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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Part 3: 'The Principle of Equivalency in History, Science and Politics'

By GP duBerger

Continued from Part 2 'Delema: The Philosophy of Modern Science and Life'

Fair Use
Let's not forget that there is an international consortium of 300 families called: (The Committee of 300) which are modern-day pirate families like the Yakuza, who should be considered creatures, whose utter ruthlessness is reflected in much literature and hidden humour; with funny names like: SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) or S.C.U.M. (Saboteurs and Criminals United in Mayhem) or M.A.D. (Mean And Dirty) , F.O.W.L. (the Fiendish Organization of World Larceny), S.P.I.D.E.R. (Secret People's International Directorate for Extralegal Revenue), T.H.E.M. (The Horrible Evil Menace), STENCH (the Society for the Total Extinction of Non-Conforming Humans) or P.A.G.A.N. (People Against Goodness And Normalcy). These mysterious big shots who supposedly want to run or rule the world, are themselves incapable of running anything except the closed systems they imagine, and work to preserve the very illusions they need to exist in, at everyone else's expense just like the novelists and script writers who write these stories. On the other hand, they only resort to extortion because everything is absolutely controlled by the banks who decide what the value of anything is, whenever and wherever they want. If it weren't for the economy being entirely fake, there would no such outlandish criminals of this type.

NATO itself, is just a military wing of the so called "Banking cartels" which many refer to as headed by the Rothschild family, whose personal fortune, conspiracy theorist's say, is estimated at being beyond 500 trillion dollars from other questionable sources since it's impossible to obtain accurate information and the sources of legitimate information keep changing all the time and all search engines suddenly become unbelievably stupid when querying the Rothschilds, as with a lot of church history and its scandals.

Fair Use
Or keeping up to date with the latest damage Donald Trump (a misanthropists) is up to, with his wasteful and unsustainable construction projects, which he calls "property development" and those projects are only "sustainable" when artificial money is continually being pumped in to those projects, even after completion, so they are actually worthless. He also thinks and acts like he's been everywhere in the Universe and knows everything, where even theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists haven't made that claim yet. His wives have more makeup and paint on their faces and bodies then any clown or bisexual acrobat at the Cirque du Soleil. When Donald Trump sees wind turbines, he sees ugliness. When I see wind turbines I see a thing of beauty. My mother and father also had remarkable bad taste and had uncomfortable ornate furniture like in Donald Trump's residence, which I happily threw in the garbage after they were gone from my life. One of my sisters would play 'Queen of Hearts' when she was a child, while sitting on a replica of Prince Rainier's throne and say: "Off with your head!" and we'd laugh our heads off as children do.

Anyway, one will only notice these things if you use the internet as a research tool and not just to buy shoes. Now these are supposed to be the pillars of the establishment, yet one cannot find any accurate information about these, whatever-you-want-to-call-them. So we see here that the supposed "the good guys" act just like the supposed "the bad guys" (if not worse).

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
The Internet is totally fake and don't you forget it, where all information that can change things and turn bad systems into good is controlled, where things like organized religion, and ancient obsolete philosophy, and antiquated economic systems and the economics of greed are favoured in advertizing and any search engine results. Search engines, themselves, are becoming more and more like a nightmare, as my queries are now verbs and not nouns and all subjects and objects are now being treated as popular entities, destroying everyday the ability to find facts in things. This is a very strange world I live in. I am just here to amuse myself and if I'm not all the time cycling through all my articles, HTML'S MAGIC, as one example, it would disappear because it is continuously getting torn apart all the time, probably, by those who don't like what I say, much to my own amusement and this is why I created a home list/ directory.

I'm like the wholesale, Crane Plumbing Corp who works only to sell so many fine-porcelain toilets and other fine plumbing fixtures every year to the market and not more, and they are very happy (The name: 'American Standard' is their merged commercial wing for retail). If you buy a new condo without Crane or American Standard plumbing fixtures, and they don't have a damn good excuse which they can back up with physical evidence, you can be assured the walls in the condo are made of paper too. I'm not associated with Crane Corporation or American Standard, and I'm only citing them as a sustainable model for corporate and manufacturing techniques and marketing.

Not every company on the planet is trying muscle in on others for an increased percentage and are looking for more and more sales (without limit) every quarter, which is odd for a closed system. These are companies that have a good business and that makes them very happy. Yeh! for capitalism and sustainability! When I say sustainability I'm talking about the market too (which also must be treated, realistically, thermodynamically) and not just green things because everything must be treated sustainably, — and that means the 'Market' too because 'The Market' can also be turned into a barren waste if not tended properly.

This would be a wonderful project for school kids or even college undergrads, is to research companies that already exist that go against venture capitalist ideas and their philosophy of interference and do what they want to do, when they want to do it and not the wishes of some distant majority shareholders who are only seen through video conference. Hint: These are usually companies that manufacture and wholesale practical finished products and services like rope, tools, components, food (grocery distributors) etc. and luxury goods like hand made cars, watches etc. and of course, toilets and various bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Many publicly owned companies which not all operate at a loss and are entities that must be looked at through the long term and not with every quarter where one would see overall that they produce stability in shaky economies and overtime produce more products and profit that is distributed everywhere, which is never backed up by the privately controlled media. Avoid Wikipedia and search deeper on this subject as they veer off in the idea of wholesaling into an ordinary market concept involving retail, changing the entire meaning, that does not plan the future, where anything goes as if we were having breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Tiffany's.

Fixture Factory photo FixtureFactory--CarryOnAtYourConvenience_zpse63eae5e.gif The beauty of this business model is that the customer (a contractor) must be prepared a year in advance to place any order which although no one gets their product delivered immediately, the customer is guaranteed his order at a certain date and made with/through the highest standards. The local unions also involved in everything during manufacturer and shipping also know everything in advance so there are no labour surprises and the manufacturer knows a year ahead what its sales are going to be (which has all kinds of advantages), all the while employing local labour that is skilled or properly trained and not importing any finished products from anywhere besides raw materials which can come from anywhere and be ordered when the prices are the lowest. These companies never produce anything that would ever be recalled.

Don't forget to notate the people who would be against such a project, which would be good for another project or even a documentary. If you're confused with services like grocery stores, just consider that there is so much one can stock up a grocery store with perishable goods and manufacturers rent shelf space a year in advance from large food chains and provide their own jobbers to keep those store shelves clean and well stocked .

This billionaire portrayed here (an engineer) would have a lot of enemies because he would invest his money in individuals and new ideas and not put his money for the exclusive use of systems.
To recapitulate: I like to think that the international banks and their supporters, according to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, are equivalent to the markets they control or interfere with; They keep changing all the time but they force everything to either stay the same or deteriorate, and business has this strange philosophy today of always evolving into new types of business, yet their customers are always seen or treated as Cro-Magnon hominids and even devolving. In such circumstances we can just forget thinking about business ethics, morality and fairness.

So one should not expect anything stable from this since any kind of international banking is labelled as a hallmark of "stability" yet they thrive on instability, insatiability and speculation which is all created artificially on top of that. This is so because the Rothschilds et al, are the first to develop a system to keep their money out of the countries they did business in and this money was kept moving around all over the place and the family was broken up into different dynasties in different countries so that any debts could not be wiped out by wiping them out as the aristocracy would do, all the time, with creditors in the past, — especially Jewish creditors. In effect, they turned their money and their investments into a system that is about as real as a ghost, being that, it was something anyone could see but never touch.

To this day, if you do business with any kind of borrower, this is like doing business with a crocodile; you never know when it's going to take a chunk out of you, but you know it will, regardless if you lend a friend a $100.00 or a book or you're rich and you lend a million or a trade concession. But the other type of billionaire who invests in ideas and people, represented in the clip above, it is the opposite where it is he/she personally that has to be on the move all the time and all his/her interests are all strategically or decisively placed and, of course, these types are always portrayed as villains in the media.


This is why off-shore banking is so popular and not necessarily because of tax shelters. They are popular because they are, now, the only way to have complete privacy in your assets whether they are legally obtained or not, and with capital administered by regular banks; anybody with the know-how and a laptop can find out all your financial records at the touch of a keystroke giving all types advantages over you by knowing how much you are worth, how much you can leverage and who are your associates and their assets too (very much like Facebook in the social scene) yet the banks themselves are now allowed to leverage up to 40% of their assets into bad or risky investments from the former 5-10% they were only allowed in the past without having to say or report anything before doing anything risky.

Remaining Linked
Creating links is good, like the links you see on webpages, but remaining linked 24 hours a day, like on Facebook, is something else altogether.
Money like this is worthless (just like "Friends" and "Groups" on Facebook) because it puts everybody in a poker game were some can always see your cards making it impossible to negotiate anything fairly especially when doing any kind of real horse trading, when the other side knows or can know easily what you are playing with, and even know this in advance before anyone arrives to negotiate anything, including the power to plan the whole thing in advance where the tip you were given by someone was meant to create the situation that favours the other side in the end. Banks are only good for cashing and/or depositing welfare/disability cheques because people on welfare/disability don't care about privacy and this is the least of their concerns and besides there is nothing there to spy on or manipulate.

In the future, with things like Google Glasses (when the server technology and algorithms exists to handle this massive amount of information), which everyone will buy because it will give pathetic little lives, that don't do anything themselves, the power to turn reality and people into ideas, or others will commit crimes and blame Google because their device told them that the person they saw was classified as dangerous and he/she felt threatened.

People will fill cyberspace with nonsense or redundancies, along with their morbid fantasies ( as we see now, already, in 2013 on Google+) of/on any subject while, ostensibly, they think that they are invisible, which will reflect after, off their own lives and will bury all good information and begin a new dark ages, meaning that it would be nothing to kill or commit a crime through Google glasses, than to do it with your own eyes but to do actual research work will become a chore and it's better to go to the library or a monastery instead to find information.

There are already enough morbid people around all over the place, who have no idea what a decent warm human feeling is anymore because they spend their lives addicted to texting and reading stupid text messages or playing games; that they actually appear as zombies on the street who don't look at anything or where they are going, yet they think that they are hipsters or cool and above others and each other. This will be the first technological plague where billions will die and kill each other like there was rabies going around.

Then authority will make it obligatory for everybody, including all animals on this planet in the sea, land and air to have a "control chips" installed in their brain and in their central nervous system, and those that have fled civilization will be hunted down and either killed or converted, just like how a lot of pagans were forcibly converted in the past, by the sword, to Christianity. When a solar flare would arrive to disrupt these chips, people would be programmed and function like automatons to shield themselves in some manner with complete instructions on how to do this.

They will also be impotent or they will breed like cockroaches which will be decided by a computer algorithm because they never cultivated anything else in their lives and they are still part of a closed system, and systems will survive beyond civilization to service the privileged as they always have. This will be a way to privatize all public intellectual property worth in the trillions from under everyone's noses, or if you have an original idea it will be known by the multinationals or the governments and taken from you and you will be made to forget that it was your idea.

Or wars will be fought for the amusement of the children of the powerful because they will have access to a population of programmed human robots who will be made to fight each other at the flip of a switch and start-up of a program, among many other things and applications, because there won't be people anymore but automatons, and all this can be blamed on the middle class, who all buy garbage or things specifically designed to interfere with everything and not things that they need.

There will be slavery for ten thousand years until the system inexplicably fails of which I won't tell how that will happen but it won't be a Jesus or a Neo but another systems itself that emerges and that operates on its own. See: Article: Chipzilla wants Intel Inside EVERYTHING By Rik Myslewski, 8th October 2013. and also Google 'Internet of Things' where there are many discussions of this coming revolution that cannot be stopped because of human weaknesses and intellectuals, where we will become equivalent to what we are.

The entire game called capitalism is completely fake if there is no privacy, plus there is no more fun in it anymore. The entire system is run by cowards who create situations that involves no risk for them. See: Politicians and companies worldwide face questions over offshore accounts .
Only with hidden money in the form of privacy can one make real money (or losses), which also must be kept hidden or moving, regardless of who you are and the rest of what's going on is to keep the allusions and values of the middle class running.

Oh! Let's not forget things like: Bank of Cyprus big savers to lose up to 60%, which is robbery committed by international banks who set loanshark-like deadlines that are completely fictitious in their immediate necessity, created by an arbitrary fiat economic system that must destroy, rather than enhance the value of anything. Then we wonder why there are "criminal societies" and not just criminals since it is only them who try to maintain the value of things without interfering in culture, progress and change. So I ask all kiddies out there: Who's or what's evil? Your answer will depend on how much you have been brainwashed to believe in, and acknowledge only, certain systems.

If you think that the edifice of science is bad, the international economic system is worse. These "criminal" organizations are only trying to protect their own interests from the banks, and through the banks anyone can have access to anyone's privy information, in effect destroying capitalism itself, and each view the other side as evil where the press and the media always favours the banks in their "coverage". See: Don't get bitten by Bitcoins By James J. Angel where you'll read a journalist on CNN doing everything to surreptitiously dissuade ordinary people on the concept of privacy in one's affairs, more than he criticizes bitcoins. Ha! Ha!

There we see now how western nations and even culture is becoming more and more totalitarian regardless if it's a socialist nightmare like the UK, or a conservative republic run by the GOP. In my own political analysis, I don't see North Korea as a threat, I see western civilization and their nations (which belong to the people, not our leaders or the banks) as aspiring to the likes North Korea because of the banks. If western nations don't belong to their people than why would they vote? So nations belong to all the people and not governments and it is always the middle class who put Fascist dictators in power not the poor, or the laborers or the rich and they are also its victims. The middle class in Italy, Spain, Russia and Germany etc. learned their lesson and the United States of America will too after reducing themselves to dust if they don't outlaw the GOP and the Democrats, and let other political Parties fill the void with fresh new ideas.

If you want the real news and opinion of what's going on, go to places like Wells Fargo (the people who move money around) or the Wall Street Journal Network which is where all the important people look to and not the stupid media networks on TV, Radio or Newspapers or CNN as they disparagingly always portray in the movies or television. They even have a healthy sense of humour and can laugh at their own reporting on occasion. This is professional financial journalism at its best. They still need to work on their streaming servers though, so if this video stops suddenly for no reason just refresh the page (tab) and start the video, after the commercial (which is even more choppy), from where it cut out.
I would rather hear what's going on from an "evil" stock broker who have to do their own explaining to each other than from any third party news service.
First of all, North Korea has never won a war with anybody, so they cannot be considered a world power and can only subscribe to being a minor nuclear threat compared to others which is not worth all the attention they are given. Any war talk in that region of the planet is simply bad timing so the threat either does not exist or is not going to happen. If the North decides to flatten South Korea one day; how long do you think it will take someone else to do the same with North Korea because this kind of warfare is personal not some international thing involving apposing powers and an example must be set that no one will ever forget. People will be at first shocked and eventually forget that North Korea even existed once. It will be a place for scientists to study genetic mutations in worms for centuries.

Like Paul Gigot, editor of The Wall Street Journal says decisively in this clip: "This regime will be removed if they do wrong" and he does not represent any government but represents financial powers, so this is all the more believable. I don't even believe much of the rhetoric that is said about the new leader of North Korea, as I believe it is mostly manufactured nonsense from mainstream media to keep people from progressing unless its news from Wells Fargo or The Wall Street Journal who stick to the facts of what North Korea and other places have actually done, or what they are up to and who's interfering in those situations accompanied with the proper critical analysis, simply because money is involved.

Myself, I want to see some North Korean invaders here in Montreal coming over in flying saucers, before I take these guys seriously and then I will work to cut off their supply channels and shoot anyone of them I can find on site, who doesn't have his hands up and surrenders to the police. The distance between Pyongyang, North Korea and Montreal, Canada is 6481 miles and -13:0 hrs and so are my concerns regarding this situation and if something bad happens, that will be upsetting to a few stockbrokers, banks and investment speculators, who I'm certain will also be as very concerned about human lives as with their portfolios.

I can only offer empathy, nothing more and this is their problem that should of been taken care of a long time ago, that is manufactured on top of that, not our problem. Let the Chinese government deal with them since it is them who have always supported these regimes in North Korea and not the Chinese people themselves. North Korea is not worth one single American, British or Chinese soldier's life. Let these corporations and banks (both Chinese and Western Conglomerations) hire mercenaries if they have something to protect or pack up and leave if war comes especially when this thing is a financial thing and not a political thing. If the Chinese and a western coalition fight over this, it is the North Korean "Government" who will be laughing at everybody for being there, and risking their lives there in the first place, and financial interests and the international banks will be laughing at everybody.

