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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Part 4: Romantic and Byron-like Sufficiencies and Equivalencies

By GP duBerger

Continued from Part 3 'The Principle of Equivalency in History and Politics'.htm

Anyone can wonder why everyone who deals with infinities ends up portrayed historically in the Byronian-romantic kind of way, that are completed with delicate violin overtures in the background, ending up in the mad house, or committing suicide, whether we are dealing with mathematicians or philosophers and this is no joke and I'm not exaggerating, and I take exception to referring to these "poor" mathematicians as "lost souls". Boo Hoo! They even called the infinities they were dealing with, "monsters".
Their aim was conquest and exploitation, and nothing else and they payed the price for their arrogance (which for them was, itself, an infinity!). I call this the: 'Revenge of Mathematics' by denying maths any way to become part of Open Systems and for putting zero in only one place and turning into an integer.

Infinities will be the death of all modern science and mathematics, eventually, as more and more of these things appearing all the time uncontrollably everywhere, which will render all science inert eventually and by association, civilization too. Only then we will be forced to accept open systems in every aspect of life along with the closed and isolated systems, otherwise we will all die and all our history as a species will of been for nothing.

The signs are already there, when they are now handing out Nobel Prizes for theoretical things that have not been proven and awarding patents to things never invented, as shown previously. Once this nonsense starts there's no going back because no one in authority is going to admit they are wrong, so the countdown to the destruction of our civilization is on, and it will follow the same pattern as our favourite mathematicians who have gone insane and so it will be for society in each individual. What started as technical arrogance with the development of The Bomb; it all ends up being plain-simple vanity.

Modern science also refuses to acknowledge a higher intelligence called: Nature, but instead treats it like some alien creature to be conquered or some foreign substance to be plundered like we treat people, cultures and nations with superior or different intellects, or with unique ways of doing things. This is why I say that modern science is only about money, bigotry and power. Before there are any discoveries there is vanity and conquest behind it all.
The first thing Galileo did with his "improved" telescope was to license it to stock brokers, who could now see a full two hours ahead of everybody what ships were coming in to port where those futures were being traded which then could be manipulated. Today this situation has only been perfected where the future, itself, is what's being manipulated and by the most dull and unimaginative.

People that are supposedly stupid or bad in math, like Albert Einstein and Michael Faraday, were people that can only understand it in an Open System Construct because that is the way their brains are wired by Nature and it is society that eventually loses for not taking advantage of this vast repository of knowledge, insight and expertise so that it will pursue only the course of Determinist intellectuals, exclusively, who decide what things should be before they even know these new things. So the stuff they teach everybody in schools and universities looks like Chinese (no offense) to these people and is as difficult to learn, and what they do understand they see as a devolution to their own psyche.

In evolution, they completely ignore its path as an Open System, in an Open System as demonstrated by plant life, who have been around longer than anything, which, according to fossil records, are going in the direction of simplicity but, on the other hand, they are also evolving more complex relationships with other things which is a form of thermal equilibrium, nothing more, nothing less and nothing is wasted. If you look at these evolution pictures and explanations all you see are hominids and nothing else and we are supposed to think of these things as guides where in actuality, evolution involves every species on this planet, not just monkeys and one day it will involve new species on other worlds when we dispose of our bigotry because there will be an evolution of all life in the galaxy and neighbouring galaxies to consider.

This includes Islam and Christianity etc. will have little meaning at those magnitudes; only humanity will be important for us in this perspective of thought because the bigger the Universe gets the smaller god (and the devil) becomes. All we need to do is to get off this planet and see other things and be part of them.

Programs that plan to bring people to live permanently on Mars will have to bring plants and animals and germ pools with them otherwise they will die in a very short time, — forget the other problems and threats like radiation. Mars has no compatible organic chemistry so we have to bring our own. This is another problem because we must not go live there before an entire chemical survey of the planet has been made because once we arrive there this will forever be changed upon the first dust storm, and we will have lost a type of information that cannot be calculated in its importance which for sure will be an incalculable loss because this has already happened before in many situations.

It is not important that we go to Mars but more important that we learn from Mars and the real reason why they want to go there is to mine its fissionable material on that planet that's abundant on its surface where they have even detected Natural Fission Reactors on its surface and that's also how they know that there is water there because these things don't work without water. The entire story of going to Mars, the way it's being marketed to the public, is a total sham.

There should be an international moratorium where only science can go there to complete its work on Mars before anything, and this will take a long time and our plans may have to be changed to conform to any new findings. If we start plundering planets like they propose, then one day we may get exterminated by a superior life form/intelligence, which cannot be reasoned with, where by comparison, will give the Nazis an inefficiency rating concerning things like this. We must demonstrate an example to the Universe whether there is extraterrestrial life or not out of principle, and planet Mars would prove who we are to anything that may come and this information cannot be faked and will last forever because it will be in the rocks of Mars, and rocks don't lie.

It's better if we go to the Moon first and build colonies there because that is sterile and there is nothing chemical, whether it be organic or inorganic to be learned there and it will make great practice; besides, The Moon and the Earth belong to each other. The Moon can be a great crossroad and starting off point for the exploration of the rest of the solar system if we follow a procedure and strict scientific protocols.

A new type of extraterrestrial economy for the future is being mused upon as you're reading this and they will need lots of new slaves too, to mine and process this stuff in the most economical way which translates into human lives.
All economies, in all of history started with slavery because the authorities were never smart enough to figure out, in advance, how to make a profit out of anything intrinsic, and so it is the same today. Solomon and all the Pharaohs etc. were all mental retards and were just bullies and nothing has changed today for any form of "authority". I'm not being paranoid as I couldn't care less as I'm too old for this. I just look at all history and the economics and sources of energy of the times and it's always the same story. Burying your head in the sand will not make evil go away but you will certainly find hell putting your head in that direction.

A piece of metal would know more its destiny than we would because this is like a person who has been incarcerated for 20 years telling us what the world is like outside. Never in all history have we known so much and so little at the same time and most people are cutting themselves off from the Universe but not beyond what personalized entropy each of those individuals can inflict on their environments and personal beings first which in Physical Education is called 'Fat' and 'Obesity' or overfed but undernourished.

What third system will you, yourself, add to this dichotomy of "knowing so little and so much" to arrive at an equitable equivalence? I have a challenge for all mathematicians; Let's see you develop an Open system algebra, calculus, set theory, probability theorem and field theories etc. etc. whatever you want, and watch how fast your paper will get published or acknowledged. What I just said in this preceding sentence is an open system algebraic mathematical statement itself: Hint: the created double meaning of the words "how fast" actually expresses only one conclusion which would be the result and that is the magic of equivalence in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics which applies to every single thing, you can think of, in the Universe. Nothing escapes Thermodynamics.

At least some intelligent people will realize that they are actually working for a system and not for science or humanity to be treated as such, because only they have the ability to shut down the machinery of war and plunder and start redirecting misinformation to where it really belongs if they are true to their Science and Nature.
Any government or any system exclusively devoted to money and authority cannot know what's coming next unless you tell them because you are the scientist, but the people can know and don't even need to ask such questions and for those that don't know this, I present these articles on 'The Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics' to help themselves for free. So in today's system: If you question authority you are considered evil, and if you don't ask any questions you are considered stupid but then this is only a system of modern thought that is as repugnant as 'political correctness'.

Each electron and each positron and each position in the entire Universe has a unique signature somewhere inside it or about it. If this was not so, then the Universe would of annihilated itself as fast as it would of created itself by instant random-chance and because matter and anti matter were together once upon a time in what would of appeared as a form of Reverse-Inflation completely retracing its course but not in the way it was created because destruction would also occur faster than light and would of been called "Deflation". There are other models involving 'the big bang' which I could discuss for hours but this would serve no purpose and they all end the same way as I have just described, so this one example is 'Sufficient'.
The Universe does not act like any kind of lottery and Entropy is a sort of safety valve that adds necessary complexity to any system (in this case proposed matter antimatter reactions) that can destroy the Universe making annihilation always impossible yet it does not disturb the properties of anything as all energy and matter together are the same in that they perform exact functions. If it weren't for entropy the universe would not exist and just because entropy can spoil your milk and you get upset over that, — well, that's not Nature's problem but if you take the time, you will discover yogurt or cheese which are more valuable.

Whatever is lost through entropy is regained, — and More, in an open system elsewhere in time, matter and space where it exists as something else but if you confined everything to the Second Law of Thermodynamics and its closed systems, then you cannot see entropy's magic and beneficial value because it is only in that law as a fiat economic entity or system, so that it can justify loss for the masses and create enormous riches for our captains of industry and bankers by making everything perishable, including energy when it is stored for the future in case of an emergency. With the Third Law of Thermodynamics (which must deal with open systems), entropy is an entirely different thing, as explained in HTML'S MAGIC 'Extreme Cold' where it also involves information systems in Nature, so this is not part of this discussion.

Entropy is also a kind of Thermodynamic cycle for bad systems and bad ideas that are unavoidable — even to Nature, that makes every single identical thing slightly different (only systems are identical and put all different systems together, again none are identical), which means there is no such thing as exact counterparts of Matter and Antimatter and those slight differences are enough to maintain the Universe in perpetuity because not everything gets destroyed and also makes these things "want" to avoid each other despite their attraction to each other.

Principles governing Infinity even forbid the idea of the existence of any particle, somewhere, has an exact perfect counterpart anywhere else in the Universe so you can forget even 'identical' things altogether too if you happen to be thinking about that, especially in matters concerning symmetry or super symmetry instead of thinking: Equivalency or Sufficiency or Equilibrium. Besides that, from an entirely different point of view, there is no need for any kind of symmetry except in special circumstances, and the Universe is certainly the least crystal-like entity, yet it is perfect.

Also, as previously mentioned elsewhere, the equation for energy might look good on paper but we must consider that it would take an infinite number of protocols to release every bit of energy into another system and this includes hypothetical systems like the 'Big bang'. And the big bang, according to artistic philosophy, is a contradiction together with any energy equation including Plank's energy equation; so, one has to go.

The theory to choose to preserve is the one that tells the other one to go, and only one type of theory in this case, does this, which is E =MC2 or E = h\ν etc.. and not intellectual theories or ideas that have nothing to do with thermodynamics. For those who laugh and criticize these articles where I implicate the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics in everything, regarding any subject, I will remind you that people already discuss the thermodynamic principles of Entropy in every aspect of life, who in an entropic manner and through Equivalence they have made this very convenient for me to do this. The meaningless of life is transformed to life having meaning.

One day Antimatter, by order of mathematicians (at least one with some cojones), will be considered as entirely different things altogether and just happen to react with their presently named counterparts with our primitive particle physics, and will have to be given new names because the numbers say so. This is because there is a Jupiter-sized difference between Electromagnetic matter antimatter (electron/positrons) and non-electromagnetic matter and antimatter (neutrino and anti-neutrino) but a particle with no mass (light at plasma energy levels) can be changed to two particles with mass (a particle and antiparticle, or a one neutral particle with no mass (neutrino at plasma energy levels) can also be can be changed to two particles with mass (a particle and antiparticle but there is no electromagnetism) etc. etc. just look up Feynman diagrams but not in the way that they use Feynman diagrams now, which attaches electromagnetic forces to particles suddenly and then not that should never have any in the first place because if these things really existed; Dirac who was a hell of a lot smarter would of predicted them. The way they play with these thing, you'd think they were made by children playing with blocks and then published as a joke.

The best analogy I can use is that they are corrupting quantum mechanics (not QED) and particle physics in the same way Maxwell et al. corrupted Faraday's Lines of Force and his theory of The Electromagnetic Field; by arbitrarily turned his lines of force into "Tubes of Force" and added Christian philosophy to it (gnosticism) and finished it off by making it amenable to the standardized closed systemed mathematics of exploration exploitation which created the Electromagnetic aether for the transmission of light, which they conveniently always leave out today with these lying videos on science nowadays.

History is simply repeating itself for the umpteenth time in science as demonstrated in the history of Thermodynamics because of this morbid need to own and control everything. What scientific method, experiments or observations did Maxwell use to turn perfectly sound lines into ridiculous tubes sending the entire edifice of science back to the 17th century where they believed in things like Newtonian Frigorific particles and Phlogiston, except to serve some closed systems run by governments, financiers and organized religion?

This is because this turns Faraday's open electrical systems into a closed electrical system, which turns science into a business and then makes those, in the know, rich beyond avarice and allows the emotionally retarded, through humanity as a catalyst who love them and buy their new products, to feel they own and control Nature by being a new munificent star in the Universe.

Maxwell's Tubes and modern day Strings should be used instead to describe the external curvature and dynamics of a turd and nothing more, Where Faraday is still handy because his theory can describe the steam coming of their new fresh 'defecation of science' and create a field again and restore things somewhat but it's not as pretty as it was before. The damage is already done and its too late now. Mankind NEEDS an "Apocalypse Now" because there are too many people who are irresponsible, uncaring, unqualified and greedy, hogging all the attention, money and energy from everybody and in any revolution it is only them who will suffer.

Ironically, cynicism itself might be a "cure" but simply excluding all funding for all theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists on Earth, burn their books, and when they have a conference, we go there to pelt them with matter, preferably the rotten kind, like they did with things, performers and with presider's we disliked old days.

Invented nonsense from theoretical/particle physicists, intellectuals and cosmologists that can only be portrayed properly by The Bard of Avon.
This higgs boson thing they made at CERN produces too many photons to be a higgs boson (those damn numbers again!). Oh yes, they discovered a new boson (and they will probably discover many more) but it wasn't a higgs boson for sure, no matter how they play with the figures with their wishful thinking. The Standard Model is now dead, and good riddance because infinity has just crept in and they will never get rid of it here.

This embarrassment is now being brushed under the carpet, so now all you hear from CERN these days in the news (2013) is about Quarks and "higgs bosons decaying into B quarks" B-Quarks, which is a very safe subject especially when they change the wording for "probabilities" into "preferences" as if these things were still god particles with one single personality but is this worth the billions of dollars they spend because any comedian could be hired and this would cost much less. This is not because the accelerator is being retrofitted either as there is already enough data compiled to write papers for the next 10,000 years.

The entire thing should get decommissioned and they should do their particular physics experiments in the open system of space (on the moon or a Von Braun wheel in orbit), which is where particle physics belongs because they (particles and energy), among other things, are to be found naturally in unshielded space. Particle physics, (I hope) will be more like geology in the future and not a playground for the intellectual who always think in an arbitrary manner and corrupt everything they think about regardless of the subject. First they decide it's the light from the Moon and then they decide it's from the Sun, like in this video clip from a scene in one of Shakespeare's plays.

Faraday had created a brand new Mathematics to describe Electromagnetism because open system math and geometry (fields) didn't exist (and still don't exist, — "I wonder why.....?") and all open system math and its developments today are still suppressed for obvious reasons. His mathematics and theory needed to be "corrected" or "modernized" back then even though his system was, and still is, considered superior by reputable mathematicians and physicists. "There will be none of this nonsense where there are no gods or fate in this universe!" and guess who decided this nonsense even though all scientific findings show that god is not necessary to create anything or things can appear spontaneously by themselves without any explanation besides thermal equilibrium, and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics can confirm this.
This does not mean that gods don't exist; it just means that, according to Faraday's theories, gods are not contractors, plumbers, electricians and maids. Nature does all the house cleaning and maintenance or demolition depending on what system we put Nature to work, or observe It in. Faraday's math also inferred different things which makes a lot more sense and points to something entirely new to today's understanding of matter/energy that exists and can explain a lot of phenomena that classical and quantum mechanics cannot explain where there is no point to me describing this here because I have never known any scientist who wants to talk about these things and be inclined to developing them.

You'll have to wait a couple of thousand years because this is something I like to call: 'The Aristotle Effect' where in the battle of good science and bad science, bad science always wins and rules the roost for a few thousand years and serves other completely irrelevant systems like organized religion as one example. This is so because people make a living out of creating cow-dung science because they know how the market and sell things and science is a marketable system like no other, and we have the history to prove it too.

