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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Part 2 - Delema: The Philosophy of Modern Science and Life

By GP duBerger

Continued from Part 1: 'The Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics'.htm

Amateur Astronomy
The role of 'Philosophy of science' has now been filled by, so called, particle/theoretical physicists and the cosmologist who are even worse than existentialists in determining any course for the future. That is assuming that any existentialist believes that 'future' exists. At the very least, as an artist, I hope that I can provide a more positive, enterprising and constructive point of view but before we continue, we will need to be shown the many friends and enemies of science; and I think that I have wrapped up a pretty good swathe with the following.

Artists, themselves, have no enemies because if someone tries to destroy or steal our work, or it becomes popular or unpopular, then that person or situation becomes part of the artistic expression and is only offensive to society and "owners" of art work; like when an iconoclast takes a hammer to something by Michelangelo which make for very interesting Equivalences to conjugate, beginning with the ideas of "destruction", "theft" or "plagiarization", shows how they understand a work of unique creativity and iconoclasts must remember that Michelangelo himself, would of eventually of done this himself at one point in his own artistic evolution, so iconoclasts and others who claim that they don't understand art (which is why they attack artwork) and, themselves, through equivalency, their unsatisfying acts of destruction are not needed.

Then, what lawmakers, intellectuals, psychologists and psychiatrists have to say later about these types is irrelevant to the Artist and ultimately to society and the rest of the Universe included, unless they make a connection with the Universe, which will never happen because then we don't need lawmakers, intellectuals, psychiatrists and psychologists. These professions exist because man is a caged animal where artists will only "frame" things or ideas and we don't even present our visual work in frames any more but just ideas, like one sees here.

As for science: Independent researchers, information gatherers are the ones who work the trenches and maintain the advancement of the front into man's true enemy, which is 'The Unknown', in all its analogues, wherever they may be.

It's fine to be a physicist but there is so much un-researched data and un-crunched numbers out there, researchers and even some artists are needed to compile and work this stuff into coherence. Amateur radio operators are credited with the discovery of long-distance communication on the shortwave bands, thought to be useless by scientists. Astronomy would not be what it is today, without those legions of amateur astronomers studying the Stars including the compiling by hand and eye, those mountains of data provided them from observatories and dish arrays. I wonder why they don't do this with particle accelerator data too; all they need to do is tell those interested what to look for, because some are very good at finding things that might be missed by their computers, their algorithms, their egos and their search for patents, gained through extortion, from what is ultimately public-owned property (accelerators and their supercomputers) so this is probably something they don't want to share with the public. Money is the root of all things that go wrong whether we are talking about some mogul or a physicist who belongs to, or works for a private society.

The emergence of Quantum Mechanics

This is no different to when Heinrich Hertz discovered by observation that sparks would appear more readily if light fell on the metal of electrically-sparking gaps and then took the trouble to report it, which is something that would be hidden today for a variety of reasons, in a variety of ways and by an assortment of different people involved. For instance, today, entities like "Homeland Security" in the United States would classify this information, just like if fire was invented yesterday, someone would patent and license its use and governments would regulate it and that is just a small example, as there is already plenty of interference from the scientists and his community as well and the middle class buy this garbage, hook line and sinker. The commercial value of such a trivial observation when it is reported, cannot be estimated by any amount of money. This "ridiculous" phenomena that had nothing to do with Maxwellian waves and in fact, "interfered" with this theory, which is why it would be suppressed so that the scientist's paper, to be published, would look good.

This is the first "proof" that Maxwell and mathematics, itself, was completely wrong and Faraday was completely right and "Maxwell's beautiful mathematics" is simply not good enough to explain anything properly, and that the language of the Universe is not mathematics one bit as physicists and cosmologists claim it to be, but is more something like a crutch that can be used to walk a very short distance with, or explain universal (open system) things generally or vaguely.

This phenomena had to be investigated further and it was later found that it was only ultraviolet light that had the capacity to excite those electrons on the surface of those gaps which made them jump more readily, producing more sparks, with the same voltage supplied! Subsequent research of his discovery of the now-called Photoelectric Effect provided enough backbone for Quantum Physics to stand up on its own, when The Quantum was finally revealed to the world from another source altogether by Max Planck. There weren't too many happy scientists with this announcement. Their perfect Universe of Newtonian and Maxwellian perfection was about to fly apart.

A Careful Gatherer and Compiler
Mary Anning

If it wasn't for people like Heinrich Hertz and the other excellent people, from the 19th and 18th centuries, doing scrupulous compiling and checking facts and theories; like Mary Anning, with careful research, sensitive experimenting while not being afraid of reporting strange and unbelievable phenomena that in their time would of sounded as "ridiculous", we would still be living like in the 19th and 18th centuries, guaranteed. With what sensitive instruments we have today: They are completely useless without the sensitive researcher or experimenter. This was at a time when one could be disgraced, by ones own colleagues, for writing papers that did not jibe with Newtonian and Maxwellian "perfection". When the Quantum was announced, there is nothing they didn't try do, to slap it down, hard and permanently and even erase it into obscurity and I'm talking about legions of opposing "scientists" from every part of this world. This is like reporting UFO sittings today but the difference is that they had experimental proof that could be repeated at will and no one had any explanation for these new phenomena nor could they be explained using Maxwell's equations. It was a life and death struggle for the quantum, where everybody lost and all for nothing.

No wonder Quantum physics today is still so strangely Quantum physics-like, perhaps because they are wary of some classical physicists and a lot of religious "thinkers" who love nothing better than to interfere because there are just as many intellectuals with classical mechanics as there are in quantum mechanics and they both produce drivel for work.

From Wikipedia
As a working-class woman, Mary Anning was an outsider to the scientific community. At the time in Britain, women were not allowed to vote (neither were men too poor to meet the property requirement), hold public office or attend university, and the newly formed but increasingly influential Geological Society of London did not allow women to become members, or even attend meetings as guests. The only occupations generally open to working-class women were farm labour, domestic service, and work in the newly opening factories.

Although Anning knew more about fossils and geology than many of the wealthy fossilists she sold to, it was always the gentlemen geologists who published the scientific descriptions of the specimens she found, often neglecting to mention her name. She became resentful of this. Anna Pinney, a young woman who sometimes accompanied Anning while she collected, wrote: "She says the world has used her ill ... these men of learning have sucked her brains, and made a great deal of publishing works, of which she furnished the contents, while she derived none of the advantages." Torrens writes that these slights to Anning were part of a larger pattern of ignoring the contributions of working-class people in early-19th-century scientific literature. Often a fossil would be found by a quarryman, construction worker, or road worker who would sell it to a wealthy collector, and it was the latter who was credited if the find was of scientific interest.

My query to the scientific community is: If a lowly, stupid, dirty and ignorant working-class worker has the intelligence to recognize, instantly, something of intrinsic scientific value why don't they acknowledge this? It is obvious that the "working class" are perfectly capable of examining Nature and can, if given the chance and time, come up with some remarkable discoveries of their own, if only their lives were not always being interfered with. It can be said that the proleteriat, comtemtuously is little understood by professionals, nor do they want to understand them. Scientists and academia are seriously lacking in benefitting from their experience, know how, and unique way of seeing things. Maybe science is just another country club and has always been one. If that is so, then maybe they should keep their patter to themselves and not flood the media with their inconclusive nonsense because that is the big difference between those "classes" I've just mentionned is that the proletariat always strives for conclusions and then moves on to the next thing, where the "professionals" like to keep things lingering forever.

Many theoretical and particle physicists in their videos, say; "there are no laws in physics that say you cannot travel back and forth in time" and change things the way you would like them to be, (look up videos with Brian Greene, Lawrence Krauss, Ronald Mallet etc.) which defeats existence by making it redundant or irrelevant but they don't see this as a contradiction, where, they "forget" that Relativity says you can only travel forward in time, so do they think that they are better than Einstein too? Who are these people? Why aren't they profiled and studied scientifically like they, themselves do with ordinary people and with geniuses?

