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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Part 5 - The Privatization and De-privatization Of The Universe.
Related According To The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

by GP duBerger

Continued from Part 4 Romantic and Byron-like Sufficiencies and Equivalencies.htm

The Phenomenon of Weightlessness
Remedios Varo (1963).
The more we bask in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its Principles, the more things become clear that have and do affect our lives and we see how things will affect our existence in the future. It is like taking a bath and the water becomes clearer each time you bathe in it. First, this talk about the "fabric of space", is an intolerable oxymoron and must not even be used as an example for any descriptive involving 'Space' under any circumstances. Space is space that's it, that's all and there is nothing that can affect it. There is no equivalency anywhere in any logic or philosophy besides madness that connects these things (fabric and space) together among other things that I will discuss on this page. This is like Maxwell's 'Luminiferous Aether' except that this would apply for gravity.

If you believe that it's a 'fabric', or whatever, you should go somewhere else and forget this website and forget artistic philosophy; I'm just going to get on your nerves beyond this point on (if I haven't already), or go back and start from the beginning, in HTML'S MAGIC pages 'Extreme Cold Part 1' to rediscover everything you've forgotten already and truly experience the power of society, in how it programs individual human beings with interference and saturates people with media to the point of non-absorption of simple and truthful things that help people help themselves; Thermal Equilibrium being one of them. You will find familiar pages yet feel you are reading everything for the first time because that is the experience for those who have been programmed because people are not machines and they also have a central nervous system that definitely reacts to interference.

Interference can come in many forms from waiting in line and having to be subjected to horrible music while waiting and then it plays in your head when your out of the store or the waiting room, to having bad nuclear reactors that vaporize that should not be there in the first place and then you get cancer, when there are better designs that would never explode. Or having overbearing spouses, parents or peers etc. that put their business in your affairs. This is the nature of interference, is in its time-overlapping qualities that make it a useful tool for society to keep the population perpetually stressed, off balanced and frustrated enough to look for a variety of displacement activities or remedies, most of which have to be paid for.

Society has a bad habit of always looking at the symptoms and never the cause when it comes to people, but when it comes to science, religion it is the opposite and this puts the life as the blame for everything bad and god, science or systems for everything good and beautiful. That's why I made it a point to not put hardly any mathematical artefact anywhere, in these articles, so everyone can understand this, because I despise the modern scientists, mathematicians and intellectuals and their exclusive societies and this is written for the everyday man and woman or kid.

Besides, modern mathematics cannot explain the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics as is too in a lot of quantum, classical and particle physics because all modern mathematics are closed systems. Their so called "unsolved mysteries" and "unsolved problems" only means that they haven't figured out yet how to put these things in closed or isolated systems.
The point, here, is that physics and mathematics need ideas but ideas don't need physics or mathematics, and never have either. which puts everybody in the driver's seat for this occasion. I'm not saying that mathematics is bad either but it certainly cannot explain the Universe nor is mathematics the language of Nature either but more a grotesque conceit that is held by physicists and cosmologists and not by mathematicians themselves. Mathematics is a tool for these sorts and they should refrain from making philosophical statements about maths and Nature and confine their gibberish announcements to cosmology and theory.

Picture of Remains of the Superconducting Super Collider as mentioned by Sheldon Glashow in Vernam's Cipher on Sept 2012 after discussing super-strings, relating how the United States are bad international partners in science since many nations who helped finance this collider lost their money (which is probably not true). The U.S. will ultimately pay a price for this kind of behaviour by their federal government.
I'm not saying what the U.S. government did was bad on the whole, I'm stating that they should never of made these commitments in the first place and create an irate situation. The U.S. government could of dispensed entirely with their "scientific advisers" and intellectuals if they knew about the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, which is all the advice one needs for anyone of any education when pursuing any course in any action.
click on picture to see more pictures.

Fair Use
There are no superfluous fabrics or any kind of space, of in any magnitude with any kind of properties, time machines, strings, superstrings, arrows, boxes, god particles, or cosmic glue for gravity and dark matter/energy for impelling and no Luminiferous aether for the transmission of light, and no worm holes, and time travel in two directions, or metaphysical quantum jumping, or strings of any kind, nor was there ever any Big bang, et cetera, just like the Universe is not wrapped up in blankets because its "cold".

This weaving of warp and woof brings back Aristotle and religion as all these different things they invent, in the end, makes for a pretty bizarre universe, where one wonders how all these things work together Thermodynamically. Clue: You will not find any of these things ever represented in fine art and you will find tons done by Photoshop illustrators especially from European, North Korean, Chinese Space Agencies and privately owned and controlled universities and think tanks.

As a matter a fact, not believing in these things and criticizing them simply because they have nothing to do with Thermodynamics enrages them (as has been my experience) because here one is not using religion to criticize. This is like pulling the carpet from under them and watching them tumble and fall flat on their faces and anyone with a basic awareness of thermodynamics and its systems can ask the simplest questions that stop these fantasists dead in their tracks.

These ideas have absolutely nothing to do with science or philosophy but with manipulation. It is like connecting the ideas Good and Evil and associating those things with religion or morals, when they are not, but are part of philosophy instead. For society to even remotely arbitrate and govern morals in the first place is itself a joke because that is not the purpose of any society.

There is no scientist, mathematician or intellectual who can argue against the Laws of Thermodynamics and the most damaging one of them all to modern physics and cosmology is the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, which is why it is never discussed or mentioned anywhere and not used by even religious sorts either, because it is extremely damaging to any dogma of any organized religion or, even, any corrupt political party of any kind and provides direct proofs in an equivalent formula (A = C) why things should exist and why things should be rid of that can easily be applied into law or legislation, which will never happen in our present and corrupt society for obvious reasons that are themselves equivalent to the people who make laws and govern society. The answer is already part of the question or A = C.

Theoretical/particle physicists are supported by governments, powerful legal entities and the corrupt Nobel Prize Committee (because they replace thermodynamics as a standard to judge science by creating a political/economic entity instead). They provide the same promises as Merlin and astrologers did for similar types (the powerful and grasping) in the past, and produce practically the same product.

There are no laboratory experiments or mathematical proofs in existence to support any of these things. The idea that space can be displaced by planets, stars, and galaxies etc., like a boat on the ocean has yet to be proven by demonstrating where the displaced space, itself, goes to as they try to demonstrate that this causes it's effect upon light which is equivalent in saying that space, itself, has wave properties, or is a liquid like water or some form of gas. Space is not a system but a thing. If this is so, then, what is a liquid or gas, and what occupies what?

Translated into closed or isolated system think/speak: Space is an open system container for all things, which unfortunately includes bad scientist, mathematician, philosophers and intellectuals, and those that support them, where ironically they are as much about any experiment as the physical experiment itself and become equivalent to the society they create in the first place, where if we also consider the pollution, the wars, the instability of the international economy and politics etc. etc., these things only exist because they reflect the quality of the authorities and intellectuals in an equivalent manner.

Onde cisaillement impulsion (Transverse Waves)
Secondly, like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, particle/theoretical physicists, cosmologists and intellectuals never discuss/reveal that light travels across the Universe, only as transverse waves (see also: Electromagnetic radiation) and the physics required of this particular deployment of photons and waves, requires that space, itself, be more solid and stronger than the hardest metal we know of, and this must exist everywhere. It is only in mediums such as that, where S-waves and sine waves can be transmitted and maintain their integrity and properties such as these animations attempt to demonstrate. Matter travels through space effortlessly because matter, too, has wave properties and this is possible (movement through a solid) because matter contains residual fields from other dimensions and infinities that existed before any kind of creation story, where they would become impossible to detect in today's Universe but display their universal properties nevertheless up to a point through quantum and classical, mechanics; with the same characteristics as electromagnetic energy radiation in our magnitude; below a certain point in classical mechanics. As you can tell, the S-waves being transmitted across the flat table medium are perfectly transmitted and the waves, themselves, should be viewed as quantum fields of varying probability of influence and those probabilities are roughly indicated by the shape of the grids; but imagine if there were impurities or different types of materials making up this medium, or was at different temperatures in random areas, or this material was just a piece of silk, or the material was heated or there were other waves travelling through the solid medium, would they not interfere and not show up, even, in Newtonian Mechanics?