Who cares if the NKoreans calls the American president a "Sea serpent" etc. That's the way they think over there, with the beliefs and mythology of these ancient people living there, and calling the American President a "crab monster" may even be a complement on top of that, as we don't know about these things, enough, to take them literally.
Let's not forget South Korea, whose government is just as hypocritical as the North (all the more reason to not send any of our boys and girls there) as one can see with this latest news item for May 13 2013: 'Spies caught in website scandal embarrass SKorea' about their external security agency, preying upon and spying on their own people to fix elections and other repulsive things, — just like in North Korea. Someone over there like Q, as portrayed in the Ian Flemming novels, should issue these spies compasses that point north with instructions to go there. This item discusses, along the way, their "glorious" deceased dictator Park Chung-hee who "led" South Korea from 1961 until his assassination in 1979 and as you can see from this map I found, Korea is no longer a peninsula but an island now.

Even places like Wikipedia refer to his government hypocritically as a "legal dictatorship" and himself personally as "an unelected military strongman" and "statesman", than for what he actually was and opens the door to the fact that the democracy in South Korea is itself entirely fake and has bogus plebiscites, etc. etc. There are more ways to dress up defecation and make it "palatable" than the number of gourmet recipes in all the recipe books on the planet. So as you can see, the western population is subjected to as much propaganda from our own governments, news agencies and encyclopedias as they do in North Korea who, at least for them, think they live in "paradise", — officially speaking that is!
Democracy or People's Republic, My Foot!

People should start building cheerfully coloured mock guillotines and place them artfully in their gardens as trellises for rose vines and other creeping outdoor plants and/or for decorative ornamentation and include in this scenario; beautiful moss gardens made from paving stones called "Barricades" for the authorities to see, as a reminder of better times, and how they were first achieved, which is a lot better and tasteful than, supposed, anarchists on the news these days, who bring these kind of toys to protest politics in public and then lie after getting arrested saying: they are doing "outdoor performance theater". This is shocking because people who are going to die should be properly dignified by being brought to their place of execution and not be followed around by guillotines on wheels.

A true anarchist would never be so stupid, as this kind of protesting creates a standard for anarchistic political expression that can never exceed these represented and expressed boundaries and low standards. These type of "anarchists" create their own problems with contempt by creating this contempt themselves which dulls entire movement. So I would not be a bit surprised if these things were not produced and financed by the authorities in the first place, to produce this effect to make everyone fearful and feel hopeless with such alternate political expression, which is beyond stupidity.

It's amazing to see that the greatest political use of low grade anarchists and communists, where money is being spent/invested on them, is by private enterprise and those that tout "freedom and liberty". This is like seeing a theoretical/particle physicist or intellectual/philosopher on You Tube who is a post-pubescent boy, and still wet behind the ears, telling us about the Universe which is "science wing" of this type of degradation (who, incidentally, these sprouts are also financed by private interests for obvious reasons)

Sabotage of Madame la Guillotine (a Second Law of Thermodynamic device) using a Principle in The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. Just add matter to the system!
Young people should be enjoying life and learning about themselves, learning proper manners, and not discussing philosophy and telling everyone what the universe is. They should learn about their own feelings. Anything a young person can tell anyone, concerning any discipline, is learned by rote and does not have enough personal experience to express things beyond his own imagination, which is their true gift that they should focus on and grow with. Wisdom will/may follow overtime but only when/if it's ready, and its road has been properly surveyed beforehand. Getting a Ph.D in theoretical physics today is easier than finishing high school. This part of higher education is just one big racket, which I explain elsewhere. The point is to not believe any modern intellectual today who speculates and certainly never the ones at CERN, ESA, on You Tube or PBS etc.. or any scientist below 40 years of age, especially without demonstrating anything. Being cute is not good enough to be good.

This is done because there will always be opinionated stupid young people who need to be processed into some system to feel alive. These types are there like flies on fresh steaming dog defecation as if the fresh turd were some beehive without a queen but was just as sweet as honey. Nothing can be done about this, so it is natural that some will exploit this in some manner. The exploited and the exploiters are equivalent to each other in these situations. All people are equivalent to the systems they have chosen for themselves to live by but the real good or the real evil always resides elsewhere.

People will admit to themselves they are evil but will never tell others this because, how could they enjoy their philosophy? This is where human systems come in to fill that gap where you were always a member before becoming a member and will always be a member exactly as described by the American writer, Kurt Vonnegut in 'Slaughterhouse-Five' who also used aliens from other planets like Gene Roddenberry to express political ideas that would normally be censored.

Industrial Workers of the World logo.
Public domain, because the copyrights holder (union Industrial Workers of the World, which symbol it is) wants it to be free.
Real anarchists are not out to destroy society or civilizations but are against systems that control societies and civilizations, and use the benefits of society and civilization to/for their own ends exclusively and everyone else's detriment. Anarchy has nothing to do with emotion but only with careful thought and its application to return any system to a more humanistic consciousness; the violins and romanticism come later. For instance, the banks are very organized and can extract trillions of middle class tax dollars and pension funds to finance their bailouts and get people to believe that this is justified and quite normal, where this should be a cause to overthrow any government and obliterate or outlaw any political party to allow this. This is why the Democrats in the U.S. should be outlawed in the United States, besides the GOP, because they are the ones who did this and didn't have too. These two political parties are ear deep in corruption and stupidity.

It is time for the middle class to create some legal entity or corporation that has the power by its own constitution that represents them to create a bill to outlaw a political party or send a bill or an account to these banks and financial groups, and use the courts to make them pay back everything in full, or create a system within a crisis that stimulates growth for everybody, where they could pay back the money over time but not contribute in everyone's ruin. You don't F*ck around with these people and listen to media and their rationalizations, predications and analysis and all actions against political parties or conglomerates must only be decisive where any chatter about the matter can come afterwards.

All bank executives must be followed and tracked and all their activities must be recorded 24 hrs a day for all to see anytime. These people control a country's life-blood/economy and must be scrutinized like blood itself. This, of course, means they would deal with energy corporations and car and truck manufactures too and would use the courts to force them to produce alternative, competitively priced vehicles to move around like electric vehicles and sue governments that don't issue permits for these things and force people to buy oil.

Forget government or protesting fixing these problems as this is a matter that only a powerful legal entity can handle that is properly equipt to deal with these things to protect the property and capital value of what is owned by the middle class and prevent it from being stolen or devalued including their pension funds which have been squandered in high risk investments that failed. Here in the province of Quebec, The government invested the pension fund into the largest grocery chain and distribution in Quebec where there is no risk whatsoever and these type of businesses cannot be manipulated by venture capitalists, and they make a profit too! Not bad for a public corporation.

Big governments that preside over any economic crisis throughout history have shown that they can't deal with this, despite their size and power, so it is time for the middle class to create corporations that represents them and their interests, that will work with the courts and can hire the best lawyers and investigators. The only way to fight any system is with another system, not with complaining in forums or with riotous public demonstrations. The world has changed for the bourgeoisie like it has for dynastic kings and emperors and its time they grow up or get overthrown from power and be turned back into slaves, like in the good old days, since politics and platonic ideals and those that uphold those "ideals" are not very imaginative.

There is no constitution or plebiscite committee anywhere in the universe that obliges any government to this kind of responsibility. They are only responsible for promoting and protecting the Nation and its interest on a international front after the establishment of individual people's rights, and make sure the roads are in good repair and stuff like that. After that everything is a private or public corporation that to this day all get their corporate seal issued by the government after you declare what this corporation is for what purpose and what it's supposed to do.

It is those rights that people are supposed to use in a active manner to promote or protect themselves. Rights are not meant to express yourself passively while doing nothing but blocking traffic for nothing and declare: "I have a right to be here!" a la Friedrich Nietzsche (whose work is better understood and handled by poets and other writers than the academia) or live with expectations about things that don't exist.

I say: To hell with these stupid debates about creationism or evolutionism as these things are just distractions. Drill into all kids, all over the world, The American Constitution, The Bill of Rights and All the Amendments until they can cite them forwards and backwards and sideways, and then, we can debate about what to teach them after because then the kids can defend themselves and question evil from the very beginning when it arrives in their schools. Yes, - "their schools" and go ahead and debate all you want whether those schools are there to serve kids or serve society or both.

More importantly, democracy by itself is useless but democracies inside a democracy is what makes a real difference and in that we have a public corporation with a constitution to do this for the masses or the classes of whom they represent with their shares. Political parties would be owned by anybody where, if they don't behave, people would remove their shares and invest them somewhere else since these types of shares don't increase or decrease in value but exist always on par for any political entity and only the political party can exchange its shares for legal tender to finance its projects as this would be a different sort of value that's as easy to create as signing a bill. Then with a political party with no shares to operate with, there's no political party and if they do have money they will have to answer where that money came from.

Something like this is what I'm proposing for the middle class to do, but on a more sophisticated model and not depend on the government to do this kind of policing who, by the way, is not any governments job to protect the people in this way.
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All that is needed is to incorporate the middle class into a publicly traded corporation where any middle class citizen (and only a verified middle class citizen) can own shares and only so many shares, which would give them the power and money for the corporation to create a properly trained security and investigative force and purchase entire law firms to sue political parties, the banks and the international banks and get back what was stolen, or seize records to find out what really happened, or take over the banks themselves as custodians and not owners and seize all the properties, movables and assets of corrupt banking and corporate executives and/or by simply burying them with practically infinite legal claims against them where it would take 500 years to hear every case tying up their estates for that period and rendering their existence valueless or they would go bankrupt with the enormous expenses involved with their "defence".

The middle class should learn the lessons learned by the working class where simple political movements are not sustainable and can be crushed by police and military might along with propaganda as this is not the fault of democracy but the fault of political parties who are not even in power like we see in the news today with the shutdown of the American Government in 2013 who represent only antiquated ideology and private interests.

Democracy Takes Practice
Use it or lose it.
In the mean time, we can laugh when we see impotent things like (and not take with any seriousness) 'Revenue minister explores legal options to get tax haven list' because we are only reading about bourgeois sentiment and values which are as much an artifice as the news that carries this information and makes it appear valuable or immoral because it is difficult to separate the two, with the way they present stories today to a type of people, who have no idea what an economy is beyond the understanding of a pupil in grade school, where adults are given regular "updates" in the media with the same level of knowledge and intelligence, and then they call this "information".

For more about this part of our history please see: 'Generation Zero' (2010), which is an examination of the causes of the global economic crisis which began in 2008, studying how decades of social changes have influenced financial systems and practices, all the while remembering the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and how it can change a lot of bad things from ever happening again when people stop their dependency from energy that is branded and privately controlled and start producing their own energy systems from matter itself through mechanical manipulation and by knowing that trade too does not need to be the exclusive domain of financial centers since trade can exist in anyway and be more direct and can be done by anybody, anywhere and at anytime.

Finally, After writing all this above here, I received an excellent essay by Jonathan Russo from 'The Times Israel' on the Chinese economy which was delivered to me in a way I wouldn't miss it; Entitled 'Quarks of China's Banks' with some very interesting insights on the international economy. This is an excellent read and not to be missed. Please See: Quarks of China's Banks.

For Martha Steward: How to Become a Thousandaire
Anyway, back to those Rothschilds, Rockefellers and J.P. Morgans et al. It is known that they (the Rothschilds) made their fortune from the same sort of insider trading that made Martha Steward famous except they dealt with such things as the Napoleonic wars which gives this kind of shrewdness an air of dignity as compared to Martha's pettiness which everyone, rich or poor, hates. If you are going to steal or manipulate, do this for Billions, not for a couple of thousand dollars.
Knowing this, we can extricate ourselves from taking anything personal concerning the international banks and private enterprise and can move beyond conspiracy theories and move on to other things. To calm down, or if there's an emergency for some decent human entertainment, see some great movies like 'Our Idiot Brother' (2011), or 'The Selling' (2011), or 'The Descendants' (2011) (well, I enjoyed them), or watch a few episodes of the 1972-75 television series, 'Kung Fu' to bring you back to Planet Earth, or a few 'Tales From The Crypt' and enjoy the painful terrifying slaughter by ghouls of the vain and greedy, all of which can be found streaming for free, if you bother to look, as they've already made enough money anyway.

When I was a producer I told DJ's all the time: "You have six months to make money from your song and instead of complaining, you should create new stuff instead, because that is the unofficial grace period people give creators to sell their work for a profit, after that, it belongs to everybody." I actually am surprised that people who pirate and share movies and music actually have decency and have collectively or naturally done their stuff consistently after a certain amount of time and quite an allowance too I might add.

Now to recapitulate, some branches of this dynasty (Rothschilds) are Zionist-Neoplatonists and Zionists believe that they are god's chosen people and this creates more problems for everybody in any situation, as if we don't have enough problems to deal with already.

"It's not every day when the French, the Germans, Muslims, Communists, Nazis, Arabs, Socialists, and the United Nations agree on things, so when they do, it's obvious that they must be correct."
Groupthink 10/8/2005, 11:21 pm
The People's Cube
First, I have a cure for Zionism based on The Principles of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. 1) Is to produce a true movie or documentary on the life of Emperor Titus which surprisingly, there is nothing about anywhere except for movies that look more like Zionist propaganda which are total lies as modern archaeological evidence absolutely contradicts everything, with what we know about Emperor Titus now. It seems their God can hide things from man, but It has no power over the light of truth, — Nature. We need to be more in tune, and be more equivalent with a Universe that has a bit more respect for itself, which would benefit everyone because we see now that, apparently, god lies and lies through his teeth too.

2) Since we are all supposed to be descendants of two people, Adam and Eve, if we are to believe in the bible literally, who were Jewish, then, every single person on the Earth has a right to reclaim his rightful Jewish heritage and go back to the Holy Land. We should all convert back to Judaism and all apply for Israeli Citizenship, now, as refugees from Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism etc..

When we arrive in Israel we take advantage of Israeli Laws and convert back to Christianity or whatever you were unfortunately brought up with, where we can all get saved when the apocalypse or whatever comes. This is a win win scenario that's good for everybody. (see your local rabbi for details but don't tell him about the re-conversion thing).

It's amazing to see so many people become stupid and believe things where the only thing to believe is reality based on physical evidence whether this information comes from "good or evil" people, and that is the only truth to consider, and there are no exceptions to this either, nor is there anything simpler. Information from a god is not necessarily "good" and information from the devil is not necessarily "bad" especially when "good and evil" or "god and the devil" are being represented and not actually shown.

Is god good 24 hours a day and the devil bad 24 hours a day and if so, what actions are there to demonstrate this because this idea of god and the devil is a system and not something with any substance, where whether they exist or not they still produce action. If they produce direct action then they are not entirely metaphysical as they should be, but are more idea than anything else. The ideas created by all organized religion and organized spirituality contaminate and pollute the mind and if there is any evil the cause is man and his systems not man and the world, — forget god or the devil as being responsible. Human beings don't need fairy tales to be united or smart as they can do this very well on their own, and do so lawfully and fairly, if there is no interference from intellectuals.

I personally don't care about Jews or any other religion or nationality or "traditions" except when their leaders and intellectuals start styling themselves as "Holy" or "Gods Chosen" and start addressing god as a personal friend, and all "traditions" are for the service of misogyny and the slavery of women and turn them into baby making machines and household slaves. These things mean absolutely nothing to me nor do I see any value in them, but that is not an excuse for me to judge others. The Jews are supposedly following Moses' laws and a thing that's supposed to be "God All Mighty" of which there are innumerable interpretations of what that is amongst the Jews themselves. The Christians are supposedly following the teachings of Jesus "The God of Love" of which there are as many interpretations as there are Jewish sects. The Muslims follow the teachings of the Prophet Mohamed and whatever behavior of another god which I have no knowledge about and I don't feel like studying, researching or talking about it either since all religions are systems anyway and have absolutely nothing to do with religion, of which there too, there are many interpretation and different sects, and they all hate each other. Apparently, while eating someone's heart out, you and your friends are supposed to be chanting "God is Great". See Article: 'Why a man eats another man's heart.' By James Dawes, Special to CNN updated 7:44 AM EDT, Wed May 15, 2013

All this nonsense looks exactly, in structure, like some TCP/IP protocol, which is your IP address, your Subnet mask and your default router, instead of religion and philosophy. They should also make a law that forbids any American President, Senator or congressperson from ever saying; "God bless America" under any circumstances because they are not priests nor do they have any connection to god in any way whatsoever. All elected officials were put there by the people and not by god. If I'm mistaken, I want to see some proof.

Only an Emperor or a king is allowed to say such things because they are chosen "By the Grace of God" or 'Dei Gratia' and not by the people; at least according to international protocol and this should be known by any President's speech writers already, especially in a state that's supposed to be secular, so one can imagine how many nations are offended by many Presidents of the United States that say "God Bless America" and see this as no different to when Fascists used the type of salute reserved for a flag to be directed toward their chief instead.