All of Einstein's work can be traced back to this discovery by Hertz in 1887 and the research it inspired but that is the original source. Eventually, modern day particle/theoretical physicists (as opposed to the ones in the early 20th century) will be looked upon in the future like we see alchemists today along with all their ridiculous theories and 'Time Machines' that have nothing to do with Thermodynamics, including Invented Thermodynamics, as opposed to the opinions of reputable quantum and classical physicists and nuclear physicists/chemists who find ways to work very well together. At least alchemy had an air of wizardry around it which delights the imagination today but I see none of these personality traits in modern theoretical/particle physicists.

This entire nonsense of the split between the classical and quantum no longer actually exists and is only propagated by modern-day theoretical/particle physicists, cosmologists and the media by creating two teams, to sell more stories and give themselves something to point their fingers at, and come out with ridiculous pronouncements of 'fundamental this' and 'fundamental that', when/where there is no such thing, and since there is no end to the universe of the small, nor is there any fundamental anything. There are only fundamental systems for things and if you believe that the Universe is just a system well then you're in and welcome to modern science and philosophy.

We exist in a Universe of interaction; of force carriers (bosons i.e. light for example) and Fermions and their composite beings, so one cannot have any fundamental anything because one cannot split any interaction, itself, in half or in any amount of pieces. Quantum mechanics also has a side that is so un-mathematical just like Classical Physics can be, when we apply the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its Principles and reveals a Universe with moods and feelings, conflict and creation all happening at once or working together, which the artist understands very well.

Any number can be split in half because a number can be a object but how does one split the interval between one and two in half? Yet without this interval there is no one, two and etc. This area of "nothing" is a force/idea/information carrier just like any other, yet it is nothing and if it weren't for nothing; nothing would exist.
Just thinking about these things has deep implications in religion and ontology but not in art or artistic philosophy, where by just reading the highlighted portion it is a paradox, but is we put that statement in context of life or the Universe it then has deep meaning and makes perfect sense.

One day they will smash quarks into trillions of bits, and one day they will smash one of those trillions of pieces into another trillion of its own bits and so on. Particles they say cannot be split, like the electron/positron family of particles simply will not be split by this form of physics but there certainly exist other forms of physics in this Universe, that have not been discovered yet, that does or can "split" the electron/positron family.

We are still very far from "God" particles and Thermodynamics delineates how far this insanity will go to, and not the media or science, as it should be, but look how close to Nature we become with all our failures combined. The more we reject Nature or try to possess Her the closer we get to Her unless, somewhere, the individual scientist/professional has been made unaware of this through some form of insanity. For the rest, it is just a meter matter of which side of Nature we are getting closer to.

So, next time you're on your cell/smart phone say, thank you, Mr. Heinrich Hertz and Mr. Nikola Tesla and not Mr. Marconi who would never of exploited his imagination, in any laboratory beyond, that, what gold he could find there, "detect" and steal. Which is what Marconi did very well when he went to Tesla's laboratory.

Marconi Wireless
Such a greedy pursuit, by the mere presence of such people would be enough to, even, disturb such types of experiments and research and destroy any "accidental" discovery, creating an incalculable loss for everybody where I would love to hear any rationality that counters this perspective. Forget sensitivity and insight, when it comes to greed, avarice, glory and control, because most discoveries will only appear from chaos and disorder anyway and then the observations can only be acknowledged by the sensitive, courageous and thoughtful. I don't understand these kind of people or their logic but "my findings indicate from personal experience" that these kind of individuals think that if someone has something different, or discovers something new, it belongs to them and nobody else. My cats think like that too but then, I have no problems understanding this with cats. But cats also have redeeming features which no corrupt human has ever shown as possessing.

How many people I have known, I have caught snooping into my things behind my back, where when I caught them, I would ask them; "Don't you have a life of your own that takes up all your time?" The things they steal and what they find interesting is a subject in itself. The last time this happened was when I was at the hospital near death, where everybody thought I was a goner; They left an interesting amount things for me to study, in what went "missing" in what they found interesting or valuable to steal because they thought I was going to die, nor did they have the patience to wait for me to die either, like in Zorba the Greek.

Famous Death Scene from 'Zorba the Greek'.

Fair Use GP duBerger
These people (whom I will never mention) are, actually, like Bosons and leave their trail of interactions, effects, and composite force carriers and stoop to Classical physics to move Matter and information when they, being so powerful and deserving, should of done this Quantum mechanically to complete their cycle of plunder, interference, desecration and extortion.

Maybe this is why it took Daniel Kleppner so long to finally develop a method to create a Bose-Einstein Condensate of Hydrogen because of all the people in his lab, stealing his ideas and designs.

There was Nobel Prize in the air and it was a race to get to Sweden and the Bose Einstein Condensate was the product to produce. Obviously their very presence offended Nature Itself, by producing unrelated, unpredicted and chaotic results in every experiment that could of been predicted in advance, where when they later went off to work in another University who, out of nowhere, funded and created a laboratory just for them, with all the exact specific type of apparatus and equipment that would be needed, in hopes of gaining more prestige for the institution; they were the ones who ended up sharing the Nobel Prize for the creation of the first Bose-Einstein Condensate with another independent group for an inferior substance as compared to hydrogen, but it was easier to create.

How talent, art and science is evaluated by the modern middle class.
Today those "scientists" who formerly worked with the, Lester Wolfe Professor Emeritus of Physics, Daniel Kleppner and competed with Wolfgang Ketterle's group are both working in separate obscure universities and not anywhere for very long either, despite their being Nobel Laureates, and no one will let them into their laboratories either for obvious reasons, nor is there any continuing research done either by those two, yet in the PBS documentary 'Absolute Zero" they are the ones given all the attention because this was produced for and by middle class garbage and has nothing to do with science or talent, like what one would see on TV with 'Hollywood Squares' or 'The Voice'. One of them even lost an arm when Nature decided to make him smell like rotting "fish", itself, which is the smell of Flesh Eating disease. Coincidence?...Artists don't believe in any kind of coincidence. No wonder wealthy people who steal and lie are all very odd and paranoid and have a multitude of physical and psychological problems (I know this because I worked, in the past, with these types). My advice to them is to become atheist and then you can free yourself from guilt.

I'm very much like Felix the Cat: I'm rich when you're rich and the more you become yourself, as your own dreams come alive, gives me more to appreciate in you and everyone, everything and all life becomes more valuable and all of us have more to talk about and share. This has nothing to do with being a nice person, it has to do with being logical, creative and appreciating all life and not just my own and I cannot possibly think of everything myself, so I appreciate other ideas. I probably missed class the day they taught everybody the verb "to Have" and arrived when they taught the verb "to Be" and this affected my mind, where now, I obviously belong on another planet, somewhere that understands this perfectly. The following cartoon is dedicated to the likes of people like Marconi, Edison and J.P. Morgan and my former friends, family and relatives.

There are three simple rules governing the probability of the photoelectric effect occurring. Here are two I want to emphasize for the Principle of Sufficiency occurring in Physics and this is from an excellent site I highly recommend: CE Essentials, whose article: 'Physical Principles of Ionizing Radiations' which deals with The Photo Electric Effect in practical matters and has copious illustrations.
[1] The incident photon must have sufficient energy to overcome the binding energy of the electron. For example, if a k-shell electron has a binding energy of 70 keV and the incident photon have energy of 68.5 keV, it absolutely cannot eject that electron from its orbit.

