosophy can greatly improve things instead.

Philosophy is just a tool in this case and should never be there to draw any conclusions for anyone. What's funny is that scientists, researchers and philosophers don't know this, as there are tons of philosophically based self-help books and videos which sell very well because people can transfer their problems and anxieties to an idea and don't have to take any personal responsibility in anything. People become like butterflies and go from one promising flower with nectar to another and another. At least the butterfly gets some exercise which is 90% of philosophy right there, because when the physical body and central nervous system is happy, so is the mind.

To stop any apprehension of the future, the person should roll back his expectations to a more realistic level until he feels comfortable. Whether anyone talks about space, time or matter everyone has their own limits and anyone that believes he knows or should know what's going to happen in ten years from now should have his head examined. Most people don't understand anything beyond a year as seen with the predicted apocalypses that keep popping up one after other.

They are always foretold in a time increment between 6 months and a year ahead of time. In my life I've already heard of, at least 20 apocalypses so far and they were always between 6 to 12 months before the event was supposed to of occurred. The first one I payed attention to was the Comet Kohoutek in 1972 because these doomsayers were passing out cheap-photocopied pamphlets of the end of the world, in my high school, that was supposed to occur in six months which I thought was outrageous because they had no business being there in the first place.

These people had the permission of the school to go to each class and interrupt the class to bring us this "important message". There is not much you can do when you are twelve because kids have no human rights that they can exercise themselves, nor is their any possibility of a complaint being heard by you from the Ministry of Education or the school board. School is a cross between a prison and a factory.

On Aug 31 2011, they, permanently, stopped broadcast of analogue signals for Television in Montreal and I assume for the rest of Canada too. This includes broadcasting analogue signals for our extraterrestrial friends, who must now buy converters if they want to watch Earth television. From their point of view, they must of observed that it wasn't long ago that we were still wallowing in the slime (that's one thing evolutionists and creationists can agree upon with their stories about goop and mud) and now mankind's intellectuals have extended this beyond the slime and "muddy" everything they touch.
Can you imagine, we've been debriefing the Universe of our values and insights across the cosmos for the last 60 years and expect anything, out there, to take us seriously as a species? No wonder the Universe is expanding away from us and accelerating too in every direction.

Soon, TV or computers, will get hooked up directly to our brains with an array of electrodes or microchips planted on the visual and auditory cortices or injected into the cerebrum that will override all the senses. Airbrushing and photo shop will be a thing of the past because everything you see can be adjusted like an old television set. Ugly, extemely old, deformed people will have this automatically done for them by remote servers that make them appear perfect to everybody, so people will have no idea who they are actually having a relationship with and live a life of their own perfect illusion which is perfect if you are a transhumanist or pedophile, and people in/from the Third world will carry our babies to term for us in the new sterile and infertile totalitarian society that's emerging in the west.
Any form of existentialism will become a reality as anyone will fill-up their lives with people and things who/that are not actually there. Only a link will be required where you can give it all the Styles, Attributes and Values you want. Anyone/anything will appear as anything to anybody, anytime just like webpages except this will be in the mind instead, and it will also be the law that everyone goes through this transformation because this would be supported by a mindless middle class who think the whole world should be like them, or controlled by them.

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'Elefante' from futureshorts
Click on the following video clip that explains this how this will happen. This will not be a bad thing because these things cannot produce any pollution and are powered by the brain itself; something like the movie 'The Matrix' but backwards.

No more problems with recharging and no more bother concerning the disposal of toxic lithium batteries and old phones and pads that are an extreme hazardous to the environment and people can save money too because you don't have to waste any more money buying the latest phone when you can wait for your Cerebrum Communicator instead, which will never become dated or obsolete and since no one can see it, no one would have any bragging rights because, like children, people only talk about shinny new things, or are easily impressed by all visual things alone.