It is a certainty that so called "gravity waves" do not exist because different masses don't interfere with each other in an equivalent manner concerning any kind of wave displacement known so far to actually exist, nor can they be reflected or refracted.
In this example of a Sine Wave, the same resonances of S waves apply and these two kind of waves will travel only through a solid. Yet, we, as matter, and everything else including all kinds of particles and waves pass though space effortlessly anywhere and in any direction in the Universe. That's because there is actually no such thing as movement, especially moving in time; there is only motion and transmission which is why, also, the laws of physics can be countermanded by thermal equilibrium, as demonstrated in HTML'S MAGIC 'Extreme Cold'. When you move anything, including yourself you are transmitting yourself or an object from one location to another but there will always be something that is sufficiently equivalent to its original location and the "original" location is also something to consider as having something original before that, and the same goes in the opposite direction towards the future.

Wave your arms above your head and imagine that you are actually transmitting (not moving) trillions of probabilities of different waves, ideas and forces within trillions of other probabilities across a solid substance harder than the strongest metal known to exist. This makes perfect sense that space is like a super-solid because then there would be no probabilities in the first place if everything was in motion and transmitting itself elsewhere incoherently. The probabilities of a super-solid are like the probabilities of Nothing or space, or they are equivalent, statistically and otherwise. Nothing also has the advantage of being the same everywhere, therefore something that exists must have equivalent properties in a sufficient manner to nothing, and this we can call "space".

The Universe is not an illusion; it is more than an illusion. The meta-truth lies in that it takes three steps (see step method in HTML'S MAGIC 'Extreme Cold') to move anywhere physically in the Universe, not two — and that is how any physical movement occurs in the universe i.e. from A to C, not A to B. Those that only go from A to B are going nowhere but those that go to C through B from A are the ones who are truly moving physically and doing other things besides. That's the difference between movement and motion, which has yet to be defined in science proper where existence itself is always on the move, otherwise it goes nowhere and may as well not exist, which equivalency will find and create its destruction or annihilation.

This is not to say that space is a solid but to say that space and/or "Nothing' is equivalent in Thermodynamics in properties and through this equivalence, shares properties in thermodynamics as much as thermodynamics shares properties of "Nothing' or space since the Universe has heat, which they call the electromagnetic background radiation or open system entropy because if it did not have this equivalence type of heat, light would stop as demonstrated by Lene Hau's experiments. (google highlighted area)

So with a brain that is already imprinted with the childish concept of "the miraculous" through religion and where a god, also, creates solid things as in any kind of genesis recounts, we find that religious literature has got everything upside down, and puts the cart before the horse, and even lowers the qualities of god itself; or this should not be so bizarre or counter-intuitive that matter has wavelike properties and space/nothing has properties of a substance because they exist in any system where Existence, itself, extends beyond the reach of any known, and, now, laughable philosophy and its history past Socrates.

This means that Nothing existed before god, yet it is impossible to deny the existence of 'Nothing' as an entity itself before god because it shares properties with thermodynamics and matter in an equivalent state, — therefore the god of today or the gods they described in the past do not exist because only Space/Nothing and Thermodynamics can create Matter. If there is any god it's name would be: A = B and B = C, so A = C but that is no good for marketing purposes, when it comes to sell things to simple folk and the ignorant to manipulate them into giving up their cash.

If the gods or god did exist, they were custodians and custodianship does not merit worship of any kind but should be condemned for interfering, especially if they are all-knowing entities where "Creation" for these sorts is sufficient and should not be compounded with later tinkering with their supposed creations afterwards. Gods are supposed to get things right the first time, as most people do on this planet with their discoveries as shown many times in these articles and monologues.
If there is a god or gods, they are certainly not the kind of gods they describe to exist but something else entirely different.

I can say more but I'm afraid for people who would read what I have to say and start believing they can fly and jump off buildings, so I'll take the back seat to this. I'd rather be called an idiot then prove things that a lot of people, whom I consider innocent, are not properly prepared for because there is much much much more, so I'll leave this to some person, as yet unborn in the future, to move this further along.

It is Sufficient for now. There is no point explaining things to people who are programmed to accept savagery as normal. Like any good theory in now defunct Natural Philosophy, one just needs to be going in the right direction and since caveman days this has never let us down but we have to wait tens of thousands of years for real changes to occur in any society because we are still very much like children.

This entire essay on The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics might appear long but you'd be surprised at what I'm holding back. It's one thing to laugh and polemicize a lot of modern science and quite another to embark on things that can be harmful, even if it's the truth because I'm not exactly writing this for people only, but systems of people must be considered, here, and these systems must evolve or die and this takes time and will happen in one way or another. Mob rules apply here and it will take many generations to change that but the individual is free, so long as he's quiet about this as I warned previously at the beginning.

The only thing I can say is that the Universe is more beautiful and poetic than mathematical or miraculous but don't go wandering off anywhere without a compass or some bread crumbs to guide you back. As I said elsewhere: science one day will have to feel as well as know and not the way they "feel" things now like a blind-man feeling his surroundings to get anywhere, which they do with their tinkering. In the meantime, there is a new branch of artistic philosophy based on Thermodynamics to fill the gap.

Now, their grids are there to indicate the wave's movements not show "time/space displacement or that it is a fabric" as that's impossible anyway because that is like doing some nothing to nothing and expect an effect or affect. Further, if there was a fabric in space, the lines would be crossing and woven diagonally and not overlapping up-down sideways as even Chanel, or any fashion designer or spacesuit maker could tell you why where then the question becomes: How does one express the diagonal in an open system to give it the properties and strength it needs?. According to artistic opinion: To change the course of a transverse wave, if there were a fabric, one would be required to change the characteristics/properties of the medium or the characteristics/properties of the wave and as this cannot be done, there can be no 'fabrics'. It is only electromagnetic fields reacting to matter waves. There is more but then we start discussing Relativity, where space-time begins to be described as having properties which I don't want to get into here, and physics, which is irrelevant here in any discussion of Thermodynamics, since that always comes first before any physics.

Non-electromagnetic particles or Non-Ionized Matter primarily affect each others matter waves, where any waves that interfere and cancel they take away momentum and angular momentum and is converted into heat, like as demonstrated in ionized particles but in their case higher velocity in momentum (transmission) gets transferred to mass where to us, they appear to attract or fall towards each other and the differences between attraction and falling towards depends of voluminous size not magnitude but the effects are, through magnitude.

This is also the simple reason why the Universe has always existed and will always exist because for the universe to disappear everything must strike everything to cancel every bit of momentum and angular momentum as it is the same in reverse for creation. This describes a chain or flow of events that are interdependent and can be simplified by thinking of these things in terms of equilibrium. Increase the energy of the smaller volume and one increases it's momentum and they both, relatively, move away from each other because there are fields to consider first, which "incidentally" explains-away dark matter and why it too is unnecessary, or does not exist.

One day it will be found that the outer reaches of galaxies only contain an over abundance of non-ionized matter particles that have an over abundance of momentum and the matter nearer their cores have an over abundance of Ionized matter with an under abundance of momentum (transfered to electromagnetism), where the core as the singularity at its center, acts/reacts, both electromagnetically and gravitationally and this "extra" momentum creates an equilibrium in momentum outside the core to its rims. If dark matter existed, even a galaxy's companion clusters would also revolve faster around the central galaxy.

This makes increase of speed possible when we are talking about any galaxy's rim but not the acceleration of the Universe itself because, there, the good parts of both the Cosmological constant and the Cosmological principle must be taken into account too, and this is discussed elsewhere in these articles because the mechanisms are obviously different but the Principle is the same but the magnitudes are entirely different. There are a thousand other wonderful things going on too, at the same time, but for this discussion, this is what's important and is also more appropriately discussed by a physicist because we have already covered equilibrium. What can be stated here is that this is a model for the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics to describe, through the Principle of Equilibrium and has little to do with the the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics in comparison, and a galaxy is an open system unlike a star.

What's amazing for an artist to ponder with this, is to consider the "miraculous", the logical and the physical in the same manner because in this mode of thinking, they each become Sufficient and Equivalent and create wondrous systems which also creates a true distinction between the religious concept of 'miraculous' and anything other than religion which, for some reason, lends itself immediately to explanation and even self-explanation and don't require a god anywhere, under any circumstances.
Natural Philosophy and now Artistic philosophy would say: Let's wait for new phenomena to appear before we draw any conclusions and put a god anywhere to fill in that space that should never of been filled with something alien in the first place.
Using or putting god anywhere is always jumping to conclusions in any situation.

It seems that Nature doesn't like miracles and if when they appear in Its Universe they immediately become something real and physical; When they are bad ideas they disappear immediately which incidentally sounds a lot like life and history too, only the time frame of reference is different. Abracadabra in religion is always an isolated system where no matter or energy is being transferred, so there is actually no miracle being performed and one must always put Work into it to make it work on any level or plane of thought of its own reality in this universe. Or in English: Miracles are bullshit.