[2] A photoelectric interaction is most likely to happen when the energy of the incident photon exceeds but is relatively close to the binding energy of the electron it strikes. Using our example of a k-shell electron with a binding energy of 68.5 keV, a photoelectric interaction is more likely to occur when the incident photon is 70 keV than if it were 120 keV. This is because the photoelectric effect is inversely proportional to approximately the third power of energy as thus:

It is also wonderful to note here, all the things that are missed in research that are privately sponsored because no amount of money or power can buy that special love and sensitivity that is required in making any kind of significant discovery. This is why they steal. Their research is all done in a way Francis Bacon thought secrets from Nature should be obtained, — by torturing Nature by robot researchers who only look human with absolutely no imagination, feelings or insight into anything beyond the little world they have constructed for themselves and this is called: "Objectivity" but in reality it is only, itself, a bourgeois attitude with political and social dimensions and is nothing to do with philosophy.
Well, — if anyone has seen, read or heard of the Nuremberg Trials, one will realize that the middle class Nazi's, too, were very "objective" and/when "following orders". So you have to decide for yourself what 'Objectivity' is and you will become Equivalent to it too. One also wonders how many modern-day Copernican's there are, out there, today who don't publish their findings, where instead of the church, they are avoiding the grasp of doomed private corporate enterprise and even governments, in hopes that there will a better world one day.

Myself, I say a lot but you'd be surprised at what I don't write, and keep inside my head, knowing that the idea or invention is not right for today and each thing has a different reason for not being right because man and his societies must reinvent themselves first one way or another. I know that when or if that happens, these things will appear by themselves in others when the time is right. The only thing I can say is that people are shortchanging themselves today by following anything that multinationals have to offer or believe any philosopher, theologian, scientist or politician and their systems today. From America to Zimbabwe, they're all rotten to the core.

This is nothing to laugh at because organized religions have been convincing people, of all kinds of things, for thousands of years that are not true like the Earth is flat or the Earth is the center of the cosmos, cretinism creationism and Nature was the enemy etc. People, to this day, believe those who only have beliefs themselves because of their authority and constant repeating. Say anything over and over and people will think it's the truth. There were/are more non-existing things everywhere that were/are purely the product of fiction than, actual, existing things, — especially today.

No one needs to be a rocket scientist or a Nobel Prize winning economist to choose your future supplier of energy and work at starting to make your conversion from one source to another. Do some research and start with little things yourself. Build one single small Steampunk Stirling engine to run a low power device with stuff you can build from supplies at a hardware or dollar store and any recycling bin that are available to anybody so that you can at least get acquainted with these things and share your knowledge through You Tube or any other social network. Adults should try this as a fun project with their kids, or your siblings and peers if you don't have parents, where everybody has built one thing together and no one owns anything but together, everyone created something of value, while not only learning about the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, everyone learned a valuable lesson in socially interaction and sharing like what I wrote about in: HTML'S MAGIC Pages 'Blogger, Skateboards and Disco'.

No one needs to be an Einstein to figure out where the bigger and bottomless supply of clean, cheap, reliable energy with little or no maintenance that can be transported anywhere and transferred into any other form of energy and figure out where we should concentrate our ingenuity because the Zeroth and the First Law of Thermodynamics says we can do this. This form of energy can't even be taxed or metered because it's none of anyone's business nor does it belong to anyone. This would be like taxing everyone for breathing to stay alive because these machines use the energy in matter which already exists openly, that will be dissipated anyway into an open system, doing its own business.

What's remarkable is most of the interest in these type of engines and open systems is mostly coming from the Industrialized countries in the western world and not from the less industrialized nations that could profit from this science the most. It appears they want the American Dream too forgetting that it is a dream and this is nobodies fault that it became a nightmare. I came across this interesting item among others which would be of interest to all that describes this strange phenomena where the story is where these things were last manufactured in Pakistan but they prefer to use electric fans now and were glad to empty what stock they had left over there and export them to the west by a special request!!!: Cooling fan 'hot air engine', Stirling engine fans; By Andy Eisemann.
By the way.....
Stirling engines are Hot and Cold-air engines and not just hot-air engines. People have to get out of the habit of only thinking about hot but think both, hot and cold at the same time, as they are inseperable in thermodynamics but not in physics.

A remarkable external combustion engine anyone can build themselves that looks better than those rickidy pop-can versions for fun, knowledge and experimentation. Free plans available at myfordboy

The ideas and feelings that are working to make this more and more acceptable, universally, is making its appearance in all kinds of subtle ways, all around us. The fatal flaw of Capitalism is that it sees no differences between money⇔power and makes a strange connection to 'Value'. These things sometimes work well together but are themselves in no way the same thing because only living human beings and, even, other life forms can create value. Power and money can't exist without value but value can exist without money and power. Our use of energy, while gradually incorporating matter-thermodynamic systems will show everybody these big differences between these type of value systems, where 'Economics', itself will be something that will become obsolete one day and be replaced by something called, maybe, "Valuenomics".

Another example of the influence of powerful but closed systems and philosophies where they cause harmful interference. Here, I'm using the two principles I proposed for the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics to explain this: Go ask any lawyer for fun, this question; If fire didn't exist and it was discovered or invented yesterday, would a patent for; 'A Process For Deflagration and External Combustion' be awarded, by some legal means, or not, in today's society? Just the idea that such a question could be asked shows that society is no longer equipped to deal with, even, the simplest things imaginable and the law always becomes something, eventually, that is bellicose to new ideas, progress and inventors and works only to protect its privileged to provide them with monopolies of all inventions and creativity they never thought of, nor developed themselves. This is especially true with things that we should always of known about and are also very simple, where they could be mastered by anybody but are deliberately kept away from common knowledge nor do any societies on Earth encourage diversification and unique approaches unless that 'unique thing' was made to appear from society and authority itself, and for that there is the corporation to furnish this function.

Now these closed system thinkers are very good at telling you the beginning and the end of any system but for some reason this is never balanced by creating demarcation points for Ethics including their own sustained Raison d'Etre, which, itself, is unsustainable. i.e. The Pope or the Queen/King of England etc. are unsustainable, as even their systems that make them what they are, are unsustainable as well, yet for a sickly/corrupt society they are necessary and the middle class never ask for the explanation of anything whatsoever. At least the aristocracy and the proletariat despise them thoroughly for their own reasons. This is completed with the 'UCS' (Universal Closed System):

Look around you and everything you will find invented by modern man is a closed system that reflects our mortality, right down to those ads we find in places like Craigslist and other such sites for any sort of business transaction, relationship, or perversion that exists in these forums that is seeking something. Any kind of relationship, business transaction or communication with god, seeks to create an enclosure of some sort, yet people, through the systems society creates, are make to think/feel that they would be gaining something everlasting, meaningful or some sort of satisfaction, where anything personal is entirely fictitious and will only exist within the understanding of a certain and exclusive group which themselves cannot be sustained and are in the end, completely meaningless overtime. Only the person himself can provide meaning to himself and as for the rest, he goes out hunting physically for what he needs or desires. Since this is entirely like the definition, by the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, for the Second Law of Thermodynamics, people that fall into any these sorts of closed systems, and actually take them seriously, can then be defined as living machines with no purpose except to reproduce or to play with the idea of reproduction.

Professionals with/in their closed systems expect to be treated as those with authority whose wisdom cannot be questioned despite the gaping holes in their logic, reasoning and conduct, whether we are talking about a priest, doctor or a lawyer. Historians also do this when they talk about the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire; it was actually the rise of poverty in the Roman Empire because in Christianity and later the Muslim religions, they were free to join (buy now pay later), as all polytheist religions and cults had cotisation fees and other payments had to be made, which the poor could no longer afford anymore. To this day, anyone spreading or speaking any gospel from any source is either poor or an evangelist. The history of organized religion is the actually the history of money.

Bacterial growth
Posted by skhodell
Life: An idea that began with a question mark ends with an exclamation mark. Especially now, where big corporations are now applying for patents in living things created in laboratories and getting them too, simply because their DNA was altered or isolated even though no one can create life, energy or matter (although it is possible to create new and new forms of matter), therefor the legislation that allows for this is itself illegal because you cannot own what you don't create and tinkering with things in a laboratory does not constitute creation but constitutes sheer luck and then exploitation, and re-institutes a form of slavery where one can legally say instead: "I created you" not "I own you" because no one can own or license the idea of life itself, or any of its systems just like one cannot patent or copyright a formula but one can own something recognized by the law as "created" by the person or legal entity making it official, where mankind itself is merely a form of custodianship not unlike animal husbandry.
To say that you created life and turned it into a device that, for example; "It eats up oil spills" that should never of occurred in the first place, or say that a form of life is a machine, or say that you improved the life form is triple insanity and just to make more money, than anyone needs, on top of that.