So when a person like me hears complaining and sees the news it falls on blind eyes and deaf ears and not because I'm insensitive; Not one bit. The only thing I can tell you is that we will know about Faraday, Darwin and Einstein in a couple of thousand years from now and nothing about Maxwell, Clausius, Kelvin and cronies.

People have to remember that Faraday was viewed as a prophet in his time by everybody universally, especially when he announced and demonstrated the Electromagnetic Properties of Light, and this has been rehabilitated politically in our textbooks and reference materials, like Einstein and Darwin are today by corporately sponsored and politically reliable/malleable theoretical/particle physicists, intellectuals and cosmologists, and everybody knows what happens to prophets regardless if they are the religious kind or the scientific kind and that's all I'm going to say about that, but there is sufficient description, here, to put some doubt to anything you read about in theoretical and particle physics and cosmology for any intelligent person to appreciate and create his own equivalency.

By smashing subatomic particles in accelerators one also interferes with their equivalencies and differences so that any conjecture about the energies produced must be stated with regards to those energy states with the system included and not any "ideal" energy state because entropy itself has different states, and one of them is in storage of energy or information . Just this stuff right here would take more than a thousand years to study with computers that would be a hundred time faster than they have now and they are talking about god and teleportation seriously?

Woe! One minute please; I think it's time to do some urine analysis in some faculties and administration and forget the students and what they're up to with their parties. In comparison, it is the students, with their sordid activities in college and university, who are probably learning something that will have meaning to their lives where none of these intellectuals would be able to survive or make a living away from their institutions or government/corporate sponsors they depend on.

These double slit experiments you see on video everywhere from any host are all closed systems and they apply quantum rules to it when quantum mechanics can only exist in an open system and cannot be observed properly in a closed system which is what Dirac and Heisenberg were trying to get through into people's heads and still today in 2013 no one in the scientific community understands this or don't they want to understand this because they are selling something that you can do yourself at home, if you knew how and why.

From Dr. Alisa Bokulich for Research Gate, describes a long-standing, though little known, debate between Dirac and Heisenberg over the nature of scientific methodology, theory change, and intertheoretic relations. Following Heisenberg's terminology, their disagreements can be summarized as a debate over whether the classical and quantum theories are “open” or “closed.” A close examination of this debate sheds new light on the philosophical views of two of the great founders of quantum theory. [Open or closed?]

An experiment is changed or disturbed not just by observing it but also by not observing it. It can and does change itself all the time without the need for human companionship. According to Matter and Energy; We don't exist — but don't take this personally. Theorist and cosmologists use of language is primitive, anthropomorphic, closed systemed and extremely Newtonian with exclusive second-law-of-thermodynamic characteristics because no subatomic particle should be referred to as the same name or idea when it is at relative-rest and when it is not and the use of 'electron volt' just doesn't cut it to describe these changes especially when describing particles that have nothing to do with electromagnetism and yet they increase their electrical "charge" by movement as if they had anything to do with Maxwellian electromagnetism which is one of the ideas of Nature very amenable to the Second Law of Thermodynamics but not the First Law.

So basically if you look around you, everything you see working is there because the world of man is just one big cash register. Some people are the pennies in the till and others are the hundred dollars bills under the till. People are trained or educated to be limited to those forms of energy that can only be traded and have no knowledge of forms of energy that cannot be traded but are available to all. The traded forms of energy, themselves, have a built-in life expectancy or shelf life if not utilized just like buying time for a pay and talk cell phone that whether you use it or not, will expire in so many days and it must be replenished with more cash.

The gasoline you buy is a volatile substance and will evaporate, lose its octane level and take on moisture too and become completely useless if left to stand in storage where there is any contact with any kind of open system which it must because of thermal equilibrium. At the very least, this is not friendly science and technology but our relationships with these sorts keep growing and growing where many connections should actually be terminated. In the philosophy of modern science they call this 'entropy' which is a patent lie since energy is perfectly capable of being made non-perishable where it can be stored for emergencies or stored when prices are cheap.

The proletariat cannot ever get out of this economic hole with this type of economic situation that's sold to the public as an scientific fact and now the middle class is starting to feel this too and going about it the wrong way in fixing this because of their programming and "education" makes them see things the way the banks and conglomerates and religious leaders want them to see, react and perceive things.

This is what I call 'Quantum Hypocrisy' or 'Quantum Laziness' that induce tiny changes in quantum theory itself and in classical mechanics, created with tiny parcels of 'laziness', 'hypocrisy' and "avarice' (well they have god particle, why not devil particles too) and relating to things as if they had similar characteristics meaning that quantum mechanics is itself quantum mechanics and must be looked after properly. This is no different than the Insinuating-Frigorific particles, or Caloric or Phlogiston of the 17th, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and you didn't argue with physicists then too as already described in 'Extreme Cold' unless you were independently very rich and influential like Robert Boyle was. If any of these things actually related to Newton's mechanics, he would of thought of those possibilities in 17th century himself just like they imagined black holes, except they were called 'invisible stars' back then because one only needs Newtonian Mechanics to create one and not Relativity and Newton and his group already theorized that light was a substance (corpuscular) that only existed in motion and since there is only motion involved with these particles, we then have waves, but they did not know yet of substance (particles and fields) like ionized and non-ionized particles and which don't reflect and refract the same way as electrons (as waves) and photons do because they can exist at any speed or rest but not light speed and can have other wave characteristics besides the traverse wave which is the only type of wave allowed for electromagnetic energy. For instance: One cannot always polarize ionized plasma; it must be emitted artificially in the form of a traverse wave to demonstrate those properties and depending on the type of plasma it is will determine whether it can be affected with ferro-magnetism, diamagnetism or not.

Black holes, which made their "debut" in the 1960's even though they have been around since the 17th century and repackaged as something new, like a lot of the discoveries first made by artists and Natural Philosophers, and then they put the cart before the horse by using General Relativity to say Einstein predicted these things when in fact, he only confirmed these things with General Relativity and they were known as 'invisible stars' that were already theorized in Newtonian Laws of Gravity and by others (geologists) using different methods.

Now, through astronomy with Jupiter's moons they already knew in the 17th century that light was affected by gravity and in the 19th by electromagnetism too. My question is: How cut off from Nature and Humanity and Human history must you be to write, say and "discover" things like that and then receive a doctorate on top of all this? Then from their imaginary universe they tell us what reality is.

Not only do they not know Relativity, they know nothing about the history of Relativity either, — forget thermodynamics because that is already expecting too much. So it's not so difficult to understand why your life and everything around you is so screwed up and unstable. Why ? To make money, and the only way these sorts know how to make money is to disrupt or steal everything they see and touch.

There is no difference in a used car salesman and a theoretical/particle physicist or a cosmologist and not surprisingly; they use mathematics in the same way. Go see Wikipedia and look up these useless theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists and see how busy these guys are. Look at the list of bullshit books and documentaries they've made and none of them are associated with any applied physicists or chemists that work in actual laboratories/observatories in legitimate first class universities.

This is why particle accelerators are useless devices for creating any energy research for practical use when they shouldn't be if their theories about matter antimatter are true, or should also be used for fusion experiments also which are never done for some reason that I'm sure is not for an esoteric reason but will be if I inquire. CERN would be perfect for performing Muon-catalyzed fusion experiments. I'm sure that everyone would agree that looking for new energy sources and performing experiments to research this at CERN, is more important than finding god and putting him in a bottle and putting it on a shelf somewhere but these devices are already attached to corrupt areas in science and this, ironically, is also another reason why they won't find any god particle. Personally I think the idea of god is a wonderful thing on its own and this idea, belief or faith does not need to prove its existence with any particle accelerator, but God is something you must discover on your own and it's a unique experience for each individual because that is what love is whether you believe in a vengeful "god all mighty" or a "god of love" which is not something one learns from reading a book, watching a documentary/video or listening to a cleric or vicar in some Halloween costume.

Sometimes I fantasize that CERN is actually something else, like an experimental teleportation or hyperspace communication device that uses something like 'Second Life' as an interace interface for either alien technology/dimensions or for crackpot Trans-humanists (don't forget to Image Search this word) who make Christian Scientists, Dianetics and Quantum Mystics look normal in comparison with disturbed identity and purpose that only imitates madness because of its insanity which cannot be equivalent to the reality of madness itself, and because the expense and the reason for its existence, is not equivalent to its excuse for existing in reality, so, it must be either something else or scientists and governments are extremely naïve which I don't believe, or they are trying to create some anti-meson particle beam weapon as already related.

But it's for sure that if they did discover accidentally the anti-meson, it's for sure they would use it after claiming that they were its discoverers and it wasn't an accident and I wonder which planet they would use to blow up first with it. Technical arrogance did not stop with The Bomb.

Things like the movie Avatar (2009), to me, are possibly real because I really don't see the value in these experiments at CERN, especially when considering the expenses and resources involved. I don't think they are in actual communication with anything out there, but they may be just exploring for now with their "avatars" and this is described by its director/producer who in interviews says that illusion and reality are the same and even illusions should be treated with more consideration. What kind of system for humanity is he therefor describing and why does he pontificate? There must be something going on, that they are hiding, because even the most extravagant kings in any age didn't spend money in such a manner. In today's world; Is proving the Standard Model, which is now showing age, so important and can't wait awhile? What's the rush all about?

Whatever it is, it bares a resemblance to a cult of some kind because it has the same signature as any other cult just by the way they talk and do things and their weird relationships with other research institutions, think tanks, the media and universities that are also questionable themselves. Anyway who cares, because whatever it is they are looking for they'll never find conclusively, and whatever they would be hiding will come out eventually because the Second Law of Thermodynamics says so and I don't care how many precautions they take. This is why they created "Access to classified information laws" (after X number of years) because governments know that you can't hide things forever, so they grab the spotlight instead to appear magnanimous. All we need to do is sit and wait for it to happen if they are hiding something, one way or the other.

That's the last behemoth particle accelerator that's ever going to get built and when it gets decommissioned, that's it (I see dead accelerators) because there are other areas of science besides particle physics that are more important, interesting and profitable that need money too and believe me they'll fight for it tooth and nail and those other scientists are poised to fight any kind of funding for any new and bigger accelerator in the future. The internet works both ways and not just in the favour of CERN.

Chemists are already screaming and besides they will already of accumulated enough data to keep universities busy for centuries if what they tell us is true, so more research would be redundant if they don't study the old data first to understand the new data and know what to search for. One way or another these things are finished and we'll stop hearing nonsense from these kind of theorists for a couple of hundred years. Praise the Lord.

This video keeps moving around so here's a clip of what I'm describing about Second Life in this section.
Notice the world is like those crayon drawings you see on fridges yet this place is designed for adults.

Did you ever meet people who use 'Second Life', who are Trans-humanists, or see an interview with these miserable-creepy middle class on video documentaries? Seeing is believing and you'll understand what I mean when seeing our wonderful and forever smiling Dr. Michio Kaku again at the 9m 30s time stamp: Visions Of The Future (1 of 3) The Intelligence Revolution (Use the info to google-search elsewhere if link no longer works). Here we learn with this link "Denial-of-service attacks in the virtual world of Second Life which work by continually replicating objects until the server crashes" demonstrates where evil is good and good is evil; completing a cycle in Equivalence because a virtual universe necessitates this behaviour. Nature does this to separate different universes from invading each other and that is why good and evil exists. The worst thing is these Trans-humanist emotional degenerates, including those people who meet and get married through 'Second Life' and such similar sites will breed and improve the Monster Quotient (the M.Q.) of society. (see video clip above)

If you are incapable of walking up to somebody you like, IN REALITY, and simply say 'Hello' while politely introducing yourself in a social setting; where you will know right away how they feel about you, by how they respond to your greeting and introduction with their body language, you should not have any kind of deep emotional relationship with anybody or have children until this is corrected, or if you can't find someone you like anywhere you, also, shouldn't have any kind of relationship with anyone because if you hate life and hate people you should demonstrate some integrity and not look for friends or bother anyone or get married and have children for appearances sake.

People who create relationships from artificial environments they control or project that can only be created visually on a computer and communicate through text and does not involve the other senses are not relationships but systems and not a system for creating relationships as there is a big difference. Text is not an adequate replacement or demonstration of your personality. Psychological studies have shown that people are different when they write and when they talk although they themselves may be unaware of this but they do involve different parts of the brain and different parts have different connections to each other to do this. Any relationship that starts off with disguises, makeup, attitudes, masks or preconceived notions in any kind of setting will end with those things, or they will be the instrument of its deterioration. A human being is a human being which is a complete thing both good and bad and cannot be separated or divided into bits with the use of emphasizing technology, philosophy or special techniques otherwise everything is all fake and dishonest or they are pretending.

The Mean Apple Tree in the Wizard of Oz
If ever I created a second life at Second Life, I would probably make myself 'The Mean Apple Tree' in a wicked witch's forest and throw apples at passers-by to demonstrate the fictitious force of acceleration instead of the force of gravity. I would undoubtedly improve the trees appearance into something macabre that resembles Bette Davis during her later acting career in the sixties. Of course this would never be allowed as seen in; This article because it seems that this virtual community is something like a religious compound and is overly Disney-sanitized to the point that Plato would love this place and its neurotic bourgeois patrons. Everything "there" has the same artistic integrity and reality as any crayon drawing found on any fridge door which seems to be the style of art that is most appearing to the middle class.

Yes, here one can make oneself appear as, and do, anything in this game/world but the system can't be changed into what you think It Looks Like and use/apply the actual laws physics there to prove it. Second Life assumes that the system, here, is always perfect but the people in them are never. The philosophy of trans-humanism is Orwellian New-speak for 'Degeneracy'.

The money, spent to create CERN could of been used to develop technology that would bring energy, education, transportation and telecommunications to the entire world, instead of leaving the development of communications to monsters at Harvard that create things like the Facebook social network or Linden research. As mentioned before, CERN is so big and there are so many people who work there, no one knows what is actually going on but someone high-up does. What science needs is more minds that are screwed on properly and not more particles and theories and there's only one possible resource for that. The subjects might be hard but please make education easy and available to all or do I also need to draw you guys a schematic?

For students to earn their Ph.D.'s in theoretical/particle physics: As interns without pay for 18 months, university students there, are given instructions of what to do and when to do it and no one knows why and then you get your Ph.D. Then these students get jobs teaching esoteric cow pies and write books and make science videos telling us what the Universe is all about, which all appear miraculously on You Tube for some reason because of their supposed profoundness which is something You Tube is not known for. Yet on the other hand, the Bio Molecular Revolution has given everyone AIDS because now everyone can be tested positive for a variety of illnesses that they are prone to genetically and are now denied health coverage all the while, scientists also can already correct many of these defective genes or diseases; yet people are still denied health coverage after treatment of the likelihood of a disease that hasn't even occurred yet!!? Even if you are completely cured your medical dossier can be used against you by medical insurance companies. This of course is a replacement for the concept of "Original Sin" because it can be demonstrated in a court of law so this is a secularized version of ancient-religious concepts that are great for stealing money from the poor and making sure they stay poor. Remember when I was talking about science creating new business opportunities in the guise of improving things for everybody? The only thing they improve is private enterprise, not free enterprise and this is just one tiny example I can cite along with these bogus Ph.D's they're handing out nowadays because that is how private enterprise operates which is to corrupt systems that were once good which free enterprise never does.
Free enterprise builds nations; Private enterprise destroys nations.