This has the deleterious effect of turning the actual physical work of the Prophets and Saints and a Messiah into the redundant category where the abracadabra events attributed to these beings, eclipses everything because of their supposed value that is attributed to them; meaning that it's actually not necessary to perform miracles if you are truly a saint, nor does saintliness or evil give anyone any kind magical powers but there is equivalency, and their lives reflect this equivalency in everything they touched, which can appear miraculous to simple people or to the ignorant, but worshipping or treating them like heroes is an other matter completely because if wasn't Jesus, Mohamed or Abraham etc. etc.. it would of been somebody else who would of taken their place.

Today, they are trying to turn science into a new religion, probably instigated by the religious authorities themselves as will be demonstrated in later articles where they turn "miracles" of Nature and put them in a bottle and deny its proper assembly through its order of equivalence into the physical order of things for their own purposes and their own kind; much like private enterprise gets issued patents, property rights (without any obligations that are supposed to be attached to any 'rights') on different areas and magnitudes of space and copyrights on things and principles and existences that actually only exist in the commons, so this is highway robbery and we will eventually be ruled by dynastic gangsters.

My own artistic theories and predictions might be equivalent to the ancient Phlogiston theory or the Caloric theory, which were wrong, but they did point in the right direction and themselves ultimately created solid science, — exactly because they were wrong! but here, their errors were qualities that lent themselves to speculation and became a source for enquiry through experimentation which always produces real truths and facts in an A to C manner of movement or deployment and would create a form of humanistic (where science served men and not men serving science or scientific societies) and scientific value. This is because these questions of mine, and the contradictions I put on display, should not exist anyway if science and religion were so true.

In fact, I want to be wrong in many of my own assumptions and endeavour to find new wrongs because the true value in any science, religion or art comes from just thinking about them, not from controlling them. I'm not looking for a Nobel Prize but I want to win Truth. There are many intrinsic things that are instructive and I try to get people to feel things, not 'know' things and science can be a wonderful subject, in itself, to create wonderful feelings that always lead to new ideas and technology by themselves because information, itself, in an open system, flows to where it is needed, if we let it.

This, for obvious reasons, is something that is difficult to share with others, even if you want to share it because at one point people don't want to understand new things, especially when these are old things that should of existed long ago in man's collective conciousness. It is one thing for an amateur to innocently and honestly explore the intrinsic and quite another for a professional to impose system-made ideas that are given the air of "learning".

These things, when handled correctly, showed us where to look and what kind of experiments are to be performed and so in appreciation have gained a place in our history and further provide evidence for the actual work that was done by explaining why those experiments were done in the first place. This places science way above any religion because of this requirement and history, but this does not give itself the permission to be a religion and this form of enquiry no longer exists but they are seeking things equivalent to the philosopher's stone instead. The discovery of the transmutation of matter via radioactive decay has probably gone to their heads like a drug, and like any drug or alcohol their judgement is now impaired.

I see these things as systems, that lend themselves to all kinds of other systems and this includes corruption, where this should not exist because science and religion are supposed to be things, not systems and like mathematics, are supposed to provide new statements and not contradictions. This is indicated by this video clip of one theoretical physicist describing that 90% of a protons mass comes from the empty space, or Nothing, between a proton's quarks, as opposed to the present carpet-bombed theory of higgs bosons and higgs fields which are supposed to do the same thing, of which both, very creatively, received Nobel Prizes yet they absolutely contradict each other were we now can wonder How? and Why? they give Nobel Prizes in the first place which, itself, should be studied scientifically and a paper produced.

This one example among a cornucopia of many puts all science, today, back to square one, where it becomes a legitimate question of how much, or how many, of these ideas serve political/economic purposes, but disguised as science and progress because the tax payer ultimately pays for this, where people suffer economic hardships today but theoretical/particle physics, cosmology, universities and think tanks have none of that, probably because different nations are looking for the ultimate power of the Universe so that they can control or rule the planet. Science serves the most childish and feeble minded and World War One never ended and just got started because if any nation does find this power it is a certainty they will use it against mankind to serve their political party.

Anyone who wishes to own, organize or control anything that exists in a closed system is doing something that cannot last forever and the person (not the science) will eventually, even be reviled. Popular today, hated tomorrow. Many popular figures in science today, like politicians, who should not be popular, are only so because of a constant bombardment as described by Marshal McLuhan by those who control the media because it serves an agenda that ultimately has a purpose that goes against natural growth and evolution.

This is why any and all authority, of any kind must always be evaluated and re-evaluated privately because to do this publicly can be fatal in a variety of ways. For this personal "evaluation" we use the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its Principles and say nothing or make it appear meaningless, where Nature will appear and show you how to help mankind in your corner. Every little bit is important and it's OK to hate if you do it Nature's way and follow Its instructions. This happens to me all the time where physical things appear to me physically from other things and places that relate to exactly what I'm doing or writing about at the time in an equivalent manner. Everything in the Universe is interconnected and Equivalency is a powerful thing if you open your mind and awareness.

Instruction or introduction in basic relativity, quantum mechanics and thermodynamics should be given while people are learning their A B C's and 1 2 3 's because it is not important that they learn them completely but, instead, be acquainted with them, while the brain is designed to absorb languages and concepts which young children are predisposed to, instead of teaching them advanced-metaphysical subjects like religion because it is ethically and morally better to improve lives first and not save the souls of the innocent because an improved life improves the soul and not the other way around or an improved life increases the likelihood of saving the "soul". In this concept rotten "souls" cannot be saved and it is better to improve the condition of those that can be saved by preventing them from being dragged down by the rotten one's.

Ironically, only Nature can do this, not religion, by giving everyone a solid base in Thermodynamics for everybody and allow energy and the philosophical implications of their Thermodynamic Principles to decide who will be saved or not whether this even exists or not; it makes no difference. Start with all thermodynamics and real physics before any metaphysics, especially when dealing with things that are supposed to be open systems. According to thermodynamics, whether god exists or not is irrelevant and besides thermodynamics is beyond religion or atheism so anyone debating these things is himself equivalent to its ideas — which is not much. Where/when one sees a priest or a scientist one should feel their walls approaching too since they represent and work for closed or isolated systems.

Classical and quantum physics can be taught anytime after thermodynamics and they becomes impervious to metaphysics and intellectuals, unless it is specifically designed to create illusions but this is done mostly for entertainment, so is therefore harmless fun. This eliminates the alien, bizarre and counter-intuitive aura these subjects receive when they are finally taught in college where thermodynamics already has prepared them for adoption. Religion and religious ideas that are taught in grade school never get to be interpreted as bizarre or "counter intuitive" but should be and as they would be if this were taught at college level and they would appear weird or counter-intuitive and not classical/quantum mechanics. The "miracles" of Nature are better and have meaning and purpose in this physical Universe. After Nature, anyone can talk all they want about those other types of "miracles".

This might get in the way of a nice story but it is the truth and people do not have wars and kill each other because of different particles, but they will for different saints in heaven. Besides, the likelihood of a child becoming a great saint who can heal is, both faithfully and statistically, far less likely than the child becoming a great doctor or physicist who can heal. Little Buddhas, Baby Jesus's and Mini Mohameds who can say abracadabra, and then you are healed, are rare unless one is creating a business and for that there are plenty of suckers who buy that garbage, ignoring that this is also blasphemy because it appeals to the vanity of all involved besides serving as a accurate measure to their own ignorance, stupidity or closed mindnessness.

Matters of opinion are now obsolete and matters of fact will be the coming wave for all things, simply because there is too much information now, and it's getting worse. By eliminating the unprovable in both science and religion, and even ordinary people, we relieve ourselves of a huge burden where Thermodynamics, again, can be used as the filtering agent. Just ignore anything that is not Thermodynamic or consider their appropriate systems in both thermodynamic and the subject's system and compare the difference or results.

Just a few suggestions: If you want to get rid of street gangs or religious fanatics; ALL parents themselves should make sure that their kids come home after school and do all their homework, even if the teacher didn't give them any (create some homework and ask your kid what he/she did today when you get home). If the teacher gave homework he/she should verify that it was done by making pupils hand in reports of what they read and studied against what reading/study assignment was given. It is as simple as that. Myself when I see any kid anywhere whose not in school at school hours, I ask him why he's not in school. Take away all that free time they shouldn't have anyway, and they won't get exploited by gangsters and priests who (the gangsters) are just another sort of child molester anyway, that work in a different style. Parents who don't personally get involved with their kids should not have any kids because someone else will come along and do this, and this influence might be something the parent or society does not like. Neglect creates criminals and vanity creates psychopaths. Remember, good or bad information goes to where its needed and creates its own reality.