When the legal system starts working against any system involving truth, it is not law that is being practiced. People who acquire things they never created themselves or worked for are known in common law as bullies, thieves, plunderers and pirates; so where does common law exist in supreme courts and in the senate houses of various countries especially in the United States and in the United Kingdom. So, since Mary Shelley wrote 'Frankenstein', things have improved substantially. For example; some guy, somewhere, owns the genes for cystic fibrosis, By privatizing certain parameters of Space, obtained through legal means and legislation; Those parameters that, "auspiciously" happen to fall upon those dimensions that are occupied by DNA; Opening, new, prime vistas for research! and development! and exploitation! making Slavery, finally, a universal and democratically controlled institution which can now be carefully overseen by a selected few.

This is what I call the 'Capitalization of Democracy' because Democracy is now overseen by the select few whom no one elected into power and they end up being worse than an actual Mongul invader. This is because it is not enough for politicians to have the support of The People but they need the support of private interests too and loss of support from one or the other is not good for any politicians career. By themselves, Capitalism, Freedom, Democracy are wonderful things but put them together in a closed system and we have Nihilism. Put them together in an open system and one creates Nirvana.

Oceanographer's use coral, like miners used canaries in the mines, to detect any lurking poisons that would kill the miners. We have discovered with all the chemicals and antibiotics and genetically engineered "inventions of life" that we put in our bodies in a multitude of ways that our own excrement is killing coral on contact in the most infinitesimal amounts and I'm not joking. Click on picture for this verified news item. If link no longer functions go to my Google Docs page. It appears that Humanity is evolving into a form of Kryptonite which is another closed and open systems involving health that is lethal on-contact to all present ecological evolution of this planet. We may not have these diseases that kill, but we carry them with us and inoculate and infect everything with our germs. Because of immunization, Anti-Antibiotics etc.

We have all become a sort of Typhoid Mary with the germ pools we carry with us. I would never of believed that our own waste is evolving faster than human's themselves and finding new ways to survive where even our excrement refuses to work with Nature but chooses the path of annihilating everything instead. We are allowing the lowest life forms within us to dictate our own evolution and future and are becoming equivalent to these things instead.

Meanwhile, on a beautiful and tranquil Planet somewhere in the Galaxy, such a thing as "owning" or privatizing certain genes is inconceivable. When we finally do make first contact, we will be viewed by their court system, as contemptible monsters, an organism incapable of cleaning ups its own messes and so will be dealt with appropriately according to their justice and military system. Meanwhile, returning back to Earth in our present time, we are not preparing ourselves for our future and we are being warned by another law book; The Laws of Thermodynamics. Nature only bestows the right-to-survive to those who, also, respect Its Laws in their "Spirit" that Itself, for obvious reasons, cannot implement directly but does so overtime and It clearly demonstrates this in everything and everywhere, that all closed systems, including the ones we are building for ourselves, have a beginning and an end but this does not apply to open systems which, also, have a different way to reward or punish.
Accordingly, the way we set ourselves up within The Laws of Thermodynamics, We are doomed for extinction and there's no way out of it unless we radically change into Open Systems involving all our knowledge, experience, ideal, ideologies, technologies, economic systems, and religions and there are no exceptions, nor is anyone exempt.

A 'Cat' may have Nine lives but a 'Problem' only has three. After three times we can't fix our own problems in a Tic-tac-toe kind-of-way, in anything, something else will appear spontaneously, like the Cheshire Cat and in a way that is reminiscent to Schrödinger's cat.
In a broad sense, the human species will cease to exist and be transformed into something else if the entire organism of humanity can't correct itself especially if we call ourselves "self aware".
Unfortunately "self aware" also means "self responsible". Nature might even turn off the human genes themselves and put themselves in sleep mode for a couple of eons and allow them to start up again in another Universe where protons are not so important anymore and atoms are the size of stars as fertility issues with both sexes is becoming more and more a problem where human sperm and eggs are becoming less and less sperm and eggs, and turning into something else.

In this Universe of the future, that is much larger in magnitude then the one now, we will be reborn and become equivalent to the insect or bacteria of today, for that Universe. We will suck the blood out of anything too, like we do here but at least we will be properly allocated with other blood suckers and de-purifiers.

We shall compete with our own kind because collectively that's the universe that we will have created for ourselves. Any choice that any species makes has its own fate and it is not fate itself that decides what we are going to become.

It is everybody's actions and decisions and choices that involve closed, isolated or open systems that become the things that are sufficiently equivalent to fate and this includes the kind of leaders we choose in politics and industry because by choosing we are also participating. "The answer is already partly in the question".

The tragedy will be all the things we have missed in the interim if we continue our ways. The thing formerly known as 'Humanity' would be the only thing that disappears, but life will go on the way Nature needs Its life to exist and only that will survive and evolve to inhabit the new magnitude by growing along with it, while nurturing it.

Tree Lobster
Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years (Thought To Be Extinct)

(video below) Lord Howe Island Stick Insect
When we look at the planets around us we see that the most precious natural resource is Life itself, not oil, diamonds, and their subsequent systems. Giant insects and Dinosaur DNA still exists somewhere and is/are still active; Some of these beautiful and magnificent creatures like 'Tree Lobsters' still exist on Earth in remote and isolated islands like in the movie Jurassic Park (1997) but naturally.

In an open system and over the eons, there is no such thing as an extinct species as there are many states that any life form can take and killing everything is not sufficient to this purpose. A species of life may only look extinct to a closed-minded group of people who have no qualifications to classify anything regardless of how many degrees they have received, from some closed system somewhere because they would only think in terms of closed or isolated systems and call that science where this is actually only philosophy.

Other DNA and specifically Dinosaur's are traveling with other indestructible organic compounds in space (if they were annihilated by a meteorite long ago); their form of life and DNA, very likely will reappear on some planet somewhere that doesn't exist, yet and start again like nothing ever happened because their DNA is also not "enriched" with Cobalt and Plutonium and other contaminants which never existed before. If we were struck by a planet-life killer asteroid tomorrow and couldn't do anything about it, it's unlikely any DNA would survive and re-revolve here or elsewhere because of contaminates in DNA including cesium, chemical pollutants and etc. that never existed before the modern physicist, chemist and intellectual, and because of immunization and antibiotics which interfere with biology and the bio-ecosphere on a grand scale. We have some cleaning up to do and not the kind that the likes of a Donald Trump thinks is what's "clean".
Over the course of this planet's entire existence, don't tell me there are no meteorites whose many fragments and dust after collision, haven't bounced off the Earth and carried off some Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous period DNA with their unique organic compounds and are now pursuing their course through the cosmos, waiting for an opportunity to grow again and complete a cycle of Equivalency (destruction and re-creation) because geologists find meteorites here on Earth, all the time, that have been bounced off from Mars and The Moon by collisions.
See: Asteroids From The Sky. It's also likely we will find the same on Mars with, to-be-discovered Earther meteorites. The following clip, from The Discovery Channel, demonstrates the dynamics of a meteor collision and how DNA and organic compounds can be thrown into the cosmos where they will eventually find a new home.

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The Language of the Universe and all things is Thermodynamics not Mathematics

Now we wait for the world to change for the middle class too, which will happen when the oil and minerals runs out or when the air becomes unbreathable and the water non-potable and everything begins to die where the Second Law of Thermodynamics doesn't mean much anymore where there will be a new classless society, energized by the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its new technology and ideas.
As of May 12 2013 the middle class, who do most of the polluting on this planet, have passed the point of no return with a new milestone of carbon emissions that would take thousands of years for the Earth to recover and further these emissions are accelerating now and the economy isn't even good on top of that see: 'World passes 'dangerous' greenhouse gas milestone'.