Even if you are accepted for coverage they can change their minds anytime especially when you file a claim and you don't get your money refunded after paying years of insurance premiums. See: Video: Visions of the Future part (2 of 3) The Biotech Revolution. How and why people accept these conditions concerning their health, is itself a diagnosis and is about as close to any kind of treatment anyone gets in countries that have private health care and private hospitals. Where is it written when Ronald Reagan said that the Doctors well being and his future, and pharmaceutical companies well being and their future and insurance companies well being and their future is more important than, and the patients well being and his future, and how is this "health" supposed to be a threat to democracy and freedom, and what do they have to do with each other? For people to actually agree with this nonsense about freedom and liberty shows that they are opportunists themselves or are completely devoid of critical thinking and are ready to exploit others at the drop of a hat. It's also never mentioned that socialized medicine emphasizes preventive medicine and private medicine wants none of that. What's important in circumstances such as this, is to find out where Ronald Reagan's recordings were sent, and why they were only sent to those locations, and only to house wives, and why this did not cause a scandal. Then everyone can ask what are the Democrats doing, and what are the journalists doing and what are the people doing? In the end: America is America is America. See: Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine.

More Things that Don't Make Sense To Play Around With
All these things being produced and everything I've talked about so far require Energy and without Thermodynamics, there is no science or technology. I don't care if you are on your knees praying or doing something else while on your knees, that's not very much different, or sitting on the Throne or playing with atom smashers it still all requires energy and Thermodynamics to perform. So when they talk about Matter Anti-Matter reactions, this is where I draw the line, as they are all just nominal reactions that also only produce electromagnetic energy which is a complete contradiction because if there was a reaction it would produce every form of energy and not just the electromagnetic kind, since we are talking about matter as the source. Regardless, there is always something produced or there are bits left over or both, and the way they describe this thing to people, they leave out some important parts, — which also explains this stupid article on plain-old Thermodynamics and why it is so long and appears as an indictment and an antithesis (which is no longer required when producing a paper for a doctorate). If black holes show anything to the layman, they indicate that a photon of pure energy (not my title or idea) after a matter antimatter collision such as an electron and positron can be turned back into mass so nothing was really destroyed according to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics; unless you are a Determinist and an Existentialist and love the Second Law of Thermodynamics and closed systems because the gamma ray produced is not the end of the story by far, and may also be another reason why black holes are invisible and not just because light does not escape their gravity because we simply can't see a photon with mass which a black hole can conceivably create. The light may be drawn in because of time distortions caused by gravity that creates effect before cause since the light particle Will have mass, so it already does and acts accordingly from our perspective . Anyway, no one can say what actually happens all the time with anything going on in the Universe.

That is why in matter antimatter reactions there are waste products without entropy created from such reactions in laboratories, as it comes not from, the initially violent, matter anti-matter reaction themselves, but by this reaction being instigated, moderated and regulated by the particle's constituents themselves and not everything is destroyed because they are all (each particle) slightly unique in themselves and every constituent of every particle is not necessarily a counter-particle to the the set of particles in the other particle of matter.

If one could sent two particles or protons through an accelerator, moving in the same direction, in exact parallel positions, and then make them collide; one of the particles would go towards the imminent collision before the other because open system physics demands this, regardless of how many dimensions are involved in the experiment.

Only the system calling itself matter and antimatter was destroyed which calls into question the perception and philosophy of science itself where we may ask who presided on that occasion to decide that systems are only things to be observed and counted, and not actual things and sell only that as reality, where mathematicians also now fall into question for creating this closed-minded idea of Nature.

Finally an anti particle can only be produced from a non-antiparticle parents like the way the positron is created, which may point to a completely different architecture in particle physics that either they don't know about, or they're not telling us about or its just plain arrogance, stupidity and vanity - You decide. but it's now easy to imagine that every single higgs boson that exists, would be slightly different in some way so there cannot be a single thing that exists, that imparts mass, of any kind, in a universal way, and in a finite number of steps. So forget the scientific propaganda and media circus, fascinating though it is; it's all a bunch of bovine excrement. It's better to go back and envision these things the way Dirac envisioned them as systems not particles because that is what they were working on in those days when they were trying to understand the quantum and build it into a structure and then all the incompetents came in after them and Feynman saved what he could by creating his wonderful Diagrams. So, to this day the only thing that's intact in Quantum Mechanics is 'Quantum Electrodynamics', and everything else in quantum mechanics is in shambles and guess where all our favourite charlatan theoretical/particle physicists in association with cosmologists and quantum mystics, string theorists, dark "matterists" etc. work now and talk their nonsense through? There are no crackpot theorists whose specialty is in QED and for that you can thank Dr. Richard Feynman.

On paper, E= MC2 might amount to a lot of untapped energy potential in matter but to release every drop of energy you'll end up with a deficit in the end because there are an indefinite number of protocols required to do this and some of those protocols don't even exist anymore but only existed long ago, where the Universe was quite different and what we "see" now as "matter" is mostly many left over condensed phenomena from that time; or it takes more than a thousand eons for this energy to be released, as many examples can be found in the Sun alone where some cycles take millions and other cycles take billions of years to complete despite the the amount of matter contained within it, being made unstable by enormous pressure and forces and extreme heat. Not everything reacts instantly like gunpowder or some fertilizer plant somewhere, that all must blow up because of the meta-truth of Inevitably, which is part of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.

Whatever reactions going on in black holes may take trillions or quadrillions of years to complete and since radiation is not the only form of heat, when people like Stephen Hawking only discuss radiation and sometimes as evaporation, I feel that there is a bit of grotesque naiveté here. E= MC2 when properly and respectfully handled, can point to a Fourth Law of Thermodynamics in that would say something like: 'You cannot release all Energy in any Matter in a Finite number of steps' or as my hero Socrates would say, if he were alive today: "All knowledge cannot be achieved in a finite number of steps" and that is an issue for some future civilization to deal with because this is unacceptable to the modern system of scientists today. All nuclear, chemical and physical reactions all fall into what-when-where-why-how statistical and probability tables and this includes all reactions and activities in Classical Mechanics. The modern scientist not only patents his discoveries as a service to private enterprise and the banks but even predicts what will be patented in the future. It is not who owns the patent that is important; it is who owns the scientist.

All subatomic particles, cannot all, be considered and manipulated as quanta, especially those particles at rest or can be made to rest. These particles all fall into the realm of Classical Physics (nuclear Physics and its child specialties, so far) which, as demonstrated in Quantum Electrodynamics, is the only place where classical and quantum mechanics are in perfect accord, and also why we know much less about neutrons and other neutral particles as compared to our knowledge of electrons and/or particles that are electromagnetic including quasiparticles. So Quantum mechanics has just as many problems as classical mechanics so don't believe anything or anyone who tells you stupid things like; 'quantum mechanics is more fundamental' and an assortment of crackpot theories which the modern our age is not immune to yet. Finally when an idiot physicist tells you condescendingly on video: "If you think you understand quantum mechanics then you don't understand quantum mechanics" well that is a redundant statement and It's putting the cart before the horse which, oddly, can be used as a way to describe quantum mechanics itself! So we don't need the physicist after all. He's needed but he's not needed at the same time. He can be there or he doesn't need to be there.

Sometimes the bullet will not go off, or the car won't start the first time or as Mrs. Truman once demonstrated, the bomber won't get christened (see clip below this picture). They know this in the military because they drop a lot of bombs and the ones that won't go off, for no reason, they call 'Duds'. On the other hand, a lot of machines and devices fix themselves which has no explanation anywhere. The same goes for diseases and illnesses. To me, this means that everyone, already, has an instinctive capacity to understand the Quantum, and "counter intuitiveness" becomes something else that explains more the spokesperson's capacities, intellect and insufficient imagination to understand and express these ideas and since no one has, since, asked a physicist to be a philosopher anyway. There is also a very distinctive classical-mechanical allergy to closed-system mathematics by quantum mechanics. In any subatomic structure there is contained an indefinite assortment of different types of energies that require each of them a different procedure or protocol to tap into, not to mention a definite time schedule, that is unique, for any particular reaction.

"Accidental" Trick Shot!
There are no such things as accidents in the reality of physics but being alive is to be considered an interface to explore and welcome all of Nature.
Some of these energies were created out of systems that don't exist anymore but existed long ago and are therefor impossible to tap into today, therefor complete annihilation is impossible. It is their form of inevitability that is in equilibrium with another future that makes their reality incomprehensible when the future arrives. We are aware of only a few forms of energy and a couple forces which is nothing compared to what actually exists. These differences allow the Universe to thrive and release energy from matter in an orderly fashion without too many dangerous problems. We not only see a limited spectrum, we exist in a limited spectrum of the universe since we are only affected by those energies that exist there. There are so many atoms and particles in the Universe because Nature needs this quantity to make the whole thing work and if it's still expanding then new matter is still being created too. I'm sure that many can understand when I compare this to what most people think of as power, there is no comparison and all the childish things we see on the "news" is a waste of time and certainly does not convey the truth unless your entire existence is only part of some man-made system.

This perfect amount in perfect balance that determines anything's capacities and relative size and their relation's point to something else automatically which we don't know about yet and are impossible for present science and mathematics to express because no one knows how to use the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics except artists. These physicists also forget that there are other realms and dimensions that require energy too and not just our puny three + one dimensions which may as well be renamed "human dimensions" because apparently we are the only beings aware of them and also love to enclose ourselves in them. We were never kicked out of paradise and thrown to the Earth but into 3 dimensions.

Ultimately it will be discovered, one way or another, that if you put a black hole of any size in a perfect vacuum, that is equivalent to nothing, the black hole will dissolve instantly because nothing itself is one of the most powerful forces of an open system in Sufficient dimensions, equivalence and quality and it is because of this force (weakened by the presence of matter) that black holes don't disappear entirely despite their immense gravity and is also the reason why they grow when they shouldn't but should go on shrinking forever but again if they were in a perfect vacuum they would dissolve, so somewhere in all this General Relativity is preserved and doesn't break down like they say it does. A Vacuum in an open system is a force and is far more powerful than gravity and will dissolve everything. The meta-question that physicists and cosmologists should be asking is: Is the Vacuum, as a system, increasing and accelerating too? And while I'm here, it is interesting to note that there never has ever been any scientist who ever asked meta-questions, in all history. Why? because (again) science is just a business. That air of superiority and intellect is all horse manure.

Black holes are literally held back from their outsides because of vacuum, and is analogous to a suspending post that looks like a support post in an attic or a suspension bridge (above); were when removing it, the floor or base collapses not the ceiling. This means that any black hole is as much part of the entire universe and cannot be treated, only, as a singular object in three dimensions. The very nature of how they are kept from collapsing signifies an exchange of energies between themselves and the Universe that go way beyond simple radiation and are actually systems that span the entire cosmos.

This is because something (a black hole) cannot shrink into 'another nothing' when a nothing already exists around it which we call space. Space is a "contaminated" nothing and space without contaminants is called a vacuum. This 'Nothing', whether "contaminated" or not is a field which, again, we call space. As a field it has the same effect of any other type of field that also has substance.

There is so much more but I think I have overextended my welcome here and shall wrap it up and move on but it does show to the layman that we have very far to go before we start telling each other what the Universe and life is all about so it's very important to not believe a word from of these theorists, cosmologist, philosophers and even what theologians tell anybody and it goes to show another example that Thermodynamics touches everything. Besides, everything intellectuals they discuss is impractical in the physical sense.

There is no reasons why our concepts of matter should also be tuned to, only, certain forms of matter where at one point, atomic nuclei like hadrons and the electron are only an extremely small manifestation of Quantum Particulate Matter (or so called Elementary Particles), as there is an entire universe of different combinations of composite particles to be discovered that would enhance any of our aspirations and needs and contribute to Nature's purpose provided we stop dictating, like priests, what Nature is and allow It, instead, to guide us through these vast realms. One day when we can build "Gravitators" with as much expense as we build our Accelerators today, we will know this, yet, this will not be invented by cloned Einsteins or Diracs etc. but by a unique intelligence that cannot be replicated or cloned and fooled into vanity, greed, flattery, comfort and luxury and all humanity as a species will have to conform to the dictates of energy and matter themselves, otherwise there won't be a future for us anywhere and the Universe will go on like before and other intelligent beings doing archaeological digs here on Earth of the Future will regard us as a failed species of life.

That's why we must get rid of all organized religions to begin with and replace them with nothing, not even atheism because they all teach us that we are failures with their Apocalypses and reincarnations and devils ruling this speck of dust in the Universe and messiahs doing whatever it is that messiahs do et cetera, et cetera and just this would be a quantum leap for humanity but still only a beginning. People can believe anything they want, so long as they just keep it in their hearts and not in their mouths and not organized like a union because this allows for interference which is not tolerated in true spirituality, which should be neutral regarding a physical universe.

Let these entities do the converting themselves like they did originally in their beginnings with their prophets. Then man should issue his own covenant/manifesto addressed to the Universe: "Any gods that need people for any evangelizing and converting are false gods; all gods must deliver their own messages from now on, and Humanity is not a courier service for anyone or anything that is extra-human, and angels or demons are no longer an acceptable facsimile, and we do not need to be blessed by anything because we are supposed to be "good" all by ourselves". Yet none of this would stop anyone from loving their favourite god, nor is it necessary to agree what god is where god is better when it is different in everybody and everything, because that's what god is supposed to be, is everything and each person and thing is one quantum-sized bit of this. No one can claim to be favoured, closer, more blessed, or more special to god and that's it. It's up to the individual to see the "holy" or miraculous in everything and in everybody.

As in politics and the news, do people in the west, when they hear about totalitarian states; do westerners actually believe that those people living there believe, themselves, that they exist in a totalitarian state? People believe what the government tells them to believe just like in North Korea, Iran or The United States. If you click on the picture you'll see how information is handled in a sleepy, boring, cold igloo-like Canada. Imagine what this must be like in a country that is creepy, paranoid and exploitative.
One day we may learn how to engineer the quantum itself like we engineer genes today, to improve the poor condition of our glorious leaders and captains of industry over here. First, here is some refreshing history for everybody young and old, which was, "not long ago and not and not very far away", when science was something else and their vision of technology for the future (now) was quite accurate but they never expected crappy and invasive things like Facebook and other general purpose social networks to come out, which is like inviting all the government and industrial Secret Intelligence Services of the world into your life and creating a trade-able form of commodity index with trends and groups.

You and Your personal life are being viewed as a method to buy, sell and trade goods and services and if you think you're being smart by being a troll or an anarchist, even an individualist, well that trend is also being traded with products designed and created to enhance that experience too, and are marketed instantly to you, making you and everyone else a fool regardless of what you think, feel or do. "Resistance is Futile" in the truest sense 'available'. STOP GIVING AWAY FREE INFORMATION OVER THE CELL PHONE. God, people even type this info by hand on tiny devices, which makes it even easier to control your needs, wants and ideas or getting UPC identifier things tattooed on their persons originally designed to identify and locate car parts and think this is "cool". I'm certain if they came out with a chip that goes into people's brains they'd line up to get this done to themselves. Even sheep show some resistance when being corralled and say things like: Baaaaad, Baaaaaaad. The irony is that many think this enhances their lives where they actually have no life themselves, this includes no character or substance but a lot of attitude. Places like Facebook are putting these kind of vacant brains to good use in becoming the actual goods and services themselves. Facebook started with exploitation and will end with exploitation.

So in a way, Facebook is a good thing for others it is completely evil; it only depends on how much substance or vacancy one possesses and how much one values his own existence and not requiring anything else to valorize this. Lots of people are natural slaves and love being slaves and think everyone should be a slave too. If only the rich thought that way too and the fact that they don't, this means the whole thing is not real and is only a system to make people stupid deliberately and somewhere in the system, each individual is systematized and selected for a purpose, probably by a machine too (probably when they issue a social insurance number), that no one can escape and if they do, they are baaaaaaaaaad. It's unfortunate people do not see these science fiction scenarios, like Borg, as a warning but instead romanticize them. I wish George Orwell and Marshall McLuhan were alive to see this and hear what interesting things they would have to say about things like Facebook because now everyone can operate like a Plato or a Jesuit priest by reshaping young minds and assimilating others. If people still don't get the picture then they will just become Equivalent to the manifestation of their own stupidity, which would be to become a cybernetically enhanced creature or some genetically modified mutant that the entire Universe is against, where other mindless identical intelligent parasites, enhance each other and feed off of each other to survive because everything would melt in their presence because their own bodily secretions and pheromones would dissolve anything so it can reassemble elsewhere. The value as the individual and the collective will cease to exist. Once that becomes a reality there is no going back.
The 'Matrix' is never going to happen because it is "Artificial Stupidity" that's going to take over mankind, not Artificial Intelligence, if we keep this up and we only call it "AI" because we like to flatter ourselves.