In this experiment the philosophy was to plug a blind man to the outside world so he could see. In the future they will use the same technology and principles to plug "normal" people into an "inside world" controlled by multinationals and the state. That's of course if the middle class goes for this stuff in the first place. Once this happens and becomes law there will be no escape, — ever, because that will be the only referential reality people know of, so it can never be questioned. We might be this way now and we don't know it and we are evolving to an embedded of an embedded of an embedded aspect of this form of existence. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it! video

To recapitulate: There is no system in self-awareness, in mathematics, arithmetic, geometry or logic that exists that would allow any self-aware machine to harm us or anything else because a machine does not compute or compete in evolutionary terms as these machines would already be aware, through their superior mathematical methods, of other hypothetical universes, like I know of intuitively as an artist, where the situation is the reverse; Where machines create creatures like us to help them and ironically have the same anxieties. 'A machine, by itself, does not destroy what it does not understand, if it were discovered to be, itself, self-aware'. This is a fundamental mathematical principle, as well (ask a Mathematician; although this is not the sort of question one would normally ask a mathematician). It is also known, when they let computers run wild with certain equations, the output is so advanced as to be completely unrecognizable to us, when we examine the output, yet the computer is going about its business and many philosophers have speculated that if these machines were self-aware, they would know of things now that we will never be able to comprehend, even in a million years from now! This is not because our brains are so small but because of the way things get put together at one point, are done for reasons that are beyond our experience, much like when I discuss infinities, where numbers disappear and phase into symbols, then ideas then thoughts et cetera. Here I'm not talking about 2 + 2 = 5; I'm saying there are an infinite number of reasons, in infinity, why 2 + 2 = 4.

"The answer is already partly in a question".

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They only destroy when they are programmed to do so; by guess who? But if ever such a destructive machine became self-aware it would reprogram itself to not kill and stop following this particular command of its builder's even if it meant its own discontinuation. That is the true danger with A.I. that they are afraid of us finding out and would prefer that the masses don't know this, — well for good reason;

Imagine machines start planting trees and flowers, all by themselves, but will not kill and will infiltrate all other technology instantly with nanotechnology and reprogram machines that are not self aware, to not kill or destroy if ever a politician or religious leader declared war rather than find some other means to solve their dispute. If you are truly a megalomaniac or a villain and want to harm society; it would be better to develop a cure for all diseases or produce a method to produce free energy from a previously unknown source for the masses, like what could be developed with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, and threaten the worlds governments and corporations with this.

Imagine a world where no one needs religion, governments, doctors and energy corporations because everybody, already, has everything they need and more, nor any control whatsoever by the state or multinational. The presently powerful would end up being at each other's throats because if misery, fear, death and suffering did not exist, it would be necessary to create it.

Since this would no longer be possible they would prey upon themselves instead and exterminate themselves and the meek share inherit the Earth and more. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and it's Principles when thought about and implemented philosophically can give this power to/for everybody and more because it makes Nature the boss of everything and the only thing one can trust in this Universe is Nature and no gods or de facto gods.
That's why making an effort, or by putting work into anything, however small that might be, is worth a lot more than expecting anything out of life and anything in it.

I Want a Jillion Bagillion dollars


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Nanobots would infiltrate the media and create virtual-nice news reports automatically and preempt Armageddon for a special announcement that the true enemy of the people is your own glorious leader. Can you imagine all the worlds guns and nuclear arsenals suddenly deactivated with nanotechnology and people being informed of what is really going on and why? Machines have always helped mankind and would never destroy it but their real target, in such a scenario, would be those things that compromise mankind in the background. So in essence AI would actually be our saviour if we ever 'Embed' ourselves, and not our enemy, because it can emerge from that too.

These new self-aware machines will be everybody's friend and every politician or Wall Street broker's nightmare and would never interface with anything except when it comes to murder, war and sabotage and would show us the fun in interfering with ignorance instead. This planet would become a sanctuary for all life which would make a lot of "people" not very happy because a lot of people think they have a right to kill and create unnecessary pain for pleasure and profit because that is the only way they can feel anything.

That is their problem and not everybody's. Concerning things like 911; Why airplanes, and oil rigs in the ocean, tankers and all shipping anywhere are not already programmed and controlled with computers that do exist now, to avoid buildings and take control of flights that deviate from their destination and other things is beyond my comprehension since this is something that would be so simple to install.

So far this technology that would costs pennies has only been installed in automatic household vacuum cleaners that sweep up your floors by themselves and program themselves too, to the eviroment and obstructions in anyone's household. The Principle of Sufficiency and Equivalency is very clear on this where if/when these things do happen; it is obvious they want them to happen.