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The middle class are not concerned about a 2 degree rise in temp. As long as they have tar-sands "oil" to generate enough power for their air conditioners they'll be fine. These supposedly educated, upstanding, god fearing, middle class citizens cannot see anything beyond their immediate needs and wants and tar sand oil, by the way, is the lowest form of carbon energy that makes ordinary candle wax look explosive in comparison and requires an enormous amount of energy and pollution to create a usable product in the first place and yet they are going ahead to run cars and run Chinese factories with this stuff that pollutes even before it burns and there is no system anywhere that is being developed to put carbon back to how it was before, as something solid or liquid and not in the air. We are supposed to be sophisticated beings yet we exist exactly like bacteria which all kill themselves in any closed system because they are so successful and efficient and have nor evolved a way to manage their own waste.

Nevertheless, the coming fall of western civilization will be more like a renaissance because to survive we will only have to get rid of the present international banking system, overthrow private enterprise systems and make it compete with free enterprise, deprecate the First and Second laws of Thermodynamics (the way they are used presently) and adopt matter and their requirements into all energy systems by cycling them instead of dumping them, as most of this cycling is Natural anyway and it is only that our societies must take down those walls we put up against Nature, which is actually not a loss but an improvement since this will mean that carbon and other elements and compounds will have to be circulated into a cycle on this planet where anybody can then have access to chemical energy. The idea, here, is that we can change and it will be fun for everybody, which is a lot better than fighting over energy and resources.

Cars themselves are a wonderful invention but it is only the way we fuel or power these things and not managing their waste that's wrong. Think of carbon as packaging or a structure to hold energy rich hydrogen atoms, like this illustration here, and no different than other packaging we are more consciously familiar with that we now recycle without even thinking about it. This is just the way this product is packaged and offered by Nature, where when used we recycle it with other machines that operate by themselves, like all Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic machines do. The nice thing about the the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is that none of its devices need to be efficient but only sufficient and only need to do a job because they don't cost anything to operate because they get their energy to do work directly from matter like a thermometer where all movement within its indicator is mechanical work.

With applications based on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its open systems, there could be indefinite development to deal with carbon that can spawn unheard of new industries and improvements but this is not done because one cannot patent Nature so this attitude and implementation of propriety science must be improved upon or deprecated. So either we develop personal and semi-portable Zeroth law machines that do this like plants do, or we have the oil producers do this in society and extract the oil direct from the atmosphere with the Sun's help and convert it back to hydrocarbon, where in the future they would be providing a convenient service. Regardless, the problem remains with noise pollution, so cars will have to be phased out anyway and electric vehicles will have to be adopted where again we can use the zeroth law of thermodynamics to generate and store energy in a variety of ways like the ancient Greeks did but apply this for the benefit of electricity.

Going back to the horse would be even worse because horses and the numbers we would need now in cities, would give off more horse dander which would cause more health concerns and also produce as much carbon in the form of methane aside from constant street cleaning would be absolutely necessary if you can imagine what it would be like for every car to drop fecal matter instead of exhaust. Changing society is as simple as changing our systems or thinking about how to make them better which could all be accomplished without any effort since we have already done this before.

The Lesson of The Silkworm
These antiquated systems and those that subscribe to them will be the only things that suffer but it will also be a form of suffering that does not belong to them in the first place just as Nature never belonged to them either. Their suffering is their own illusion of their own realities. The people, mankind and humanity will thrive, embracing new ideas and new systems that speak for them and speak for themselves without the need for the modern intellectual since energy, matter and information will no longer be able to be controlled by the few and everybody learns/knows that it is everywhere in any matter. Vanity, worship and/or the acquisition of personal power and imposing a singular will, will be viewed as weaknesses and as a perverse form of individualism that has nothing to do with humanity; but personal growth through every individuals connection with the physical Universe will be the norm.

Once anyone has free and unfettered access to create portable work producing devices that function off Nature's natural open systems and matter, its secrets contained within the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics for everyone to discover, there is no limit to any of man's possibilities. We will discover how good he is all by himself when he is left alone to do what he wants. This will be so good for everybody that there may even be new laws codified that will make 'interference' a punishable crime.

Any device or technology functioning off the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics cannot, even, be stolen or commandeered since it is part of the Universe, the Earth, its locality, and its people's in the area, and would be useless anywhere else, and if destroyed, they can easily be rebuilt and even hidden. It's principles must cater and be configured to its local environment and people's needs. Maintaining armies and covert activities throughout the planet to make sure people stay in poverty or are only offered energy that is privately controlled would be too costly and would achieve nothing. Bullies will have to learn how to live with everybody whether they like it or not and learn to cooperate.

These are the best times to be a theorist in progressive social anarchy, individualism and humanity and work on fun and progressive ideas. For the rest, who feel more inclined in expressing their dissatisfaction in a more physical manner, it would be instructive for those to see Gene Sharp's, 'How to Start a Revolution' which is all about non-violent revolution and how effective it can be and which can be applied elsewhere beyond the political sphere.

On Human Vanity

The Wicked Witch of the West Investigates the Death of Her Sister
So before returning back to the scientific side of the Principles of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, I have one more example on how people get perversely warped with platonic ideas, that not only influence science, to an excessive extent as, only, 'beauty' and 'virtue' are synonymous with the 'truth' and 'good' and think they are equivalent or the same, which may be truthful if we are sizing someone-up when considering having children with them but in everything else this is completely false. This also shows that many who live among absurdities, enclosed inside closed systems and don't even realize they are there; as well as think that the entire Universe is like that. It is not that people are stupid, it is that society and its systems are insane because it is society that creates these illusions and their environments where they can thrive and interfere with existence itself where it eventually becomes something normal and no one notices any discrepancies except for the fact that there are too many who ask what is the meaning of life or death and few know 'who they are' in the first place and "who" affects the "what" and 'what' situations conceals/reveals who's responsible.

Depression is treated as a mental health issue when it is actually a problem with the nervous system, pollution and time, and has nothing to do with the brain, even in matters of 'noise pollution'. The brain is capable of filtering out anything but the central nervous system cannot and should not. To avoid most problems involving involvement and feelings, people are kept moving around fast like electrons in a Second Law of Thermodynamic way, with no rest which creates even more problems, or hell if you prefer. Then people are expected to have normal old-fashioned relationships with each other on top of that!

In this manner, society itself facilitates any form of criminal behaviour and makes it difficult to be equivalent to reality or in equilibrium to life itself. People like Donald Trump or the king of Saudi Arabia are only equivalent to their own kind and are not in equilibrium with anything real in this Universe. Because of this action of society, good people are also split in half by calling good, 'good behaviour' and not simply good which in themselves are two completely different ideals and expectations and by using two words to describe one concept, one word refers to the other and creates its own incomplete equivalence or defers to the other word by creating an incomplete equivalence and this is aside from separating the nervous system from the brain and creating a logic that serves systems, not humanity.

In the documentary, 'The Corporation (2003)' they make a big deal about the FBI's checklist of a corporations personality profile as being identical to an individual psychotic's. (In the documentary, 'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold' (2011) they discuss branding as if it were something recognized by Nature, where even people can get their own personal "branding" like a horoscope consultation and this apparently works.) These things are like any Thermodynamic closed system or isolated system and it is not just corporations that are the inventors or developers of this, and in actuality the history of the modern corporation, and branding and international banking started in the 13th century and not during the American Civil War, as stated in the movie, 'The Corporation'.

Energy and matter, the way we think about it, use it and employ/deploy it, is everything and it is the system that is psychotic and not the company itself. This illustration (above) in the movie 'The Wizard of Oz (1939)' shows where the Wicked Witch of the West is just about to get her property stolen from her by the "Good" Witch of the North who then uses an innocent little girl and her dog to taunt the "wicked" witch by sending her on a long and dangerous trek with the stolen property known as the Ruby Slippers.