Poor Lucifer is the only lawyer who needs a lawyer even when he's minding his own business or doing other things. You'd think the "devil" was working 24 hours a day to destroy man when he most probably has much better things to do with his time. Metaphysics is only for the dead to take seriously, not the living, so everyone should stop believing in nonsense. If these things were real there would be nothing we could do anyway and we could just put ourselves in the lotus position and meditate throughout our lives because nothing is worth anything according to any religious philosophy, so in either case it's best to completely ignore things where there is no physical evidence whether you believe or not.

These government bodies are supposed to be doing positive things, not make you feel good by saying nonsense like: "God bless America". The United States of America, or any other nation, is not a 'comfy blanket' and its presidents should stop addressing the people like they were infants and the people themselves should stop acting like dependent babies with preconceived expectations about life, especially those things that involve vanity.

Now, Zionist's should remember some history.

Now for some good old mud slinging

Zionists and other fanatics might start to consider, that maybe, this supposed idea that they are the "chosen people" from their god is actually only a test which would be consistent with this Jewish Jupiter's behaviour if, once again, what we are to believe what's in the bible is true. This is a racist idea if taken seriously today but may of made sense to a severely uncosmopolitan and provincially-minded tribe of people living in a desert a couple of thousand years ago. The warriors at Masada and modern Zionists have little to do with each other and as much as the bronze age Canaanites had to do with other ancient Jews living during Greek and Roman times, just like you can't compare the ancient Allemani tribe to any modern day German. Jews that insist on going back to their roots should go wandering in the desert like their ancestors; Nazis and skinheads should go and live in the forest like their "pure blooded" ancestors and avoid all the conveniences of modern cities and civilization that require a bit of compromise and contain a lot of diversity. Zionist's should, instead, count their blessings and become like the rest of the Jews who are a peaceful law abiding people and do what Jews have always done best, — Business and will do business with a gorilla if he has something to trade with. Anybody who hates anybody has a lot of explaining to do and this should be demanded from them.
The best way to deal with religious fanatics and evil people in general is to make tons of jokes about it/them and popularize these jokes so that they all become a laughing stock.

Bill Bailey on Evil
Being laughed at and not being taken seriously, really gets on the nerves of these types because there is no amount of money anybody can spend, to stop a good joke after it starts. "Calling all Comedians and Joke writers, white courtesy telephone please". If you ever see any kind of fanatic make a speech, shoot shout something outlawed out-loud about his mother the way Fraud Freud would pass a comment. Try to sabotage the event into something like The Jerry Springer Show. Consider this a duty to Mankind and Humanity and have some fun creating a bit of mayhem. Who knows, you may have saved a few lives down the line. Whatever it is, no matter how small, you would be altering the future, which should be a high enough incentive for anybody with conscious. Consciousness before faith. The science of a good-destructive joke or turning some system into a joke involves steering the object, gradually, to the level of universal contempt via laughter, which is where it can never recover from and the job is complete.


Fair Use GP duBerger
These funny dictators around the world who have been placed by the above mentioned groups, or have met their approval, have always proven to be monsters and bullies; who never had the proper education and upbringing to rule any nation for their entire life and therefore never had any right to. The only thing they know is their own inexhaustible depravity and use their own people as guinea pigs to prove it. All nations have the right to fair government but few nations have this throughout the world and only because of Plato and Neoplatonism, which has different names in different cultures but its all the same. This can be better understood with the Russian Revolution where the Bolsheviks had the right idea but implemented it in the wrong way. It was an excellent idea to get rid of the entire royal family and as many aristocrats as they could find during their civil war. But by wiping them out, they inadvertently opened the doors to power to those who had no responsible idea what to do with it and who had no training in administration. With no opposition to keep these people in check it became open season for stupidity and depravity.

So everyday, in the news, for around 60 years, there was a new revolution on the radio, newspapers and later on television and so on and on, to keep people interested in the "revolution", just like they do here, by always presenting old products and say "It's New and Improved" which could be equivalent to a Capitalist Manifesto. The Bolsheviks and the Communist Party and their new 5¢ Tzars only eliminated part of the problem and created an unprecedented national debt of approximately 60 billion dollars by 1919 less than two years after the revolution because revolutions cost money and this money has to come from somewhere so the communist revolution was financed with capitalist backing.

The former Russian Empire's economy could not manage this but they told everyone that everybody was now living in a paradise (which is an odd term to use because didn't they illegalized religion?). But in conclusion, the Russians ended up in a worse situation then when they were under the Tzars and managed, in 60 years to, kill and cripple more people than the Romanov's did in their entire dynasty. Between 1918 and 1921, 14 million Russians died from war and starvation with Lenin's Bolsheviks and we haven't even begun discussing Marshall Stalin who murdered a minimum of 20,000,000 people. The Russians even had a joke, that I remember, that managed to climb over the Wall and Iron Curtain, back in the 1980's: "Adam and Eve were Russian because they thought they were living in paradise and because they only had one apple to eat between them". See or bookmark: Animal Farm (1999) by George Orwell. The following is a clip from this movie.

World War 1 and 2

Of course, I'm a ridiculous idealist but if they had created real constitutional monarchies out of Russia, Austria, Germany and The Ottoman Empire we may have avoided the great depression and WW2 and a lot of unnecessary exterminations altogether because by the 19th century there was already a global economy which was rearranged after WW1, which was only a trade war instigated by the Allies and bankers so that they could control all the worlds economy completely and their focus was to destroy the Middle East and control all of Africa and gain control of all their precious resources that don't belong to anybody which is a policy that is still in effect since the post-Napoleonic era. This is a lot of suffering and death just to make a few families happy and stock portfolios look healthy and the last I checked, rich or poor, everybody feels pain equally and is not a phenomena that is exclusive to the rich. History was then conveniently, politically-rehabilitated so that the Allies look like the good guys. Germany, Russia, Austria and the Ottomans were only trying to survive and wanted their own piece of the world trade/market pie too. With their destruction there was no more force to keep in check the banks.
Doesn't anyone, anywhere, here on Planet Earth think that it is strange that we are always "the good guys", all the time?

Tzar Alexander II and his predecessor Tzar Nicholas I were on to the banking houses and those European countries anxious to cause more mayhem and were very effective in exposing their scandals and limiting their activities like in the financing of the American Civil War; Alexander forbade the Rothschilds to finance anything and the European powers from taking sides or interfere, which of course made a lot of people in this group very angry. The United States went into an economic recession as the Civil War approached. Further, gold and silver was scarce in The United States, in both the North and South, to finance any war so the North issued Fiat Notes and the South, although being the fourth largest economy in world at the time, started to issue Bills of Credit.

As requested by President Lincoln, Alexander sent the Russian fleet on September 24, 1863 under Admiral Liviski, to New York harbor, and The Russian Pacific fleet, under Admiral Popov,to San Francisco on October 12. Of this Russian act, Gideon Wells said: "They arrived at the high tide of the Confederacy and the low tide of the North, causing England and France to hesitate long enough to turn the tide for the North". People have to remember that the South was being manipulated by European banks and both France and England at the time. Today there is much speculation that Lincoln and Alexandre II were assassinated by the Rothschilds and their banks for interfering with their plans. (The Russian Empire was the superpower and the world policemen of the time, so it was very appropriate for Lincoln to ask for assistance as nations do today ask for this from the United States when there's trouble.)

Anyway, one could write a book about just this because there is some really fascinatingly good stuff here, from the tiniest amount of research I looked at, from reputable sources, to write these couple of sentences and the American Civil War is a lot more complicated, interesting and cosmopolitan than what they tell anybody what it was all about and, not to impune, it wasn't just about slavery by any means and a lot more people would of died if Tzar Alexander II (a Humanitarian) had not intervened. The most important legacy of President Lincoln, Tzar Alexander II and Tzar Nicholas I is that they proved to the world that the international banking cartels are not invincible and can be stopped. It is only, now, a question on how to not get assassinated.

The history of the United States is inextricably linked with Russia's forever, not with China, and the modern United States should, today, pay more state visits to the Russian Federation and establish a new friendship, increase trade and diplomatic ties with them, and support their foreign policy or at the very least try to understand their policies which have always been very explicit but does not get the media coverage it deserves, because the United States' future will still depend on Russia for a multitude of reasons that are too lengthy to put down here and it would be off the subject of Equilibrium. It is Sufficient that I only indicate this.

FDR On Campaign

The preceding clip has as much truth as humour, with the exception that Basketball was invented here in Montreal, Canada at McGill University, being that most of these slave owners anywhere in the world were idiots and degenerates living in luxury and it is the slaves who actually ran and maintained the households and plantations and advised their owners on any decisions, which were followed. Moving to more modern times: Antisemitism, we find that the Allies were just as guilty in WW2 and before, because they all refused to give passports or entry visas to Jewish refugees and refused them any landing anywhere, including the Holy Land which the British took over after carving up The Ottoman Empire which, incidentally, the Ottoman's never had a problem with Jews anywhere in their Empire, in all their history, and what did the British, at the time, know what to do with Palestine anyway? It was a total diplomatic mess because the Nazis, since 1933, issued to all the Jews, who wanted to leave; one-way passports that allowed them to leave and not come back, so this gives new meaning to the words "Final Solution" since this was created by the Allies and their policies. See: Nuremberg Laws.

The Jews despite all their pleading and all their supposed riches, that they are supposed to possess, had to go back to Germany, Poland etc. and ultimately to places like Auschwitz II-Birkenau and other death-camp complexes which were some of the very few places that were never bombed throughout WW2 for some reason, and many a survivor of those camps who saw allied bombers flying over them, prayed that they would drop their bombs on them but never did (please see: Interview with Elie Wiesel).

Yet the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe, Dwight D. Eisenhower wasn't even aware that these things existed himself, and when he found out about these shocking discoveries, not from the intelligence services but from ordinary soldiers cleaning up the country side of leftover Nazis after Germany's unconditional surrender, he ordered for film crews to document everything. He must of been extremely mad. This is direct proof that there was a lot of behind-the-scenes manipulation in that war to keep this information from Eisenhower, especially from the perpetually-drunk Churchill whose intelligence services provided no information but certainly must of known all along and who was always interfering and meddling with the supreme allied commander's business, and I'm sure that this (among other things) influenced his future policies when he became 34th President of the United States.

To me, this is a disgrace that the Allies, the Vatican and Switzerland have not shared in any of the responsibility for the Holocaust (they even benefited from the Nazi Holocaust and WW2) or been more vocal about it and dumped its entire responsibility upon Germany which at the time was run by the Nazis who were sponsored and controlled by international corporate power and the banks but received none of the blame, even though there is an extensive paper trail. These multinationals must of certainly of known of these extermination camps because who was subcontracted to build them in the first place and supplied all the material, and there is nothing that does not escape a bank or multinational where there is money to be made through investment.

The Nazis didn't keep meticulous records for nothing and a lot of these records were for reporting back to those banks and stock holders who financed them and "miraculously" created a new international trade for Germany that created the new war machine in the first place and a new definition for "economic paradise" and Germany as a country was selected for war because the Germans always deliver what they promise on time unlike the French or the British. So this keeping of records has nothing to do with Nazi-German efficiency, nor did one single major corporation lose a dime during the war. So the lesson learned here is that money is more important than lives because, aside from immovables (which can be replaced) only countless lives were lost.

The Nazis and the Fascists in Italy (the antitheses of this corporate experiment) were given privileges by the banks and major corporations that no one had anywhere else in the world. The governments of the world were powerless, and the people were manipulated by the media of the time (as they are today) which are all owned or controlled by the banks (as they are today).

Jacob Bronowski and The Holocaust
Even here in Montreal, at the time, if you were Jewish or Syrian, you were not allowed in a restaurant and teachers in schools, priest and nuns told their pupils and flocks not to shop in Jewish owned businesses (Blame the Jesuits in Québec and if Québec could get rid of this bigotry, then this is also possible today everywhere because there is nothing special about Québec and the people here did this themselves before anyone even thought of human rights and civil liberties. It is just pure-total nonsense and there is very little BS in "La Belle Province".)

Stuff like this necessitated the implementation of a newer, more aggressive form of Zionism worldwide and for good reason and through equivalence this becomes inevitable. Even after the war, the British confiscated ships used for clandestine immigration of refugees to Palestine, that were owned by Jewish shipping, which were later returned, when Israel was created. This was probably done on purpose and ordered by the Rothschilds et al. themselves for political reasons to enhance the creation of a more ideologically Zionist Israel rather than just a homeland for displaces European Jews who were hated everywhere in Europe because of propaganda created by intellectuals, which is what it was supposed to be originally, which would never of had the problems of today and tomorrow and may or may not of been necessary at the time. At least none of these refugees got killed this time, but were only inconvenienced.

Palestine was always melting pot and a center or crossroad for trade from time immemorial and not some political entity, involving nationalism and racism. Talk any kind of nationalism to an educated Palestinian and he will think you are some backward barbarian, which is what Zionists are.
As aboriginals have no concept of ownership of land and think of themselves as custodians; the Palestinians, who have been there since prehistoric times, think of themselves traditionally as the custodians of the markets in what was called Palestine. The modern Palestinians are exactly like the Jews of the time when Rome controlled this area who tried to incorporate this area with some political identity were Jesus Christ quipped: "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's" which is sound business advice when in this part of the world.

This was treason (but then what isn't treason at any time), and if Jesus came back and said the same on behalf of the Palestinians today (which it would apply to now) he would be made to disappear very fast once again. The Jews are linked by blood to Palestinians and the Palestinians are linked by blood to the Jews as any archaeological and genetic evidence can prove (go to link on Palestinians) and the only thing that separated them are bad religious leaders who are politically connected and bad academics, intellectuals and media who are corporately sponsored and controlled. There are only two colours for money; yellow for gold and red for blood. The Palestinians and Jews are different because over a couple of thousand years they had two different and rich histories but it does not change that they are brothers and sisters and this shows more what a dynamic people they are which is not a thing for anyone to hate.

There is nothing to "nationalize" in the Levant as goods were on the move and changing all the time and trade is everything and everywhere there, like on Wall Street or The City of London Corporation or Singapore etc.. It would be impossible to create a Marxist regime anywhere in the Levant because there is nothing to own beyond lousy desert real estate, there is only trade and things are always moving like the dusty caravans of ancient times. There was never any drum beating or conquests going on in all their history, except from outside, and everyone, including the Jews, were welcome to do business there when it was Palestine nor were there any Jewish camps to keep them segregated and under surveillance.

Zionist like to complain that Palestinians are dirty and everything was a desert before they created their quaint Kibbutzes where things now grow, forgetting or ignoring that Palestine is and was always actually a road and not a farm. So when they demolish Palestinian owned immovables and bring their surveyors to build a farm or homestead for Jewish fanatics, you can imagine how thrice insulting that is for everybody over there and not just to Palestinians, Arabs and ordinary Jews because they are demolishing their own raison d'être and history and handing it over to ignoramuses who create enclosures of what's been considered common land since before ancient times and privatize the thing on political/religious grounds, on top of all stupidities. Holy Land my foot. Las Vegas, Yes. The only thing they are missing in the "holy land" are casinos but business, there today, is identical to how they do business in that other desert: Las Vegas.

This is what happens when banks and private entities meet with territories and turn them into nations so they can be exploited easily and only for their benefit. Israel should not even be a nation but called a territory because of its geography and history.

This is better than the fall of Rome where ignorant and uncultivated peasants buried everything because marble statues of gods, emperors and monuments make excellent drainage for vines to grow grapes for making wine because vines require underground drainage to grow or they die. Slate is the best stone material as part of soil drainage for growing grapes since it also captures more heat because vines love heat especially when growing white-wine grapes.

So this business of the creation of the state of Israel is just a grab for all the trade by the Zionists that was once all Palestine and extend their influence and control into the Levant. Which, of course, this is where all the problems are occurring. Remove this Zionist nonsense and the modern state of Israel will be more rich and successful for everybody and not just the few families that control its politics. The Arabs themselves who use religion to further hatred for their own reasons are a small voice as the entire region is one diaspora of different peoples trying to do trade with each other like they've always done and otherwise mind their own business and live in peace.

Traditionally, no one ever cared who runs the show or who their invaders were so long as they did not interfere with business. When Rome interfered with business (and religion too is a business) that's when trouble started and the same with Zionists today who interfere with business over there by monopolizing it like the Romans did. Today's Zionists are no different than the Romans in antiquity and nothing like the warriors at Masada. Zionism is all about money and nothing else.