AT&T Archives: Live From Bell Labs (1991)
AT&T Archives: Live From Bell Labs (1992)
AT&T Archives: Live From Bell Labs (1993).

In The first one they talk briefly about Molecular Beam Epitaxy which is a ten-ton vacuum chamber, which anyone should find interesting.

Imagine waking up one day and looking around you and you don't recognize a thing; the world has completely changed. Now I'm over 50 and I find out now that I've been lied to by society because I've heard only promises in my entire life and none have come true and in fact; everything is the opposite. Even our space programs are a joke, comparatively speaking, so anyone can understand why I appreciate Vacuum Tubes and ancient Transistors/IC technology and devote a lot of time reexamining them like Hamlet musing upon a skull, because that's all it takes to get to the Moon and, of course, the intelligence and knowledge in how to use these "byzantine" devices and understand the principles behind these important components that are, themselves, complete and cannot be turned into electronic network elements that are, in the way they are used and manufactured today, a complete corruption of electrical engineering, exactly in the way the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics have been corrupted. The difference can be seen in how IC engineers design IC circuits (good) and a regular electrical engineer builds circuits (bad), yet they both use network elements with their solid-state physics.

These things also existed when art and aesthetics was discussed along with science and technology which is now no more. At least I have something real to reminisce with, whereas future men will only be able to reminisce Network elements and Propriety elements that only exist on schematics, and stored in vaults to protect their design and so they cannot be used to solve problems like real ancient technology can, and also because everything has become propriety because of these network elements. Network elements have become so pervasive that young electrical engineers don't understand simple thermionic tubes and their simple electronic circuits anymore, including the nuances of capacitors and inductors and basic IT circuits.

It is irony that science creates a system for the exploitation of technology that cannot be subdivided (like network elements) yet they, themselves, divide things in Nature all the time and reassemble the parts into new things all the time. "Being" is becoming the verb "Having" where the verb To Be will be eventually eliminated from language altogether or will be made to appear quaint and old fashioned.

Allegorically speaking, skulls might be dead but neither do they decay very fast. The technology of today betrays humanity or is designed to be so. People laugh at these old electronic components now, but themselves have no knowledge of how and why they actually work so I laugh too. By laughing they reduce their own existence as if it too were fashion statement by adopting standards that must betray them and then taking the position that their humor derived from this gives them authority. I on the other hand study all ancient technology going back to Ctesibius, the first head of the Library of Alexandria, where I learn valuable information that would be excellent today that could get rid of everyone's problems on Planet Earth now, which .0001% of it I publish here on HTML'S MAGIC, and their possibilities, which I also find very enjoyably refreshing. Modern civilization and all its affectations bores me to no end. The difference between ancient technology and modern technology is with the ancients, they used technology to solve actual problems and today they create the problems instead and then develop things to fix those new problems that should not be there in the first place.

Today, instead of men and women exploring space, we use technology to study space with robots and human beings are still for studies in their behaviour so that they can be better coordinated and exploited and create artificial business opportunities instead, and as if that was the only way things existed, and people like me are ridiculed as talking nonsense of putting people first where once we were not ridiculed; Yet they are doing scientific experiments on people all the time, here on Earth, and the International Space Station. I'm sorry, but their stories just doesn't cut it with their excuse about experiments on prolonged exposure to micro gravity and developing systems for all kinds of contingencies who's technology is still based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics for future Mars missions as you can see here in this video: National Geographic - Big Bigger Biggest: Space Station.

Network and Propriety Element Failures video
Whatever they are planning for the future there won't be any engineers on any spaceship because the electronic and commuter computer technology will all be network elements that are irreparable in space unless you increase their payload, being stocked up with replacement boards rather than replacement parts. Talk about saving space, — now there's a joke since these "bulky devices" would save energy, payload and a lot of trouble. It's not like they don't know this too, At least in the art world this has been the conclusion with the author, Arthur C. Clark's '2001: A Space Odyssey' and many others, which is eerily very accurate in articulating the way technology will go and very inaccurate in where we will go, so that is why I'm saying that any rhetoric about any space program is totally made up so people think we are advancing because you cannot send men to other planets the way they design and implement technology now but people will believe what they are told to believe and only that counts.

People who lack any critical thinking skills and any ability to express this criticism think that their modern devices are technology when actually they are systems and the technology, itself, was developed a long time ago. One cannot make military grade components if they are electronic network elements (essential for space travel) but individual components can be manufactured to be of military grade that have a maximum tolerance of .03% and operate over a broader temperature instead of 20% for consumer grade components with very low temperature allowance. Please see: Reliability engineering.

The problem they had in '2001' with their on-board computer was a multiple failure and describes the true meaning of human error which has never been properly defined to this day except by artists and writers because it was a combination of Network elements, Propriety Elements and contradictory programming that made the 'HAL computer' start acting funny which people to this day, still, do not understand since recognizing equivalence, anywhere, is invisible to most people. Well so much for art being no longer capable of communicating ideas anymore as people now prefer propriety owned and controlled mass media. There really is no point in me writing these things because it is you who should be asking questions and questioning authority. As for software: If they can't write perfect software at NASA which must be continually renewed for their robots, satellites and space probes, then don't expect this with your devices at home and this has nothing to do with the competence at NASA either but has to do with the nature of software and so many propriety elements, which is another subject altogether.

On the ISS they are mostly just studying manufacturing processes that are only possible in micro-gravity to serve industry here on Earth that has nothing to do with space exploration which you can see yourself on You Tube on all kinds of channels that follow this stuff. Is that thing really worth 100,000,000,000 dollars to do this where tax dollars are again being spent for the sole benefit of developing patents for private enterprise? There has to be a cheaper way to do this (Diamagnetic Fields) and besides there's no rush since the Cold War is finished a long time ago anyway. The ISS does lip service to being self-sustaining and requires replenishment from Earth constantly so basically the ISS is a celestial baby carriage and not a station in a true sense because it needs its bottle of formula from Earth all the time. The woman astronauts there are nuts for not tying up their hair and why they allow woman in the military, or the space program, to have long hair in the first place is itself a subject for inquiry. So the whole thing is just an expensive toy, or they are doing experiments of a different sort that are not published.

Anyway, as said previously, man will have to bring gravity, plants, animals, bacteria, fungus with him if he's going to survive anywhere in space because man alone cannot exist without all the things around him. If we go to other planets then Flora and Animalia, too, will have to come along with us. Now if you look at the source pictures of any government department pictures or activity done by a government employee, none of this work can be copyrighted as they belong to the public so where does private enterprise get involved to acquire information obtained on a space station which only they can use and ultimately patent and then sell back to the space program or use to sell things of their own industry?

Where does one draw the line in this activity. I say if private enterprise wants specific experiments done in microgravity, then they should build their own space station and all the information on how to build one is available for free courtesy of the tax payer too. Anyway I'm just asking questions and I don't expect an answer either but the direction they are taking is very closed or isolated systemed and there is no application or research involving any open systems, therefore their biggest problem involves matter in all situations, not energy. In such circumstances as this, in space, all problems involving entropy, involves matter not energy where on Earth it is the opposite which to an artist is utterly fascinating and irresistible to explore or conjugate.

In two generations mankind should no longer exist because it is as addicted to technology as yeast is addicted to sugar.

Deep solar system ships would have on them, or be von Braun gravity wheels because there is no reason why these things should be only stationary or in orbit. To travel any kind of road, anywhere, you literally need wheels whether we are talking about space or dry land. In related matters, scientists and engineers always work against Nature and think in terms of sending phallic-like projectiles into space instead of working with the laws of Aerodynamics and the laws of Angular momentum to create enough torque at certain levels of the atmosphere which would be called corridors which the escape ship would reconfigure to, to achieve any escape velocity by riding the atmosphere itself while accelerating. This thing would use Mass driver technology, Rocket technology, and aerodynamics technology and combined together into an economical system. They'll never allow this to happen because all our technology and economics is based on consumption which has nothing to do with growth except the kind one sees on sales spreadsheets.

When it comes to exploring space itself let's just say that I trust Nature more than I trust any theoretical/particle physicist and cosmologist and it's my life anyway and nobody else's. My ideas are primitive yes, but who cares; it allows me to dream and to think about travel beyond this fallacy galaxy. Later with my hypothetical spaceship named: 'Zero mark II', named after the Thermodynamic Law that gives you wings, all I will ever need is Relativity after I escape "Newtonsphere" to take care of the rest of the voyage and where I can continue to develop the 'Zero' and pass the time constructively building other things and take care of my plants and animalia that provide me life, food and air while organizing them artistically to be better suited for space existence in appearance (so they look great) while planning a simple voyage called "acceleration". Its mission of going nowhere is simply to witness those wonders that are invisible to the "normal" frame of reference of time and space that I can use to enhance a different type of journey that's only of personal interest to me. Anything is better than staying here on this wretched planet with a population of too many types, whom I despise.

Anyway, this is not the world I was brought up to believe it should be that was hammered into my head and imagination from my youth, where people ultimately betray themselves and not just other people and give themselves freely to technology like people gave themselves to religion, in the past, and become its dependent slaves, who think everything is just normal or that's the way it should be so this is a natural reaction. When we kids played with rockets they were for sending people to the moon and planets of the solar system, today's kids use rockets as weapons of mass destruction with imaginative ways to kill more people and save or secure as much real estate as possible in their video games.

The Onion
OK, who am I to say what's right or wrong? I didn't create or participate in any way, anything to make this a reality yet if I made myself a mean apple tree at Second Life and threw apples at passer's by, I'd get "crucified". I who has been around longer than the new generation; find that I have to justify my existence to them and to my own peers who have themselves succumbed to this new situation because no one understands the way I see and do things nor do they want to understand no matter how easily I try to explain things when something is wrong in their Neoplatonic perfection and believe it is their right and obligation to change me instead. They just want me to fix their problem and don't want to hear why the problem occurred or learn preventive measures to avoid problems which I offer at no charge, so everything I know is for nothing or only good for me. I, sometimes, cannot believe the expectations I hear from people about/from any form of device and they even imagine a piece of lumber with fantastic properties and expect me to read their minds too on top of this and create for them what they want. Ignorantia est beatitudinis is very empowering to everybody. Yet from Hippies to Hipsters, there is a strange similarity and so I know them all. I can only hope that those hipsters will become the opposite, of those hypocrites hippies who preached peace and love and nothing material and ended up being the worst war-mongering materialists and greedy thieves in all modern history exclusively embracing the likes of people like Milton Freedman etc.

At least I can handle these changes by already being hardened and tempered by the forge of existence and on occasion having been thrown in the fire itself and managing to escape; But this alienation will happen to the young at 25 or 30 or even younger one day, and they won't have enough experience to deal with this nor the complete brain development necessary (age 25), and I and people like me won't be around forever to guide young adults that shouldn't be going though this in the first place and where it's not my place to show anybody anything because I might be wrong since everything is new to everybody; it's just our points of view that are different but all lines of communication between generations are cut off or they hold each other in contempt. Everyone is cut of from everyone unless you belong to the social network. Fascists, communists, organized religions, etc. etc. think like that and organize everyone's existence that way too. There were many people like me in the early 20th century who warned people of the rise of fascism to no avail and people also thought that they, too, were ridiculous as people perceive me.

It is just a matter of time before I am considered an enemy of the state because of my political views in defence of the ideals of responsible government, corporate ethics and humanity, since freedom to express this, is now considered a threat to society itself involving matters of internal security; whatever that is. What is freedom today? The freedom of expression or the freedom to own guns? It will be interesting to see their new methods for political rehab nowadays, as I'm anxiously awaiting my invitation.

I have adapted myself to cope with this phenomenal exploitation of personal dreams in individuals and I ask all young people now: Do you really believe that society is not playing with your own dreams you have adopted worthy of pursuit or rebellion, and you won't wake up one day where you don't recognize a thing like I do? Worse, you won't recognize yourself so even asking questions like; "who am I?" will be redundant since you change all the time, it is like a boat in the middle of the ocean asking; where am I? What is one to do about this individually and collectively and would we be correct in interfering with inherence since it can be considered and argued, both, as in Evolutionary terms and in Creationist terms.

Is it correct to believe that we should be in control of our destiny or let Nature/God/Corporations/The intellectual take care of everything regardless of what we think we are and what we do? This is everyone's decision and not just authority's and everybody is right and everybody is wrong since human personality cannot be standardized like a product otherwise it can only serve a single purpose, and through this it will become weak and susceptible to annihilation in the guise of being perfect as any machine, device or system that functions only through the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Sometimes the only right decision or finding a way out is made from the heart, the feeling, ones instinct or a fearless wander into the unknown because any kind of orderliness without diversity eventually leads to dystopia. Orderliness and control is nice if you are a crystal or a bacteria but not if you are a person. Although I will make allowances, and admit that there are some who disagree with this but then that becomes their problem and not mine anymore, and I'm free to move on to other things while admiring their initiative.

fter consuming everything in the Universe and burning it with supposed matter-antimatter reactions and breeding ourselves into inhabiting the entire cosmos like a metastasized cancer as dictated by our extremely primitive and exclusive use of The Second Law of Thermodynamics and god awful economic systems, would we go after God or Nature and use them as a source of fuel because they are the only things left to burn? Or would we purposely do this as a means to find Nature or God as a process in elimination to find the ultimate thing? There are already many philosophies to back up these conjectures so lets start now and we'll worry about why we are doing this later. Be fruitful and multiply and consume, interfere and exploit everything and everyone you see, here, feel and think about because you have nothing better to do.

Matter-antimatter reactions are reminiscent of the caloric theory and its raison d'être back in the 19th century, where I pointed out in 'HTML'S MAGIC Extreme Cold' that the caloric theory supported the idea that man could create and destroy matter and energy like a god and is the sole reason for its popularity at the time and also why it was so difficult to get rid of these ideas just like a lot of ideas are hard to get rid of today for the same reason. All these "new" exotic theories do the same.

I hope people are starting see a pattern here. If you don't see a pattern, don't worry as there are many more lengthy parts to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and it Principles and all that it implies that I have written for your mind-altering pleasure. You can start listing by number every new item I put down as if they were an indictments like Heron did when he named his machines in how the priests ripped-off their populations with these bogus "miracle" machines, where it is only thermodynamics and a couple of laws of physics, except today they are indictments against the modern scientist, intellectual, Hollywood, book/magazine publishers, governments, media, multinationals, universities and the banks because you are getting fucked-royally up the ass 24 hours a day as I'm writing this, right now and everyone knows they have to stop supporting these behemoths, by just stop buying bullshit from any of these groups I have just mentioned, then they will be forced to create quality in everything and improve legislation where having 'propriety everything' is not such a good thing anymore.

The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, if it ever completely replaces the Second Law of Thermodynamics in our technological and philosophical systems will of course prevent disaster from happening in the first place, and you also won't need to read the rest of this soliloquy and filibuster on 'Nothing', whichever comes first. Where instead, when we do arrive there and work with its new intricacies, we will be able to manipulate matter and energy and create new forms of matter that never existed; this includes new metals with presently inconceivable properties and new materials, more revolutionary than any created in organic chemistry so far. By that time, the world and humanity and his technology will be completely unrecognizable, even to our present imaginations and this technology will all be open system-like technology. The beauty of this, is that we cannot reach this new realm in physics and nuclear chemistry without a complete application of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and the adoption of its Principles first and this especially includes the intrinsic philosophies it generates, which will automatically destroy all the old philosophies of the past. Everything must conform to the Universe, Itself, and to no idea or god under any circumstances whatsoever, and at any time.