We are made to believe that the 'good' witch is "good" because of her appearance, "wisdom" and genteel nature (which can be considered a brand) when in actuality, she is a thief and she uses Dorothy to externalize her own problems by using Dorothy's naïveté and innocence to purposely taunt the western witch who has just suffered the tragic loss of her sister and was only protecting her own interests, property and family that any court of law in this Universe would recognize because the Good Witch only needed to wave her wand to send Dorothy back to Kansas or tell her she just needs to tap her heels together with the ruby slippers and think: "There's Nothing Like Home" which of course, she only finds this out at the end when she inadvertently missed the balloon trip back to Kansas; So the "Good" Witch lied to Dorothy from very the beginning out of "virtue" in appearance only (which is a system), propagating and even encouraging a new universal concept for so called good and evil, through the media, in a place where it should not even exist in the first place.

We know that this is society and authority that twists humanity into this because we are taught to ignore the Laws of Thermodynamics which states that the properties (appearance or state) of matter come first before any laws of physics or energy systems but we do always consider the appearance (properties state) of individuals or groups first, and create unfounded attributes and values for these things.
Only an educational system that is designed to program minds is capable of doing this and solely for the benefit of the few.

We are manipulated to feel contempt toward the Western witch and love the North witch even though the North witch deserves none of this special treatment of the mind. In fact, not a single felony or misdemeanor was actually committed by the wicked witch throughout the entire movie of, 'The Wizard of Oz'.
Further, the only beautiful thing the western witch owns, namely: The Ruby Slippers, she is no longer allowed to own by the authority vested in beauty and beautiful hair, that feels it is the only thing allowed to possess such things, even if it means theft or larceny. The Western witch, by never being allowed to own beautiful things, is condemned to always being evil by denying beautiful things in her own realm, which overtime, through equivalency, would affect it.
Dorothy and her friends are guilty of receiving stolen goods and moving these goods worth over 5000 dollars (the ruby slippers) across state lines (the county of Munchkin Land to the Emerald City) which in the United States of America is a Federal Offense because it is also bad taste to mix rubies and emeralds together. All the "good" people and characters actually lied and mislead everybody or sent each other on wild goose chases yet, the Western Witch was entirely honest throughout the entire story and never once lied or mislead Dorothy and was true to her word every time and never sought anything beyond what actually belonged to her. She just told her she wanted the ruby slippers and even told her why! Her only mistake was not grabbing the slippers the first time when she saw that her sister was crushed which is understandable in her distraught condition proving that those who are ugly have feelings too yet if you are beautiful you can be defended with declaring that they are not allowed to have feelings and only the beautiful have them or are worthy of them. All this stuff, among other things, get registered and imprinted in the subconscious mind of young children and this movie is just one small example as this insanity is all over the place.

The same kind of conflicting-mixed messages occurs in Star Wars where Obi-Wan Kenobi lies to Luke Skywalker about his father's true identity, where when discovered, Obi-Wan can only offer Luke some type of abstract rationalization that was not equivalent to the lie itself but Luke is forced to accept it, as is the audience, as if the Jedi knights were all wise and with complete authority to say and do anything without question or explanation, which is contrary to wisdom. Where Darth Vader, despite being a lord in the Evil Galactic Empire, never once talked in riddles, lied or deceived anybody personally, unless it involved military espionage, which in the Rules of War, is perfectly understood.

Other excellent qualities of Darth Vader is that he did not suffer fools and did not tolerate incompetence which is perfectly reasonable especially in war and yet he is made to be perceived as an evil character and later in the prequels, as a troubled one where merely questioning authority, on why odd decisions were made in the first place and expect intelligent people like Anaken Skywalker to accept such things, and this is the road to becoming evil by questioning authority or demanding explanations and poor young Anaken Skywalker also had his hormones and a beautiful young princess to deal with. The decision makers were only thinking about the people responsible instead of thinking of the situation which says a lot about their supposed wisdom. The producers even manipulated their audience by modelling Yoda's eyes with the eyes of Albert Einstein.

The Meta-truth of Good and Evil
In the end, Darth Vader/Anaken Skywalker was the best character that was beyond good and evil because he was a Jedi Knight, then a Sith and then a Jedi knight again, creating an entirely new system that was rendered incomprehensible because of the closed-systemed Judeo-Christian representation it was given in the film, since no one is taught anything beyond this limiting type of spirituality and where Equivalency is exiled from society's consciousnesses. Through this type of indoctrination, people's abilities to detect true good and evil is dulled because, for them, it does not exist that way and they only find out the damaging truth when it's too late, where their lives are destroyed. Today Mark Twain's 'Huckleberry Finn' is used to exacerbate racial tensions by finding racism where it does not exist, which is very typical of today.
Please see: Banned Books: How Schools Restrict the Reading of Young People by Craig Lancto, where we see how certain media are scrutinized and then wonder why other media that they do allow upon youth is not scrutinized in the same manner.

In the end, The Western Witch is martyred for simply doing what she is supposed to do; to protect her rights and property, which was stolen from her by those who call or think of themselves as virtuous, and we are supposed to feel relieved when Dorothy commits manslaughter and second degree murder on a completely innocent but ugly witch whose only crime was being ugly and for the most part of her life, minded her own business like all ugly people and things do. The movie media version, specifically designed for mass consumer consumption tells us that: 'Beauty is better than Truth' and that: 'Beauty must seek and destroy ugliness which is bad', which is an excellent philosophy if you are a form of bacteria as these kinds of stories have nothing to do with 'good' triumphing over 'evil' especially when 'good' is the initiating force behind prejudice, extortion, larceny, bribery, fraud, theft, murder, blackmail, aiding and abetting of a multitude of felonies, interference, manipulation, coercion, snatching of dead bodies and including their desecration and the destruction of property and as such, nobody notices because the perpetrators are all cute and lovable or beautiful or awesome and people get impressed so easily and we "teach" this kind of 'Harry Potter' crap to our kids, ad nauseam, which goes on for decades with sequel after sequel with a marketing machinery designed to ram it in, in ways you won't forget it. Finally, least we forget those who are made to be ugly in a variety of ways when they are not ugly.

Unwitting Pawns
This is presented to our children then we wonder why there is so much graphic violence on TV and other visual media (surprisingly there is none of that on radio with the exception of shock-jocks, and even certain recordings from rock bands that describe violence or say bad words we hear on TV all the time are censored, which is total hypocrisy). Well the need for it was created in everybody's first conceptions in their "education" in the first place being that violence and all manner of criminal behaviour is good if is in the service of protecting and promoting a new type of "good" which is "beauty" or "good looks", which is a visual thing, making murder and violence a "good" thing with cause, but by hearing it, was bad. So violence and hatred is good for the eyes and bad for the ears. We even have violence now in HD where the last improvement in radio was FM in June 1961 where there are many other things to do with radio that have already been invented by have never been implemented.

Further what is considered beautiful today is not considered beautiful tomorrow, so by what scale is ugliness judged that works for everybody all the time? Of course, the real story if you read L. Frank Baum's book, 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' is completely different and also far more interesting. It is a story of self-attainment and this self-attainment is put together and achieved through inspiration and love.

It is interesting how society tears these ideas and literature apart using every opportunity, and replaces it with something that can only become boredom itself. It is especially funny when children who read the book and children who saw the movie don't know what the other is talking about. Youthful beauty is its own power and its purpose is for reproduction, and does not require any Platonic idealism's to embellish it, or modern societal values to superimpose themselves upon it because that is what beauty is for, is to attract mates for a limited amount of time where when beauty fades it simply means you're not the preferred choice of Nature anymore for reproducing the species.

Society does not even contribute anything to beauty beyond plumbing fixtures, and it detracts from truth, so why is society handling these matters especially where everyone is denied the ability to create their own unique beauty and seek the truth on their own, especially when beauty fades in all individuals since their are other forms of beauty and other forms of love that are just as valuable and wonderful. At my age (53) I wouldn't trade anything to become the beautiful young man I was once for many reasons that would be to long to explain but suffice it to say that I know and experience life completely differently now that would of been incomprehensible to myself 20 years ago.