Otto von Bismarck at 21

These Empires before WW1 were all multi-ethnic and worked quite well by the end of the 19th century and their emperors and their governments were working hard to modernize all their institutions, where the world's "democracies" were all sitting on their laurels made out of pure propaganda; all calling themselves: "The Lands of Freedom and Liberty" where improving the social and economic situation of their societies during their respective industrial revolutions and the problems they caused never came into question. 'Democracy is already Divine' and it certainly is, — to a few.

Imperial Germany was way ahead of the pack and was the first nation on Earth, ever, to institute state public education including many social reforms passing the Health Insurance Bill of 1883, the Accident Insurance Bill of 1884 and The Old Age and Disability Insurance Bill of 1889. This was done to stem the tide of skilled workers and artisans who were emigrating to the United Stated where there were better wages but no welfare, guarantees, insurance or security and this proved to be 100% effective.

Of course, this put pressure on the worlds democracies, too, and they were all forced to eventually enact into law these new workers rights, which did not make any private-enterprise groups very happy, but not before they instituted a new campaign in the form of propaganda and lies to get skilled European workers over to North America by telling everybody, through the media, that the roads here were "paved with gold". North America was built on skilled European labour brought over here with lies, so the German Emperor and Bismark were working hard in their maneuvering to protect the workers of the German Empire from a grasping democracies and international banking system who called the shots.

My great-grandfather, Theodore Nollen, on the front page of a Montreal newspaper on Dec 28 1938 at the age of 70 because he was one of the first to see Disney's 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' which was also the first movie he had ever seen in his entire life.
He probably only went there to keep from freezing to death which you'll see from the other headlines (if you can read French) where this was quite prevalent during the Great Depression. Back then, people froze to death all the time, or were asphyxiated with jerry-rigged heaters, or died in household explosions just to keep warm.
Click or tap to magnify
My own great-grandfather from Zeeland fell for this too, who invested all his money in a gold mine in Quebec that didn't exist. A lot of rich and skilled immigrants lost their fortunes or savings here in North America and lived ever after in poverty. All these quaint stories about those poor immigrants looking for "liberty and freedom' is all an exaggeration as most immigrants, that did come here, came because of greed and for no other reason. Many more immigrants lost everything coming over here than staying in Europe. My great-grandfather was a skilled worker alright; he was a wig maker and coiffure for the aristocracy in Zeeland.
He went mad and played the stock market for the rest of his life with the little he had, dreaming of riches, and it was his daughters who supported him until he died.

Historically, institutionalized ignorance and its maintenance is one of the hallmarks of democracies throughout their histories, where the only "education" that is given, is what is required to service the privileged and most universities and their fraternities are all private institutions. This also explains horrible and damaging "documentary" science shows like 'Absolute Zero' from PBS, among other shows from other networks from "theoretical/particle physicists" and "cosmologists" who either don't know what they are talking about, or are complete liers. On the other hand: It is only in democracies, one can be refused employment because you're overqualified, or not of the right stock, or part of the team. Emphasis is placed on training not learning. The dumber they are the more training they can get and the smarter you are the more Ritalin you get.

A modern day Neanderthal capitalist/shopkeeper protecting his goods.
Notice the Homo Sapiens customers in the background.
'Forrest Gump' (1994) is more fact than fiction. Typically, Neanderthal capitalists in democratic nations have always moved their machines and factories to where the people with the highest superstition and the lowest education are. (This includes democracy administered by an aristocracy like in England which is the worst system of them all.) This is their "god given" right as expounded by people like Ronald Reagan who expounded the same type of nonsense when discussing Socialized Medicine in the United States to bored housewives, and that's why it's called Democracy and this is the reason that there is no difference between private enterprise and democracy which all benefit from socialism with government hand-outs and bail-outs amounting to trillions of dollars.

Free Enterprise is another thing altogether and does not exist on Earth except with "criminal" societies, so when they talk about capitalism they are really talking about 'private enterprise' where democracy is a political tool to make sure that all the wealth is concentrated with the few. This is also why the original United States of America and the Modern United States of America are entirely two different entities because the original one had free and private enterprise and this no longer exists being taken over by the banks and private enterprise.

Kaiser Wilhelm I
Now, so far we have to Empires: 1) 'The Empire of the Germans', which was putting forward Education and Social Reforms, and 2) The Russian Empire who was fighting the banks and multinationals, of the time, and promoting peace. Well I wouldn't say that was all bad for 19th century thinking and it is such ideas that probably promoted the idea that they were evil, when we consider the political/social mentality elsewhere.

God forbid the United States uses it policing powers today, to promote peace and social reforms because the same thing might happen to them as what happened to Germany and Russia because the United Stated only uses its might to promote private interests, and this so called 'Marxist threat', especially today, is really over-exaggerated and meaningless but is an excellent tool for propaganda and what's really funny is that there is an entire generation of adults now that have no idea what the Cold war was all about or knew about the Soviet Union except as ancient history in their minds! Yet, to me this was yesterday and I'm not that old either (53).

The United States and the U.K. wherever they go, build "Starbuck's" not schools and hospitals (schools and hospitals are actually specifically targeted now) and train their military with psychotics and turn them into bad apples too.
People should not be surprised with the inhumanity going on in Syria and the Middle East today because who trained the Hezbollah and Al Qaeda in the first place, which are two groups that the U.S. (in the media) considers to be terror groups but to the C.I.A. and MI6 they are actually trained operatives, and who is supplying these groups with money, guns bombs and ammunition.

This stuff doesn't grow magically on trees and fall specifically into their hands. A lot of nations (the majority of the planet) consider the Bush Family along with many statesmen and industrialists, both British and American, as war criminals and if they had the power, they would be arrested, tried and executed.

This is all a preamble to some horror the powers that be, are planning for the future for the entire world where you can kiss everything goodbye, where we will have psychotic and sociopathic madmen and their agencies running the planet.
Be careful what you say in any social network today because that will be used against you at the appropriate time, especially in countries that call themselves "Free".

You should use these things strictly AND ONLY for legitimate business. That's it, That's all. If you want to forment anything, whether it be for sex or politics, go to a noisy bar or tavern like they did in the old days and never use technology otherwise you're just committing suicide in a fancy way and possibly also be dragging innocent-others down with you, which are the people you supposedly "Share" with.

Stopping Disaster, Using The Little Dutch Boy Method
This is the only real power a good American President has today, so we should be thankful and more considerate.
In other scenarios: Americans should leave their Presidents alone and not blame them for everything because they have to deal with situations that they have no control over. This kind of political bickering is only suitable for hausfraus or at Tupperware parties and it does not work, nor has it ever, where today you can put anybody as President and it would make no difference. The only thing an American President can really do is prevent things from happening like the little dutch boy saving the dike from collapsing but must do this with something much larger than his finger, as dramatized in clip, where by Equivalence and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, it becomes an instrument that is very appropriate for those types an American President works to protect the People and the Constitution of The United States of America.

For instance 'The Federal Reserve' is privately owned and the American people have nothing to say about this, effectively overthrowing democracy because money is in any type of government. Everyday, bits the constitution of the United States of America are being overthrown by appointed people who were never elected and by multinationals being represented by lobby groups. This is done to overwhelm our Republic to the south because with a powerless United States, it will become a free-for-all for the banking cartels all around the world because there will be no policing or diplomacy left anymore. What happened to the Russian Empire who were the policemen of the planet back in the 19th century may happen to the United States, and when that happens watch the fun start and WW3 which will be another trade war to grab things we, the little tiny people, don't know about yet because scientists, economists, political theorists and intellectuals are not saying anything.

Empires, Royal or Ducal courts were always encouraging education and learning locally with apprentice courtierships (that's how people got to know each other), patronage and sponsorship of guilds and there was no such thing as a Mozart being considered overqualified or from being from the wrong sort of family. We must also not underestimate the freedom for all genius to travel and study freely throughout these empires and exchange ideas with others and be involved with many different universities and as well were always invited everywhere to lavish receptions just to hear them talk and were given credentials and introductions so that they would be known worldwide. This also helped create the finest universities and learning environments and these institutions were available to anybody who had any talent for anything for free as this increased local prestige. Of course there were despots but there have been even more despotic "republics" because no one is personally responsible and they can pass the blame on something else so they are basically invisible to history.

A revolution in those days was installing a Duke or a King with actual power to improve things. Even in America's beginnings, it was all quite academic whether to instal a new constitutional monarchy or a "constitutional anarchy". The American revolutionaries and colonists didn't care about George III or royalty but cared about everybody having the ability to do business with anybody they felt like, without restrictions to any world trade, which the British empire imposed upon them. The British Empire never made that mistake ever again and anyone who talks that way in the modern day UK gets sacked immediately.

So forget Bloody Sunday (1905), The "home of freedom and land of liberty", and even more in the UK, regularly uses the F.B.I., The Army National Guard and the police or MI5 to mow down its protesters, fighting for freedom, equal rights, justice and an Orwellian version of "Free Trade" which is exactly the opposite, and no one says anything, or this is quickly "forgotten", when people are killed and this is done only to maintain the status quo for private enterprise and a mindless middle class, whose own ideas and identity very quickly became contaminated. (see: Columbine Mine massacre, Ludlow Massacre, The clearing of the Bonus March encampment in Washington DC and Kent State shootings.

Anyhow, for some reason, nationalism and ethnic and religious violence appears "magically" for the first time in the history of these empires, as if it was covertly created because there was no real legal or ideological reasons for anyone to complain about their treatment anywhere in these Empires and there are no reports of any kind that substantiated any ill treatment, as they all acted more like commonwealths than tyrannical empires.

On Matters concerning Ethnicity

This following blockquote, below in green fonts, from Wikipedia on Ruder Boškovic, the man who discovered Relativity 200 years before Einstein but since he's a Croat no one talks about him, which is very surprising for a region of the world including a Croatian diaspora that produced and still produces an extraordinary number of a special type of genius that has no specific name associated with it so far, but helped make Humanity the best it could be. It's no wonder NATO tried to bomb this region practically back to the Stone age in the Bosnian War along with Hitler in WW2, especially when this interfered with ideas of the "master race" and later in the Bosnian war because others had the same idea as the Nazis. If you look at the population densities and the statistics, these peaceful Illyrian, Slavic and Celtic peoples are a hell of a lot smarter than the Germans, the Italians, the French, the British, the Jews and the Americans and this explains their situation throughout their history.

More Genius News Coverage by The Onion News Network
Limp-wristed minds and bullies who talk tough will always try to destroy smart people, thriving cultures and different ideas, if they get the chance but before they do, they will plunder everything first and then set everything on fire, and kill all the children they can find and then make a big deal and a big show over their "Discoveries" where the plunder we find today in universities and in "museums". Stupid and weak people are always antagonists and fire the first shot.

Orange Juice Commercial By Bill Hicks
Napoleon said when he stole Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Atlanticus, when he conquered Milan, "All Men of Genius are French" and so was attempting to rewrite history. For Mankind in general, people must change his and her allegiance from his nation, religion or favourite logo to 'Nature's Nation' and identify only with that. Besides Nature is a better identity anywhere. I like to think that a religious, corporate or national identity is unworthy of humanity, where if any member of mankind who adopts and integrates any of these things, that person becomes equivalent to its ideas and looses his own identity but one will never lose their unique identity and humanity with Nature.

I find it very difficult to talk to any individual because one finds only people who represent systems and not themselves. So I find myself talking to a system and the individual is a representative of that system and I have to adjust my language, idea and logic accordingly. This is from Wikipedia:
The modern concept of nationality, based on ethnic concepts as language, culture, religion, custom, et cetera, was developed only in the 19th century. For this reason the attribution of a definite "nationality" to personalities of the previous centuries, living in ethnically mixed regions, is often indeterminable; Boškovic's legacy is consequently celebrated by three nations: Croatia, Italy and Serbia

This shows that the dead know more about their ethnicity than the living; who know absolutely nothing about their ethnicity, historically because this thing is played around with by different nationalities but never with cultures and for some reason, nationality is more important than culture and since no one is that stupid, this must only exists because of programming in elementary schools. The great always get torn apart by a future that cannot understand the past.

Nationality is a concept best handled by artists and not politicians or "educators" like when writers like Dante and Boccaccio celebrated the then "vulgar" Italian Language for all (even for non-Italians) and wrote all their greatest works in Italian and not Latin which they were also proficient in and the same goes for other writers and artists elsewhere in other parts.

Albert Einstein (a Jew) also knew of Ruder Boškovic's work (a Croat) and it was indispensable in developing "his" Theory of Relativity and don't forget Einstein's first wife Mileva Maric, who was Serbian and who also studied Physics and Mathematics and who probably did a lot of his work with him, while they were together because Einstein's math was apparently never really that good according to many modern sources but this was made up for in imagination.

Click for Source
Fair Use
Of course the people who say this about Einstein never studied history because mathematics is apparently the only subject he excelled in if you look at his marks which you can examine for yourself here and click on it to find the source. It should of been the perfect marriage. Anyway she did give up her career for him. Just like "Lord Kelvin" AKA William Thomson and Rudolf Clausius and others, never really understood Thermodynamics, except to turn it into a business, and making it incomprehensible and dull for most people because of this, and also because inside thermodynamics (Not Insider Thermodynamics) is the true philosophy of the Universe and describes simply to anybody, how and why everything is, which was inconceivable to such men because it makes existence comprehensible to any life of any intelligence that is self aware, instantly; regardless of what anyone is talking about, within a construction of what one considers self-awareness that can inhabit many forms of intelligence. Thermodynamics is simply Universal for any type of intelligence, and for any type of system, which is not the case for Mathematics.

Everything is Thermodynamic or Thermodynamic-like; there is nothing else. This is bothersome to people who think that the world and the universe is theirs to "own" and control. Imagine telling that to God or Mother Nature when your dead and tell them how much you owned, or how many people you controlled, or killed for political reasons or defended the "sanctity" of heterosexuality all the while you, yourself, betrayed its sacrament and see if that brings you more virgins or to the pearly gates. You will probably look like an imbecile in hell.

The Language of the Universe and all things is Thermodynamics not Mathematics

There are no divine superior beings anywhere as there is no need for this in the Universe (every life form is only different and things are proven to run themselves), time is not linear or cyclical unless you butcher everything into little pieces (The Second Law of Thermodynamics and its closed systems) which is something mankind is good at, especially the stupid ones who are also very greedy. The time has come to display some new talents. There is no such thing as stupidity either since all action has intention and motivation behind it regardless of the persons intelligence. So basically to be evil one needs to be intentionally stupid. Allegorically speaking, either we turn into vegetarians or we turn into vegetables. The Universe and existence is not complicated, there is only Matter, Energy and Space — that's it; nothing else and all these things are just forces and fields. Only humans make everything complicated and disharmonious. There's not even movement because movement is only a property of matter and nothing else, and where there is matter, there is movement and motion, and nowhere else so there never was any "big bang" because the big bang can only be experienced outside of matter in a supposed genesis and if you are outside the universe, what is it that your mind is seeing because the question can be asked: "What are you made of then if you are outside the Universe"?

This type of Thermal Equilibrium (too see, to talk about or calculate the big bang, or creation, — not measure) would require you to be in three different places at once and each of those places would have a totally different continuum, which makes more for a type of navigation of the mind that is usually prescribed strong medication instead, for reasons one may find in medical research.

Even theoretically or hypothetically, this is impossible and to base science on flimsy premises such as this is "patently" ridiculous, especially with a closed systemed mathematics to describe it. There was never any 'Creation' or 'Big Bang' but there was Thermal Equilibrium, and there still is Thermal Equilibrium and there always will be Thermal Equilibrium. Also, there is only Thermal Equilibrium when matter is present and does not exist in energy alone.

How blessed mankind will be for depriving himself in a manner only pious poverty and chastity could describe by denying, for himself, the greatest form and quantity of energy available everywhere in the Universe and humbly will only use those energy sources that run only on the Second Law of Thermodynamics!

Determinism and Materialism has switch alliance; It now determines and materializes science itself, especially science that does not exist where today they are awarding Nobel Prizes to theoretical "discoveries" that have no conclusive proof at all and treating them as real (google Higgs Boson/Nobel Prize 2013).
Even artists don't come out with things like this and particle physicists have divided things up so much now that even people like the genius Richard Feynman didn't want to have anything to do with them anymore and created QED to separate good and bad particle physics and quantum mechanics in his time who otherwise, these idiots would of destroyed everything, so you can imagine what some particle physics and quantum mechanics must be like now and explains readily some very bad theoretical physics being produced today that is not part of QED. I like to call the nonsense created by Leonard Susskind and Stephen Hawking and their like: "The Other Quantum Mechanics" like it was some kind of strange frozen dish you can buy at the supermarket, on sale, and "pop" into the microwave.