For happy people, in the future that may exist, in all walks of life and all cultures, this will be a completely natural and wonderful thing because the only thing that exists for these people is Life, not power or money or possessions or control etc. and electrodynamic energy and the closed systems we develop from it, will only be a tiny part of our existence and will mostly be the natural kind. Even children, by then, won't play the kinds of games they play today with each other, because they (the games) won't be necessary and they will, by themselves, find other things to do because they would be reacting to a completely different environment of existence.

Our children, when and what they play with their peers, tell us what and who we are and most of mankind is a murdering savage although most will deny this, yet there are many forms of murder and they are all monstrous, even imagined murder and plunder. Most people wish that someone was nonexistent and they were in their place, rather than wishing that they had the same opportunities and worked to have those opportunities.

A bright future will be created by those kinds of minds that understand Open system (systems theory) and The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and can employ them creatively and since these things automatically follow Nature's intentions/motivations, they can and must benefit everything and everyone. This will be our ticket to exploring the Universe one day, where we will find new alien friends because man will of been restored to an entity that can grow and easily become something better than himself. Which today, is practically against the law. People today, don't know that God/Nature have never harmed anyone but humans harm each other all the time for sport, game and gain; unless if you live next to an active volcano or any kind of disaster prone region, then of course you're asking for it. George Carlin ranted about this in one of his monologues: "People build houses next to active volcanoes and then they wonder why they have flowing lava in their living room". The following clip is how he relates to society dividing people and ideas rather than uniting people and ideas of which, I as well, make much about and have already discussed in terms that relate to Thermodynamics and its history.

Referring to the video and I'm assuming that you looked at some suggestions You Tube put after the one I embedded here played; If Socrates were alive today He would probably be doing Stand-up comedy and Plato would not. His antics at the forum is not unlike those things modern comedians do and say today and like all comedians, they often point out things that authority does not like so this gives one an idea of what Greek civilization was really like in those days. To put Socrates on trial for what he said and accuse him of corrupting youth; only a totalitarian government would do such a thing today and we have academics, philosophers and intellectuals who idolize Greek civilization. I wonder Why?
I suggest people to use Google or Yahoo!, etc. Images Searches on Open Systems (and on anything else more often), when you get tired of me, which will lead you to many interesting sites with a wealth of information that is hard to find, on open systems because information on Open Systems, like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, is paltry. Generally, Web searches are biased and corrupted SEO nightmares for people in general doing real research as opposed Image searches but it's great for other things because it functions like a goods and cash register machine. There is an enormous amount of high quality data available when looking for articles from web posts with the pictures they provide in their articles which automatically appear in Google Image Search. If you like a picture click on it and then click on "Website for this image" and then you're on your way to some great reading and discovery. If you don't like the article choose another picture and go to its website.

SEO'd web searches can be easily avoided this way, if you can't find what you need immediately, when seeking more comprehensive information on anything because no one can buy ideas or Images like they buy and control Key Words in Web searches because The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics says so (pictures follow Zeroth rules and Principles of Equivalence and Sufficiency where, one picture is no better than another whereas any preference is based on your own discernment and needs). Just like you can't buy, patent, copyright or control formulae and recipes that are not secrets anymore and further the language barrier is eliminated. Just click on a picture you like and go to the source site and if you can't read the page, have it translated as all the major browser's have a plug-in for this. Wikipedia is nice but it's not everything and the German and French Wikipedia's have resources and access to certain research and historical archives that do not exist in the English version. By doing this you have in a small way, and inadvertently made yourself and this world a better place, even if you are evil yourself, and walked into a bit of the future too. Different kinds of web searches are, themselves, different universes to explore with. I don't believe that things will be be bad in the future, even if things get worse now. Why? Because all dystopian societies and agendas of the future are based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which means they all require high maintenance and all will run out of gas one day or you can pull the plug and change all that where bigotry, and favoritism no longer exist by basing civilizations energy on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. The fires of hell will burn out, so to say, because of any defect or defective design in any closed system must come into play or place eventually and take over the machine and destroy the system. Even Hydroelectric dams must be maintained otherwise they will silt up, so their reservoirs must be continually dredged.

When that is done and machines have to stop growing people like vegetables and people have to crawl out of their alcoves and start doing it again the old fashion way to reproduce, they will need energy and there will be plenty of work to do too. The only system that will work besides slavery, which we will not go back to, will be the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics where we use thermal equilibrium to run our machines and no one needs to have an engineering degree or mechanic to build and operate these things. You just need to love them and treat them with respect. Well; It is a law of Thermal Equilibrium after all, which means it's very fair and democratic so anybody can and will figure these things out themselves and build them better and better by hand and eye like they used to build Harpsichords and Violins and they are still the finest musical instruments to this day. When the need will arise there will be standardization but this will be decided by artisans and not engineers provided these machines and these people are left alone. It will be as simple as starting to build a wind mill and later to use air pressure and the sun to create machines that make things move like Heron's and Sterling's machines and once that starts the sky's the limit literally.

When intellectuals and priests show up, watch everything change and things are not so equitable anymore, but by then everyone will know this and will be able to tell the intellectuals and priests of the future to go fuck off with their slaves and second law machines and these will be the last types to be placed under 24 hour surveillance forever like royalty is now and the banking dynasties will be eventually where they will be admired and fawned over but no one will pay attention to them or their educational institutions. The educational system from kindergarten to advanced studies (along with everything else) will be completely overhauled and restructured and also be based of The Principles of Sufficiency and Equivalency which if anyone gets lost, the source is in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics which cannot be misinterpreted, misunderstood or distorted as even a retard can understand a Thermometer, in one way or another, and how and why it works and bonus there will be no need for organized religion of any kind because the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics also contains a unified purpose in anything it affects and gets affected by. Boy! when you stick with Nature, and its rules, the gifts never stop coming and it's not something that just happens once a year on top of that, but every single second of existence and even that can be divided up forever. No one and nothing is left out; even infants will stop their never ending squalling. People will love and enjoy their bodies, their minds, their lives, their pursuits, their ideas,.................................................. Here, you continue writing more................................................

An intellectual in the future will be treated like Ivana Trump and be given celebrity status but no sane individual and "the real power" will take these people seriously and their powers will be severely curtailed and meaningless. They will exist in their own bubble with their own economy that cannot interfere with the real economy and so forth be kept alive by equally inbred degenerates of mutual admiration and disgust that will even appear quaint like royalty is now. This is about as close to an approximate description as I can possibly provide, but it is quite Sufficient. The beauty of this, is that one can only build an equitable society with these things based on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics; No one can be exploited and nothing can go wrong. Some will say, as cybernetic beings, we will go into space to get our energy. I say no because we will so deep in these fantasy worlds and total emotional dependency upon each other, real things like outer space will disappear and only things like 'Second life ' will exist where everything is only virtual, much like the existence of a junkie.
What about machines taking over like in the Matrix? I say no again because as I explain elsewhere, It is mathematically and Thermodynamically impossible for any self-aware machines to kill or exploit for their own purposes. There are no calculations or stable logarithms that exist to support any kind self-programming to do such a thing, and this is why they make us fear artificial intelligence because this would destroy religion and other agendas nor could anyone use this mathematics to create a new religion or agenda either. Of course, this is just a simplistic outline but the trick is to remember how one gets into trouble in the first place and remember its always because of closed systems whether dealing with them or reacting to them regardless if you are a good person or a bad person yourself because it is in this way the innocent are ultimately changed because there is also innocence in "evil" too and is not just something that is confined to "goodness".

More Cover Ups: How The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics Got Its Weird Name

The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics primary relationship with Energy and Matter is it's own Nature, that places it as the actual first Law, which doesn't explain it's unusual name.
It got its unusual name because 'number one' was already being used by another law. This "new" law that should of been the actual first law was even more fundamental than the nominally placed First Law of Thermodynamics and needed to be placed accordingly. So they named it Zero or Zeroth, which of course, comes before One. God forbid that they would discover anything more fundamental in Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics; What number would they assign this?

This is like winning the Zeroth prize in a beauty contest which is not very complementary. One does not count with zero and its only reason to exist is to fill in some space which is exactly what this Law of Thermodynamics does is fill space. For scientists, it neatly fills the gaps that the first and second laws can't explain so they can get on with their exploitative practices and perfect their lies about the Universe. With the Universe Itself, the Zeroth Law completes everything through its Principles of Sufficiency and Equilibrium which to all science is non existent anyway. This nonsense, is the collateral damage caused by the Caloric Theory again and will possibly serve as a reminder to science in perpetuity, that they should make a distinction between Scientific Opinion and Opinion from Scientists who use other people's work and don't understand it completely, as previously explained many times, in many ways, throughout these articles.

This is from Blogger's Tracker that also tells me what keywords were used to re-find this site. In this example I can see that they don't teach Thermal Equilibrium and its importance to existence anywhere because subconsciously this person remembers this site or the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics as the "Double Zero Law of Thermodynamics".
Because of this original oversight, in formulating that Heat was a substance like they thought once that cold was also a substance, they have inadvertently open the door where ideas of Fate can be introduced, in an area where that does not belong. The works of Bacon, Newton, Descartes and Maxwell are excellent examples. The number 0 as an integer and being able to register zero as an interval i.e. 00 00, are two, entirely, different things and is significant where 0 is the frame of reference.

This entire article on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic and it's child articles are based on this premise that: All Theoretical Science is 'Nominal' but is represented as 'Actual', which again makes it a fitting subject for Surrealism to examine because this is exactly how superstition works with their talk of ghosts and demons and other nonsense since both "disciplines" have an equivalent amount of proof to back up their claims on these fantasies, therefor they are the same (The A = C part of the Zeroth Law).

There is Augury to be considered here because it is Quantum and Nuclear physicists who revived a law of Thermodynamics that was known since the 18th century and then suppressed in favour of developing technology based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics because it only employs forms of energy that can be privately controlled, whereas the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics shows that abundant mechanical energy is available everywhere for anyone to use for free because it is already there. No one can put any fence around mechanical energy except fences that are built around in the mind.

They should of had an international conference to re-position these laws in a proper sequence beginning with One, like they did with planet Pluto but of course I'm joking because that will never happen for obvious reasons (science is a purely a business). Science is not a place for poetic license and must never use it's devices under any circumstances. The establishment of the term Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is relatively new, which is: "Two systems in thermal equilibrium with a third system are in thermal equilibrium with each other", which if anyone told that to Mother Nature She would probably laugh because they never teach anyone that: For A B C to seek thermal equilibrium with each other, heat "travels" in both directions and never from hot to cold exclusively.

If this Law didn't exist, there would be no thermometers, air balloons, refrigerators and bathroom scales, or systems for measuring anything etc. that register energy or mass in their up and down equivalencies or whatever frame of reference anyone wants to assign to any of its systems because cold will go mechanically to hot. One example:cold is mechanically heavier than hot. Gravity or any other force is more important to Nature than the Second Law of Thermodynamics which are all closed systems or objects if you prefer and never open systems so it is ridiculous to base a civilization on this law of thermodynamics unless you are a Mogul invader because we are talking about energy. (If I drop a functioning and running Internal Combustion engine off the tower of Pisa it will break into bits when it lands on the ground proving that a closed system is answerable to an open system always but an open system is answerable to nothing.) The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics can also suspend the laws of physics where any form of thermal equilibrium must be attended to first and gravity or acceleration is suddenly stopped as already demonstrated in HTML'S MAGIC 'Extreme Cold'. The Second Law also creates a strange geometry and architecture to the Universe by separating everything in time and space, where with the Zeroth Law differences involving a minimum of three systems are all treated and must be tied together and as one thing and everything is everywhere and nothing belongs to anybody which is not good for private enterprise and institutionalized slavery, serfdom and organized religion.

They might of gotten away with this horseshit of closed systems with Classical Mechanics and particle physics and cosmology with its miraculous be all and end all form of thought, but they can't get away with this with Quantum Mechanics and nuclear physics which is entirely an open system especially when we consider Thermal Equilibrium because all their reactions must ultimately be expressed in an open system no matter how much shielding or bottling up you do. When any modern-day explosion occurs today, blame the physicist because they not only invent their garbage, they own it too and collect royalties.

It's time to start bringing class action suits worth trillions of dollars to the holders of the estates of Leo Lezard, Enrico Fermi, Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam etc. and sue them for cancer or "second hand radiation", among other things like was done successfully with the tobacco industry. This will effectively shut down this awful industry that can only destroy and make room for better forms of nuclear energy which Nature has shown so clearly to be possible and even creates Itself. Fission like combustion are wonderful things when handled correctly the way Nature wants us to handle these things with respect to any open system.

Life's Ups and Downs
Even life itself has ups and downs but there are always intervals in between that are filled with life that only you can understand, describe and find wondrous, which if you see these thing according to the Zeroth Laws of Thermodynamics, instead of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, you'll find out why things are good or bad in your life and how they can be changed too and, therefor, anything is not so absolute after all. Thermodynamically, this law was revived, literally, from the cold by a physicist and astronomer Ralph Fowler in 1931 and the actual coining of the term "Zeroth Law" was done jointly by Fowler and the Thermodynamicist  [1]  and professor of chemistry, Edward Guggenheim in their 1939 Satirical Statistical Thermodynamics textbook.

Boycott CERN, ESA and the Nobel Prize Committee
Yet the first time this statement was made was 300 years ago in the 18th century by Joseph Black in one of his lectures. Other, references say it was Maxwell in 1871 which I'm inclined to disagree with because Maxwell was not the sort to think in terms of Sufficiency or Equilibrium in anything or think in terms of 'Fields' either, although he and Gibbs did some work on 'Thermal Equilibrium' which was done to make it more Second Law friendly which by their time, that's all that was left of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. Thermal equilibrium became a vestige they could not get rid of with the rest of all the things that make the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. It is still a vestige in all science today that still pushes unsustainable ideas and they get away with this by brainwashing everybody with stupid ideas where organized religion has a hand in this too. The physicist should be outlawed in society until they can come up with the physicist who can think in open systems. In the mean time, boycott all science and mathematics (and now the Nobel Prize Committee for introducing prizes for theoretical things, doing irreparable damage for political reasons and private enterprise) that discusses any subject where an open system (like geology or astronomy) is not involved in a beneficial manner and is properly demonstrated (it's not science or math anyway, but a business they are trying to sell you for their own real benefit and lock you perpetually in a new system).

Vincent Price discussing the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
You decide for yourselves what you want to believe as it doesn't make any difference anymore and they're all listed here anyway but what is interesting, is that the history of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics follows a Zeroth Like course in its own appearance, disappearance and reappearance in Man's history very much like the marriages between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, without the headlines. This Law of Nature simply won't go away and keeps popping up wherever man discovers something new.   I......... wonder.......... Why?   Hmm. It also shows why all these theories invented by theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists and theologians can't be true because the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is not present in any way because in actual new things like Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear physics and all Relativity's, which do exist and are firmly established now;   The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its open systems is the first law that appears and says "Hello World!". All we need to do is reestablish this law back to Classical Physics again and for that we need to get rid of the Second Law's version of Entropy and throw that directly into the garbage, where it belongs and tear up anything written by or derived from Kelvin or Clausius and throw that into the fire. It's all 100% Horseshit designed to turn you into a dependent slave to society where society has proven in circa 2013 that it cannot care for its populations and is now finding new ways to dispose of them, — And turning that into a business too!

