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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics Part 1

The Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics Part 1

Continued from Extreme Cold

By GP duBerger

In life we are familiar with things like interference, Newtonian "action reaction" (Third Law of Motion), things going from A to B, etc. So for any philosophy that carries a formula where A = C exists (The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic), we find that either we will go the way of the pterosaurs (left illustration), or we will progress beyond how we presently think and do things. Only people can change, not the scientist because they all now belong to or serve systems that serve other masters besides the betterment of humankind, which is private enterprise and power and not free enterprise.

For example: Refrigeration is a system and a refrigerator is an object to that system, so such a thing does not exist anywhere in the universe unless your entire universe is based on human weaknesses, needs and fallibilities because in the larger sense a refrigerator or refrigeration really don't exist. One cannot compare the object called a rock to something called a refrigerator because a rock is not part of any system, but lends its existence to Being and not Having and the refrigerator serves some system that lends its existence with the verb Having and not Being.

Nothing can be heated or refrigerated except in a closed system and this is why miracles exist, and where there are "miracles" then one is seeing or being in a closed system; heat is simply moved around to other locations leaving the "cold" behind or they are part of some electrical/nuclear/chemical system where another system for cold must be created somehow artificially with those types of closed systems and most of that heat is called: "Waste heat" and Entropy.

So modern scientists and philosophers are not really to be trusted, followed and listened to unless you want to involve yourself into a closed system which has its own truths and where only evil can comfortably reside and do its work which requires an enormous amount of cooperation, beliefs and programming/brainwashing from another closed system. It's as easy to create a cult in a compound as it is to create an organized "science" or "religion" in/for some society where nothing is real because their sacred objects, people and things serve systems and not things or real natural objects because Thermodynamics and its systems says so.
Even god cannot argue against Thermodynamics.

If you are studying Thermodynamics, only, as a subject involving physics at school, i.e. "Physical meaning", I found a reasonable and not too tedious eight minute explanation on You Tube, made by another, on the most fundamental law; The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, at the following link: "Zeroth Law in 8 minutes" which should be renamed, "Equilibrium to Disaster in only 8 minutes". Of course this guy does not go far enough and in an intransitive way he finds it too much trouble to write in long hand, "Thermodynamics" since the Zeroth Law itself describes Transitiveness, after first misspelling it and he reads from notes from a piece of paper to put on a bored board for students which means he does not know what he's talking about. This video is actually a lecture and not a course and its for sale on DVD too.

But no one is expected to go far in High school anyway, so this video is 'Sufficient' — which is a word visitors here are going to become acquainted with because it is one of the Zeroth's Law principles — at least from the point of view of artistic philosophy.

Society or Social Networks (Facebook)
The pig is ordered by authority to guide the sheep to their pen
As well, I have a warning to those who don't want their own ideas of their own universe disturbed, who think that systems are as real as matter instead of merging with matter (see: Page 2 of 'Extreme Cold'), or are just studying science to get a job. I mean those who would like watching an episode in season 4 of Kojak where we endlessly must feel the pain and injustice of the "poor criminal" while feeling his pathetic existential angst (created by his mother) ad nauseam, and the overall pedantic moralizing. Don't read anything beyond the red horizontal rule further down below.

Every artifice you have been programmed to believe and/or have been taught to respond to a certain way will either collapse or fall into question. I can only say that the Universe of Nature is a lot better without intellectuals, theorists, popularizers and evangelists who all end up looking, in these monologues, like uninvited guests at a party called: 'Life' whose theme is called "Awareness". Our senses and central nervous system were not designed by Nature to respond emotionally to systems for a reason, and our brains were designed to deal with systems, but not emotionally and that's for a good reason too. When we start responding emotionally to systems, this is when trouble begins and where the psychiatrist and prescription/recreational drugs/alcohol comes into the picture.