Civilization's religions, along with culture and politics, should only be taught at university level where they can become interesting specimens of different human intellect and earn their place in society as esoteric and avant garde subjects rather than hijacking this position and becoming stubborn malicious Rootkits that infect the operations of life and are contrary to Nature, otherwise we are just primitive tribes teaching folklore and superstition to children because there is nothing else to teach except survival in a forest and this is not civilized. Civilization's purpose is to civilize yet how many who work for/in civilization would be able to survive in the wild for more than a couple of days, yet the civilized judge or criticize the wild and are also experts in these things as it is the same for theoretical/particle physics and cosmology.

These garish saccharine/fluorescent-like colours in toddler/kids books and videos, which kids can also do very well without and creates an unnecessary disturbance in the mind where they realize that these are not colours that exist anywhere in Nature but exist in war when there are explosions and in disease (cancer among other diseases are naturally florescent). Later, we give them "realistic" video games to test their prowess in killing so that you will "save the universe" as if that's anyone's personal responsibility. Later they put them on boats, jet fighters etc. and bomb entire villages, towns and cities where they did not see one single person die before them. During that time, the saccharine colours are ever present in tabloids and other adult media where the art of hyperbole has not been lost. In the future no one will look at anything if its not an app of some sort, webpages like this have already become obsolete. This will be the way to control exploitation itself by making it a tradeable entity and this is even expected because laziness, misinformation, vanity and stupidity must also be made convenient, so that it will be even easier to make mankind more stupid. The 1950's "Father Knows Best" is even more pervasive than ever, it's just in another type of packaging that is no longer an identifiable person but a system.

Sometimes I wonder who are the real nihilists in society because we have respected institutions teaching children about angels and devils, creations and apocalypses, walking and talking dead messiahs and prophets who say and do the exact opposite of what is written, not to mention breaking the laws of physics, — forget thermodynamics, and that's considered normal and acceptable. One can teach any child anything and this programming will stay with it for the rest of its life. People become Sufficiently Equivalent to what they learn and shape the universe to their own existential framework of supposed knowledge because that is all they know. Learning all the Laws of Thermodynamics can change all that. It can be quite a shock to learn that the Universe has different rules, in different proportions, at different magnitudes, in different locations yet everything is equivalent and in equilibrium and Thermodynamics is universal and unchanging. Put sodium and chloride together, anywhere in the Universe and one makes salt and prime numbers exist everywhere, in the Universe, where there are beings can count and divide. When I learned this as a child, that was my first true "spiritual" experience; to realize that unknown beings elsewhere, from anywhere in the Universe, can share this experience and this also gave humanity, itself, a great value to be able to comprehend this since I read the sodium/chloride thing from an ordinary science book and not from any religious work where salt has a completely different meaning and purpose with strange properties, I might add.

Hoping to prove myself wrong, I went looking for ways to disprove this 'Theory of education' of mine just to see that I wasn't a bit carried away by my own emotions. It turns out that an anti-theses of one's own idea is even more fun to produce than producing the idea itself. Here everyone can also see the value of creating an anti-theses. I'm thinking of all the fun theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists are not enjoying by not producing anti-theses these days but instead are making unproved announcements and writing books as if the world was their oyster. These are screen shots of my quest to find children's books on Thermodynamics; as usual, just click on them to magnify. Everything is posted here as I find them and I'm not manipulating anything here. In this one, I just love the 'Enrico Fermi touch' that's placed on the list of the Search Results page for "ABC books on Thermodynamics".

This one was further below that you can't see from the screen shot above. Circled in red I put there because it made me laugh because children and young adults are not supposed to love anyone except themselves; especially their parents. It's normal for these creatures to do the exact opposite of what anyone tells these things to do. Even the bible is in full agreement with this stating: "Honour thy parents" and nowhere is it mentioned to 'Love thy Parents'. Parents must be strict with their kids without being cruel and only they can love but don't expect any love to be returned until they are at least 25 years of age when things start sinking into their ungrateful grey matter. Any kid who says "I love you Mommy or Daddy" wants something which would be either a new toy or money.

The environment one grows in, creates the reality.

Kids are not in any position to 'love' anything because love can be anything and even disguised to appear as something else which always points to the verb 'to have' and not 'to be' because they're not old enough to know what 'being' is. Parents, themselves, must contend that their children are dealing with systems and not just their parents where they are actually learning to market themselves in this world they've been born into and parents are their first experiments in this deployment of survival tactics because systems, especially now, are given more importance than people. When parents hear "I Love You", that should be cause for alarm. The best way to put a stop to that nonsense is to ask your kid: "Why?".

This is a better selection.

This also, it turns out, is a bit too advanced. I'm looking for those stomach turning florescent-xenon bright coloured indestructible books for toddlers with, huge, larger-than-life pictures of numbers, letters, dinosaurs (Barney) and Jesus (himself) that make them require glasses at an early age because of early blindness caused by garishness; for adorable little monsters who have finally mastered the art of holding a book for its own sake and not as a way to demonstrate food and vomit preparation or annihilation which required steel reinforced tablets covered in dura-cardboard and coated thickly in hard plastic.

Olga 'I'm a Bitch'
True Story. Back in the 90's, my niece, who was a nihilist at an infant age, who liked to gurgle and spit her food all over the place and wipe everything with food matter and gurgle some more because she knew this bothered everyone, would say with a big smile Mess! Mess! while spreading her products all over the place, while giggling and getting on my nerves. So while baby-sitting for my sister one day, I played on her stereo, very loud, a cassette I had, that in it contained an underground House mix with the lyrics: "I'm a Bitch", and this, of course, without any guidance from me, became my nieces new favourite words and there she'd say all the time; "I'm a Bitch" complete with the proper inflections and that's among all the other songs that played on that 90 minute cassette. My sister was very angry with me, but could not fail to see the humor too. Anyway "I'm a Bitch I, I'm bitch." became my niece's first complete sentence courtesy of 'Uncle GP'. At least she learned the verb: 'To Be' first and not the Verb: 'To Have'.

So here I concede defeat and I'm obviously a madman because the thing does not exist, where I think it should. Believing things that don't exist as should be existing, proves in some circles that I'm certifiable.

H is For Heat

Since it's now established that I'm crazy, this now changes everything else. I now challenge anyone to write a decent toddler's book, that's washable and indestructible, on Thermodynamics. Well they teach toddlers science, maths and Jesus using florescence, so why not an introduction to Thermodynamics? We can call it 'H is for Heat' with Xenon bright colours so it will blend in with the rest of the crap they have on children's bookshelves.

Problems, Nothing but Problems
This reminds me of quality of the work that is going on in my building right now as this video, clip on the right, demonstrates. Similarly, these baby-boomers must of been stoned all the time while they were in San Francisco because I'm not talking about gay fraternities but closeted geek fraternities of those times, who happened to also be in San Francisco too, as you can see if you want, in this video BBC Horizons - 'The Hawking Paradox'. In this video, you will see why these guys are biggie's today which is only because everyone else is dead, so they can now get away with their horse manure. Hawking readily admits that he was very good at taking things apart to see how they tick but was never able to put things back together again which makes it a certainty that he is not a Natural Philosopher which was a requirement during this past era of science to have this ability.

The only thing left, is to reduce this college scenario into a kindergarten setting with an existential play; The curtain is drawn where young charges, draw in connect-the-dots colouring books (quantum Mechanics) and then fill the new shapes they created out of the dots that suddenly look remarkably like Jesus or religious symbols or mystical ideas with crayon colours (dark matter) and then they sign their name to it and the good pupil gets a gold star (higgs particle) in front of the other children (Nobel Prize), if the work pleases the kindergarten monitor or supervisors.

This is like when one has a boss or a landlord, who has a wife who's the real or unseen boss, or there are actually two bosses, where one passes the blame on the other when something goes wrong, so your boss or landlord is actually a weakling slave, since woman assume all power when they acquire it. Yet the boss or landlord is in a position of authority and because he is a slave, acts on behalf of an unseen force so they are impossible to deal with except in court, unless your lucky and the wife is in a good mood, because it is a certainty that the cause of discord and all participants will show up in court voluntarily because that would be irresistible for vain, stupid and jealous sorts.