My job as an artist is to keep the temperature up, the pressure on and the dream alive, with this Law of Thermodynamics before it disappears again because this thing will kill a lot of useless high-paying jobs by simplifying physics and other things and revealing redundancies and create completely new and unprecedented opportunities for everything which will be more of an embarrassment because these things should of been created by them but will end up being created by the Proletariat. This time the Proletariat should make sure that no new class is created that will take credit for these things and start this mess all over again where a class society is recreated once again. They should remember that it is proletariat who discovered the electromagnetic Field (which the upper crust turned into a closed system with their stupid waves, where they don't belong, or have that kind of authority in Nature) and discovered the electromagnetism of light. They also who invented radio, the bicycle, the hot air balloon and the aeroplane etc. etc. , not scientists from the upper-classes and this tradition will continue but they need to protect their commons and not allow the other classes to privatize these things.

The Internet is a god send for the Proletariat; just stay away from using social networks except has hosts for certain services serving your blog or website. Social Networks are for the bourgeoisie and they can rot there. As I said elsewhere, the big difference between the working class and the middle class is that the working class like to move on to the next project when a job is completed and not linger on forever and bask in past achievements exactly like in the movie 'Atlas Against the Cyclops' (1961) where the Strongman Maciste must battle the one-eyed Cyclops monster and when he has returned the queen and her son to the people he says he must move on and help others wherever needed, when he could of easily become the new king if he chose.

The Proletariat are despised because they are smarter and nobler than our pure-bred brothers and sisters but they are just never given the venue to express this. This pure breeding of the middle and upper classes has only to do with economics, which is to keep money and capital in a group of families and has nothing to do with being genetically superior. They are the inferior ones by being so selfish and if it weren't for their continual bad taste and inability to create anything that lasts (and actually destroy things because they don't know when to move on, which completely escapes their form of intelligence), there would be no need for fashion in the first place, where one horrendous nightmare gets covered up by a new nightmare, and how quickly they forget! When the bourgeoisie and the upper echelons are looking for friends, sex-friends, lovers, career, business opportunities etc. it is not the Noun-version of the things they look for but the Verb-version of these existences they seek and want, where with the proletariat brothers and sisters, this is the opposite and further a noun is a noun and a verb is a verb and nothing else and the upper echelons treat this as stupidity and even invented I.Q tests (which are all bogus) to prove it.

Anyway, the small mindedness of many so called "geniuses" will be revealed, at last! This Law of Thermodynamics is too much of an embarrassment because it abrogates determinism entirely (which I will demonstrate with facts in another article) and ignoring it creates all our problems in anything you can imagine which is why revolutions of different kinds occur because this is the only way to get rid of these bastards. The only thing that can make an intellectual to shut up is the sword which is pretty ironic but very academic.

This will take generations to fix for obvious reasons but that is society's problem, not yours because any individual can apply this law and its principles philosophically in their daily lives right now and can change and create anything for themselves and for the better, while remaining in society and doing your thing, whatever that is. This law, being adaptable to philosophy is also the only philosophy that cannot be used to do evil, which is why I write so much about The Zeroth Law because I find this remarkable and it's no wonder authority makes sure no one knows about this Thermal Law and its Principles in the Universe. I say, let people decide what they want to believe and how they want to think and what they want to buy.

Society has already abandoned you a long time ago, regardless of how old you are or whatever office/station in life you hold but you can apply, anytime, into your own life the Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics over the Second Law Principles that have been drilled into you as your new architecture once you become familiar with it and feel the improvements instantaneously and you get a head start over society. Whoever objects or thinks you are crazy gives you a free debriefing session with these types because if they are so right why would they fear you to the extent that you must be corrected, controlled or rehabilitated by their inference which you will see, right away, as interference. At best, It's something new that is harmless to think about. Talk about this thing but don't try to convert people, but by all means use its logic of Equivalence and Sufficiency as people must discover this on their own because the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the way it is used, is like in the movie The Matrix (1999) where Morpheus explains to "Neo", while running a simulation program, that some people would kill to stay in the Matrix. Well some will kill to keep science, philosophy, economics and religion in a Second Law of Thermodynamic System the way it is used presently. Just open any magazine in any newsstand or if you prefer;   the bible or koran etc. or any philosophy and forget the people, the pictures, the narrative and the things they "explain" and look at the closed or isolated systems inside and about it that's being described or taking shape and creating a new way to imprison you, or take advantage of an already existing closed system and look for the parts that make it that the entire Universe is like what they describe and, there, you will find its "truth".

If it wasn't for quantum and nuclear physicists to firmly establish this truly "dynamic" law, at least in the back burner (because they had to), we would not have it at all in the continuum of humanity. This is another reason why I say the Universe already "knows" itself and the truth will not be defeated or information, all by itself, goes to where it's most needed, further, there is nothing to fear in any kind unknown. At least I'm thoroughly convinced that Nature "loves" us, like everything else, and keeps making the truth appear out of nowhere all the time and all by itself and not in a judgmental way. This is strictly a matter of truth finding its own course like water, no matter how much one attempts to block its flow and there are only so many ways to hide the truth where the lies used to do this can only support so much and everything collapses. All good things are inevitable and here we have an advantage too: We know what does not work and so can now start designing entirely new systems based on new ideas. We can actually fix everything in this world effortlessly without spilling one drop of blood.

The other beauty in this is that if you are a liar or hypocrite, you cannot see the truth when it comes because you, yourself, are not equivalent to it, just like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics!

The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics will become more important to us in the future as it will provide the necessary key for philosophy and new kinds of technology development including life development. Life itself can become dynamic by going in any direction one chooses and not just something set forth like the fateful Second Law of Thermodynamics. No one belongs to anything unless they want to or are forced to. Once anyone becomes part of a group, one becomes equivalent to its ideals which is a system and then they have no right to question anything or expound anything since whatever truth they possess is limited to the reality the system creates and is always a closed system, but they are all paradoxically are only sustainable from the outside, — So there's a contradiction somewhere, and no one notices for a multitude of reasons, which usually has to do with vanity.

All closed systems whether they be thermodynamic, economic or philosophical are all exploitative including all its parts and to the entire thing itself and the way its implemented, it is never held accountable for any damages and this must change where we won't here sophism's anymore like Goldfinger's famous quip:" American Motorists kill 60,000 people every two years" when he was about to justify wholesale murder of 60,000 soldiers at Fort Knox to increase the value of his gold.


Other contradictions include the debate on whether there is the Cosmological Constant or the Cosmological Principle or Neither (my contribution) where in other areas, The Zeroth Law should explain about the "disappearance" (it hasn't) of most of the anti-matter in this universe and deals with ideas concerning Dark Matter/Energy, Strings, Fabrics and other junk ominously. This is because of the shape of Inflation and Acceleration of the indefinite cannot be like a balloon expanding, like the ones they show us, because that would imply that there is a definite central point, in an open system and where the result is not equivalent to this proposal. This is mathematically impossible because there is no such thing as a point (or zero) in any indefinite system so in all these theories, they are putting the cart before the horse, and if the universe were a closed system it would of ceased a long time ago and you would not be reading my ravings right now. Another question: Why would this singularity that became 'the big bang' be there and what put it there, in that spot;   since it has now been established that nothing is something.

Where in Nowhere or Infinity do things begin or where can they, — Not if they can, since the Universe can do and be anything it is, was or will be, but since there is thermal equilibrium everywhere the Universe, then it therefor has a purpose and a protocol or procedure that is as far from organized religion as is possible to comprehend or imagine, which is further proof that religion and spirituality is best kept in the heart and nowhere else.

Where or what is that interface since it cannot be God because these things exist prior to Him is this Frame of Reference whether one sees this as an isolated system, a closed system or an open system and even an indefinite system? On the other hand my own argument here, is what? This question is not existential either because it exists on its own account and does not require any perception to of heard it and then reacting to it and the religious prophets of the past should of known this too but didn't, so it is all bullshit. The Jews had it right the first time (like everything's else too we usually get right the first time before the intellectual shows up) where you never spelled out Gods name or write it down anywhere which definitely had a lot more to do than just being respectful and treating the thing as holy.

These ideas from theoretical/particle physicists, cosmologists and intellectuals and their philosophies, theories and conjectures can appear extremely naïve when considered in this way. Science is no longer just a business but becomes something to appreciate more profoundly where one discovers that science can lend itself to feelings even more than just thinking. We instantly augment the status of science and human emotion and its awareness to new realms without anyone's assistance. Especially with a pre-universe where everywhere, except for the conjectured singularity, there is nothing anyway so we must consider, also, that it would not just be the singularity that is all important but the space around it too (if there was space around this "primeval atom").

Since these things with very specific characteristics have no reason to be where they are, we must conclude that all of space and all of matter/energy are inseparable regardless of what size and shape it is. The Universe is the consequence of many things, all different but all equivalent and all together. It cannot be created by one thing or one god because there are things that would make up these things and the minimum number of things that can make up the reality of a god or a "primeaval atom" are three things in Thermal Equilibrium.

If this is not considered in this way, then we must reevaluate our very concepts of existence which is based on the concept of nothing in the first place, as thermodynamics is based on the Principle of Absolute Zero. The Universe could not be created or considered within the restriction imposed by the Second Law of Thermodynamics but must be primarily considered from the Zeroth Law Thermodynamics. Clue: How else are they to explain the smoothness of the background energy in the Universe and the stability of atoms of matter or antimatter among many other things? Can you imagine their embarrassment; by depriving us of this knowledge they have unwittingly revealed their opinions and agendas. As I'm a ridiculous Idealist; All they need to do is apologize and rewrite textbooks that would now include the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its Principles and all will be forgiven and they can start with an international conference to rename these Laws of Thermodynamics and place Entropy only in the Third law or create a separate law because Entropy also involves Matter (although it is always unaffected but is part of its properties instead).

This would be no different than turning off a computer that's acting funny and rebooting it. We'll market this thing as "Civilization Reboot". At least here we have established that there is more science that is a matter of opinion than a matter of fact and this has to do with money not truth and each side is equivalent to the other and within themselves and we decided to change this because we want to live. This stuff belongs to them and they can keep it there and not spread their garbage into society anymore because society is saturated with it already to the point of collapse and something's is going to have to pay the bills. The beauty is that it won't be the people who have to pay anything but only pay those other personal bills at our leasure, if we adopt the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics to give us our energy needs. We could call this the 'Glorious Retrofit Revolution' because we have a lot more clever engineers and architechs than scientists, Thank God! If only we would let enginees run the world for "5 minutes", then we would see some beautiful things happenning and fast too.

What I find fascinating is that scientists would invent the idea that there was an explosion created from a singularity without explaining any process whatsoever of how and why this process actually occurred and how they think that infinite gravity didn't exist for a moment or was overcome by some means, in a universe that supposedly had nothing in it on top of that. Where was gravity when the big bang occurred? Why do Vacuums exist? Was Nature out for lunch? "Oops! I forgot to leave everything on autopilot". Is existence a mistake? They simply say the Laws of Physics did not exist or were different before this colossal explosion. These people, by implication, say Nature did not exist once upon a time; I say Nature always existed and what we see now around us is only one of Its many manifestations. Your choice becomes in this scenario: Are you coming along for the ride or not?

Their idea of creation, whether from scripture, cosmology or a candy manufacturer is a contradiction because any law creating and governing this supposed explosion would be so powerful and so absolute that there is no reason why this thing should be any different afterwards or become an undetectable force afterwards and The Laws of Nature don't turn themselves on or off when they feel like it. The Universe is not governed by moods. At best, this shows philosophically that Irreducible Complexity is, itself, unstable and complicated and creates more problems than it solves and makes reducing this phenomena, like the big bang and the other things I mentioned, themselves, impossible but just convenient as saying something like "abracadabra" which if you accept these things as Sufficient explanations, you will become Equivalent to these explanations and all that they involve.

If you have more intelligence and you believe in these ridiculous things, than you are also more stupid, because once past a certain intrinsic threshhold, you have to be more innatetely intelligent to be that inherently stupid.

People who ask questions and want to solve problems want a better life and they feel they should be part of a greater Equilibrium, which is a just cause. To the Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics; there is no such thing as weakness, stupidity or being a victim because the person already put themselves in a situation were an equivalency must exist somehow.

Religion is not good enough anymore and man deserves better and Nature demonstrates this everywhere.

These ideas from science and religion are supposed to be explanations but they explain nothing but are only systems; they just say the universe was turned on like a light switch. People should realize that this is not acceptable, where life and existence at any level is a miracle and that we owe something to someone. We should be screaming at scientists, theologians and philosophers for putting out this crap about the Universe and stop asking questions politely because there is no point anyway. There is no heaven or hell. There is only something equivalent in the Universe to who and what you are and you will become part of a new system somewhere if you value any form of immortal self-awareness which, in the end, makes no difference anyway because it's the same here where everything is equivalent to what they are. You believe what you want to believe and you will become equivalent to it and there will always be a handy frame of reference to look at it from somewhere. For most it is modern science and religion which are dead ends and for a very few it is thermal equilibrium and A = B & B = C Therfore A = C.

Faith itself, is not interested in its own origins so why does religion even relate to creation? This entity god/singularity could never be affected by anything outside it so why would it directly react to everything that is nothing outside it and only there. Vice versa, god or the universe cannot know or experience anything outside their own omnipotent realities, therfore god is not omnipotent; just like everything else but for a god to know many realities would be a trap but would not be for mortals, who can live in any kind of reality but only one at a time and the other realities exist in his imagination, just like in the Stone Age where in obsevatories we built with total rationality, we merged with these devices and we figured out or judged what the gods were up to and not the other way around.

How is it that expansion and inflation decided to go in that direction and not in some other way or direction since there are many topological models for expansion but was so only with some of the more profitable exclusive Principles of Thermodynamics that lend themselves to business matters and only those. Let's say the Universe was created in six days, — well there is a lot of creation that is left out in creation with things we deal with everyday like radioactive decay going on anywhere and when were dimensions created and a multitude of other very important things we deal with seven days a week, &#8212 without any day of rest, that should be mentioned. The same goes for the big bang theory, in being just as convenient and maybe if they stopped treating people as children while forcing them to act like adults, regardless of their age, they wouldn't act so perplexed.

All these theological (and scientific) fairy tales that are recounted are about things that could only of been known to people possessing no technology, yet these books are supposed to tell us the future with a detailed explanation of apocalypses yet there is no mention of airplanes and electricity and magnetism and nuclear energy and the atom and space travel, the laws of gravity, etc. etc. and further these fairy tales were written when there was an agrarian culture evolving because there is no mention of any tales of us hunting and gathering, — no! we skip ahead to thousands of years where we own property and the world was ours and we could do anything we wanted with it. This is because people at the time, who were born into this system, did not know we were hunters and gatherers because no one wrote any history nor were there any archaeologists or paleontologists or geologists so no one could know. So now we know that before there was information there was misinformation and I don't see why it should be any different today.
Religion does not offer alternatives to grow, even spiritually, because they are all package deals. Further, you, yourself are small, invisible or irrelevant. With the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, you are part and equivalent to all your surroundings and everything you perceive and comprehend in motion and beyond including whatever you can imagine in your heart good or bad and you can change it too and your real family is ultimately the Universe not your immediate family and this only depends on the scope and on which order of magnitude you feel most comfortable being in while not forgetting who and what you are at the same time and you will become equivalent to it and that is all subject to change anytime you wish but whatever direction you take, you will not be diminished. Aspiration, not faith is the key.

Humanity is supposed to be a community where we help each other and is not a game called 'king of the mountain'. If we did not help each other since the beginning of time we'd have gone extinct a long time ago. Here, I'm not talking about charity, I'm talking about exchanging and trading goods and services with each other. You may not know or even like the electrician who put the wiring, once upon a time, in your house or apartment but you need him but you don't need to be 'Friends' with him either, which somehow is now demanded out of everybody. Even Hominids and Neanderthals knew this. This means that you don't have to be really social with the first thing that comes along like is being done nowadays with social networks where we're being told by a machine who we should be friends with and who to follow (like Twitter tells me all the time who I should "Follow") and where to trend and other things.