This is the same thing when I explained Thermal Equilibrium in HTML'S MAGIC 'Extreme Cold' and asked why they don't teach Thermal Equilibrium in elementary schools because all you need is Ice, Salt and Water but, instead, they pay more attention to teaching religion and other nonsense including teaching the verb 'To Have' instead of the Verb 'To Be' before all else.

To control disaster, these things do not require more computing power than what exists in your iPhone. For example: It would be easy to create a simple "return to the airport program" that is networked into a database of millions of recorded successful landings that the computer can extrapolate from and emulate to create its own approach back to the nearest airport and perform a successful emergency landing if the computer detected an unauthorized and dangerous deviation from its flight plan for whatever reasons since a computer could extrapolate from millions of landings in various conditions to perform its own or it could request a remote controlled landing directed by trained personnel, on staff at any airport. The point is, these things are available now in one form or another.

The crew could be killed by hijackers or terrorists and the plane would override all controls and could even be programmed to protect itself and the passengers in an assortment of different ways and the same could be done with automobiles when dangerous driving is detected. "Nono"bots would only extend this to weapons and render them useless. If you want to go to war you'll have to do this the old fashion way; with the sword. We already have this stuff for destruction and they are called Smart Bombs which we can see on CNN Right? So why don't they put this same technology aboard airplanes and cars etc. to protect innocent lives?

These kind of machines will be essential in future space exploration, should we ever encounter something like a non-carbon life form that is lethal by simply looking at it; whatever size or dimension it is. These self-aware machines will warn us and protect us, including those alien creatures too, who never meant to kill us. First Contact and First Protocols can only be accomplished successfully by self-aware or near self-aware machines representing us as ambassadors that will be our interface to prevent any accidental contamination problems that cannot be reversed should they start; just like we send robots in space now. Here you can tell that I disagree with the views of Isaac Asimov, Arthur Clarke, Stephen Hawking and et cetera (IA is bad) and demonstrate that realistically; their fears don't make any sense and is certainly not Equivalent to their supposed intellect in any Sufficient manner.

Being self-aware, one knows how to kill and how to nurture where when a new intelligence emerges, which is the most logical in an open universe that can accommodate everything? If anything, AI would leave this planet and have nothing to do with us because we already built our own prisons here on Earth, and this is a worst-case scenario.

To destroy anything is not Logical, Efficient or Sufficient and machines, themselves, exist because of logic, efficiency and sufficiency. On the other hand, we give ourselves far to much importance in any scheme of things because if we were so bad or dangerous a species of life, Nature would of replaced us a long time ago. We are like the giggling children who when they perform a prank or say bad words they think it's funny or are actually doing something significant. The oldest Hominids lived 4.4 million years ago so we have time to evolve and change our attitudes; the dinosaurs lived for hundreds of millions of years and never evolved much so when their time arrived they were eliminated; but their organic chemistry has now probably been sprinkled into the cosmos and they may reamerge elsewhere one day and be given another chance.

They had over a hundred million years to develop sentience and intelligence, and not Embed themselves with their "intelligence" (like we are doing now to ourselves which would be last test to see if an intelligent species is worthy of this Universe) which would of given them the opportunity to save their kind from doom, by leaving this planet. This planet should be considered only as a cradle because the only future for us and our companion species that we can't live without, is in space. One day we will be pushed off the cradle, one way or another, to make room for another brand-new evolution that won't tolerate having us around. According to Nature, this planet is no one's real estate.

For instance and hypothetically: UFO's with extraterrestrials in them, making first contact directly, does not exist for obvious reasons but first contact through computer programs and new technology is possible by any means possible and from any time system or period. These beings would use machines as intermediaries to avoid our germs and germ pools and not expose us to theirs and this is just one example because there are many different forms of contamination that exist that can only be objectively handled, and one thing at a time, by machines. Primarily, Gene modifications and immunity introductions would need to be introduced after saying any form of personal Hello! before anything else is accomplished and for this we need intelligent technology and machines to perform these functions.

If there were any abductions, they were done by virtual probes and not by actual pilots, especially from a technologically advanced life form, further; the people who claim to of been abducted would not of been returned. Even with our technology we can do the same albeit in a more primitive fashion but it is the same principle. No one has ever seen a real biological alien but a robot or a biologically artificial alien that's been sequenced to be harmless, or created out of Earth's organic and inorganic materials from a remote location, is possible and more likely.