Some people want to serve others and think that this is the meaning of life and also should be for everybody too since these people have the most to loose.
These works are generally written for the ordinary person for his amusement and philosophical insight and of course for other artists (for different reasons) and through this, it can be seen as a monologue describing a distant future, because of the damaging influence of intellectuals; Many societies and civilizations will have come and gone, where only after these succeeding civilizations, we "see" a new dawn for mankind and humanity which describes unending new possibilities for us; that have systems serving life and not life serving systems once humankind becomes comfortable with his own humanity and no longer requires demagogues, entities and supernatural beings to guide him socially and spiritually.

For that to happen, there will have be a lot of camouflaged self-flattery from society that will have to be removed and that can take thousands of years. As an example: Think about how long it took Democritus' and his mentor, Leucippus' 'Atomic hypothesis', among other things, to finally take hold. As shown in HTML'S MAGIC 'Extreme Cold', most physicist and cosmologists today do not understand matter and its properties nor Thermal Equilibrium more than any chimpanzee's understanding of matter and Thermodynamics, and teach their science and not Nature's science, and this I will demonstrate even-more here. This shows that things will get a lot worse before they get any better. Fortunately, there are many applications that exist now to help individuals, now, to avoid the excesses of exploitation which are everywhere including our interpersonal relationships.

Zolten Spakovszky
For the best stuff I have ever found, written about Thermodynamics, although the Zeroth Law is only described briefly and it all has to do with closed systems that use chemical energy to do stuff, as opposed to the Thermodynamics that does not use chemical energy, you should go to this site: Thermodynamics Professor Zolten S. Spakovszky who appears to be very gifted in explaining complicated things in Thermodynamics and he also shows you all the formulas you need to know and how to use them and why, just like professor Walter Lewin does for physics with his undergraduate classical physics course on You Tube, as previously shown in 'Extreme Cold'.
Check his Thermodynamics & Propulsion Page. Best of all: He speaks in English, not gibberish and he probably doesn't read notes written on his hand while lecturing.
For those speaking a different language other than English, it is especially important to you that you have access to plainly written important information so your browser's or browser add-on's can read and translate what is displayed because try that on a page that is incomprehensible to ordinary English-speaking people and it becomes total gibberish in your language.

You will realize that you have saved yourself months or years of aggravation and will end up knowing Thermodynamics better than any cosmologist or theoretical/particle physicist, especially in the sense of knowing the subtleties of how these things work and act where your own instincts will come alive as if the hood of the execution of life has been lifted (left illustration).

If you are going to learn about the regular, consumer-grade Laws of Thermodynamics, you may as well learn it from a rocket scientist where maximum waste in any sort of reaction engine is actually part of its efficiency because that is its nature since you will need to know the consumer grade version, the scientific grade version and the Thermal Equilibrium version and understand their differences between them. The Thermal Equilibrium version is kin to the modern formulation of identity; it is that of Gottfried Leibniz, who held that x is the same as y if and only if every predicate true of x is true of y as well, or if some object x is identical to some object y, then any property that x has, y will have as well. See: Metaphysics.

Anyway, he is an excellent reference if your professor is a complete dolt where you can correct him, where I am not a good reference because I'm a surrealist, but nevertheless, it is never a good idea to contradict any teacher or professor, where it is better to keep these things to yourself and write papers your professor wants to see, instead, otherwise forget about everything. You can change the world later, if you still want too.
Changing the world and making it a better place must be done subtly and gradually, while ruffling the least amount of feathers, especially today, where there are many who hold positions they do not deserve.

Old Windows XP Commercial
I hope visitors here will appreciate Zolten Spakovszky's site because it took me ten months to find it, being that it is buried, in cyberspace, under a mountains of trash and rubbish. I really don't understand why they now call "cyberspace", "The cloud", when it is that I have to always dig deep under trash to find good or important things, and I never find anything reaching out or up like in the old Windows XP commercial (right) and this new "cloud" is, seems more like some chem-trail and one has to learn its advantages in other ways where this thing is meant for mobile users is actually a boon for PC users, as we now don't need to download programs to do specialized things, when there are online applications available to do this now, that don't even ask for registration, which frees a lot of computer memory not to mention OS compatibility problems are a thing of the past, but I digress.