One day I will be at death's door but I won't see that as an impediment to my progress because the momentum of my experience regarding both life and death must continue in one way or another. The last place I want is to go to heaven or hell because I'll learn nothing in those places. Heaven and hell is for those who do and contribute absolutely nothing to anything, but expect everything.

Imagine some youth looking at some fashion or sports magazine/media and decides that is the look they want created out of some alien standards that must decay quickly, and have no idea of what it's like to really be beautiful all by themselves, or at least be allowed to cultivate it.

Imaginative Resistance

We all know this subconsciously as the truth, which is why we all reserve a secret love, affection and respect, including a touch of regret for the 'Wicked Witch of the West' because now the universe is boring again and no one is interesting but everyone is cute like a fresh treatment of Botox on a 12 year old boy or girl that makes it look perfect but has no expression or any substance to its character. True wickedness is always in the most beautiful things and hardly ever in ugliness. People may not like the truth but it does make life interesting and better when it's handled correctly and produces devastation when handled incorrectly where combining lies and truth together is like creating the perfect doomsday weapon. Before evil there is vanity and according to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, control is always worse than chaos and causes more destruction than naturally occurring chaos ever does, meaning: You don't tell Nature, under any circumstances, what to do and whatever inventions we create, we get them from chaos and not from beauty and perfection.

Otherwise, without those wonderful things to be found in the cornucopia of chaos, if it did not exist, there would be no need for brains and we would just be blobs of ectoplasm living in philosophy. My question is, before anyone talks about the devil, let's hear the goals of perpetual and perfect, good, goodness, purity, virtue and beauty and discover how fast you, yourself will vomit and swear, and you won't need to be "possessed" like in the movie 'The Exorcist' (1973) to do this, or be acquainted with any "demons" whatsoever, that is if you don't get bored to death first. The supposed ideals of all religions and scientists today including all their ridiculous proposals actually make good old-fashioned evil becoming, to the point that it could be considered warm and cuddly in comparison. In the end humans don't like to think because thinking means responsibility and that is is the fertile ground for the creation of worship and vanity which are behaviors that are taught to individuals by society to enhance its values which only serve the privileged. When I think about 'The Exorcist' (1973) I think of it as a parody on middle class virtues with our perfect little princess turning into a demon and the know-it-all priest coming to "save" her. If it wasn't so true I'd laugh.

Consciously (officially), we "hate" the wicked witch and forensically, anything that does not share the same tribal colours, i.e. the Jew, the Arab, the Aboriginal, etc. Subconsciously, we cannot hate and actually "see" "tribal colours" as part of a "Rainbow" of existences and not just "your favourite colour". Different forms of discrimination that are more evolved, can only freely exist in the subconscious because it is impervious to the world of conscience ideals and interference, and therefor cannot get polluted by society. The subconscious is also impervious to excessive hormonal influences, caused by imbalance and pollution as anyone can have dreams and intuition that go way beyond anyone's physical and temporal maturity, regardless of their age, status or education. Concerning the brain or human mind, it is chaos that is the reference of/to any degree of awareness.

The two universes (consciousness and subconsciousness) are split apart in the modern individual, to the extent that many are now even denied sleep in the proper amounts and follow accelerated careers and lifestyles where they are expected to be available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and all for just paying bills or to be number one. People clamor to go to the office even though most office work can now be done at home, but they go anyway to keep up with office intrigue so that nobody misses any opportunity for advancement instead of developing their own talents and produce superior work that can be sold anywhere. For anyone interested; sleep deprivation is part of torture.

Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult
Things like "hatred" and "sin" only exist in the corrupted conscious mind that exists in any society that is closed. These things are non-existent with aboriginals anywhere in the world, who live with Nature, and they don't even have words for these things among other things. So, to hate or commit sin is an invention that provides part of a template to a form of pre-conditionning of the mind, when a person living in society is young, and it is surprising to me to see that people are not aware of this where natural morals shared by all life are quite sufficient i.e. one does not need a law to "know" that killing is wrong. Stealing property (movables and immovables) is another matter that is naturally run by territorial awareness and ability to defend those things you feel "possess". Ask yourself; who taught you to see differences instead of similarities where it counts in life and to whom does this philosophy and protocol directly benefit?

Who was the first person who asked you what was your favourite colour, when you were a child, and do you remember feeling it being an odd kind of question, where dividing up the rainbow and choosing one colour was supposed to be the way for someone to get to know you better! I remember the day my grandmother asked me that question and I never forgot this. I answered; I like all colours". So she asked me, if I had to choose one colour, which colour would I choose? My answer was yellow because I thought in my innocence (I was only 4-5 years old) that yellow was in the middle of the rainbow so it could count for all the colours by this connection. She told me then that Yellow was the colour of Hate and then gave me a dirty look and left my room. That was my first lesson of; 'damned if you do and dammed if you don't'.

In the bible, in mythology as in fairy tales, children are being taught that 'good' if it is beautiful or handsome, is allowed to employ any kind of criminal behaviour and justify this by simply making beauty the highest ideal, and automatically good, and virtuous. What happens when wickedness dresses itself up as an angel (2 Corinthians 11:14), how is anyone supposed to recognize true wickedness then? Where is the primary education in young minds that give equal time to matters where we can unite things and principles together, which is the foundation of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and by consequence the entire Universe Itself and is the template for all true mathematics and philosophy.

In reality, to create any kind of enclosure or privatization and call that a complete thing, you need to divide-up something, first, beforehand and this is the line we cross with philosophies that deal with property and capitalism:
Is that to create anything in those systems or philosophies, something, somewhere needed to be destroyed, plundered or killed first!
To an artist looking at the stock market and all other exchanges that exist, it is like looking at one gigantic and complicated doomsday clock. I'm actually waiting for a crash to occur for absolutely no reason, because that can happen too!

The only people who will suffer in an economic crisis will be those who depend completely on society to survive and not Nature. I, myself, only consider society as a supplement to my existence where I have made provisions to not depend on anything besides Nature but that is my adventure and everyone else's is their adventure.

Next time you look at the news consider that we are all brought up with all this kind of garbage so it's only normal that some lose touch and then lose it altogether in one way or another and start shooting things. A lot of people should get more sleep because the brain needs sleep but the central nervous system does not. I say this often: When I have even the faintest glimmer of any negative thoughts and emotions or even illness I tell myself to get some sleep, where when I wake up, without fail, life is once again beautiful or I feel a lot better.

Sleeping is also perfectly suited for lazy individuals with revolution on their minds, because it is entirely natural and does not require anyone to learn philosophy, but your waking hours are much more productive. People may call you "lazy", but with less time and energy expended, you create more value than your critics could ever accomplish with their extended and involved but tired lives provided you get the proper amount of rest that is decided by your body and not the clock. Some people require more rest than others depending on how much pollution and stress the individual takes in and can tolerate everyday. I always tell people to treat their body like a captain or commander treats his ship which are all unique and the captain is aware of all his ship's quirks.

Let's Create Our Own Universe!

From this point on, anyone can create their own fanciful universes without the need for "professional help" from our wonderfully imaginative intellectual and existentialist communities. If left alone, creation, by itself, becomes the resulting third system that appears spontaneously, for no "particular" reason that we could ever, "particularly" understand, because it is the part of a thermodynamic principle that becomes/appears only as the resulting equivalence, that must be expressed because "nothing" discovers, somehow, that it's a something that it is an Expression of work also, since at one point Nothing and Something are directly connected and the only way they can be connected is through some form of 'Sufficient' equilibrium and some form of 'Equivalent' equilibrium and Thermal equilibrium is merely its physical expression down the line.