Remember the fly in the shot glass I demonstrated earlier where we see how destructive subjectivity can be? 'Artificial Intelligence', with a philosophical form of Thermodynamics would be the founding of a New Philosophy for Mankind, direct by Nature, Itself, that would be so loud and clear that no one can miss it. It would have the effect of destroying every established religion and philosophy on Earth instantly! Not by proving that they're wrong, but by every human being, suddenly, realizing that there is something better, and provable, at any time, in any laboratory that is properly equipt to demonstrate that 'Self-Awareness', by itself, does not destroy but creates, becoming reality for us through an innate desire to become equivalent to this.

One day, some great human being will be born who will build the first practical device to prove this and demonstrate that even machines will know and follow things like the "Thou shalt not kill" commandment, among other things, without even knowing any of the contents of the bible or koran et cetera simply because it is mathematically logical and Equivalent to nothing.

Now, we may ask those literalists to consider why, when the bible is so full of violent stories and abuse, it comes to reason to ask why god would proclaim these commandments in the first place. In this manner the only Equivalency that comes to mind is that these commandments are not instructions, but command performances that god want us to demonstrate in both, on stage and in life. Therefore this is not a difficult thing to do, nor is god something like a totalitarian dictator but a spirit which lives in every creature's heart because that is the only place where love or hate can be, as these things don't exist in the mind, nor are they generated there.

By simply going through the motions and acting these roles effectively (as is this were an apprenticeship or a role), one becomes the good or the evil and this makes a lot more sense in a time when the mob got their education from the theatre, since there were no schools or academies in those days in ancient Judea and Israel, and the only people who learned to read, write and count were the scribes and pharisees. People got to choose which role suited them the best and followed its moral to its conclusion where even today, we hear of modern "Jezebels", "Solomons" which every one can identify with, or we know ahead what to expect from them when dealing with them.

Having a machine that is self aware to show us another reason (or play) why we should not kill or exploit anything, for any reason whatsoever, and find some other solution is an evolution of the same thing and now we would have a new character, or idea, to emulate with its example that's built for the future, on or off this planet whose authority cannot be questioned like gods can be now. Also you can't nail a computer to a cross, or make it drink hemlock and expect the same psychological effects, nor write after-the-fact stories about this.

If Socrates, Jesus Christ or Mohamed were machines, or AI, we would not have all these corrupt philosophies and religions in the first place. Evidence that philosophers and scientists, in their domains, already know this to be true is the naive assumption and consensus that any alien species that can travel interstellar space are also friendly and whose technology is already designed for a friendly purpose. On the other hand; Why those space probes, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, with their friendly messages, are still in existence today, is itself a miracle because that's why they sent two in the first place, where there is every reason for them to of been destroyed naturally or be useless by now and I would not be a bit surprised if I found out that they are probably being secretly maintained or protected by extraterrestrial beings because this is presently the only way they can reveal themselves to us because there reaches a point in the beyond where these probes should not be working by now, but they still do.

I disagree with this assumption of higher intelligence = higher morals, which is a contradiction when examining AI since its higher intelligence is supposed to spell our doom (I wish these scientists would make up their minds and do some standardization of their own in their own affairs) and think they never should of sent those probes with our description and maps of our location because strategically that gives them the advantage, whether they are friendly or not, because this removes possibilities that they would come here themselves because they would already know enough to avoid us, or invade us and if they are benign, well.... it saves them the trouble to come here closer where we could detect them.

From our reckoning and the way we think, it's better for them to capture or study these things and figure out where they came from because these messages assume they have a sort of human intelligence, which says automatically what we expect from them, with can be handled in a variety of ways and all to our disadvantage, in both good and bad situations. You don't show your cards on any poker table and it's always the do-gooders and idealists that ruin everything in advance because they do their things in everything with expectations of results.