Concerning weakness and psychological/emotional slavery: There is not one single modern-day Galileo or von Guericke (among others) in existence today who is working on any anti-thesis to disprove the existence of any of these exotic substances and make-belief forces that themselves are not proven. Instead we have a kowtowing, self-congratulatory international scientific community, masturbating in front of its own mirror and getting-off on its own awesomeness, with a fan-base on top of this. Where are the scientific critics nowadays who have something a bit more substantial than god as the answer or the truth? From where I stand, 17th, 18th and 19th century science was in many ways superior to today's science because despite much opposition it allowed a healthy and respectable venue for debunking which ultimately had to be addressed which appears to be impossible today and if we didn't have these debunkers to challenge accepted norms in science, in those days, who also had to publish their own work and finance their own experiments, (which added to their credibility rather than detracting from it like it would today) we would not have any of The Laws of Thermodynamics and many other things. See short article: 'Why smart people defend bad ideas' By Scott Berkun, April, 2005. GD

To recapitulate: This is exactly the way one propagates new false religion and mysticism where a thing is conveniently made ubiquitous and needs no explanation itself for it being there but decides what everything should do and it's not even proven to exist by one single laboratory anywhere; where many things that do exist, that might explain many phenomena, have been overlooked or are treated separately. As for mass/energy, these geosynchronous satellites doing GPS have atomic clocks that are affected by the speed they are travelling at, and the gravity of the Earth which makes them very complicated to adjust initially and to keep maintained, where the more decimal places they have, the more possibilities for inaccuracy there is; creating a linear closed system that originates more chaos through more control.

If they were going around the Earth like the ISS their clocks would go up and down because Earth is not a perfect globe with even-mass at different locations making the ISS go slightly faster and slightly slower all the time, not higher and lower altitudes, and this too has nothing to do with anything but only different masses affecting each other.

So from this frame of reference where, whether, we are talking about Quantum, Classical or Particle physics it is all the same where there is more mass or transfer of mass the slower an object moves and the less mass and less transfer of mass, the faster it moves and there is no increase or decrease in mass that is not transferred from somewhere else first. There are no fabrics in any medium of space but you go ahead and believe what you want to believe because this is where artistic philosophy says: "Your on your own".

Incidentally this articles were much larger where formally there was an enormous amounts of documentation about science not making any sense but then what's the point in showing this now, in this day and age? I actually improved the article by removing these horrible things, which surprised me at the time. Every year I live, I see people becoming more part of systems, like the pied piper leading the children over the cliff, and becoming less self-aware individuals and age might be the cause of this because it gives me this advantage/disadvantage to see things that way because this is also relative because this was going on in my youth too but less severe.

Cosmology or theoretical science are now moving away from Thermodynamics at light speed and there's nothing anyone can do about this, nor does anyone care. The devil exists because people want the devil to exist, not because he actually exists. Take away man and his societies, and there is no devil, or any of his promises, anywhere in the Universe and people in society are fighting to be first in line too. All societies are monsters and create baby monsters where thermodynamics says there's another and better way yet says, at the same time, that we are too primitive to implement it.

"The answer is already part of the question" and any question asked to Nature provides answers that are both good and bad at the same time, which should be an opportunity to augment our wisdom because the bad parts of It's answer only attack a system that was the cause of the problem in the first place, and that is the only sacrifice that Nature asks for.

On our primitive philosophies: Fabrics do, likely, represent political-map creation or structure imposed on space with this grid-like point of view and creates boundaries that define space and matter which makes this just another form of ownership and privatization and all that is missing is putting names and flags and numbers and colours in these boxes which I'm sure they are encouraging kindergarten children to do now so they can feel it belongs to them in an attempt to condition future humanity, that space must be privatized and to do this, they change interpretation of physics itself to suit their needs like they brainwash people with the Second Law of Thermodynamics which has an "intelligently designed" flaw "incorporated" in it and is placed there to suit certain needs of those kinds of people who live in remote locations and have no idea of what life itself means.

One must be able to imagine something like in the movie: 'Colossus - The Forbin Project' (1970) where world control is improved upon the original plot, which is created with virtual personalities we only see in the media or video conference like in the movie: 'S1m0ne' (2002). Since these types or entities have no philosophy, why must we have philosophy, since today's aristocracy and boardroom gods demonstrate quite clearly that there is no need for it. Let's not forget ethics and morality which I've already addressed as being useless for other reasons as our glorious leaders display none themselves and since they are better than everybody, we should follow their illustrious example.

Why must the burden of ethics, civilization and sainthood be born only with the worthless poor, humble and meek since its clearly designated and established by the cognoscenti that they are incapable of such lofty motives because of their stupidity and inferiority so anything an honest and ethical human being does, is wrong and should be punished or rehabilitated and that's where the school-yard bully makes his entrance in the "fabric of life" because the psychopath is the first and last judge you will ever meet in life, regardless of who you are.

Just because something says 'PBS' on it doesn't mean its good, accurate or truthful. Steven Hawking's complicated and upside-down 'virtual particle evaporation cycle' technique for black holes which resembles more a biological process or can be compared to a steam engine quite easily (without any condensation because there too this does not exist). If speculative philosophers and theorists had been doing their jobs competently in the first place, black holes would of been predicted by them and not by the geologist (John Michell) back in 1783. We also find something new going on in physics, where there are now actual quantum-physics rewrites on the interpretation of Einstein's "fabric of space" (which is a classical not quantum system) one of which was only meant originally to explain to school children and 19th century physicists relativity in a way they could understand and was never meant to be taken seriously just like Ptolemy"s model of the cosmos was only meant to be a tool to aid him in calculating the position of stars for stargazers and was never meant to be a model for the Universe. If your interested to understand the protocol on how this is occurring please read this National Geographic article and look at the following videos to see what I mean:

Nobel Prize in Physics 2011–The Accelerating Universe

BBC Horizon - What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity.

PBS Nova The Fabric of the Cosmos: What Is Space?.

On another front there are some who call themselves artists who also enjoy playing god as this article from the New York Times reports on Eduardo Kac who calls himself a "transgenic artist". The less said about this sick monster and his affiliations, the better, as even Wikipedia doesn't know what to do with him, judging from the accurate but brief description of this creature. Anyhow this thing is not an artist by any means because he has to write his own manifestos because they don't teach genetic engineering to create green-living monsters in art schools anywhere. He obtained this knowledge and collaboration elsewhere and called it art; so this is not art by any means. This piece of compost, does not even have an appealing website which you can visit Here, to see his other work including everything else he has been up to.

Concerning Time Machines: Where is the entropy of their time machine supposed to go while it is working? How is it that a machine that can only exist as a closed system and then becomes an isolated system upon activation have an effect upon an open or indefinite system? This type of thinking from theorists betrays their actual emotional intelligence because you can only think this way if you are limited to The Second Law of Thermodynamics in close association with a perverted or sanitized version of The First Law of Thermodynamics in an Isolated System as if one could travel through time back and forth with a boat and time was an ocean where the scenery changes each time you go forwards and backwards because you changed the timeline and so navigation becomes meaningless, so what's travel in this context?

This is the outline that creates their profile and in 'Theory' and they get an F. Anyway such a machine or vessel would be instantly destroyed by gravity itself where travelling through time because one would be exposed to gravitational shock waves, created because gravity is not the same through time in any location and mass is always being exchanged whether any machine is moving or not through any continuum you can think of.

The fact that intellectuals, theorists and theoretical/particle physicists don't immediately see the engineering problems involved in transporting (transmitting) something physical but are instead worried about grandpa or teacup and other touching stories shows that these Ph.D's are completely insane or childish or this is a marketing ploy to sell garbage to incredulous fools because this is not Jules Verne or Star Trek we are talking about but real Ph.D's discussing these things seriously today and they see nothing wrong Thermodynamically, forget the laws of physics.

Now ask yourself this: If an artist can see and ask himself these things what are these theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists seeing and asking themselves and why are they asking these type of "string" and "time travel" etc. questions while always discussing these things in the media. I see this as a dangerous form of thinking because why would these people be asking these sort of questions and for what purpose? Hypothetically, it could be possible to go back and forth in time but back only until your time machine was first activated which is something I will explain later. You cannot go back physically, to where you have never been, nor does anyone have any right to be, but these guys are spending tax dollars looking for ways to interfere with lives and Nature.

I have a suggestion: Prove that you can build a working rocket or a robot or some unique invention (that you have given away to the public as your contribution to mankind) from scratch, from material that can only be found at a hardware store and then you can talk about physics and tell people what the Universe might be all about and everybody will know for sure that you're smart and do have a superior philosophy because you want things for all men and not just for yourself and most important; that you are not a weakling and will defy society when it is the right thing to do.