The only thing that is important is to be, generally, polite with everybody and expect them to do their jobs and always separate your social life, your spiritual life from your business life without exception.
In Quebec, in 2013, they are even passing a bill to disallow any religious symbols in public buildings under any circumstances which is a good thing since these things have no place in any secular enviroment or service as the same is for sexual advances between either or any combination in the workplace. Practice your freedom of expression/religion/sexuality at home, or in your neighbourhood, since secularism too has a right to express itself in its own environment. This is because ultimately "Freedom" of anything means real-estate not poetry because 'Freedom's' themselves, that are unbounded, overlap over other Freedoms and then there is a conflict of interest that follows and so on. Therefor, the Secular place has Rights too.The Parti Québécois are getting My Vote next election.

When anyone asks: "Who am I?" and "What do I want?", it is actually Nature asking this question. You are only expressing one of Nature's many manifestations, especially when you do it with feeling and everyone and everything is part of Nature. This is no different to when Carl Sagan said we are all part of the matter that makes up this galaxy so we ourselves are part of the Milky way. This manifestation of two states as one between you and your desires and Nature's, throws religious ideas on fate and philosopher's ideas on existentialism out the window. If one takes a thermometer apart, any piece of it can still be used as a thermometer in some way and the devices needed to do this to measure the temperature of the surrounding area of anyone of those broken pieces of thermometer become the part of the new third system that was destroyed, where it can once again become equivalent to something new and restored as a thermometer! The trick is in finding what this thing is. It's not the same thermometer, for sure, but the Idea of a "thermometer" is still preserved and can be created anywhere — forever in any universe at any time once the idea is created because all one needs is three systems where the idea can exist naturally in at least one place where, for some reason..........

Thermometers might grow naturally, as a beautiful flower, in some strange planet somewhere (why not). The way that planet exists, this would be a natural thing to occur. Just because this is beyond most people's comprehension or limited imagination does not mean I does not exist. If it can exist in The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics it can exist in the universe naturally it is only in the way it makes its appearance that decides what its characteristics are. On this planet there are many examples of living machines like Flagellum, which is a rotary engine constructed out of protein and is powered by a proton motive force or a sodium ion pump. By the way, what they call bacteria with flagellae is actually Green Algae which are part of the Kingdom: Plantae and not Animalae and more evolved algae use microtubules to move around (appearing as movement similar to a snake or a caterpillar), so put that on your list of indictments. What is also being described is the basis for any kind of Artistic or Poetic Creation and this idea is "instrumental" in the creation of, say: Integrated Circuit Technology (here above) where art and science (through engineering) come full circle and meet once again.

Animation of the protein kinesin walking on a microtubule (how some bacteria walk)
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The Universe is a big place where someone's imagination might barely accommodate its purpose in this realm; There are wonders all over the Universe that go way beyond the scientific method, the existential method and commerce. Us artists deal with these concepts and wonders all the time, our job is to bring these things and ideas to reality in the world of existence, in some way, that will make sense to as many as possible. We would rather starve to learn things or bring ourselves to the brink because our nourishment is also wonder. Like the lady in her bath represented here by Sigmund Fraudenberger, being asked by her maid if she preferred a letter or some chocolate? She responded to the letter because her heart needed more nourishment. All people need new things and new ideas too, to survive and humanity rots when everything is prefabricated for them by architects who build systems not buildings.

In this engraving by the famous engraver Sigmund Freudenberger; The maid asks her mistress, at her bath, whether she prefers a cup of chocolate or a letter? The mistress's reply is that her heart needs more sustenance, so she'll take the letter.

blade of grass or any other living entity cannot be divided up physically or separated down into bits and be called the same thing like we can do with Nature and any of Her open systems like Thermodynamics which can exist in any size shape, or form and is not subject to Entropy whatsoever since entropy can also be divided indefinitely and it remains just as powerful. Each individual form of any closed system must be recreated or maintained through some open system somewhere or it will deteriorate and/or die. One can only divide or add to Nature and all Its open systems and ideas indefinitely and still find Nature. A Proton or Hydrogen Ion, all by itself, is a beautiful subject for Entropy, since its constituents cannot be called collectively as hydrogen but only when they are put together in certain ways that depend upon unknown protocols and systems which ends up being more than the sum of its parts where anything less than the sum of its parts is called Entropy. What surprises me that quantum mechanics and nuclear physics hasn't figured that one out but then they are now slaves, also, to the Second Law systems and ideas and quantum mechanics and nuclear physics has been turned into a business whereby it, itself becomes subject to entropy and becomes less than the sum of its parts; its edifice, not far removed from a modern derelict building. They can smash all the things they want at CERN but everything they find will never add up to the original and the Universe itself will be exactly that much less too and whatever they find, cannot be used to build anything but only exploit everything and this can be proven scientifically and mathematically as you don't need an artist to tell you this. Does E = MC2 mean anything to anyone anymore?

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This means that Proton decay is a real thing and all atoms have an ultimate life expectancy but by then, atoms will be part of a much larger Universe with much larger systems as we are already seeing atoms the size of planets (neutron stars) that exactly counteract Entropy in that department. The atoms we know of inside these neutron stars, no longer can decay because there is no room to allow this and something cannot go to another nowhere which I have already established is part of the space outside these objects. Where because of the future Universe's size, there will be new forces come into being to govern this new cosmos (gravity will become the new nuclear force) that will resemble exactly the forces we know of today in the micro universe.

There is nothing special about us in Nature's eyes because everything is special and Nature adds a quality of uniqueness too, to each individual forms of life. The seedling of grass is as valuable as a new born human baby because by indefinite standards they are the same and share many things together including a lot of DNA. Who are you? I am Life! and that is the only correct answer because anything can or should answer that question this way. Nature is not interested if you are Napoleon or the son of so and so or you are president of anything or how much wealth you have acquired or whatever religious denomination you are. The only source of information you have about your beauty or how intelligent you are or whether you are good or bad or good enough comes from other people and nothing else which is a value system that is worthless to Nature.

Imagine if the Universe was based on what Humans are forced to like, one way or another? This societal structure is fine for a pack of wolves who have a similar social structure; but for people? All you need to do is expand or find some other forms of information about your being that is more important in the scheme of things that exist and has nothing to do with the Second Law of Thermodynamics and there, anyone will even find immortality if you become part of this greater thing. Click on picture to see short report on "Despondex" which of course, this is a surreal parody on the drug Ritalin and other things, which are stupefying agents people give, especially, to intelligent children to impede their mental growth and become good robots or good consumers. The only supplements that people should give children are vitamins.

Regarding the boringly-futile, vapid and dead official definition of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics (without principles), it is better to consider why and how it works. Again, a thermometer is used because it is the simplest representation of the Zeroth Law and I won't get into the physics here, because there are all kinds thermometers but in effect, the bigger a thermometer is, the less accurate it is in a closed system because, being more massive, it is taking more energy to drive its indicator, which cools or heats whatever it is becoming equivalent too, so when the thermometer has reached equilibrium with the whatever's temperature, it is not registering what it would of been because the entire oversized thermometer and whatever junk its attached to, has to reach thermal equilibrium too and which also required an additional amount of equilibrium, — not energy. Exterior thermometers can be any size and be very accurate, because their ability to affect the temperature of the atmosphere are negligible.

If I take four cubes of ice out of a freezer and used two thermometers. One thermometer was pre-cooled in the freezer and another was always at room temperature where each would measure two of the cubes I will get two entirely different temperature readings. Yet, all four ice cubes are the exact same temperature. Of course we only need one ice cube for this experiment because the Zeroth Three System's are already there but here I'm just following the general description of the idea in the way it is "ideally" described in illustrations (which I can't change) to avoid confusion for those who find this is a new concept. This is one reason why the "Zeroth Law" was revived because the instrument of measuring, itself, affects the results (Heisenberg), which has always been a problem in classical physics especially in its use for profit and exploitation that does not belong to anyone but was something new in quantum mechanics because the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics or Thermal Equilibrium was suppressed (for reasons involving systems for exploitation) and also in the hard-to-accept idea that a lot of systems throughout the Universe, like Gravity, can have their own Frames of Reference in terms of Equilibrium. This detailed explanation (the cold and warmer thermometers) of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics puts to question our concepts of "Efficiency" because it is something else entirely with the Second Law of Thermodynamics where we see with just this small example that 99% of the universe is completely ignored. The question put forth to you is: Do you want to limit yourself to less than 1% of the universe? Man is not the measure of all things as existentialists like to believe but is only equivalent to things, like everything else. However they are constructed, whether they are Quantum or Classically based technologies, the trick is to make any kind measuring device or instrument of any kind as Small, Simple and Sensitive as possible which is good in both, open and closed systems and the other systems they affect like the logistics involved in manufacturing, storing and bringing to market 10,000 small thermometers versus doing the same with 1000 big ones including any environmental issues, if any etc. etc..

It is primarily because of the unseen or unrecognized power and logic of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics that our obsession for miniaturization comes from. Not because they are cute or save energy or because "This was developed for the Space Program" although any space program, itself, must deal a lot with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and the Third Law of Thermodynamics (low temp. physics) in many interesting ways and more than the other laws of thermodynamics which is why Space Exploration/Laboratory Technology is so unique and expensive, where for example, we see, often, a lot of weird instruments, machinery and experiments on The ISS on NASA TV or on You Tube. Anything constructed for Space must be made and engineered according to specifications of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics first and not by the specifications of the First or Second Law. This requires thinking in Principles that are not taught in schools but should be. Gravity, has made man weak and small minded because when you free yourself from it, the Universe is an entirely different thing.

Any real improvement, or creation of new technology, is based on an improvement or the alteration of any quantity/quality of two sub-systems of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, Nature takes care of the third sub-system and if she likes it, it will exist in Its Universe forever indefinitely. Any "fancy" improvement is based on the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics and aesthetics, which have little to do with anything that has any real uniqueness attached to it.

For instance: A Car is still 19th century technology no matter how fully loaded, "modern" and shiny this Horseless Carriage is. People bought these noisy stinky machines because they were told the world and technology was going to get better. We keep buying automobiles, simply, because people have a "love affair" with the Gasoline Engine. When a young man revs an an internal combustion engine, I call it "The North American Mating Call". Let's not forget our wasteful and much polluting dwellings that also burn fossil fuels like in ancient times that also could be designed much better.

Detroit and NASA have nothing to do with each other and have no commerce whatsoever with each other, not because they don't like each other, it's because their engineering strategies and technologies are incompatible but they probably buy their air bags (which NASA doesn't use anymore) from the same place. This is a total industrial disaster and shows, in a way, that the entire economy of the Earth is a sham because the future, itself, won't have anything to do with closed or isolated systems and their thermodynamics/technologies. It's not like NASA and Detroit didn't try either. When you hire engineers who build cars to build space probes, they always crash somewhere for some reason! Oops! This, of course, is a perfect example of Sufficient and Equivalency where people (engineers,scientists) become equivalent to the things they create or emulate. Forget worrying about immortality; worry about your future, and when people stop "screwing" each other things will get much better.

Radials in springtime bloom in North America's Rust belt.
A simple application of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is in determining the weight of your pet which is a simple matter here on Planet Earth. Simply weigh yourself and then weigh yourself and your pet and take out the difference from both totals. In space, this simple act is a nightmare to accomplish; not that you would need to do this but it could be readily understood by anyone that there could be a problem somewhere by not knowing something's specific mass where a lead brick and foam brick do the same thing until they hit something. When accelerating and decelerating and the only frame of reference in space is inertia. An entirely new technology based on The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics must be developed, to accomplish this; where again, they must be as Small, as Sensitive and as Practical as can be. Anyway this is a shame because America's and Canada's Rust Belts could of easily been avoided if engineers were trained in the Principles of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics but then that would of meant creating better steel, better cars better anything but not be as profitable, and bankers have their ways to make just as much profit from destruction as they do from creation and that's the point to all modern industry on any level.

In this familiar scene from '2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)' concentrate on the different frames of reference, instead, that are being represented here. video
In everyone's obsession of studying micro-gravity they neglected the true purpose of why Von Braun thought we should have space stations with gravity as their purpose, like you see in 2001 A Space Odyssey. The health benefits for space voyagers cannot be underestimated as the exercise machines on space stations cannot replace gravity and besides they use energy themselves and take up valuable space and time in any space station as I believe they must use these machines for at least two hours a day. That is a lot of time, money and energy wasted, including some strange device that simulates gravity anyway because exercise alone does not replace what the heart needs and it and the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems require to work against gravity itself otherwise they deteriorate very rapidly.

That's a pretty baroque regimen so micro gravity research and what they use it for must be very valuable. They should at least have a sleep and office section that spins like a wheel attached to these things where sleeping and doing their log reports can accomplish the purpose of exercising for long hours in micro-gravity but Von Braun did not know this. What he did know is that if they had a spinning wheel satellites in space, they would be able to capture decommissioned satellites and properly dispose of their hazardous material and send them on a proper burn-up trajectory or measure all the material in ordinary satellites piece by piece and properly calculate their mass and create proper re-entry calculations for satellites and decommissioned space stations that are only going to get bigger and bigger in the future and be more dangerous too or more difficult to decommission. To me this means they are not anymore interested in space exploration than anything beyond immediate exploitation can offer and now we are dumping more of our garbage and pollution into space created by Second Law of Thermodynamic technology.

NASA's Twin GRAIL Spacecraft Crashes Into the Moon Photobucket

Below: In 2012, this is the best thing they can come up with to clean up our immediate space, instead of building permanent rotating space stations that could monitor space satellites.

At present, all of these satellites and space stations are left to burn up anywhere rather than disassemble or refurbish them because they don't know their mass which has changed overtime with repairs and stuff going in and out of any space station and this is why they can't calculate where these thing will burn up, when they do, where we hear things like "somewhere over the Pacific" but some pieces end up in someone's living room instead and this is why space is turning into a garbage dump filled with garbage they can't get rid of. Anyway it will be interesting to see what they do with the ISS when its service will be discontinued and how they propose to decommission it because that thing is pretty big and has changed a lot since it began. I suggest that they attach some rockets to the thing and send it in a general-correctable trajectory The Moon or the Sun and let it crash or evaporate in those places.

Anyway, the fact that they don't want to build permanent things at all in space, like von Brain's Braun's wheel, means they are not serious about really exploring it and want only to bottle up all life on this planet while effectively building a barrier made of garbage to enforce this rule and whether this is intentional or not is up to you to decide. We must remember that these are eggheads with enormous debts IQ's who are the ones that create this situation where no ordinary person with an average intelligence would create or order up a space program like this, ("Calling all conspiracy theorists; White Courtesy Telephone please!")
See News Item from the CBC: 'Should the UN govern the internet?'
Proposal seen by experts as part of trend toward greater internet controls.

Back to our smaller and smaller pieces of "The thing formerly known as a thermometer", where pieces get so small, the actual third system is the thing needed to make the measurements itself! Guess where we have arrived? This is the realm of Particle Physics were we need to smash, absorb, bombard and ricochet particles to take their measurements and determine their value just like we would need to do in space to determine anything's mass and properties too. (See: 'The population of Upsilon mesons in quark-gluon plasma can be used to measure the plasma’s temperature' Published November 26, 2012 - physics.aps.org/) Possibilities and probabilities become real and accurate when they become part of the new third system as they are now, tools too especially those empty parts between events formerly known as 'Nothing'. I wonder what dark matter theorist have to say about that one, eh? Anyway these things take the temperature of anything very well. Now, we are at the horizon where things are, comparatively, so small you can't even hit them with anything, yet they are very real but much smaller. Just like, a long time ago, when Boris tries to kill Moose with his stupid contraption but Moose trips instead, accidentally saving his own life but Boris miraculously gets shot. Squirrel says to Moose: "Good thing you tripped Bullwinkle otherwise the shotgun wouldn't of missed and Boris says "not quite".(Link for video clip in Part One)

This is not chaos because The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics says that there should be a new third system somewhere in that realm as in any realm to recreate accuracy and predictable results: we simply cannot conceive of it now because we don't have any qualified speculative-philosophers that ask these questions in the first place because of a extended lunch break they seem to be enjoying. This also indicates that these scientists and their backers want to become gods because they always pursue their investigations into Nature using only this method of acquiring knowledge which betrays their intent because there are other very effective and better ways to know Nature but that depends on what you call better. First get rid of these ideas based on "Cause and Effect" if you can, because the Universe is more like: 'The likelihood within the cause produces the probable effect. Matter and energy are only consequential realities. There is more going on in Nothing/Space than in Matter/Energy. What Happens in Nothing/Space happens so fast we don't see it.'