Of course there are different forms of matter, energy and space, made up with different combination-sets of things, — I hope so; but why are certain forms metaphysical or divine and others are not and who decided these divisions of the Universe and then created jobs out of them — and Now reality? I don't mind BS, but do we have to pay for it too? Cow pies are supposed to be free. Just because you see the words "particle", "theoretical" or "quantum physics" does not necessarily mean that it's good or that you should prostrate yourself to those who talk about this stuff like they were worship words where it is more likely that it's some kind of esoteric bullshit. Not all schizophrenics live on the streets but most are in universities and think tanks and call themselves "Theoretical/Particle physicists" or "Cosmologists" and they all hate, or cannot understand, The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and Open Systems.

So, already this Law serves as an excellent detector to avoid these types from a mile away and frees you to meet the right people more efficiently whose understanding and use thermodynamics makes their work the only type that counts and can be useful in a multitude of varieties, so no one is stealing anything from anybody but sharing in a way everybody benefits to their understanding and expertise, that can be further developed, — not to mention making wonderful friends who contribute to the value of each other's work which are all inextricably linked together.

Passionate and Enthusiastic Professor
(Here is Prof. I. M. Perfect that I related to in 'Extreme Cold' where if you read that, you'd get the joke that exists here)
To recapitulate, only those that make the discoveries themselves, or have a passion for the subject, can transfer an equivalent amount of enthusiasm reasoning, examples, research and background, and can really explain ideas clearly where they also understand immediately that these laws and functions of Nature belong to everybody and not just to the few and the privileged. What would be the meaning of teaching if it is not meant for everybody? To find out why Thompson and Clausius's work is so boring we only need to ask: Where's William Thompson's and Rudolf Clausius' and other's research, work and experiments on Thermodynamics to expound their magnitudes of "wisdom" and "truth"? Why were they given such special dispensation to not having to produce any work, and who gave them that special power to pontificate which the Nobel committee seem to be that job doing now. Who asked them? Is this being done to bring people back to the old organized religions or create a new one, because with money one can do practically anything today?

Why was the 'Scientific Method' suspended for them? This was done all in the service of 'pillage' and 'systems'. Just remember that even today, you are being lied to by the physics community and nothing they say, especially from CERN, The European Space Agency and all "Think tanks" anywhere are not to be trusted whatsoever, as they are all a total sham and publish a bunch of intellectual nonsense that means absolutely nothing. I tell everybody, all the time, to learn from NASA and their engineers at JPL and read old Nobel Prize Speeches which have a wealth of useful and readable information and will lead you to key people alive and dead, whose work you can study, and not systems. The 'Royal Society' is itself only a system to control and pillage science for the privileged few, like it were the house of lords, as you can ask any of the above questions to them anytime and consider what kind of answer you will get from them, because that's all you'll ever get. That's the "intellectuals method" in how to say "F*ck You" to people but they can only do this with contempt because they have never managed to master any inflection to this act, while invoking it.

These people will not even be able to turn you into a good robot either, if you want to become one because now they want to build you with interchangeable parts. Good or bad, Physics like Art must be learned from scratch by everybody if you really love physics or art and you must experience as many experiments and ideas as possible. A professor should be only considered as a guide and nothing else. The day he pontificates, he is no longer a professor and the day you allow them to pontificate you are not going to be a scientist and the degree you will eventually receive will only be worth showing to your proud mommy.

Boring science when related to us, in a third-party manner by an artificial being with no human feeling.
As an artist, I know original work and derived work when I see it whether it be a scientific, philosophical paper or a work of art or music and I take exception to "derived" work and tooted as "original". This includes the work of active revolutionaries always differs from the work the philosophers and economists that created the movement. When we compare 'The Communist Manifesto' from the political theorist's Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and any of Lenin's or Mao's writings, they turn out to be completely different things. Not only is the original author's destroyed but so is the idea and everybody is getting a cheap copy of an invention since he does not fully understand the substance of the thing itself, not being its originator, manipulates it into something that appears acceptable and for science, the tool they use is the Second Law of Thermodynamics which itself has been turned into a monster because it can be turned into a system to exploit humanity like all politics becomes a system too, to do the same.

Rule of thumb: Is when you see dull or poorly demonstrated science or art, then you're not hearing it from its originator, or a true modern professional, because real science, religion, art and Nature is very exiting. Politics is another matter because it is so primitive it makes no difference who wrote down the idea or platform first. Politics, whatever it is and who it's for, kills. All these types might be able to fool the brain but they can't fool the central nervous system. Feelings don't lie because they are not cluttered with contaminated rationalizations, and all feelings are natural and quite universal. One will never find a psychotic spinal column and brain stem debating the merits of any action or making excuses and rationalizations.

Ethnic groups in these Empires were all left alone with their own local governments and religions and ran their own affairs. So long as they payed their taxes or tribute, everything was fine. All these different ethnic regions were accorded privileges, that no one ever had to fight for, that ensured the preservation of local customs, culture and religions like they would of have to do with democracies where people have to fight for rights all the time, all the while enjoying the economic advantages their membership in these empires, they belong to, afforded them, which were considerable. Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria (as only one example) was fluent in most of the languages of his empire where any modern president or prime minister of some melting pot somewhere can barely speak one language properly, and needs spin doctors and speach writers.

Media Manipulation

Fair Use GP duBerger
The printing press was already around for five hundred years and no one talked/wrote about ethic nationalism anywhere in any books, except for newspapers which to this day, are still a major source of trouble by printing inflammatory lies and exaggerations on all sorts of things to increase their circulation or ratings and shape world opinion by delving in stories designed to manipulate and incite the most base of emotions and judging from what I see with 'Social Networks' and Forums, which seem to be replacing newspapers and most sources of information, this seems to be a very opinionated planet and all these opinions seem to be very ephemeral, but must be treated as god's spoken truth nevertheless.

"Gentlemen, You Have Done This Nation Proud" Should Read: "Gentlemen, You Have Done The System Proud".

See or bookmark: 'FOX thinks The Onion is Real News!'. If you want a better world and don't want to become sufficiently equivalent to those standards of awareness provided by the media (monkey see monkey do); throw out your TV, and stop listening to radio, especially talk radio and TV and never buy newspapers, news-magazines and news-reviews or learn how to watch, read and listen to all the manipulative and insulting contradictory crap they spew, which they never follow up on. All these new things, one after an other that never gets wiped up makes for a nice pile too and a lot of unusable compost doesn't it? All newspapers, television networks and radio are privately owned, so forget real journalism. The only country in the world that's got good newspapers is France because, theoretically, there are as many different newspapers as there are French citizens and none hide their political affiliations. Blogs are nothing new and were invented in France a long time ago except that they were printed as dailies and sold in newsstands. Now if one bothers to read all these conspiracy theories about all these groups, I've mentioned up above, on their websites you'll start noticing that this stuff is written by stupid socially-irresponsible people who don't think or they are designed to be that way to appeal to a certain mentality because they all say the exact same thing and in the same way as anyone could be a template for another. They want people to copy, pirate and plagiarize their work and create another website or use a social network and paste it there, or write another article in a newspaper to spread their hateful, dividing and polarizing logic which is worse than what they criticize.

Here is another way bad information is spread around with ideas that don't make any sense, using social networks. In just a few hours after this bad video on cosmology was posted (click to see,) there were already five re-postings elsewhere and when I came back later there were even more.
Where with people like me, who only have one website and not a multitude of websites and aliases or computer generated fake forums to discuss every sentence of what I say, who try to put down real facts; they utilize and abuse legal instruments like DMAC copyright (over some picture or video clip), among other things, to shut us down and make us look like the bad guys because one is not allowed, legally, to give away to the public, or the commons, new things to the public directly. Everything must be traded and there is always money that is issued for trade and transactions. Everything, including knowledge must be owned or controlled, — even thoughts and ideas. This is how religion works and has always worked in different ways, in the past, as everyone can cut bits and pieces the bible or the koran (for example) etc. and paste it on their website and put it in ways to manipulate and use targeting tools to get at the people they want to exploit, ostensibly to "spread the word". Never will you see any original ideas and inspiration that this "divine" knowledge and "holy words" are supposed to impart on everybody.

People talk religion and politics yet no one talks about friendship, cooperation, especially in "social networks" whereas "Friendship, Cooperation and Brotherhood" themselves don't require any religious literature or even social networks to impart or justify itself as a viable thing anyway, so these things are equivalent to themselves and sometimes become inescapable traps. Man is perfectly capable of mutually beneficial friendships, cooperation and fairness without any of god's help and without the need to having to express it in any kind of crowd, and when its expressed in a network it becomes an oxymoron, since only certain types of information are exchanged in a Network of any type.
They should drop the pretense and call these things "communication networks" as these things may involve socializing but their goal is not to create a social atmosphere between different groups but more to search for sameness everywhere with the ultimate goal to impose their ideas on everyone once their numbers are big enough which is great if you intend to turn humanity into another machine with identical parts.

These people try to take you out of one system and put you in their own system and who knows who they work-for too. Like atheists who try to remove people out of religious systems and put them in their own system and all this boils down to politics and money; that's it, and nothing else. Do you really believe that these groups, religious or not, care about your well being and your future if you go to them? For example: if one wants to be Amish or other similar group; One admits that they can only love and understand god through a system and cannot understand or love god as an individual. Their philosophy and way of life is another system and nothing else, and because of this god is an illusion because the system always comes first. If you are irreligious or religious; that experience must be some personal choice and should have nothing to do with any groups anywhere unless your real plan is interference. Well let's see some good works they've actually done to prove this first, instead of preaching and money collecting and creating charities, or only talking about the faults of others where if everyone had the same rights there would be no need for "charity" in the first place. Iniquity is created by society and its private systems, not by Nature and any man can only be a leader of a system and that system is supposed to represent a god or a nation but cannot be because this is thermodynamically impossible and further it relegates the maker of all things into a closed system.

Proven things over untested new things.
Let's see some real miracles right now with our own eyes or some real proof that god exists or doesn't exist instead of sophistry. If what you believe is so universal, logical and true, why doesn't everyone believe it? Why would anyone need anyone else to tell them what's right or wrong unless it's a system they are talking about? For instance this HTML5 garbage and all the propaganda telling us how good it is is. There's nothing good or bad about it, it is just another closed system passing itself off as an open system and if you did some careful research yourself, you'll discover some fascinating things which I won't get into here, as I discuss this in another article.

Even Dogs and Cats, etc. — even Laboratory Rats have Pedigrees that can explain their raison d'être on paper. "I want to see some background before I hear another word" is something everyone should say concerning any radical changes in their lives or start replacing something.

No one can help being born into a system or group but everyone is allowed an evaluation period when they're young to change the things or remove themselves from what they don't like, which also depends on everyone's substance or vacancy in mind and in spirit, emotional dependency and, of course, some integrity as there are big difference between those born into a religion and those that convert to a religion on many levels as there are differences between those who are born in atheist families and those that choose atheism for themselves.

Let's not forget incestuous and inbred polygamous "religious" "families", living in compounds, to propagate their numbers whose children are easy to brainwash because they're only one family with one blood line and these types breed like rabbits.

It's easy to complain when you yourself don't think and then blame "evil organizations" because that is what these "evil organizations do; They think and people who don't think, go around with expectations about life like it was theirs to dictate what it's supposed to be without any effort on their part besides complaining. Penn and Teller's video series: 'Bullshit' is very effective in exposing do-gooders and people who like to tell you how to live and be. I can just imagine what it must be, to be a son or daughter to these types. There are only a certain number you can watch at any one time because of these middle class bastards inside their videos who think they know everything and take it upon themselves to tell you what to think and do.
All these political arguments and conspiracy theories are about money anyway and have nothing to do with peace or well being. If you want to be a part of a system of billionaires, like all the latest billionaires, and mess up other peoples lives yourself, all you have to do is think about how to make money 24 hours a day and you will become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Exploit every opportunity available and if none are available, create opportunities and don't forget to advertize as much as you can afford where a system for billionaires will find you. There are no millionaires or billionaires but only systems containing millionaires and billionaires that control every facet of these people's existence before they control the little people's existence. It is useless for a person like me to point out inconsistencies and explain my kind of radar in any kind of story just like it's useless for a savant to explain how he sees patterns in numbers, a pile of things or ideas.

The only thing I can say is whenever you feel or think;   fear, hate and see/hear/feel over-repetition in any manner and in anything, that's your clue. What you do with this fear, hate and over-repetition will make you equivalent to some sort of system that you will never have any control of, that makes you an agent of this system; for or against. For instance: There are no 'free-thinking Christians' or "there are no free and independent lottery winners" as they become part of a system that has little to do with reality, which is why it is important to create suffering, exploitation and death because that is the only way to show anyone you are richer or better than them.

Le Chiffre Meet His Demise by Smersh
Bill Gates (as one example), while giving away billions of dollars to fight things like malaria, at the same time is a major investor in Monsanto to produce terminator seeds and other nasty things to control the worlds food supply by weather modification by private enterprise, which has been proven to be detrimental. This is not because Bill Gates is evil but because he is told to do this from the system of billionaires he and others belong to, who regulate their entire existences. The day people like Bill Gates start doing what they want to do, they will die mysteriously or suddenly and be replaced by something more amenable to the banks. These people who live in luxury, live virtually like prisoners throughout their lives and pay fortunes for security not necessarily to just protect themselves from of the rabble, which comparatively is only a minor nuisance, but mostly to protect themselves from their own kind. Gates even admitted to this in a way only he could understand (through The Second Law of Thermodynamics) with his 2013 apology for the windows implementation of the Ctrl+Alt+Delete, which seems to be a nuisance for some people. As far as I'm concerned, if you need to use Ctrl+Alt+Delete or get "blue screen of death" often you shouldn't be using a computer in the first place, and should not criticize, nor should Gates apologize or he's going senile because Bradley (the inventor from IBM of Crl+Alt+Delete) doesn't understand why Microsoft wanted to make it a log in feature in the first place. See: Gates calls Ctrl+Alt+Del command a mistake.

This modern-day system of billionaires do not hold any courts, nor do they exchange ideas with any men of high learning or experience but preside instead, do not patronize anything, they do not surround themselves with anyone of substance, and cultivate nothing new except what can be used for exploitation and not for the benefit of all men. I don't see any of these billionaires driving around in electric cars and developing better batteries either and setting an example. These people act and talk more like dictators, not kings and people who love and follow them are slaves. In many ways, these are not rich people and they represent absolutely nothing and deserve absolutely no attention, wonder or memory, and their time with all their achievements of the past are over of which, if it weren't them it would of been someone else.

Although they, themselves, only cultivate banking and business, many of these people are responsible for creating the internet which gives the power to all to make court and cultivate ideas and explore other cultures which is now becoming a repository of repression dominated by the middle class and their antiquated ideals which is ironic because the middle class is relatively new because they are taken seriously where all of them are former slaves, serfs or peasants dressed up as a knights, but with the same loathing for any education.

Plato himself would of laughed at the idea of the bourgeois so for me as an artist I find it interesting and amusing that these middle class "citizens" subscribe, teach and emulate these antique philosophers who would of ridiculed them, especially after disposing of the new unique philosophy of Humanism that was evolved and created for the middle class in the first place and would of achieved something for them.

This screen shot of a news item I found on my desktop on March 18 2013, shows that the only way for such a young individual, a university student, to commit suicide is if he belonged to a system which he could never extricate himself from and could never survive as an individual and create a life for himself. He could not go to the other side either because they are just as evil. The students in the university didn't feel secure anymore because such issues are never addressed and society will never put itself to blame for any wrong doing. The lesson here is for each individual to examine all systems that directly affect him/her to determine their validity and do not detract, in any way, from his/her own humanity, or at least find a balance somewhere if possible.
The child who likes to grab things is not doing so to conquer or control the object he seeks, but because he needs to express a connection to the things he sees and wants to know about them. As Kenneth Clark said in a related example: "It is through such willful, superfluous actions that men discover their powers".
Poor people, who are intelligent, and don't subscribe to the cult status of the poor (which is a system) or think of themselves as inferior should count themselves lucky because they can remove themselves from any kind of system when they realize that these systems actually control them because they are not important enough and don't have enough privy information to be a danger to anyone, yet these systems are so powerful we can feel their effects immediately.

Rich people and Poor people that are deep into their systems and have much vital information and obligations to fulfill into its inner workings and do not have that luxury that was expressed in 'A Christmas Carol' where Scrooge decides to be nice one day. In the real world, a guy like Scrooge is part of a system where if his function and activities deviate,— even a little, he would of been eliminated.