They produce an extraordinary amount of nonsense today and oversaturate the population with contradictions probably because they are afraid of what's coming, which will probably sweep all known science, religion (it won't be Jesus), mathematics and philosophy aside completely, where suddenly all men of these subjects will appear in history as it presently treats Neanderthals when describing primitiveness and backwardness. The Nobel Prize Committee will be made obsolete or be seen as complete fools.

That is a lot of money, politics, philosophy and reputations to protect, so it is necessary to fill the world with nonsense that people can argue over but they cannot fool the artist who is never part of this who sees the intrinsic is all things and can see the future of science.

Imagine a world with no money, — "What Chaos!" they would say, yet everybody down to the lowest proletariat has access to realize any dream regardless if it is to live in peace and do absolutely nothing all their lives or build a bridge to another dimension. How will the rich and famous be able to flaunt their perversions and vanity? How will royalty be able to express its stateliness? How will the pope or a patriarch be able to show his holiness or a politician his power, or have any influence, without money?

Money makes every human immature and never evolves beyond his childhood and young adulthood despite now being able to live, on the average, to his 80's now, making us equivalent to those of ancient times whose humans did not live past 30 years of age. Our lives may be longer but because of money and the way we use it to drive civilization, we never evolve wisdom beyond the mind of a 30 year old.

And it's not just me but there are many people around who can prove with simple experiments that 90% of the things you see and read about in science and religion are simply not true and in many different ways, in both errors and in the way they come up with their hypotheses and theories; yet none of them get any backing whatsoever. So what you see everywhere is all stuff that is backed financially with a purpose in creating business and you are just a consumer, where life is just a game where everyone and each individual is the same or has the same value. Everyone as an individual is not the same but every system is, and when they start putting systemic ideals as priority, then that is communism or a socialist nightmare in service of capitalism or the banks.

Forget relativity; doesn't 'Cause and Effect' have any meaning anymore since we all know that cause and effect exists but how can one, physically, be part of any particular cause and effect that does nor exist yet. Imagine if someone came from the future and started to interfere with your life, what would you tell them. How come the powers-that-be are not satisfied with their near complete control of our lives, they also want to control the future and the past too, which is another hallmark in insanity/megalomania and as previously mentioned: how is heat energy supposed to have any effect in time manipulation, because unless time itself is a form of energy I don't see that it's possible to manipulate anything beyond the effects caused by movement and acceleration which themselves creates more heat and mass and how is that new heat and mass get dissipated with a Second Law device in a closed system, is another interesting question that has never been considered and what time framework must this new heat and mass go to that's created from a time machine? According to my arithmetic, this accumulated energy can only be dissipated wherever you land or stop the machine destroying your destination instantly with some massive and sudden release of energy because it has to go somewhere. So an individual using a time machine would actually have nowhere to go that's safe because only the Universe can handle energy and time appropriately.

Therefor the paradox of grandson killing grandpa is more like grandpa killing the grandson if he finds out who he is. Both situations are improbable but the latter is more likely. Further, hypothetically, preventing a disaster increases the probability of another automatically occurring and of all people, theoretical/particle physicists should be aware of this because people and all life are like Fermions, or 'Fermionic' (a new word for philosophy) where if you remove one quantum state another will replace it, that is likely to be the same thing or produce the same type of outcome in a later scenario when the interference from the future, or the past, is gone. If we add the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics in this scenario, we get something that is also transitive so everything would also occur at the same time as if nothing was disturbed. This is a leftover, lingering effect from quantum mechanics where time is smeared, that continues into classical mechanics where I have already giving examples in the other parts of this essay of how Heisenberg's Theory of Uncertainty exists even in Classical Mechanics but the effect is more apparent in the Pauli Exclusion Principle where no two fermions can occupy the same quantum state at the same time yet that one quantum state must exist somewhere, whether you like it or not.

It's antitheses is true as well: If one found out a future event before it happened and used it in it's past, one would destroy its future and one would not know our future anyway. My cat knows more about quantum mechanics than most theoretical/particle physicists or the National Geographic because he only asks me for milk when he knows I'm making a tea or coffee without smelling anything first and gives me that distinctive meow and affection around my legs, that means "milk please" to let me know his wish to share in the coming largess; so, he can accurately foresee events better than theorists can, by understanding my movements alone, probably along with certain sounds that are made, but only when I'm making tea or coffee and no other time or for any other reason when using the fridge or stove. We'll call this effect: 'GP's Cat Effect'. See or bookmark: National Geographic Time Travel - The THEORY so that you can reclaim your god-given right to know, only, bullshit and nothing else. (Don't say I'm not a nice guy.) I don't care because in the future, when the new science finally does appear, people will be able to live in total horse-shit if they want, but the nature of the world will be that they no longer can interfere with anyone, anywhere in the physical universe.

How did I end up Here? As you can tell, I am not so gifted in maths and I intend to prove it. I love blogs because I can talk all I want about physics while knowing absolutely nothing about it. I like to think that it is the questions I pose, that are "infinitely" more valuable. Unfortunately for you, I can "see" things, which is very difficult for me to explain even though I don't seem to know what they are and, no, they are not "visions" but they are more like flashes of insight, for want of some better term, and whether they have anything to do with insight or not, is up to you. To me, they are valuable because they present new ideas no one has ever heard, or seen before that, themselves; don't create or add new problems but, rather, solve a lot of them somehow and besides the unknown doesn't bother me one bit. People have to remember that everything was once mysterious and unknown and they also thought they knew everything, in their time, but everything they believed in, was overthrown eventually, over the generations.

So, while I'm here, I may as well express to so called "Inflation" of the Universe, to you, with art which I am better at. So, I have prepared this illustration to properly express, partially, my own version of inflation, made in my own kitchen. Without having to use utensils, you can "inflate" this illustration of the Universe, yourself, by clicking on it and produce the same effect. I chose an eightfold geometry because I like it. Besides, the Periodic Table of Elements has an eightfold structure. "There are eight main groups of elements. Atomic properties recur in cycles of eight. Elements in the same columns have the same number of electrons, between one and eight in the outer most peripheries of their orbits. Cell mitosis also takes place in eight stages. Other familiar elements in our lives based on the Octad are DNA molecules, the geometry of chess and anything relying on the use of octaves; the musical scale; the I Ching and the eight phases of the moon, to name a few." [e].

The nice thing about the above illustration is that it can be anything, which is what the Universe is supposed to be and that is about the only truth in the illustration and the only one that actually counts. There is no one from any sector of society, on any date on the calendar, anywhere, that can tell you truthfully, what the universe exactly is, including fortune tellers, and this will always be so because our brains are simply too tiny to perform this function. We only can perform functions within the parameters of what we know exist or create ourselves, and nothing more, where new things only appear overtime where our brains start "seeing" patterns. Knowledge is as much a relationship to things as discoveries are. Even with our computers it would take an indefinite amount of time to understand the massive amounts of data of the tiniest thing imaginable, and by that time the data has changed, the Universe has changed and we have changed. We are and will only be aware of now which is already a lot but no one seems to appreciate this. The closest thing to reality and truth is indication because reality already admits that it can't explain itself, so why criticize it?

So throw any books you have on existential philosophers in the garbage now including those on any form of determinism unless it's required reading to pass a bullshit course. I said before, when discussing the universe from our perspective; we are the tiny things that follow quantum rules! I'm certain that if there are self-aware creatures living in tiny particles, they too experience things by classical models and they will too, discover there own micro and macro realms that follow the same quantum or relativistic rules. The trick here for cosmologists in the future, is to study extremely large things that are observed empirically to exist and work them down to our level awareness (the scientific method), — not working your way up by projecting (the crystal ball method). Once this is achieved, it is possible to create more accurate models that encompass even larger realms because they are not based on any conjecture in any way. One thing I do know is that you cannot approach physics, at this level, without proper rest, planning and a sense of humour. Like art if you take science too seriously, you are a lost fellow especially when objectivity and being overly serious have nothing to do with each other.

I found a much better model for exotic theories involving "strings" and "fabrics" and "negative-gravity fields" of dark matter/energy, impelling this Universe's acceleration. Metaphorically speaking, Nature has already created a special universe for any kind of exotic dark matter/energy or any kind of concept containing toxicity, that can best be described as a place where there also includes a handy flushing mechanism. Upon discovery of dark matter, we try to flush this thing, we find that it doesn't work because someone has surreptitiously cut the chain that lifts the flush-valve with the flushing-lever, to evacuate the water in the reservoir that would fill to displacement levels, fresh water in the bowl, whereby, displacing the water, where the laws that govern siphonage can take it away, never to be seen again! These are substances that cannot be experienced or should not be experienced.