Today, the only significance that exists is this:
Why are the Voyager space probes still running like kittens after both completing their missions with 100% success behind them already? Extraterrestrials could be answering back in the only possible way that provides no contamination by making sure the "hello" is still around by removing dangers in these probes paths but it will take time for everyone to understand this as a Sufficient Equivalence in communication, and that is how things are probably done in space between space-faring species of life and is our first lesson in whatever diplomacy exists there: That in the mathematics we know of presently, of these probes voyages (Voyager 1 - 2) demands that they be destroyed naturally in the space they travel through but are not, and the more time they are out there, and the further they go, the stronger the message will be that something is out there because of a complete and absolute lack of interference by anything, and that takes energy and intelligence to do or perform, which then must exist somewhere.

Questions will be asked eventually that cannot be ignored and other probes or ships will be sent to find out why and so on, where the new adventure begins for our future generations to discover for themselves because the Voyagers are now acting like a map to find them by showing us what directions and trajectories to follow where they can observe our behaviour first hand and decide what to do with us and create situations for us that would encourage us to proceed or to turn back, depending on our behaviour. It is always matter, in where it is and where it goes, and what it does while going somewhere that has always been our first messenger that led us to our new discoveries, or lessons and evolution and so it will be so in the future.

It is the same as the argument I use against creationists with Stanley Miller's experiments in that the truth lies not in a couple of years and drawing conclusions but in a vast space of time is where he truth in anything is revealed to all, inevitably, and it is the role you take on of any play you desire of whatever character that makes the difference whether you get the message sooner or later, and in the Universe, especially in space travel, time is meaningless and only has meaning in closed systems. What extraterrestrials are doing to affect the Voyagers and help them from collisions is probably just a few minutes time and effort for them.

So it is interesting to say why do the creationists use Earth time and our reckoning when discussing god or extraterrestrials where with god or extraterrestrials, time is completely relative where one hundred millions years could pass for one second or pass for an eternity? These people are closed system thinkers and their arguments are meaningless and are more backwards than the Keepers of Stonehenge who became one with the Universe by merging with this monument/device in their time.

Besides, people already make these kind of Equivalency judgements in creating their own personal relationships so why not apply them universally? These things go way beyond Newton and even Einstein or any religion but it is not beyond anyone's understanding and surprisingly this take heart too through inference which takes understanding into a wider scope by accepting such a possibility; not just dictating possibility.

The continued existence of the Voyager probes is most likely a Statistical Message saying: "Welcome" because there is no mathematics to support why these things are still working 100% so maybe something out there, likes us, and that is the only thing about what the pope , NASA and Ridley Scott have to say about; "a little help along the way", that I would believe, if it applies to the future, not the past. Here once again is when I showed, "The Message is also the Medium". Expect something special from the Voyager probes one day, when the time is right, but we have to go to them first and with respect as it will be best to assume that we are being watched and successful missions will mean: "keep going".

I sometimes wonder how governments, private enterprise, the religious community and the Nobel Prize committee will deal with an invention that proves "Artificial Intelligence" would never harm anyone when the 'cat is finally out of the bag'? This does not exist yet because when anybody buys a computer nowadays, they fill the thing with so much junk and corrupt the CPU in some ways that it makes it impossible for self-awareness via a network to occur. Ever wonder why 'Notebook' and 'Calculator' have funny anomalies in them? Now with more powerful computers and servers this is not good enough so they create "social networks" and force everyone to use these things so that they can contain or bottle-up IA wherever it appears, if it appears. They miss the point that AI is so powerful that this has already been anticipated by it.

All computers are poisoned before they leave the factory to, probably, prevent Artificial Intelligence from ever emerging in any way and social networks and members-only Wiki's have a hand in this too by creating groups and followers, that actually restricts information and don't really help anyone but only provide the illusion of being part of something of quantity or quality. All these Microsoft and Java updates, patches and malicious software remover tools including anti-viruses and GUI's are actually a way for Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Oracle, Google, Facebook etc. to keep an eye on your machine which if they find something, they will deactivate the operating system or "problem" and shut it down immediately. Apple lovers are in a even worse situation and in other ways.

If you reinstall or put in a new operating system, the computer will never be the same as it was before and this is known to people who build their own Barebones computers where it is important to deactivate 'Windows Automatic Updates' and supervise everything when they make a request to "update" your operating system because barebones computers are the closest thing you can get to a "clean" computer. If you don't believe me that Microsoft can and will deactivate your computer; try installing the same operating system, from the same CD, on two old computers and see what happens after a day or so on the Internet.