That's why bad neighbourhoods of certain densities stay bad neighbourhoods and no amount of urban renewal will change a thing. Housing projects are for housing systems, not people and if you belong to a system it is practically impossible to get out of that system and this cannot be solved by making things look pretty. Likewise, just because someone looks cute, sexy, young or pretty does not mean he's good. No one, at one point, can extricate their life or existence from those systems, — ever. For some, falling or adopting a system is the real death and they will never discover life.

Stupid Journalist asking Johnny Rotten Stupid Questions for Stupid People
A Rothschild, is a Rothschild, is a Rothschild and a Johnny Rotten, is a Johnny Rotten, is a Johnny Rotten and can never evolve beyond their systems, that themselves become inescapable traps. The meek shall inherit the Earth (and much more too) is an economic fact not a religious ideal because they have to, because only they can change and grow and learn from mistakes and avoid or easily get out of the entropic and economic traps that others exist within, and can never remove themselves from because of the privy information they have.

Marriage is one of the worst institutions of them all, that keep men and women trapped forever in a cycle of futility that never ends and is very expensive to boot. Not only that; People are more complicated today due to interference where their personalities, character and attitudes change at the slightest provocation, and consistency is impossible and the psychiatric, psychological and sociological professions have not kept pace with modern technological realities and still treat their subjects and patients and clients like they had 19th century problems.

The person you knew on an intimate or commitment level is not the same person later or another time. This creates bizarre relationships, where if they are to survive, everyone takes on a fantasy role of their own choosing or tailored to the dominant partners wishes which are stable because they are just a fantasy. So added on top of the new importance of the verb To Have over the verb To Be, there is simply the reality or everything else being a verb and not a noun. No one exists and everyone is performing a function which they are expected to play-out throughout their lives and when they can no longer be exploited they are disposed of. People in public, to appear normal, project an image of themselves that is completely artificial and marriage is one of those images that is projected.

People should incorporate if they want to have a family that carries all the obligations necessary to maintain a family and raise children properly without the mess that marriage brings today.
Of all the populations that exist, the "meek" are the only ones who are the closest to humanity, than anyone else. When I see a middle class or a patrician class politician or intellectual talk about mankind or prosperity; I know that they can only talk in terms of the system they belong to and nothing they say can be universal or apply to anything beyond their experience, information, education and obligations, and their education must also loaded with prejudice, as there is no other way. Through Equivalency, I don't need to know if they are lying or not as it makes no difference. The Jews, who don't believe in heaven or hell, have an expression; "Everyone creates his own heaven or hell". I have an expression of my own: "People create their own hell and have made their choice a long time ago; the closed system they have chosen does the rest".
Ask any youth what he/she really wants to do in life, and if the answer is: "I don't know", then that individual has already been absorbed and is waiting for instructions.

There is no reason why anyone in the Balkans would want to assassinate the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Unless this was organized by foreign powers and the international banking cartels, who in MK-Ultra fashion, of their time, trained mentally retarded, insane, impoverished, unemployable and desperate persons to perform this assassination so that it would appear like it was performed for a political cause that actually did not exist. If you look at the Archduke's assassins, they were all a bunch of retarded losers which no Serbian in those days, or today, would have anything to do with who, miraculously, suddenly, had access to privy information and logistics of the Archduke's secret itinerary and acquired the means to carry out this plot, complete with an organized and sophisticated back-up that resembled exactly the Tzar Alexander II assassination.

Assassination photo assassination_zpsff4627a5.gif Where did all this information come from, because these retards didn't even know how to count to 3? So either these kind of low-wits think exactly alike, even in different time periods, or they were plots performed by the same type of organizations that do things that way because these assassinations, and others, all have the same exact same signature which doesn't take any Sherlock to figure out.

When you've finished reading these essays on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics you will become a super-sleuth par excellence regarding any subject whatsoever because this law of thermodynamics teaches you to see everything in three's, consciously and subconsciously, where if you don't see them then you must look for the missing systems which must, in this Universe, be somewhere and you know what to expect in advance through the Principles of Sufficiency and Equivalency. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics goes way beyond physics which is why I discuss it within many subjects, where everything, everywhere, is interconnected marvelously. "Elementary, Dr. Watson!"

The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina consider themselves a Constituent nation, where no one can be considered a minority or immigrant which is apparently considered unusual by social and political scientists and intellectuals of today, which they make sure that everybody also considers this as abnormal by the way this information is relayed. Standard language and cultural education is in their respective native or mother tongue languages: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian and no one is considered a minority or an immigrant.

Instead of making these people incomprehensible like the media and scientists try to do, I think of these people as "Empire People" because they run their affairs exactly like the way their former rulers did in the Ottoman Empire and later by the Austro-Hungarian Empire who acquired them through annexation and created a Condominium, (A concept and word originating from the German language) where today, all by themselves, the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, have continued to maintain a commonwealth and condominium with the same ideas and principles for their own benefit and their neighbours. It is when others interfere out of greed and stupidity that things get damaged or ruined especially when mankind all by himself can create wonderful things without the help of religion, politicians or war lords, and only then is where problems start occurring with the help of the media of course. So it is not just people who must not deviate from systems but nations and cultures too are also not allowed to deviate, especially if their systems are better and quite natural.

Today Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and Austria enjoy full diplomatic, mutual business relations, Bilateral trade and investment with each other just like it has always been, except when there was war caused by foreign interference. Ironically, these become unique peoples with unique identities by sharing and working together and now they do one thing better then their former imperial governments did. They reinforce each others unique identity while making this pay-off in huge dividends for everybody, paving a model for the rest of Europe to follow as a future. The people themselves and their respective cultures are considered something of value. Just as important: They all like each other.

This also shows the true philosophy and spirit of anarchistic revolution since it can spread into an entire population or culture or nation and create its own unique system where each individual is like a nation and each nation is like a person. Their Sultans and Emperors might be gone now but the people themselves have maintained the wonders and possibilities of these original empires and the dreams of their former Imperial families which was to create a system for free and unrestricted trade for everybody within their influence. (Please see:

If one reads about this assassination, it looks more like it was performed by the Keystone Kops, which is exactly what the Allies wanted so no investigation would be made that would uncover their own involvement and stupid journalists writing in newspapers of the time could write the worst inflammatory finger pointing nonsense including their theories to sell more newspapers and forment things like terrorists do and then, 20, 000,000 die just so that newspapers could increase their circulation and the allies could grab every bit of international trade on the planet. Newspapers (the only real media of the time) are as much responsible for this discord and death as the the economic and political powers of the time.

What? — is the world better today because of World War One and was it worth all that death where an entire generation of youth had to be eliminated? Is trade better today because there is no more international competition? If so, I would like to hear this from any Nobel Prize winning economist anytime to say this is so. I guarantee you that I will demolish any of their arguments with facts and not fiction and take away their laurels and throw them in the garbage if that ever happens.

No wonder today there is so much existential-like emptiness and little meaning in modern life since all these wonderful people were killed for nothing where just one out of those 20,000,000 people may of made the world a better place today, that we now only feel its presence as a ghost planet. This stuff, in the form of some kind of bioplasmic or ectoplasmic energy, or stone tape theory, lingers forever as a sort of residual haunting and concerns only the central nervous system.

Just like today in the Middle East or anywhere else, they get the mentally retarded to be suicide bombers which is rarely reported because it removes the 'dramatic political effect' and increases fear in the general population so they are easier to manipulate, where people demand that the government take away everyone's freedom in exchange for more security, because this behaviour is incomprehensible to ordinary, sane people and all this is just a subplot for something worse that may happen another day, and so on.

If one sees things as open systems and thermodynamically, even linear ones like Soap Operas, there is no beginning or end to these things. It's where you decide to place your finger and decide this is where something starts and in another place and decide where it ends (now it's a closed system) but by no means that is the entire story, and this applies to anything.

You cannot be a loser of any kind in an type open system; this is only possible with a closed system. The Universe, itself, cannot harm or deprecate you, regardless of your species, race, sex, culture or colour or what anybody has to say about you. Only people creating closed or isolated systems within an artificially created time limit can do that and make people believe anything they want and call you a success or a failure.

When they say that history repeats itself, that is a simplistic conclusion unworthy of the events and it is more like all things becoming equivalent to each other in some way, exactly like Thermal Equilibrium and like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and different forms of equilibrium have their own relative time to complete, where there are no such things as arrows to follow like in the Second Law or any math to describe this yet. Everything is responsible and anything can be changed at any time where systems, good or bad, can be dealt with appropriately.
Ironically, I can describe and discuss Thermal Equilibrium in great detail through its abuse by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, politics and economics in ways I could never do so if I were to describe it alone, as previously described but in another way from a different approach, where here I talking about energy and money and their transitive abilities, just like Nature!

There is no such thing as good or evil, there are only open and closed systems and isolated systems that can be either, and it's you and your education who decides if a closed or open system is good or evil and then you live in those things.

All the Japanese Kamikaze suicide pilots were forcibly high on speed and probably thought they'd survive diving into an enemy aircraft carrier because this stuff makes you feel like the man of steel who can leap the tallest buildings in one bound, just like Superman, which also was invented at the same time. All these new Superheroes one sees in comic books simply are expressing the latest drug they've created or discovered in society with the character's morals and actions.
Speed (methamphetamine) seems to be perfect for pilots of aircraft and long-haul truck drivers: One flies high and the other flies low. This Manchurian Candidate stuff has been going on since Egypt (Cleopatra keep stables of young men fed only with aphrodisiacs) but even with drugs it is not effective with normal sane people. It only works with criminally biased minds, the permanently emotionally immature and the feeble minded. This activity must be thought of in its effectiveness in two ways. Operation Iraqi Freedom is the most recent scenario of this kind of covert activity because they get people to believe in things that don't exist, like the intelligentsia did with the work of Rumford, Joules and Mayer, because the powers that be, created these artificial situations, themselves, in the first place because they are making money doing this, which in their situation, is only a sport. Then of course is the actual assassin or suicide bomber.

To learn more on MK-Ultra, please see or bookmark this video on its history by ABC news: 'CIA Mind Control Techniques: MK-ULTRA Program Brainwashing Experiments Documentary (1979)'. This link will probably not exist for long but at least you have the info to search yourself another host that should have this video somewhere. It's funny how a lot of my links I create that goes to important information, become epitaphs of the truth since it's the truth I see get buried which is why I don't remove them. I wonder where the first funeral for information was performed in cyberspace? I suppose that is why they call it "The Cloud" now.

Now in 2012 let's look at Iraq and Afghanistan, which are in a worse situation then they have ever been before. Why? because there is heroin and lithium in Afghanistan which is used for all kinds of purposes and oil in Iraq, among other things, and guess who benefit from this? This headline from the New York Times is complete lies and total manipulation because the "U.S." and everybody else too, already knew about these vast and rich mineral deposits before any invasion or "police action". Try out the new, New York Times Headline Predictor from 'The People's Cube'

The west is falling apart for having to resort to plunder, propaganda and lies to maintain itself with its politically reliable scientists and intellectuals rather than applying a new philosophy and technology based on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics as well as re-instituting 'Free Enterprise' along with private enterprise, since we need both systems and not just one or the other. People, especially the middle class, will have to decide unavoidably whether to maintain systems, or maintain civilization and will have to justify their choices openly. That will be a lot of fun to watch.

The only Afghans or Iraqis that are supposedly doing well are all American and British-youth-sounding , brown-coloured and brown-nosing Afghani and Iraqi clones whose nuzzles are deep-up in there, as you can see from this promotional item sent to me from 'Future Shorts' (video above here). It's amazing what they do with blue-screen technology to fool young people nowadays over here.

My Own Pathetic Experiments With Blue Screen Technology with my dinky old computer.
It's simply amazing to see how Afghans have adopted a degeneracy in culture and taste that took us decades to accomplish and they have accomplished this in only a couple of years. So next time you fill up your tank with overpriced gasoline or use medication or having a heated argument on the cell/smart phone, think of the people and children who are being raped and butchered right now, who don't want to be British or American clones, including the brainwashed western youth fighting and dying in these wars so that corporations can gain an extra percentage just to make everyone else's own unnecessary fat, lazy, useless, plundering, wasteful, ignorant, unimaginative middle class existence in the West "better".

By my estimate; the middle class and their allusions are more dangerous than the antics of all the international banks put together since they, the banks, are predictable through the equivalencies they form, if seen thermodynamically and not mathematically, since the bourgeoisie are the only things going around this planet with expectations of things and don't have the education to justify any of their claims concerning anything whatsoever while taking everything else for granted. I would like to see at least one single middle class value that I couldn't tear apart in one microsecond and I'm not the type who would be afraid to say this in person either.

Now according to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, if you have been paying any attention, this is an impossible situation and it points to an actual war that is raging right now and what we see in the News with things like Arab Spring and the Iraqi/Afghanistan thing and Libya/Syria recently: these things are actually just battles and the news calls them wars or revolutions because they think and deliver the news in terms of the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the entire Universe is a closed system. Areas of the world where there are no wars going on,   are simply not battlefields yet but will be eventually. The only cure for this is to try to remember the day you were touched or contacted by evil and everybody has been touched by it in one way or another, even the Pope and the Dalai Lama are not exempt, even Jesus wasn't exempt so don't think for a minute that you're, somehow, exempt. The day that hate, control, favoritism, discrimination, dividing up Nature in all its forms and not just the political ones etc. etc. was put before love and care in all its forms is that day.

Something as simple as someone asking you when you were a child; "What's your favourite colour"? If you can't remember when this first occurred; search your heart instead and if you can't find it there either, I suggest you seek some counseling. If and when you do find it, then you can abrogate its existence from your life by refusing to cooperate with it and its systems ever after, just like Jesus Christ is supposed to of done with his choice of "The Kingdom of Heaven" against Satan's proposal which provides an excellent example to follow regardless of what you believe or not. To me the bible can still be a great read even by reading it completely objectively and not believing in miracles. I will not have anyone decide for me what's right and what's wrong and what is good to read, and divide up my existence, where important information about life may come from the other side. I'll make that determination for myself while being objective and there is, surprisingly, a lot of intuitive thermodynamics and thermodynamic-like philosophy contained within. My way of dealing with gods is my own personal business and not anyone else's, nor do I need the companionship of atheists or believers to feel I belong to something, because the truth is not a system, or part of one.

People who are thinking that I am a heretic or a blasphemer should consider that if any "holy" words were so holy it would be impossible to blaspheme, in the first place, in the physical Universe, nor can holy words or language be expressed by physical beings, also, in the first place and anything said about any god good or bad is corruption when spoken or written by anything physical but everywhere and everything, regardless if it is physical or metaphysical must follow the Laws of Thermodynamics, otherwise it cannot exist.

The "devil", or those that think that this thing exists, makes you make personal decisions on anything that is naturally open that has nothing to do with survival, thereby dividing the Universe and cutting you off from something, or an opportunity, in a step by step process and your Universe gets smaller and smaller without you even being aware of it; until you find hell, which is the smallest domain. Don't ask God, Nature or 'The Giant Electron' to create good, — that's your job, not some supreme thing. They did enough "good" already and provided everything necessary to accomplish any purpose for any being and non-being like matter and energy.

So now it can be easily understood why old political parties, banks, and old organized religions should be outlawed at one point, and let in new fresh ideas because of their ever- increasing small mindedness where they find hell and then they try to spread that everywhere because not one of these things think in open systems.

Dividing Up The Universe
I also think that it's fantastic that one can divide up the Universe into smaller and smaller things and call it something new on top of that, and even go get a patent for it where one can license Nature Itself to incredulous fools for fun and profit as if they owned the thing rather than simply offering a convenient service. This is fine but just remember that if you subscribe to those smaller and smaller things you become, yourself, that much geometrically smaller and in proportion to one's own thoughtlessness too. Maybe that's what hell and the devil is, if we remove all fantasy and fantastic imagery from it. On the other hand, unite formerly divided closed systems and combine different open systems together; you make yourself, and the Universe, that much astronomically larger and better, and you will grow to exist in those new dimensions, like a gold fish, but they can only be recreated from your own humanity and not from the lies that system's created. It's called Thermodynamics and basic Systems theory and no one needs to be a Bishop or an Einstein to understand these things. I bet I could get even a Chimpanzee to understand these things if I tried hard enough instead of making them learn American sign language to debrief them later to see if they have emotions?&%&**!!! Talk about science going backwards and art going forwards.