The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics must be obeyed, even if philosophers have gone out to lunch forever (I hope so because we don't need them anyway), so, Mother Nature starts searching for replacements, because the conditions that obligate speculative philosophers to fulfill their function within the Zeroth law of Thermodynamics are not being met. I can tell you she got a bargain when She found us Artists, as you can probably tell. Where, singlehandedly we have to take up the slack where philosophers also left a mess, to go off and do whatever it is they do now, where we are reduced to becoming a new third system in a new realm of awareness, as its 'Heralds'. What did Art, Poetry and Music do to deserve this? So here, I am now with much better things to do; asking myself why philosophers haven't figured this one out and then followed up the following statement to mathematicians and physicists and get them to work this out into numbers.

"Creation goes toward Itself."

What could be simpler than that, and people call artists lazy and weird? On top of that this site gets attacked. Whatever trolls are involved in this, don't you realize that every time I have to rebuild this thing, it gets better than before. The last thing you want, is for me to think while I go over every word, every sentence, every picture, every update, every HTML element and entity and, while I'm there, lovingly, make it better than ever before. Any trolls hatred is no match to the love I put here is defence of Nature. Destroy what you want I and others have backups of everything everywhere, in different formats, and I'm organizing this in a way that it won't take so long next time, since now this kind of interference is expected. Besides this I'm writing other things too in the background about HTML, The Internet and other subjects and I "Notate" other things and put them on the shelf, so all means Destroy HTML'S MAGIC; I think it's fun, and who the fuck are you!

Anyway to recapitulate, another thing we do know now, courtesy of The Muses and through this article is: That anything that can be divided up and remains unchanged in the Classical Mechanics up to its princople element, which also exists in the quantum mechanics. Allegorically, I understand Nature's choice to use art because, as I said before, we don't tell people what to believe or what to do but we do ask people to think and we present things, in a way, that help you to do this. Accuracy in ideas is not as important as indication of ideas. You create the accuracy which completes your involvement.

As I stated in part 1: "The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics can self-indicate and self-estimate but cannot self-regulate as in any principle within itself but can regulate or be regulated when functioning within/with another system that is outside". Strangely, we must go back to simple arithmetic where briefly, I will demonstrate that thermodynamics existed before numbers. The Laws of Thermodynamics allow negative numbers only if they describe a flow that seeks an equilibrium for energy and since everything is energy, even numbers, this is all things. This is demonstrated with the conundrum that infinity for negative numbers and its lowest number, are both zero. They only can go on forever on a hypothetical scale but the flow, the thought, the purpose with Nature is in making negative numbers go back to zero or 00 00. This is demonstrated thermodynamically with negative numbers on the kelvin scale and this is called Negative temperature. Particles with negative temperature, when in contact with anything go in the direction of the positive temperature. In another example; Any bookkeeper will tell you that there is no such thing as infinite debt for any individual or nation or civilization. It's when those numbers become self determining entities like when the interest payments exceed the persons or civilizations ability to pay off, the thing falls apart. The same systems that produce bookkeeping nightmares also produce Super Nova.

I just finished watching: The Discovery Channel - '100 Greatest Discoveries - Physics with Bill Nye' No link necessary; this thing is all over the place. Possibly the worst thing I have ever seen describing the history of physics. A must see. Loaded with lies, misattributions, junk demonstrations, meaningless dialogue, incorrect assumptions, misleading expectations etc. and more blue-screening to make Bill Nye look like he's riding on a magic carpet in New York city!!! This guy and his friend Michio Kaku I'd punch them both in the face if I ever saw them face to face. This is just the thing to make anyone want to pull their own hair out and I swear, I had a mini nightmare too. It makes me wonder why I bother writing this. It's a good thing that this is art and nothing else and thermodynamics is very amenable to the artistic thought process too and why not?. Thank God that, by chance, 'The Onion' sent me a funny mockumentary during my sleep, since I was still "pissed";   when I got up, I saw in my Email: Tidal Pools: Nature's Putrid Sewers - Horrifying Planet. At least there is someone else, somewhere, exposing the hidden hypocrisy in science itself.
Another thing to cheer me up has no "air" of mystery to it either. I've been putting off defrosting my fridge for two years so far, and the day before, when I woke, I discovered that the fridge-door was slightly ajar when making myself tea even though there was no obstruction. I told myself humorously, that maybe it was time to do defrost the fridge since the block of solid ice made from the humidity of three summers was already dripping like a glacier in spring, in the month of August. So, later, I prepared everything and turned off the fridge. The next day when I made my tea and the freezer compartment was only half melted I still had fresh cold milk for my tea, even though the fridge door was wide open and exposed to room temperature for more than 24 hours. My question to any visitor at this site: How does the glorious and all powerful Second Law of Thermodynamics as "explained" in 1850 by Rudolf Clausius explain this, since Cold (the block of Ice) is not supposed to go to Hot (the milk) and even denies that the block of Ice has any influence (which takes some big cojones to say) because I'm still alive (not being poisoned) and enjoying a nice tea with milk right now. As a "matter" of fact, the tea was so good I'm going to make another cup with the hot stove next to the fridge and report my findings.

This picture is to show everyone that this is no story I've made up. This is the actual defrosting process going on in my fridge on a Hot August 1 2012 (in the northern hemisphere) with the carton of milk on a shelf below the condensation/melting trap that is below the bulging condensing coils because of the expanding ice. If this paragraph is not finished you will know that I was poisoned and my demonstration was a failure. I will place my life or health in the hands of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. I really don't understand Clausius because if it weren't for the transitive properties of thermal equilibrium there would be no Second Law of Thermodynamics unless your idea is to sell chemical energy and only make people buy chemical energy.

So maybe Claussius was a double agent working for industry and governement so more perfit and taxes could be reaped from a badly informed public. Not only that, the temperature in the area around the fridge feels as a kind of 'convective cold' normally associated only with heat and this can be felt at more than two feet away. How can this be? Well I'm enjoying my second cup of tea....................delicious! Oh wait! something is happening! The pain in my stomach! AHHHHHHH! Call an Ambulance! Or Not! I wish I had a thermometer to take the temperature of the milk because it's very cold despite the door being always open for more than 24 hrs and the milk isn't even fresh-fresh (expiry date read August 13). Another time, perhaps, but then who cares. because as Count Rumford, James Joules and Julius von Mayer demonstrated (although that was not their intention) with their reverse heat cycle demonstrations "If you can't make money out of it, it won't be recognized in science or as scientific fact" (See HTML'S MAGIC 'Extreme Cold'). That my friends is all what science is all about; "How to make money for free by convincing people that things are only possible through their patented process" and we need an old clunky fridge to show us that: "Well, what they say is not exactly true and there are many ways to achieve any desired results." I'm not going to explain how and why this thing "works"; &nbsp: you figure it out because you should know this by now if you have been reading all my articles on thermodynamics and only you can get rid of the bovine excrement that was placed there by your teachers and by authority just like when they taught through the caloric theory; that one cannot make heat/fire with friction!??
OK........... I'm a nice guy. I'll give you some answers (not all). This is The Zeroth law of Thermodynamics at work: Heat and Cold are transitive and since matter is always also involved with the Zeroth Law, the properties of matter govern first, in this case: Cold being heavier/denser than Hot, so gravity becomes a third system and "drags" the cold down to the hot mechanically and is the dominant activity because of matter's involvement in an Open System which is to achieve thermal equilibrium. So heat/cold are as in a transitive state respecting the requirements of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. It is where you place a hot object to cool it, or the cool object to heat it, that is important and fun in this scenario/system.
Anyway, Thank you Onion (see next illustration) and the Zeroth Law for brightening my day just when I needed it. Talk about Thermal Equilibrium when it's applied everywhere; It's practically spiritual when things like this happen.

At The End of The Day!

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As you can see, I intend to turn the concept of "fun" into a serious application in scientific enquiry.
To recapitulate on bookkeeping and negative numbers and the impossibility of infinite debt: This is why the Western and later the Eastern Roman Empires failed (or any empire or civilization) because they could not secure loans anymore. If one looks forensically at the Roman and Byzantine Empire Finances, today, we would be able, with certain algorithms, to determine nearly to the last penny, how much of a runaway deficit they had. The end of any civilization or empire is no different than finding a 'Closed for Business' sign at any commerce. The fundamental things like people are still there; it is only the closed systems of the civilization that ran their course and could no longer function. If they had built those empires as open systems rather than closed ones they would of endured because they would always be ready to adapt to the surrounding conditions and times. Unfortunately they were racist and aristocratic societies which were closed systems (like today's) where it's surprising they lasted as long as they did but explains why their enemies (The entire rest of the world) didn't like them one bit.

Life goes on whether it's Hittites, Egyptian or American. This is why they had to split the empire in two and move the capitol city to the east in the first place where if they had considered implementing something like a seventh generation philosophy instead, all of that would of been unnecessary. The "fall" of Rome had less to do with Barbarians; who were very civilized by the way, and more to do with Economics and with those who had no talent for thinking in four dimensions (the fourth dimension being the future).

Rome and Byzantium still exist today, they're just not in the empire building/maintenance business anymore and in their time, they simply went bankrupt (to erase their debts) and the plunder they call the fall was simply the bill collectors grabbing what they could. All these priceless Icons "stolen" by the Venetian Republic at the fall of Constatinople was Venetian property because Byzantium owed the Venetian Republic a debt. The Greeks should be grateful that the Venetians didn't melt them down and remove the precious jewels and sell them (among other things) because they are still intact and preserved today in Venice.

The same goes for Alexandria, Athens and others. One sees this, readily, in modern civilization with the very first official document, in 1519, of an actual loan by a consortium of investors organized by the Fugger Family for approximately $85,000,000.00 in 2011 dollars, to Charles V (above illustration).

This secured him his election as Holy Roman Emperor over Francis I, taking with them, as security, an interest in silver and copper mines in the Tirol. Anything, here, sound familiar? But this has been the way since the beginning of time. The rich and powerful have always had to buy their jobs. Theirs, is just another world, that has nothing to do with looking for work in a newspaper or with an agency and more to do with buying and selling businesses and real estate which is commonly practised by the middle class; Only its scale is very different. Electing a president or a prime minister today is only a nominal formality, where and when the real power exists as it's always been; except in the past they elected kings/emperors where the real power was at. Today it is presidents/party general secretaries/prime ministers.

Concerning numbers; "One" can only apply infinity to positive numbers in any equation and it will never equal zero even though it's infinity. There will even be a point when working with these numbers that the number zero, as an integer, disappears entirely and never shows itself ever again. This can be described as a special phase change in mathematics when any kind of infinity is being dealt with. Beyond that, other numbers and repeating combinations of numbers start disappearing and never show themselves again. This marks another Phase change and this process goes on until there are no more numbers. Except for zero all these numbers are replaced with symbols that look and act and appear like numbers but they are not anymore. These symbols serve many functions, that are in themselves, infinitely diverse which I won't get into here. The elegance in this, is that, Infinity also obeys the Laws of Thermodynamics.

When the Zeroth begins to be applied, one day, with its registry-like system, it will be able to deal effectively with infinities like .33333..., Transcendental Numbers and non-computable numbers and mark an actual phase change of a number into a symbol, and then into an idea, and then to a thought, and then .............by rules established from other infinities and being registered with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics that already employs things like 'Nothing' and then can be readily quantified by computers that are not yet built which will make The Grid look like a bunch of connected pocket calculators by comparison. Here, p and other numbers will find new meaning as it will guide us into a beautifully punctuated realm of these newly discovered phase changes along the road to discovery of new proofs and patterns within and without indefinity. In this system of analyses, where whoever realizes, one day, and create a proof that X at the Nth number of decimal places after the decimal point is not the same kind of thing in its properties as the same number before the decimal point will revolutionize mathematics and, bonus, not end up in a lunatic asylum like other mathematicians who pioneered infinity. Nature will reveal Itself to us, personally, because we will be able to deduce Its own, actual, thoughts, numerical-system for numbers and ideas as practically "hand-written" by By Itself, so to speak. For me, this is infinitely more spiritual than any kind of off-the-shelf "religion" or "mysticism" we have today nor must this ever be used as a replacement for religion.

Who knows, it might even be Forty-Two after all, we don't know yet. Remember, that Decimal, Duodecimal and Binary etc. systems are just arbitrary numeral systems that exist because their systems are all tailored to be convenient for whatever the application is. For instance: The Duodecimal system (base 12) is preferred by mechanics, farmers, artists, composers and technicians because the number 12 can be divided with more integers (1, 2, 3, 4, 6) than the number ten (1,2,5) because mechanics, artisans, farmers and technicians divide things all the time and to divide with the duodecimal system you multiply i.e. Half of one-eight is one-sixteenth. 1/3 of 12 is 4 (1 X 12 &div; 3 =4) but one third of ten is 3.33333333333333 which is not good when doing a brisk business at the market or writing music, tuning any instrument, even tuning a radio or adjusting the transmitter, modeling or sculpting, or painting a picture, especially in a world that can conceive of the baker's dozen. In Music you cannot make chords in the metric or decimal system although it would be interesting to build and present a metricized piano to whoever handles metric stuff so that they can have a headache without having the necessity of actually dropping a piano on their heads although I don't know which one would be more humane.

Lady GaGa Falls Off Piano
Fractions are also just as accurate (or a nuisance) when dealing with irrational numbers like π but artisans and mechanics already have other practical methods when dealing with this because in the arts one measures and does not calculate (an inspiration cannot be calculated) which also means we don't go around and predict the future like theoretical/particle physicists do but instead artists create new things for the future and let those things predict the future.

Anyway, Multiplying by 1/2 is the same as dividing by 2/1 regardless of whatever system is used, it is just that the duodecimal system lends itself to fractions readily to the point that no one thinks about it and does this automatically. Scientists and bankers, on the other hand prefer the decimal system including the scientific notation utilizing the powers of ten because scientist and accountants mostly do multiplication and hardly do any division and, also, they don't need the extra integers but only need the factors. Banks make a lot of money calculating the interest at 10 or 20 decimal places which with billions and trillions is a lot of money we don't see because they only allow us so many factors and round them off in their favour.

Knowing how Nature, actually, counts will reveal to us many things that presently, we are not ready for. Does Nature use multiplication or division or is there something mysterious in between, or at some angle? At present, we are only aware of the Quantum, which is an interval packet, representing how all energy is released in this Universe. It is an ultimate-interval and when it was revealed to exist, it caused a sensation and divided physics and chemistry but chemistry has recovered, so now this only applies to physics (except for Quantum Electrodynamics) and this division is actually encouraged by many in physics' circles for political and economic reasons. The way the quantum is now, it is like a modern Pyramid of Giza, which is beautiful to look but what do you do with it after all its initial available uses and the Oohs & Aahs have subsided?
The basic unit of radiant energy defined by the equation:

E = hV

where E is the energy difference carried away by the emission of a single photon of light. h is Planck's constant ( 6.63 × 10-34 joule-seconds ) is very simple, where V is the frequency of the light. The term photon usually refers to visible light whereas the term quantum refers to other electromagnetic radiations. (Source: The Free Dictionary because it's the only good definition I could find that doesn't put Relativity in its working description which is completely unnecessary. One thing at a "time" please.) The difference between:

Einstein's equation E = mc2 is equivalent to the verb 'To Have'

Planck's constant E = hV is equivalence to the verb 'To Be'

G P duBerger
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