Here, we have an opportunity to examine the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics because there are many professors and intellectuals, who love nothing better than criticizing and arguing against dead Nobel Prize winning physicists and thermodynamicists, and actually want to stamp this law out completely and imaginatively use Facebook, You Tube and other Social Networks plus the mainstream media as a weapon or a means to mislead people.

Targeting children and the young, I find particularly disgusting, and just the thought of having to deal with these types that distort things to make the world work better for cowards and their friends makes me sick, who use their influence to bring everyone down to their emotional level which is done to increase the illusion that they have higher intelligence through the feelings and ideas they generate.

No, there is a lot more to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its Principles that I will introduce as Artistic Philosophy than what the "modern" physicists insist is not, with their constant efforts of deprecation, where Thermodynamics can generate a lot of euphoria on its own that's way better then what scientific societies have to offer and that is why the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic is of particular interest to Art.

I admit that, myself, I was a bit perplexed when first encountering this Law of Thermodynamics because I had never heard of it, and because it seemed so obvious, as not worth mentioning, but I told myself these Nobel Laureates obviously thought this was very important to establish in physics, where checking the bios and work of those that helped establish this law, they were not the sort to come out with anything ridiculous.

Something, somewhere was definitely wrong somewhere and I had to find out what this was. Conversely, such places as MIT (Spakovszky) are higher in the food and gravy train than I am, so this demonstrates to us that even though there are many thoughtless, mediocre scientists, philosophers and engineers, and those things associated with them, we can now relax with the knowledge that there are many good and excellent applied scientists, engineers and professors, who also love science for its own sake, and they are now exercising their voice in science once again (Welcome Back!). There is too much of things going on today, that was "originally" revealed in the Sokal affair in 1996 among other things, which everyone has forgotten about. Zolten Spakovszky's site contains scant discussions on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics but it is extremely valuable, from my point of view, since he describes The Second Law of Thermodynamics in the spirit of Arthur Stanley Eddington which is a thousand times better than reading Clausius, Kelvin or Carnot who created systems, not science.

Question: Why would a Real Rocket Scientist write a course on plain old Thermodynamics and post it on the web? The last applied physicist who was also "popularizer of physics through both books and lectures" was the Nobel prize-winning Richard Feynman and since his death in 1988 there has never been an applied physicist who was also a popularizer. Some may argue that Richard Feynman was also a theoretical physicist, which is correct but he worked very closely with Applied Physicists (in the thinking and troubleshooting department) and that is why anything he said made perfect sense on the book and lecture circuit.
Let's just say he was the only theoretical physicist who would of been recommended by Applied physicists, Quantum Physicists, Nuclear chemists, etc. to speak on their behalf. To understand more clearly what is meant here, Please see this short video from the AT&T Archives on another remarkable Nobel Prize winning, theoretical physicist: Philip Warren Anderson which also describes the differences between formalists and experimentatists

The Dream
Henri Rousseau
There will be a few casualties concerning popular exotic theories since I reject all formal theory or scientific proposal that cannot be demonstrated thermodynamically and/or empirically by at least one form of laboratory experiment or demonstrate mathematical proof that it obeys all the Laws of Thermodynamics and in all systems, somewhere, which includes theories that cannot be represented as complete thermodynamic systems.

So if you believe in strings, superstrings, fabrics in space, time machines, dark matter and dark energy, that the Universe is a closed or isolated system, and other junk that's always applied to physical systems including the belief that quantum systems are superior because they are more "fundamental" including "God" particles, or even pay attention to these things in the news, you should stop reading this now and go visit something like You Tube, CERN, Hollywood Squares (where people who get the wrong answers are awarded prizes) or a popular Teletubbies site somewhere and say hello to Tinky Winky for me because there is nothing here for you.