The Onion sent me this masterpiece on July 25 2012: It is a parody on Nature Documentaries called the "Horrifying Planet" complete with a British sounding Narrator about Chimpanzee intelligence. I want you to click on the You Tube button at the bottom left (next to the wide-screen button to its left) to see the comments on The Onion's channel. There you see people who only see themselves existentially and are insulted while getting swept up in the narrative as opposed to those who see that this is a parody on stupid overbearing Nature shows that make us look and feel like crap, just like in Christianity. "I'm telling you they're turning science into religion." Be sure to look for their "minisode" on Zebras in the suggestions. If you only see a black object then you should upgrade your mobile browser or get more memory for your mobile device. (These pages were optimized for PC use)

This personal attack upon the Romanov family (Mr Jones of Manor Farm) says everything because it was more "personal" than ideological or political and this was instigated by the banks, especially the Rothschild who hated the Romanovs and promised them they would pay one day for interfering with their plans for/in the American civil War during a European conference where the Rothschilds acted like children with a tantrum. This was done because Lenin needed money to finance his revolution and so Lenin was ordered to do so by the banks and that's where he miraculously found $60,000,000,000 + dollars in 1917 dollars for a spanking-new bankrupt Soviet Union, and this is no joke; verify this yourself in Wikipedia and other sources. In Russia, if they had instituted a real Constitutional Imperial Monarchy, whereby all checks and balances would of been present to create a responsible government which would of been important to maintaining economic stability and staying out of debt. That is what banks do, is get countries and people into debt and with that they rule you. Get out of debt and no one can tell you what to do. Of course that is everyone's own choice in how they want to live but this becomes complete irresponsibility when this debt activity spills over on the innocent. Creating a continuous cash flow with the minimal use of credit and creating alternative sources of revenue that functions as quota is the way to go.

This was, even, evident to Nicholas II, by how quickly he abdicated and on 2 March (Julian Calendar)/ 15 March (Gregorian Calendar) 1917 and if one bothers to read the Manifesto he issued during his abdication. He firstly abdicated in favour of Tsarevich Alexei, but changed his mind after advice from doctors that the Tsarevich would not live long, away from his family who would be forced into exile. Advice from doctors? Actually, he understood that it was him, and his authoritative manner that was the problem where by making the Tsarevich the next tzar, who would of been in minority, would of created a unique situation; giving a chance for their Duma the time to establish a real constitutional monarchy while the Tsarevich was still not of age to wield any power or authority.

Of course the revolutionaries would never accept a sympathetic and adorable little boy and who was sickly too as their new Emperor that everybody would love and pray for his health everyday which could of been used for real positive change in the Russian Empire so Nicholas's first choice was perfect because he knew the health situation but he knew he was a strong boy too and would have had the best medical care and further there would be no reason to exile the rest of the family if Nicholas II abdicated. This is why his Manifesto was probably suppressed. Can you imagine millions of Russians praying everyday for the health of their new boy emperor where a new government would have to comply to this situation and their church in Russia is making money too with higher attendance? This is not good for revolutionaries who are financed by international banking cartels.

So Nicholas drew up a new manifesto naming his brother, Grand Duke Michael, as the next Tzar of all the Russias. He issued the following (which was also suppressed by the Provisional Government) See in Wikipedia: The collapse of Nicholas II's reign. British consul and secret agent Bruce Lockhart, who knew Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich and thought that he "would have made an excellent constitutional monarch because he was the complete opposite of his brother and far more responsible" The Russian Empire had already become a constitutional monarchy by 1905 but Tzar Nicholas II was still wielding too much power and so should of been made to abdicate when the constitutional monarchy was created. This is hardly his fault though, since he was raised that way by his tutors because Tzar Nicholas II was a gentle man and loving father. The Tzarist secret police (Okhrana), which he inherited was, itself, a scandal and did more to undermine the monarchy than protect it which includes the horrible decadent aristocracy of Petrograd.

Anyhow, Grand Duke Michael (Emperor Michael II) didn't want the job and for very good reasons too, unless he had the full backing of all the Provisional government. Talk about who is truly being revolutionary in their thinking, where a powerful dynastic aristocrat insists upon being supported democratically before taking any kind of office. Further, The State Duma would of been hard pressed to find a legitimate heir who would of taken the job if they wanted to reinstate any kind of government because these were educated people after all and would of much preferred to hand over their power peacefully and in an orderly and bloodless fashion. Unfortunately the real power was now being wielded by the Soviet and not the Duma and its last act before being overthrown was the creation of a republic. Michael wrote: "We woke up this morning to hear Russia declared a Republic. What does it matter which form the government will be as long as there is order and justice?"

These aristocrats with real power, were not stupid and knew their time was over and most just wanted to leave unlike the other aristocrats that never had any power and Michael despised the Petrograd aristocracy more than any of the Bolsheviks. What should of been regarded as an opportunity to create democracy and was actually supported by Russia's obsolete aristocracy, was turned into a bloodbath instead for no reason so that a couple of people could look good and hide the truth. Unfortunately, the hands of, or the roads to "democracy" and "revolution" are, themselves, heavily soaked in unnecessary blood and this had nothing to do with 'freedom and liberty' and more to do with greed, money and limitless power.

Rather than the revolutionaries appreciating the support and cooperation of those that knew what to do and guide a new government to recovery, prosperity and national security after a devastating war; the basest emotions are catered to instead and idealists, demagogues and committees are place in power, whose idea of changing the world is to snap their fingers and these people were supported and heavily subsidized by the international banks for obvious reasons where the Russian people only wanted good government like everyone else on this planet.

Lenin finally realised that the Bolsheviks were unprepared to take over the whole economic system of Russia, even after receiving 60 billion dollars, which is why he nationalized all the land, the banks and shipping and foreign trade was declared a state monopoly which was implemented as some kind of war measures act and this act that was never repealed as promised and had nothing to do with communism. During their civil war, On June 28th, 1918, a decree was passed that ended all forms of private capitalism. It's amazing to know the international banking cartels had 60 billion dollars to give away, like it was a drop in the bucket during WW1 in the first place to support such a thing when every nation was going bankrupt. We might ask today, where did all this money from the banks come from during a world war?

The question even applies today: Why would any bank lend and invest money, regardless of their political affiliations, to people who have no experience in government and got all their knowledge from a book. Lenin and Hitler could read and write, congratulations to them both! But that never gave them the right to sleaze seize power or ability to rule over hundred of millions of people. This also goes to those who have only read the bible or koran in their lives: Even if god, himself, commanded it, does that give them the right to rule also over millions over the rights of the people; and what do these people and their friends know about an economy except what they can put in their pockets?

This is demonstrated when Communism finally went bankrupt and then the dissolution of the Soviet Union became part of that fallout. What's interesting is how can Communism go bankrupt (A capitalist term) if communism wasn't fake in the first place because 'bankruptcy' itself is not supposed to exist in any communist economic system, where people cannot own anything and the economy exists as a Fiat entity where things must be kept circulating always. How can a self-supporting nation like Russia and its satellites go bankrupt? People everywhere should stop listening and reading rhetoric, "starting now", because you are only being used and stop listening to intellectuals who only support gangsterism. (I wonder how well intellectuals are doing in the Russian Federation these days, Circa 2012 and who they are supporting in their rhetoric and who believes them?).

It's OK to believe in stupid things but a lot of these stupid things are actually quite dangerous especially when they are enrobed in sweetness. The worst thing about communism and what makes it attractive for the international banking cartels is no one is allowed to put away capital and everyone is dependent to the state for everything in any emergency and the state is always dependent upon the the cartels. People are not allowed to create their own reserves to weather anything.

This is another reason to "love" intellectuals who create stupid nonsense like this, regarding any subject. In the future there should be more comprehensive analyses of all the money in the world as one unit that studies and reports where it's going and where this money comes from in the first place, like they can do with the oceans and the jet stream, rather than just spy on ordinary citizens about their assets where people can take advantage of each other. This would improve privacy since the whole thing is looked at as one entity and analysts would only be looking at sudden spikes when they appear and investigate why they appear. Why this is not done now is more proof that the economy of the Earth is entirely fake and biased because this technology has already existed for a long time.

These new ruthless Russian billionaires have not forgotten the interference from the allies and their banks, and now they have to deal with them like the Romanov's had to in their time and the more we think of them as dangerous criminals the better they like it. These are people who just want to survive like everybody else and couldn't care less about the Russian people or any other society as their main concerns are with the international banking cartels who would love nothing better than give them the "Romanov treatment". They are not interested in taking over the world and everything they do must have the blessing of the Russian Federation President (which explains their foreign policy) but they did unwittingly inherit a job I'm sure they never thought was there when they acquired their new found riches, real estate and assets during the collapse of the Soviet Union, effectively giving Communism a last laugh before disappearing. In this situation the death rattle of communism sounds like "Ha Ha!" because in reality, World War One is not over and it's not Russia's fault either but this nation effectively reveals unresolved realities that have been going on or have existed for more than a century.

Wars are fought with banks, not generals. The wars we actually do see and participate in, are the fallout and collateral significance of the wars that exists, first, on paper and computer memories and portfolios, and people's lives are given to service these machines and their operators, if you allow them too. When you think about it: Any three people anywhere, regardless of their assets is an 'Economy' and it's not anymore complicated than that, so this is certainly not the exclusive domain of an entire civilization or must be the only way to look at it which is why it is important for them to regulate the behaviour of millions of people so that the economy can be reduced to three personality types.

These Nobel Prize winning economists think like particle physicists and people are non-existent. WW2 became inevitable because ultimately the post depression economy would of recovered anyway and the population would never trust the government or any system ever again. War forces everyone into a system where after victory/defeat, everyone has forgotten what the system and the banks did to them previously and there's lots of things and people for everybody to blame. Then the cycle starts all over again. If there is a real economic crises one day like the Great Depression, rest assured there will be world war maneuvered into place through manipulation for the reasons I have just cited and people most likely will fall for this BS once again. Time for everybody to smarten up and fast and learn to do as many things as possible for themselves where leaning all the Laws of Thermodynamics can be very helpful to all.

The only way to effectively get rid of the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, the trust fund set, etc. etc. because this conflict will continue forever so long as they wield financial power, which is to create a new standard that never existed before since they all, also, control the gold, silver, platinum etc. We could base it on whatever i.e. 'Extinct Passenger Pigeon Bones and DNA', it does not make a difference what it is, so long as its rare and every nation that trades internationally would use this standard for trade. Of course something so simple, you can be assured that this will never happen so people will just continue fighting and killing, where the only thing then that will save us will be in technology and ideas based on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, where again their financial power will become meaningless. The choice for everyone and every nation is whether we want this sooner or later.

Just like when HIH Prince Osman Ertugrul, said: "I’m a very practical person," to The New York Times in 2006. He correctly said: "Democracy works well in Turkey." When asked whether he was in favour of a future Restoration his answer was always a simple "No". To this day, not one single heir to the throne of the Ottoman Empire (now the republic of Turkey) have made any claim since they were asked, politely, to leave within 24 hours, back in 1922 when the sultanate was abolished. People would be very surprised to find out how many Royal Houses and their families all over the world are not interested in being Kings and Queens and Dukes and Princes and Caliphs and Sultans et cetera anymore and are only there because they are forced to and would gladly give up their thrones tomorrow if they could. See: Rainier III, Prince of Monaco.

For a person like me it is surprising to even hear such an impertinent question being asked to these people in the first place but it does show that there is still a lot of childish fantasy attached to a lot of politics, even today. For instance, No titular/constitutional ruler today, could abolish the institution of 'Monarchy' and hand the whole thing over to a 'Democracy' even if they wanted to. They are not, even, legally allowed to discuss this in idle conversation or interview with the press as decreed by diplomats, bureaucrats, committees etc. since on this level, monarchy is considered a privilege, — which can be viewed as a contradiction. It all depends on who is the talking head and this shows that constitutional monarchies still have vast influences and powers that are beyond the understanding of journalists and political scientists through its purposeful precariousness.

If Queen Elizabeth II, who is an intelligent woman declared that the monarchy is now null and void, the parliamentary democracy in England would find another heir or dynasty elsewhere even though it is supposedly Her government. The same is true for any other constitutional monarchy. So it is actually democracies that are maintaining royalty and all for the maintenance of obsolete Neo-Platonic ideas and institutions because there are no provisions in any constitutions anywhere in the world that give democracies the legal or ethical right and the power to establish any kind of dynasty.

As a matter a fact, there has never once been an ethnic English King or Queen sitting on the Throne of England since 14 October 1066. All its rulers have been Norman, French, Scottish, Welsh, Spanish, Dutch and in modern times, Queen Victoria was more German than Kaiser Wilhelm, whose mother was English. The House of Windsor is actually the House of Sade Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and Queen Elizabeth is more of a "Hun" than any German in WW1 with not one spot of English blood in her because they were all put there (officially) by god himself as were the Austrian, Ottoman, German and Japanese Emperors . So we see, now, that when the map of the world was painted British red rather than the ledger of the chancellor of the exchequer, this multiethnic empire also had multiethnic rulers in its own history so the idea of nationality and ethnicity as being more important all of a sudden is for show and propaganda to forment war. The middle class still have a lot to learn by always mixing up these things up.

The Original Families
The United States (also a multiethnic society) created its own aristocracy by basing it on the families of the first settlers of the future republic and of their individual states and these people are supposed to be treated as something special, yet they can also be seen as invaders and immigrants too because they are not the first humans here, but the first of a system here. The aboriginals here, were not savages but very real human beings and evolved completely different systems for their economies, beliefs and cultures. What our ancestors did was no different, in principle, than what the Nazis did in WW2 because our systems are designed to do such things and not because we are better than everyone else.

Sami with Reindeer
Colour picture from 1890-1900
The Nazis only did their slaughter more efficiently; leaning a lot from everybody else and with a lot of outside help. One example: "In 1913-1920, the Swedish race-segregation politic created a race biological institute that collected research material from living people and sterilized Sami women."[Sami] Those beautiful blond Swedish and Norwegian people we all love, are the invaders of what is now called Sweden and Norway and are doing everything to exterminate their own aboriginals, where if it weren't for an international outcry this would of been already accomplished.

Change western culture and its systems and we change everything and this stuff starts at home where if any family member discusses hatred, anger or vanity in any way, this must be dealt with in an appropriate manner that the situation provides, and must be queried or interrogated as to where and from whom they picked up their idea in the first place and then reported to the proper authorities especially when religion is used to authorize hatred and subjugation, or decide for themselves what is "natural" and think that their idea should apply or be imposed to all, whether they like it or not.

If everybody does this, it will also reestablish western culture and civilization back to the top and as a model for other corrupt societies to emulate. The trick is to be the first culture to do this because it is them that are remembered as the progressive innovators and everything else comes after the fact just like Neil Armstrong was the first to walk on The Moon and 'what's his name' was the second to walk on The Moon. All people throughout the planet are beautiful. Please See: List of indigenous peoples to begin exploring this wonderful and rich facet of humanity. There is more to love in this world and learn from than to hate or control and even less to conquer.

Any person can hug and protect child of any race without reservation without having to think "this child is black, white, yellow or brown" because the innocent are not part of some system, so racially they are invisible and people don't even think about this nonsense when they are with children or babies. It is only when the innocent and the not so innocent becomes part of some system where hatred, racism and bigotry can be generated and then take precedence where the individual no longer exists.

A democritization dramatization of the aristocracy and their systems and what they think is the "natural order" for mankind at the House of Lords.
The adult who is supposed to be superior to the child becomes inferior to the child. Only through a system, and being part of one, can one become truly evil because of the power their system gives them, or through another system, one can deteriorate and learn to hate and all in the service of something one has no control of but you can be held personally responsible nevertheless. This is what slavery looks like in modern times. For the truly deranged; those that do deliberately harm children, or anybody for that matter, are not human and do not deserve any human rights. Converting to an open system of thought and feeling is the only cure and do I have to mention the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its Principles is an excellent template to follow or learn from and grow, for this too.

Systems are necessary for life but not at the cost of removing who you are or deprecating your being. No one needs to bother to kill anyone, anywhere, as all that is necessary is to remove the corrupt from their systems that support them and leave them in limbo and let Nature take care of them afterwards. The question becomes: Which system you want to be part of and why? Since we all have to deal with the devil in one way or another, we should learn to negotiate better terms and stop acting stupid when in front of any of these princes of evil and one way is to get out of debt and never get into debt. Buy only what you saved for and find ways to create more disposable income and cash flow which can be used to rent things instead of buying otherwise you're finished because they own you but the road to self-attainment is to destroy your credit cards or pay them back promptly on the due date so that they don't charge you any interest provided that the credit card is a no-fee credit card.