The question is: How much of any kind of field and how much of it's substance is required to create the first thermodynamic system?" I try to sell this one, to everybody because its pretty with one flaw: Find the point where nothing realizes that its something in the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, which would mean something only to you and there you might see a part of yourself in the Universe that makes you a part of it. Another person will "see" something else because he is connected to that part of the Universe and both are correct. There is no: 'One size fits all' theology or cosmology for everybody and the truth about "origin" resides in each individual being in the Universe. Cosmologists, intellectuals and religious authority try to separate man (and everything else) from the Universe, Itself, in all kinds of ways, especially in realizing that everyone and everything has always existed in some way, because you and everything are still a part of it.

Whether god exists or not is irrelevant since anyone can prove that every created thing is inevitable anyway, so nothing owes its existence to anything, especially to a god. The Universe, also, does not owe its existence to a god nor would it need to as it is and always has been a self-generating entity. One day scientists will look for physical evidence of the Christian-Judaic Jove before our present 6000 years, outside of planet Earth since he is supposed to of created those things too because that is what the Creationist also claim to be and not just the Earth.

I know that scientists will find no evidence of any gods whatsoever in distant stars and worlds but we will find evidence of Nature instead, being abundantly present everywhere and without any limit. Nature does not hide or live only on mountains or in gilded contraptions, or have cotisation fees and priviliges for being an exclusive member. We will learn to evaluate ourselves as self-aware beings and not as beings aware of god.

Your own life through any god or system lowers its value and meaning (not to mention a god's, for being so concerned with physical things, as if this were necessary for its existence) by making mankind dependent and not a self-sustaining entity solely dependant on his enviroment, which you and your environment where designed for to exist in naturally by Nature, in the first place. One does not worship something that you are already part of, and if one can't feel this in themselves, then that is their problem which they must resolve on their own.

People can be conditioned to not see Nature or only see Nature a certain way, effectively cutting man off from Universe where he only uses a small percentage of his brain (the rest is supposed to merge with his environment as shown in 'Extreme Cold'), but the body cannot be separated from its environment. If one teleported a Wall street stock broker to the Moon, he would explode instantly from sudden decompression, yet with a rocket one can transport the mind and body of a man in a space suit and the mind is still only connected to society and its values. It might of been "One small step" but it was the wrong foot because society's hello to the Moon was in leaving important and understandable scientific apparatuses and mostly its garbage behind on the Moon and not leaving it as it was. The Moon was better place before we showed up there.
In other "matters" concerning ideas on "creation", I cannot have access to nothing and I'll never find or be able to create the perfect vacuum in an open system where no matter is present anywhere in any form of infinity which I would need to set up shop to become a god of my own universe and I won't live long enough and I'm not interested in running and maintaining a universe. I would rather help this one if I can.

The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is also the Establishment that The Universe is its own Entity and its own System and is Everywhere, or everything, unlike the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It cannot be anthropomorphisized or replaced with anything else nor can it be turned into or used as a system and best of all, none of its intrinsic existence can be used for evil but evil must be created afterwards of anything of good and turned. But that is something for all mankind to discover and acknowledge on their own time as there are no saviors, heroes, geniuses or intellectuals either that are required to preside over any leadership concerning Nature, nor are they necessary concerning many matters and situations.

One cannot worship or anthropomorphize something that describes its existence as: "If A is in thermal equilibrium with B and if B is in thermal equilibrium with C, then A is in thermal equilibrium with C", and this is the only thing that is responsible for everything in the Universe that exists, or can be though of. Which is also why I say often that: "The: language of the Universe is Thermodynamics and not Mathematics" since this formula for the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics (A = B and B = C, then A = C) precedes, by far, mathematics already and is also far more important than E =MC2 or E = hv.

The Principle of Sufficiency for the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics works like this in everyday life:

An example comes to mind from with an occurrence that many may be able to relate to.
One day I happened to see the new landlord doing some work and asked him why he did not cash my rent cheque as it was already past the middle of the month. After some confusing explanations, but since I was politely demanding a proper explanation, he calls from his cell what I assume is the controller/accountant who deposits his cheques. The very loud voice chattering on the other end was a very distinctive domineering male voice, where I heard very clearly, through his cell phone, this person insisting that he deposited the cheque on that day.

So he tells me it was deposited today but then I asked him if that was his accountant and there he seemingly took offense and insisted that it was his wife! His wife, whom I also knew, had a completely different voice and personality in public, where I discovered now that she was a completely different person when she thinks she is "alone" with her husband and the funny thing was that the husband was probably also, completely, unaware of this situation for a variety of reasons of which I didn't even want to find out.

Sufficiency provides the reality to unfold but it also cannot be transmitted or communicated nor is there any type of information to be exchanged, since how could I tell this guy that his wife's voice is completely different (forget the personality) since this couple, themselves, live in their own planet somewhere, but any witness from outside can see this plainly.

I know that if I tried to explain this to him, he would think that I'm crazy from his point of view, where I now already know this about them, and the best course of action is to say nothing since I have the upper hand, information-wise which may come in handy one day if these people ever gave me problems, which they are likely to do because of the way they do business, which I already know about.

Sufficiency, in terms of information, is also the reason for why there are certain things that cannot be explained in universal terms to others and are always things that are only understandable in themselves, where we see how important that may be to the act of creating anything and as such, we know that this Universe is perfect, so it should be the same to those that create their own "perfect" universes for themselves. Their own "perfection" is perfect to/for themselves but is flawed in any open system. They think of themselves as business persons but I know they and others like them, are actually Monguls or plunderers.

This Principle of Sufficiency works backwards too, where you meet people who like or dislike you out of preconceived conceptions of you, where you are actually just an idea in their heads where when you tell them the truth about yourself the "relationship" takes on a completely different air, and this can affect anything from a sexual encounter to your doctor's point of view of you. So beware of being a fan of anything since the person you are a fan of, may actually be a person you don't like and what you like is a complete fabrication created by movie producers and sport/pop star promoters and the media, of course. What is being sold to you is a branded existential idea that has an anthropomorphized and childish personality and/or face attached to it. It's all total horse manure. See a glimpse of what it costs to artificially create a pop star at:
'Scandal puts spotlight on rich Singapore churches' or my stored file in case of deletion at GD.

This clip from 'Space: 1999' examines the idea of how much substance is actually necessary to be able to emote self-awareness sustainably. Also the Principle of Sufficiency is related upon where a voice says that Nature is not in a hurry and all good things must occur eventually.
A perfect vacuum (which can also be considered a 'Vacuum field'), that can only be in an open system and applied mathematically (not theoretically) to a closed system. It becomes incompatible at one point where the vacuum is strong enough, the atoms of the walls of an enclosure would begin to dissolve into the vacuum itself. So a perfect vacuum can only exist in an open system which is beyond anybody's ability to create, ever, because Nature will always be bigger than us and only Nature can create a vacuum fluctuation out of an Open System that created the "first" wave and the first quanta which were their own universe once that have their own history. At least 'Vacuum' demonstrates to everybody that the Universe is not a closed or isolated system, like they all insist the Universe is, with big bang cosmology or creationism, since the open system vacuum is superior to any science or theology. Unfortunately it cannot be described mathematically, at present, because all mathematics only describe and work with/for closed or isolated systems which is not the fault of ordinary people but is a serious defect in science itself.

When it comes to the claim that the language of mathematics is the only language to describe quantum physics and other languages or methods cannot be used to describe quantum interactions; What language do they use to teach the mathematics with in the first place, if not with spoken and written language. Unless mathematics, when taught, becomes its own independent reality, where if so; it should not be used to describe something that most people are aware exists without explanation. Besides that, learning to count the simple system of money would be a good idea for particle physicists where I would like to see an equivalence somewhere with the eight billion dollars + spent or the LHC and the value its experiments are supposed to provide and no one asks whether there is not a better way or better opportunity to spend money on theoretical science. This is the stuff I call "prestige science" and has nothing to do with real science and having the largest accelerator is no different than describing "The biggest Army", "The biggest Population" or "The most Followers" etc.etc.

GP duBerger


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