Further, physicists using the excuse that quantum, nuclear and classical physics is too difficult to understand because sometimes "it is counter-intuitive" is becoming a tired cliché and is also somewhat elitist especially when Matter, itself, is very little understood in science as compared to mass. You'd think that after a hundred years of quantum mechanics and nuclear physics it would not be so "counter-intuitive" especially in the so called 'Age of information'. When it comes to marketing their bombs and fine consumer products, there doesn't seem to be a problem with "counter-intuitiveness" anymore, and everything, suddenly, is quite logical and normal where yesterday it was bizarre.

You will note by my last statements and in this monologue, that I don't tolerate conventionalisms and privatizations of knowledge or any propriety aspects of science and technology, especially when this knowledge comes from Nature, especially when these things are treated as "new things" but are really only disguised and adapted theology, economics or distortions or subdivisions of Nature so that they can be marketed by exploitative individuals and corporations and taxed by governments, who themselves do absolutely nothing that could be measured with any actual calorie meter and so because of this they end up interfering with everything instead because they are actually, at a certain point, redundant entities who overstep their boundaries and purpose. Ask yourself: "What do politicians, organized religions and corporations actually do?", "Do you actually believe that anything they say or do will have any bearing upon any reality in, say: five years form now, or will you even remember that this was "important"?" Do you remember yesterday's headlines? Is the world, your religion or your nation, better today because of the work of "leaders" a few years ago?

Any properly run nation does not need a leader or leadership unless it is planning war or some interference elsewhere. Does this leader represent his political party and its beliefs or does he represent his nation? Their claim that they bring order to chaos is redundant because none have proven that they understand chaos in the first place. The ideologies they impose upon a population is itself a form of chaos and/or produces more than what Nature would naturally allow already.

Hitler plans to bring world peace
On an other level, "State Secrets" and things like "Homeland Security", where an invention can be seized from its inventor through such nonsense as Eminent domain without recompense and for any reason whatsoever, overturning a part of the Fifth Amendment where breaking the law has been made legal if done by authority, just like in NAZI Germany, Saudi Arabia, China or North Korea, etc., etc., but when it comes to even thinking about the Second Amendment (Firearms), people and the media, all of a sudden, get all rifled riled up and defensive about their rights. In the end everyone is planning to kill everybody after robbing their victim, regardless of social status and treat this as a "god given" right. Why? Because one does not kill because one hates; One kills another because he wants something from them. On the other side; nobody shares anything with anybody once it becomes propriety and placed into some system, even if this action of sharing would increase its value for everybody. Otherwise, we as a species share everything, if it is not part of any closed system. Statistically, more murders and man-slaughters have motive behind them that involves money and power than crimes of passion.

This is because all nations eventually become who and what they do business with and the United States of America is no exception becoming everyday like Saudi Arabia and China, and they are becoming like us. This was discussed earlier in Extreme Cold where I discussed the historical differences between the Italian States of Venice and Florence were because of who they traded with. This shows that trade itself is not the answer to any problems unless you are a tiny nation that has no commonwealth established with other nations. The United States and Canada, individually, could support themselves and do not need any nation to trade with and put up with nations with horrible political, social and economic systems and values. Oil you say? I can show anybody thousands of different, better, cheaper, simpler and more accessible ways to move things around that are much better too in any kind paradigm you wish to imagine or think about. What they call an economy has no concept anywhere of ethical trade so what is the economy and what do they consider growth to allow the money of the innocent to be invested in barbaric cultures. Would we make a deal with Satan if we found minerals in hell that made cell phones possible? I think yes. First of all, these nations need more to trade with us than we need to trade with them and without us they would be in the stone age.

Cheaper products? Places like China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan, etc. mostly manufacture things like Electrical/Electronic Network Elements, that are all propriety, that are all devices that only embellish the standards for waste and pollution and irresponsibility by making products that cannot be repaired, maintained, manipulated, altered, improved or recycled properly and consume enormous and unnecessary amounts of energy during their lifetime of service right up to their recycling time and cause wars, disease and conflicts all over the planet. (see: 'Tantalum: Nutmeg of the West' for a small and short example.