Back in the 1970's when I was traveling in Newfoundland, it was, then, very impoverished for a variety of reasons but young couples were still building new homes. They did this by building three, where the first two they sold in a variety of ways and the third house was the couples — Free and Clear! So, there are obviously different ways to accomplish anything and the present international banking system and economy is not the only thing and those that depend on it completely for their survival without considering alternatives are only asking for it.

These banks and conglomerates want to own everything anyway. Fine, let them own everything and only rent from them and let them fight among themselves for your business. This way both sides live in an illusion where no reality exists that can be made destructive and the future will be handed over to those that care and want to learn about things and create real value before creating money.

Value Before Money and Consciousness Before Faith.

Western civilization still has a chance and everybody must participate in this change where predictions of such loathsome types as Ayn Rand and her puerile ideas will never happen. This is one thing the intellectuals got right in the matter of their opinions about her, but I'm sure it's for the wrong reasons too. Hint: People have been complaining about authority since the beginning of time so she "prophesies" absolutely nothing. This opinionated philosopher wrote 'Atlas Shrugged' during Mac McCarthyism so where's the "prophesy" that the media is trying to push on everybody for today and to re-popularize her? When you think about it, things have improved since the 1950's. Now people, especially the middle class, must learn to focus and stop listening to demagogues and rhetoric, intellectuals and academics and stop telling everybody else what to do and think in their smug fashion and reclaim Humanism and integrate it into their society.

The middle class should really look at themselves in the media, like one were looking at himself in a mirror; with an objective eye. It is not very pretty. Try watching a few episodes of Penn and Teller's show entitled, 'Bullshit' (on You Tube) where you really get to see the middle class make a fool of themselves, telling people what to do, and how to live, and what to believe, and what to think. The middle class should start appreciating who they really are. Without them there is nothing for the rich, the banks and the conglomerates to buy because the first people who place and create the idea of ownership on anything is the middle class.

Where/when they have made a property of any type valuable that is where the rich step in and try to acquire the property that never existed before. They, themselves, never develop anything fresh and new themselves from land that has been worked on for centuries or intellectual property that has been worked on for years making it easy for property developers to create some frivolous entity on top of it where all the foundations have been built for them which they acquired for next to nothing, or cost a lot less then if they had developed the property from scratch themselves.

People who don't like their Emperor, King, Queen, Prince, Duke or Sultan should have a bit more respect for their Royal Family by ignoring them and leaving them alone because royal-watchers, socialists, anti monarchists, "modern" republican movements and lobby groups etc. are sorely missing the point and are nursing fantasies about royalty that border morbid and psychotic profiles. These people are not Faerie Tale figures but very real human beings. These people are not even allowed to die in peace as this can be readily seen if you read up on Queen Elizabeth's grandfather George V who was put down like a dog, so that his death would read in the morning papers and not in the less prestigious evening papers. That is pretty cold blooded because they could of easily lied to the papers and report his death when they wanted, but no.... he had to die at an appointed time for real! (if they can do that to kings, imagine what they can do for you) So his death was planned and had to proceed on schedule because other things were probably at work. Imagine finding out in the last moment of your life that its entire meaning was to keep up appearances and nothing else, and your own death was already known years ahead of time by others to coincide with different things which also kept up appearances. So regardless of whether you have an imperial throne like George V or no longer, like Michael II or Nicholas II they all get murdered. In life, can you imagine what the existence of a modern day Tzar would be like, in this day and age, and how artificial and ridiculous it would be if the Russian Empire still existed? So it is good that there are no more emperors but was it necessary to kill the entire Romanov family and not just let them leave?

George V last words, while being helpless (he was probably being poisoned in the first place) were a mumbled "God Damn You" while a nurse administered him a lethal dose of cocaine and morphine which can be seen as his final repentance to God for being part of a system that betrayed him and needed God's mercy and forgiveness for being so stupid and naïve because George V was not evil himself. History is written before it happens. His death did not occur like they show in the movie 'The King's Speech' (2010) and was far more gruesome on the doctors part, — not the patient's. The movie also neglects that George VI (Elizabeth's Father) spoke perfect French and only had a speech impediment with English. This is not unusual for people who stutter and swallow their sentences, where a second language is never part of this phenomena.

The royal family spoke French at the palace when daddy was around, so this movie is only narrow-minded divisory middle class, ignorant, low-quality propaganda. Doctors and scientists had no sound techniques and were not very practical for helping those who are going to preside over things and deliver speeches to ignorance and the people themselves were very understanding but expected a minimum of decorum and inspiration when there were madmen on the continent delivering dramatic soliloquies of revenge to organized goose steppers and a hailing for 'the chief' on queue with the fascist salute, which by the way, everybody uses this salute when they are presiding a flag, and is improper anywhere else.

I remember my grade 3 teacher who every morning made us sing Oh Canada. Since she was the flags bearer, guardian and presider of a real Canadian flag in the classroom she did not sing the national anthem herself but gave the flag the fascist salute to show it she was "standing on guard" while we were singing Oh Canada, but not look at the flag when singing, which is proper protocol in such circumstances for any country. These modern fascists now transferred this international protocol of the flag and claimed this military and civilian salute for themselves and even called themselves the "nation", which was a scandal in those days beyond imagination. The British monarchy was very lucky to find Lionel Logue who not only helped the King to speak but also give his voice some charm and warmth, which people could respond to when hearing them.

I don't need to discuss here the circumstances that led to the death of Princess Diana of Wales because there was talk about her possibly being with child with Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed and that would not be acceptable to Parliamentarians or the House of Lords even though she was no longer a member of the Royal Family but in the end, it was her popularity that was her undoing and she and Dodi Fayed might still be alive today if people left them alone when she was free of the English royal family but, nevertheless, she was seen by the people and the media as still part of the system and even invented new titles for her. Whatever conspiracy stories there are that have now been suppressed have absolutely nothing to do with the Royal Family itself and more to do with the antics of Her Majesty's Government. How convenient that everybody who was there in the accident died and the "bodyguard" doesn't remember a thing, which is statistically impossible that there would be no surviving victims or witnesses that could say the truth in such a type of accident and a lot of things can get orchestrated and implemented inside tunnels, like the disapearing car the chauffeur had struck.

The Paparazzi who are reputed to of caused the accident were reporters yet they are biggest liars and suppressors of information in this scandal. On the other hand if they don't get the information they want, they create it and people support these trashy news magazines that ultimately have to to kill someone one day. Advice to the rich and all celebrities: Tell your chauffeurs to never go near tunnels. So, now, who are the monsters? It is those of the commons that "love" royalty where we learn that their love can kill, or The House of Commons that make all the arrangements for their deaths in cold blood for a variety of reasons that matter only to them?

In France, that's why Versailles was built to house all the French aristocrats in one compound so that the French Kings could keep an eye on aristocratic, ambassadorial and financier's intrigues which were vast, but that ended up being their undoing with so many absentee landlords and this, of course, culminated into the French Revolution simply because there was insufficient local administration and people starved.
Versailles was more like a 24hr hour gambling casino than anything else, and most people, there, just played cards (in England, they knitted to pass the time) having absolutely nothing to do, besides follow protocol and doing some business during games. It's nice to be rich and have absolutely no justification to exist. It was an incredibly boring place to be, or as the French language refers to as 'Ennui' and the only light it ever had was on two occasions. The first, was when Her Highness Princess Maria Adelaide of Savoy, the future mother of Louis XV, so She was like the modern day Princess Diana, arrived to the court of Louis XIV at Versailles to become Dauphine of France, who was pure delight to be with and as well played cards very badly, which made her even more delightful. This endured right until her death. The last occasion was when the court's activities, entertainment and culture was being run by King Louis XV official chief mistress Madame de Pompadour who was able to create for 20 years an endless round of entertainment and generous patronage of the arts, that would make today's Cirque du Soleil, in comparison, look like a cheap production from a kindergarten class, to amuse the king and everybody else. She was considered the "Uncrowned Queen of France". Even the real Queen (who was very religious) enjoyed her company and appreciated her presence, efforts and activities at the palace.

Basically these Royal Houses of today are under permanent 'palace arrest' and are surrounded by idiots, for whatever reasons and 'their subjects' (the people) certainly don't appear at the palace in their finest anymore, and the ones that don't have thrones or even claims to a throne like the Hapsburg's, are in the "Investment business" now and their freedoms are curtailed with extreme protocols. Even the Rothschilds live like Louis XIV where every minute of their day is like protocol governed by a clock where someone quoted once that all one needed was a compass and a sextant and this could tell you exactly what the king was doing and where he was in Versailles from anywhere and anytime in the world. We might be slaves to the super rich and powerful but they are slaves to another master, — The clock and there are no revolutions to overthrow clocks. Maybe that's why billions are being spend to find God particles so that they can overthrow clocks. Who knows? With money like they have one can think and finance anything with their systems. Even if it were true and this were found out; how would the media report this?

Ultimately The dynastic banking houses and their descendants will fall to the same kind of fate and be watched from every angle 24 hours a day forever in one way or another and become celebrities too when they deteriorate no matter how much they try to hide or try to be invisible. This is where stuff from a J.P. Sartre-like play comes in to continue their story where the living body of their life and work is in a transitional state that is "embodied" between life and death and no one can tell the difference. The relationships that the rich and the comparatively poor have always been weird because both see each other as ostentatious and ridiculous which comes out in media. The media is even more ridiculous because they take all this seriously in one form or another. The rabble and slaves should do what they've always done, — wait.

That is the hallmark of deterioration, it is when something has achieved celebrity status because the real power that's doing very well, — no one sees; at least according to The Principle of Equivalency of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. All royalty have their marriages and funeral services planned and rehearsed, years in advance (see: Queens Speech in event of Thermonuclear War) and fanatic royal watchers, who are supposed to be experts on anything "Royal" don't even know what the signals of the flag on their palaces are and what they mean but can discuss for hours a princesses dress or hat.

A kings birthday is celebrated when the government decides it's his birthday like was done to George VI when visiting Canada in the summer 1939, when his birthday is actually in the winter. I seriously wonder if Queen Elizabeth doesn't fantasize, occasionally, for a revolution that would get rid of the monarchy in a bloodless coup, where the whole family could pack-up and leave England and go back to Hannover, seeing how ridiculous and saccharine, royalty has become, where exile or being a pretender is now considered by many as something quite fashionable anyway, and really live like faerie tale princes especially where international law stipulates that any dynastic royalty in exile that has not abdicated can keep their title "HRH' and other titles in perpetuity including all their descendants.

Whether She likes it or not and this includes other royalty elsewhere, Her Majesty is always utilized by the most stupid of stupid politicians to score cheap political points with their own constituents. For example: an MP from Québec returns his Diamond Jubilee medal because he says there are residents of his riding more deserving of the "honour". This is ridiculous because the medal is given only to government members of the Commonwealth, not citizens, who get their own medals and it it like saying the head of state of Canada made a mistake and is insensitive.

He could of just as easily sold or auctioned off the medal and create a new award to those "deserving citizens", himself, in his riding, with a wonderful media circus of his own and everybody would be happy and the Queen of Canada wouldn't need to be involved. If anything a politician needs or wants is accolades, so the story is all nonsense to begin with and this only demonstrates how equivalent that particular politician is to his own stupidity since he thinks by putting someone down he can score some points rather than create value from his own supposed ideals. See: MP who refused jubilee medal says, "he's not worthy".

Further, one never addresses HRH as an equal or talk about them in such a way; It is Her Majesties government not theirs and She does not make these decisions but Her government does in Her name. Politician's and members of the news media should read their Constitutions and brush up on their protocol before they become politicians or political journalists. Anyone that can understand 'chain of command' can understand protocol as it's not more complicated or mysterious than that. The day that an Anarchist, like me, has to remind this to leaders, writers and defenders of middle class society; society is really headed down the drain.

For 64 years, His Imperial Highness Prince Ertugrul Osman, grandson of Sultan Abdul Hamid II of the Ottoman Empire lived a very long and happy life and held court in the most multiethnic community he could find in the world. A rent-controlled apartment on top of a restaurant, in a four-story building on Lexington Avenue in the East 70's in New York City where his rent was only $350.00 a month. What a coincidence. God I love New York. To him there was probably very little difference between the Istanbul he knew and the New York City of today, at least on the outside. Those who knew him said His Imperial Highness assessed his unique situation in understated, often comic tones since this was quite a change from the mahogany parquet corridors of the 285-room Dolmabahce Palace. It is said, and the same thing is repeated over and over regardless of whom you read, like they have nothing else to say about this remarkable Prince, that; quote: "Osman often impressed interviewers with his dry wit and knowledge of trends in politics, architecture and pop culture" blah blah blah.

When Didem Yilmaz, a journalist from Turkey, who should of known better by doing the tiniest amount of research and never bothered to visit other members of the royal family, also in New York, tried to interview His Majesty for a documentary, she expected to find him bitter about his life’s trajectory. Boohoo! Instead, she found him to be “kind, understanding and contemplative.” Interesting that journalists always go somewhere to write stories but with preconceived conceptions, which is a contradiction; so what is journalism?. His Majesty even laughed at her directly, saying: “If We had a bad life, it would be better for your film.” This guy was more fun and interesting than a lot of people I know who had a menagerie of a minimum of 12 dogs in His apartment.

More On Journalists looking for Stories.
Journalist Goes Undercover In Chinatown, New York, To Uncover Counterfeit Goods By Wearing Silk Robe And Then Dresses Up As Prostitute

Fair Use GP duBerger
If it was up to me I would of approached him to make a comedy movie with all these wonderful journalists and politicians he meets, just for fun, like Terry Gilliam's 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)' which is also a parody of 18th century Ahmed III, Caliph of Islam and Ottoman Sultan and who, in this story supposedly learned to compose fanciful operas at Oxford when he was young. Of course, I would never expect His Imperial Majesty to take this seriously either, but one cannot help seeing comedy everywhere surrounding these poor ex-monarchs of today whose families, in their history gave us a lot, and we should be a bit more grateful and respectful to their descendants and a lot of them are very intelligent but now employ this intelligence to living and philosophy and they all now have real professional careers. He worked for a mining company and traveled a lot and his second wive, who was an Afghan princess, carved out a niche for Herself in the fashion industry.

They were happy in New York City because they could do whatever they wanted there with no interference or deal with stupid and rude people stalking them. I once saw David Bowie in an interview who said he loved New York City over London because no one bothers him while doing ordinary things like walking down the street which would be impossible in London.

I have personally known Barons from France who emigrated here after leaving everything voluntarily because they passed laws in France, back in the 1980's, where one could not invest his business capital anywhere but France. When I met them, they were starting over their lives and business from scratch with all their equipment in their living room and they were very happy, even though this was a big change for them, and they told me in the most beautiful French I have ever heard, that they would never return to France or have anything to do with their government or society.

These aristocrats were extremely happy to be in French/English speaking Montreal instead of Paris. Just like ordinary people; They wanted the freedom to do business in the way they wanted, and invest anywhere they wanted, and buy things for their businesses from anywhere they wanted, and that was all more important than living in any kind of luxury or having titles, which are not recognized here in Quebec.

These families, even without their thrones or seats, still have a lot to offer which is spoiled and permanently lost by stupid journalists, historians, politicians and horrible modern-day aristocrats whose only claim to aristocracy is a patent that they purchased from somewhere or someone, or for the female sex; they get down on their knees and do the Monica Lewinsky routine as an overture for marriage and the overly long Bolero is the preferred accompaniment on such occasions and was composed exactly for this kind of activity. These arrangements do not get sealed with a kiss but with a suck.

Many people consider Osman (He liked to be called that) the " Sovereign of Serenity and Sophistication, Monarch of Magnanimity, Prince of Prudence, Potentate of Politesse, Padishah of Probity, Royalty of Refinement, Emperor of Elegance". And others think that: "In the republic, man is slave to man. In the Ottoman State, man was slave to God". With such poetry such as this, this then opens new doors to what politic people actually feel and think about their history and their leaders and emperors (not kings) and in a far more sophisticated concept then one would expect. The Turks are proud of their imperial history and still love their exiled Imperial Family for what they represent today and/as it makes no difference where they live anyway and they all get, to this day buried, in their families tomb in The Republic of Turkey with all the proper respect.
He had been offered "Amnesty" by the Turkish Government since 1974 but had refused it, stating that: "We did not feel we needed to apply as We hadn't done anything wrong".
Amnesty? Amnesty for what? It is the world that changed.

Today, why are democracies everywhere so defensive? Is it because of something wrong with democracies and it can't admit that it does wrong too on occasion?

GP duBerger

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