These things are created by theoretical/particle physicists who, after experiencing awe, after looking at the universe while playing with their instruments in a dark corner somewhere in their offices or water closets; they experience a kind of Metaphysical-Ecstasy, which puts them into a euphoric-psychotic-trance whereby they manually lose all their virginity objectivity. While on the subject of toilets and drains, I invite you to read part of the following Wikipedia article on the Coriolis effect entitled: 'Draining in bathtubs and toilets' where completely erroneous ideas, in a Aristotelian manner, are being taught in college textbooks and you can check the references. Tipler, Paul (1998) 'Physics for Engineers and Scientists' (4th ed.). W.H.Freeman, Worth Publishers. p. 128. (four editions!) I only wonder why teachers don't spot these things since they approve these books, so what answers do you give, when exam time comes and why? I mean these college and university courses cost a lot of money, so what else is it they don't know because here we find one example of nonsense being taught in physics and elsewhere where I showed that a Ph.D thinks the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics should be abrogated; Imagine the "possibilities" in theoretical/particle physics and cosmology.

Darling! Have I ever let you down? video
Instead, here an artist is revealing those wonders that only exist because of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics as if it were any of my business; where I bet no one can finish one single part of this essay because of the magnitude of wonders there are within it and not because it's complicated. At least the reader gets to experience the full breadth of the programming they received all their lives. In the mean time, theoretical/particle physics and cosmologists, struggling to find their virginity objectivity again, they inadvertently and painfully give birth to monsters in their water closets, where any clinging afterbirth is carefully wiped with sanitary soft paper "fabric". This just adds more and more useless things in a universe that already has enough creative products in it, which, themselves have nothing to do with any Laws of Physics, — Forget Thermodynamics, where once again we have to listen to even more theorists as they tinker with those laws to create new physics and receive government funding on top of that! Anyone who says that science is not a good business to get into, doesn't know what he is talking about. To understand the concept of dangerous tinkering, please click this link that will show you many unnecessary, sloppy and stupid criticality accidents that have occurred in plutonium research and you will realize that the golden age of theoretical physics is gone, simply, because experimentation has become theoretical, physically!

My ideas and criticisms are maybe an imaginative nut job, for sure, but it's no different then playing a board game with pieces and dice, except this board game is called "Lets Fix a Universe", "A board-game that's fun for the whole family". When its over its over and you put everything back in the box and we can go about our business. Here, I permit myself to bring clarification of different phenomena into a coherent structure. Next time we play the game it'll be another universe, that's created or fixed, depending on your strategy, that promises to explain everything even better than the last one, using the same pieces!

Scot Free Board Game
Just start throwing the dice! How can this be, should anyone ask? If you play this game over and over and over ten thousand times we begin to find with each unique game, that certain things start happening over and over and and in certain ways over and over. This is where we get closer and closer to the truth. Most people call this Boredom, a Scientist calls this Significant! You say that Time is Money? A physicist says that Time is Relative! So far, So Good. Unfortunately, it's when Philosophers or Theoretical-Physicists or the Thing formerly known as the Theoretical Physicist who-suddenly-found-God stop playing the game prematurely and start projecting, where-it-might-end-up; because their mysterious new source of information has given them an exclusive peek, that we find that the whole thing is lost and has become an imaginative story that is only fit to recount to your plants.

A reading From Vogon Poetry
Leave the creative stuff to artists and poets as we have vast expertise in that area, you call "The Unknown". For you guys, it should be called, for everyone's own good: "Do Not Enter". Physicists should stop using metaphors and poetic license when explaining anything while at the same time they should endeavour to introduce new concepts but keep them simple. Carl Sagan is dead so let's move on to new things. These theories become monsters of complexity and produce socially undesirable results when philosophy and evangelism get hold of these ideas and begin to interfere. If these are truly intelligent people with supposed IQ's of above 130, then, I would assume they know this; so what's going on?

I suggest that theoretical/
particle physicists should go to a Gym instead that has machinery with the latest things governed by The Laws of Thermodynamics designed to build muscle! We artists have a license to practice the imagination. Just like doctors have a license to practice medicine. I'm simply demonstrating with The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics's three systems, anyone can create his own pretty universe — Go ahead and amuse yourselves and consider it as a sort of gymnasium where anyone can work-out and flex their objectivity with it, turn up the heat, add more weight; try this workout machine there, Oh! this looks nice! let's try that one. Just use, only, real things that exist and only things that have been proven to exist from scientifically controlled laboratories and can be demonstrated at any time. Do these work-outs everyday and you will end up with something just as pretty as "beautiful abs" and far more useful too.

An artist is accustomed to deal with any unusual phenomena or rare events that may occur when creating or discovering, new things, which in a collateral way, sometimes, leads to new discoveries that are quite beautiful and in this case, useful. To an ordinary person, including a physicists, some of these things can give you goose-bumps or shivers up and down your spine as it does me on occasion. This is an alarm bell sounded by the nervous system and it's time to put out the fire without panicking! Like here, where coincidentally I talk about weird physics and this page starts displaying anomalous behaviour where elements disappear and reappear. Generally, this is where we see a good Artist to be hard at work, being more faithful to The Muses than the Scientist is to Nature and as if in a perfect contradiction, we use logic, mathematics and thermodynamics as tools from Nature to destroy this emerging supernatural genie because we are already familiar with the 'unknown' and its character like the saint who knows the devil and all his tricks. In this alarming situation, one can practically "see" objectivity being "stabbed by a dagger", where we must find a way to prevent this and fast too! This is where The Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics comes in. For me, it is my only backup when things all go wrong and I can't trust anything anymore when things start getting weird. So I employ Thermal Equilibrium in an analogous form in my thinking process.

So, my webpage started to display odd behaviour exactly when I was writing about the strangest things in this article, I examined the document to see if it wasn't a tag that was broken. I had discovered I had neglected to close a <div> tag somewhere, or it simply disappeared accidentally when adding something new because I use standardized stock HTML elements which I have developed for this site that have all the opening and closing stuff which are in my machine, and there and all I do is insert whatever I want for what it's designed to display on a webpage. Anyway, I assume, then, it produces this effect with long documents, under certain circumstances if they are not closed. (the problem was not corrected, automatically by the server in the first place, which usually points out these errors and does not allow you to publish until it's corrected and in this case it didn't) so this produced a problem very reminiscent of something that occurred to create the situation like in an Apollo 13 kind-of-way because the HTML editor and Blogger's server, oddly, let this pass a long time ago. I discovered this by temporarily cutting out the bottom section of everything I wrote in my HTML editor to see if my divisions would reappear after republishing the page with the stuff removed. They did. Installing a closing </div> tag anywhere on the bottom, corrected the problem immediately and corrected other things too that I didn't notice, which only became apparent, when they were corrected! This is why I had to split this article originally into three parts which has since expanded for some reason like a 'Pandora Vacuum Cleaner' that expands with the more Dirt Devils it picks up. More importantly, a mystery was revealed that easily could of been made into something else. I was relieved, once again, that the supernatural or the wrath of god had nothing to do with anything concerning this coincidence and cold objectivity won the day again.

Objectivity According to Principles in Art

A Fly In a Glass
GP duBerger
Public Domain
Here is the difference of what an objective or subjective opinion can do and how subjectivity can be extremely damaging in ways they never talk about. If you look at this picture carefully in "light" of what's been written here, if seen in a certain way, the glass may take the the form of a cognac sniffer lying flat, which is a type of glass that allows one to imbibe and inhale intoxicating-aromatic vapours while the brandy could be swirled and warmed by your hand. But watch out! because the fly can escape from the form of the cognac-glass sniffer and try to put it back if it ever escaped! If we see the glass in another perspective that the mind creates; as a shot-glass facing down, the fly can never escape and can be observed properly in controlled conditions.

This expresses perfectly, the difference between objectivity and subjectivity and how one point of view will always release monsters and in this case, it is a fly, and this picture, here, is no trick but it is the observer and later, the raconteur who provides the trick, where you choose your reality and its magic. Also, this always happens when and while your seeking something (in this case an optical illusion) where in a fermionic and equivalent kind of way the information comes to you as a fixed quantum state in a magnitude dominated by classical physics, provided that it is honest, otherwise it will be equivalent to the dishonesty. In this case the answer appears out of nowhere, walking around on the table next to me, at that specific time that allowed me to capture it easily with a clean glass which I went to get at a leisurely pace and then show this phenomena to the world. The insect had no business being there, as it was also evening, and there was no food in that location either. Its sole business was some form of equivalency that needed to be expressed and it is this that made it fly and land at that spot, at that moment. (The fly was later carefully put outside and released.)