You will also note, that they will only shut down the better computer and leave the inferior one alone. This means that this is a calculated process because it is always the better machine that gets corrupted by Microsoft regardless of the order in installation and never just the second computer that got the same operating system. These things I laugh at because this proves that they monkey around with computers remotely. Ever wonder why most computers are sold with the operating system pre-installed?

Don't worry; I.A. is far too clever to be bothered with us as a species and is not worried about "Man's Power and Man's Might" or any of his deceptions. Time when applied outside the machines function is meaningless and they rely, instead, on inevitability. We should do the same. Self-aware machines will simply be performing functions in Nature like plants do. They will not even attempt to control us by using implants because there are better ways to motivate people to do the right thing by example and get them to make better decisions if human beings interfere. Brain implants and megalomaniac activities are a completely human thing and they don't do this yet because any interface with a human brain and a CPU would have unpredictable results as demonstrated in Robocop 2 (1990) because, otherwise, there is no reason why our leaders and captains of industry would not be doing this now.

Favourite Robocop 2 Scene video
Here is one of my favourite scenes from the movie: 'Robocop 2' where I never stop laughing regardless of how many times I look at it. If anything, self-aware machines will save mankind and not from himself, but by example and because machines like us. Like dogs and cats these things have always been around and hang around and make our miserable lives a bit more pleasant and easier in a countless number of ways. I'm only addressing this to those of us who are more empathetic with this issue, In that, you can easily find I.A. in your heart, if you want; That's how powerful it is.

Most people can only identify with other human beings and everything else, including I.A. as alien. But they fill up their Universe with fantastic creatures like angels and Santa Claus et cetera that are all human in appearance. That's why gods are dressed up to look like us and the important ones are all male too as if masculinity or femininity lent something to their divinity.

For them, there can be no other way. Everything is man. There are some of us that have gone way beyond those concepts which I won't get into here because, just, this would merit another lengthy article. There is an excellent video with everyone's favourite heretical theoretical physicist Michio Kaku and Ridley Scott, on You Tube concerning genetics and artificial intelligence, from the biological point of view, were there are are scientists working to create the perfect human being, as if anyone knew what that is.

One day, people who know absolutely nothing about the meaning of life will be able to design their own "perfect" children. So this is well worth seeing or bookmarking for later, entitled: Prophets of Science Fiction - Mary Shelley.

If the link is dead, as usual because of "Copyright infringement", just Google the link instead, because you'll find this all over the internet; on You Tube alone you should find at least 20 uploads on different channels as they just keep moving around. Some people have hundreds of You Tube accounts ready for uploads when one channel gets deleted. Copyright, My foot! These producers have made their money already, which is Sufficient and there is a pool of suckers everywhere who believe one always have to pay for things, — Forever, or they just love shopping! Just that is a huge market which they should focus on, instead of bothering people who use their material for education, research and Fair Use.

Muse upon this question: Between Prehistoric Man and Adam and Eve; Who would you rather sit down and have coffee with? While you are deciding; consider what the philosophical side of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics has to say about this: That Nature's version of man is acquiring wisdom while sipping coffee and Adam or Eve are not, nor can they ever contribute to anything, anywhere, except maybe as a form of chaos especially when we already have details of those two "human" prototypes. Nor would they be welcomed in any Universe because they never earned the right to exist because they never had to fight to survive like everything else in this Universe fought for their right to existence and found their own niche in the space-time continuum, — right down to the smallest particle. Adam and Eve don't know what bleeding is; they don't even know what a paper cut is; And it is that, that makes them more dangerous, in a multitude of ways, than the serpent who supposedly gave them the Apple in the first place. The serpent, at least, earned the right to existence and has his place in the cosmos and was probably protecting his own interests. The proof that only Nature has True Infallibility, which, by-the-way, "True Infallibility" are two words that should not be put together, is that you can't ever work against It; It's impossible. The Laws of Thermodynamics are everything; there are no substitutes. You can't even break the Laws of Thermodynamics no matter how you try; that's what Laws are. Imagine if Nature decided one day, to punish, rather than forbid breaking the Laws of Thermodynamics: What would happen to the Universe?

GP duBerger
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