To most people the fly is a pest and to others the fly is a messenger of many sorts (both physically and metaphysically) and those sorts would think I'm crazy or a sorcerer, when I am not but just an ordinary Human Being who is dissatisfied with the various explanations and conclusions society programs me with. This works in reverse too. Try this out yourself: If you want to get rid of ants or any kind of infestation, just yell at one of them very closely so it can smell your breath while tapping the surface around it in a threatening manner and tell it in plain English or Russian or whatever to Get Out! with a threat of using poison in a couple of days in a loud and angry voice, and within a couple of days you won't see a single ant.

Other insects may take a week because they are not as intelligent, or organized, or they have more things to move (spiders take a month and its better to tell all the spiders you meet because they are solitary creatures) but they will go and nothing was killed in the process and no dead bodies were left that invite fungus and bacteria into the household, which is not so easy to get rid of and are the cause of various illnesses and medical disorders, one of them being allergies. Our over-sanitized world has invited new systems for disease that never existed before.

The most stupid and ignorant statement in the Universe is: Out of sight, Out of Mind. Just because you don't see death because the bodies are not your size and magnitude does not mean that it's not there and it will nor affect you, just like poisoned dead bodies lying around of your own size and won't follow the regular decomposition procedure but will be done by other bacteria and systems for decomposition; which will leave their mark and affect things differently in vicinity.

The ant colony somewhere (as an example) knows that it is your territory because they smell you and know your unique vibration in everything you do and the ant carries your angry message back to the colony where the queen gets the message and transmits new orders to the colony to start scouting and prepare for moving. This has always worked for me and there is no magic except the magic of equilibrium which all forms of equilibrium including thermal equilibrium take their own necessary amount of time to become equivalent to an open system that directly concerns itself and everything around.

Click or tap to see the sad state of affairs in education throughout the world GD
Anyhow, this discrepancy, in the way we see things and why, will have to be taken into account in the future when developing new technologies, if nowhere else, especially in Quantum Physics because this presently existing nuisance can, when properly and responsibly handled, will be an important tool in research and development and is the key to our future. Regardless of any situation, If theoretical/particle physicists refuse to practice Scepticism and 'The Scientific Method' with any form of conjecture and not describe their "expounding's" thermodynamically, then we the audience/consumer must do so because the chain of authority in science has been diminished by them. Fortunately this is easily learned by anyone and does not require any form of superior intelligence to understand Thermodynamics. If everything else falls apart; All Four Laws of Thermodynamics is all anyone needs to accomplish anything and start technology off fresh and corruption starts once again when we lose sight of thermodynamics and other things take over.

Here is another example but this example focuses more on how one may lose objectivity which is easier to demonstrate with something that moves. Here is a rotating molecule and if one only looks at it directly, it only rotates in one direction. There can be no error when doing this because the three dimensional structure is respected because of perspective and overlapping elements. Now, if one looks at this structure using only a slight peripheral vision where you concentrate your view a few lengths away from this animation, or as your reading this, one will definitely "see" this thing rotate in the reverse (clockwise). One will also see this thing rotating clockwise when looking directly at it but not paying complete attention. The correct rotation is instantly restored when one tracks those molecules in the centre that overlap.

Think of this as an anti-hypnoses device that forces the mind back to a stable reference. It is also useful for determining the reasons for this lack of attention that affects perception to such a degree, that can be an excellent personal exercise in discipline and memory. (To artists, there is no such thing as an optical illusions.) Since there is no depth perception with peripheral vision, it's open season for both sides of the brain and other things which alternatively fight for control of interpretation. One may know that this molecule is only rotating in a certain way but there is nothing you can do about it if you see this thing peripherally where it arbitrarily changes direction all the time. Peripherally the brain has no reference; it only has two possibilities and we "see" both these possibilities alternately but only one is real. Now the idea is to apply this to everything you see and know while applying the same kind of scrutiny because now we know that lies and truth appear the same so what criteria do you give things to determine their value and to know if they are true or are effective enough to fool others?

Man Reading Newspaper So here, with photography I record my experiment (the fly and the molecule) and publish my findings. I might add briefly that in Art, it is always your relationship with an object that is important and nothing else. This will be even more true to science and technology one day because it is impossible to separate anyone's relationship with anything especially if you are a scientist but there is another story that artist's can tell you.

The Artist knows, that if he takes the fly out of the equation, no one can see both at the same time, the viewer must make his choice and sometimes, the choice is already pre-made/pre-programmed for the viewer, by society. This programming that is supposed to answer everything crashes, because it cannot decide for you. The viewer is invariably disturbed by this because a pestilence was the only thing that provided an anchor to the truth, to distinguish such a simple dichotomy. The "Soul" and the viewer's "Spirit" is awakened from its long slumber, after eating a poisoned apple long ago in a garden somewhere, because only it knows the truth and must guide the intransigent mind out of this conundrum and back into a carefully, orchestrated and conducted existence that has little to do with reality or creativity. When this is achieved, the soul is turned off again like any machine would be and civilization can go on once again and go about Its business.

The Universe is not Protestant, or Catholic, or Islamic, or Buddhist etc. etc.

In science, they must do the exact opposite, motivation wise, when discriminating and handling things this way; which happens often in Quantum physics, because this simple model of 'The Fly in the Glass', that can be made more elaborate, can guide them to properly discriminate into new Quantum Levels that are smaller than ever before because they will know why, when and how these relationships occur and when they produce an effect. This produces useful and accurate data without the need to include God, or no God, where either philosophy's are useless because they create limits to existence and I think I've pointed out, enough, that there aren't any limits to existence or it's quality's nor is it the responsibility of any type of being to tell you what and who you are, what protocol for existence you should follow and then having the necessity to answer the questions when a philosopher or someone who thinks it's better than you, ask you: "Who/what are you?" and "What do you want?" since this is already described in religion especially in the parts where we find out what god thinks about us.
The answer is already part of the question, as in this case: When god comes to visit, it's never for a good reason and if the devil comes to visit, it's always for a good reason. Just add more p's and q's of probability densities of quantum states instead, that themselves, already, have their own unique Qualities and Quantities and Positions and Parameters. Stuff like this can be used as a model for the rehabilitation of particle/theoretical physicists and intellectuals and keep them busy and out of the way for years and years to come.

To recapitulate: When my own objectivity was attacked, while the failure of this webpage occurred I took full-responsibility for it by not blaming the Server, God or Apollo or mystic inventions of the mind and imagination, or I had a bad day, I didn't have my coffee yet, or whatever. This is quite different than saying it was "My Fault". This acknowledgement, in my own responsibility, in this affair, allowed me to be objective because I transferred the existing equivalence, and though me, created a new equilibrium in the way I wanted it to be achieved by not blaming other things or assigning it to divine providence, and I learned something interesting and perhaps valuable on certain HTML anomalies (in this case) and reported this data in this article, as you see here and I, personally, learned something about myself: In how I, myself can produce these kind problems and never do them again; How I can correct them, should they occur in other ways, giving me invaluable experience and I learned this all by myself with a little help from Nature's Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and it's wonderful Principles.

Further this belongs to me, in a profound and personal kind-of-way that's difficult to describe objectively: 'I did not assign any blame elsewhere and that is something no one can take away from anybody'. This also led me, magically, to machines that do this online for free which I would never of known existed had I not taken the responsibility and worked to change its equivalency and I was not even looking for these online applications!

Objectivity is powerful stuff and subjectivity is not and whatever you find with objectivity, belongs to you and not Fate or God and it, also, always leads you to things you never thought existed, but do, because of Sufficiency and Equivalency. Whatever one finds in subjectivity will always belongs to "God" or something supernatural and that makes anyone a slave to illusion one way or another and less of a 'Being' but part of a system.

Whether a priest is in the business of "saving" or a gangster kills someone and just calls it "business", it is all just because they are part of a system that they can never remove themselves from and so they are the weaklings and 'the inferior' because they cannot exist without their system.

This is about the closest I can get. The only errors that can be tolerated, temporarily, are the ones where anyone is trying to express/explain the "spirit" of something. Good or Bad they must be removed, when discovered, because we can never assume anything about others, for others. This is not a contradiction because I specified "temporarily tolerated" because the "spirit of those things" that are, themselves, wrong, allow us to examine briefly certain kinds of errors not possible, with conventional logic.

G P duBerger
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