This is the preferred method in creating and manufacturing new things now. Trade and manufacturing goes way beyond "Conflict Diamonds" where things like "Conflict minerals" and "Conflict chemical and nuclear energy" are completely ignored not to forget the enormous monetary costs, matter/energy waste and bureaucracy it takes to maintain these things and people.

Governments and organized religions, themselves, create "the Public" into an entity that despises itself, that exists only to go from A to B so that you can go to work and nothing else is allowed. Deviation from the clock merits punishment. The west and/or the "free world" (whatever that is) is not far from being like a socialist totalitarian state that would make Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini proud to see that the allies are finally coming around, and the only difference is that we don't address our presidents and prime ministers and boardroom gods as "Glorious Leader", at least not in public yet.

Our Future.
Click To See Video Clip From The Onion News Network. I quote once more Prof. Julius Sumner Miller: "We are approaching a darkness in the land. Boys and girls are emerging from every level of school with certificates and degrees, but they can't read, write or calculate. We don't have academic honesty or intellectual rigor. Schools have abandoned integrity and rigor."

These monologues are meant to invoke and attempt to deal with philosophical and theoretical problems in a new way; while helping focus ideas and not having to deal with any belief or anti-belief systems, except where necessary and only where religious and atheistic ideas deliberately interfere in things for their own purposes rather than fixing their own theologies or "atheisms" which includes the new religion being created by the cosmologists and particle physicists.
Religious and spiritual cosmology is actually treated as a serious subject nowadays and can now be found in encyclopedias and reference material and their rhetoric, especially from the Ph.D.'d ones (and they make sure you know that they have one too) which all sound very "scientific", but it is not Science or Thermodynamics. This is fine, unfortunately these kinds of experts seem to draw conclusions too early, which always, helps in the continuation of propagating antiquated ideas with their incomplete/distorted data, but is treated as complete and up-to-date data.
If places like Wikipedia continue the way they are, then they will have to be properly renamed, like:


The New Existential Wikipedia
A compendium of irrelevant and non sequitor opinion, and closed/isolated-system ideals in one package! Finally, the sociopathic verb is more important than the noun! Just like your search engine queries!!

In other scenarios, some theoretical, particle physicists and those religious-fanatics tinkering with science are infamous for taking scientific fact, which cannot be contradicted and treat them as a theory, which then can be contradicted. An example: They would refer to 'Life' instead as 'The Theory of Life' or say nothing which can then be manipulated into anything they wish their idea to convey, which always happens to get transmitted existentially. I will show that religious, spiritual and secular cosmology are equivalent; off of their conduct and findings in laboratories, which they publish, should be completely eradicated from existing encyclopedias or in/as any kind of reference libraries concerning science because they spread incomplete information or misinformation.

I haven't watch TV in 30 years and anything I watch now, I watch on my computer where I can check anybody and any "facts" on any video or documentary or article I'm reading immediately and it's no trouble either as I do this without thinking and its activated from my own feelings that sound an alarm somewhere in my head. To me, using the computer is the perfect marriage between my instinctive emotions and my mind's intellect and they work remarkably well together.

If religion is so truthful and real; why does it need to be organized? The ecstasy and power of true faith should be its only guiding force where any form of interaction with the physical universe destroys it anyway. Nevertheless their precarious relationships can be adjusted to work better together in the same way I described Death in 'Extreme Cold'.

Everything today is described incompletely, using only the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics which do not control everything in the universe by themselves. Even information, now, only moves according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. We see this especially in modern philosophy, theory and theology whose reasoning's are only possible when ignoring the Zeroth and Third Laws of Thermodynamics and including them destroys them or alters them considerably.

It is also noteworthy to mention that there is no form of logical, or formal scientific skepticism being expressed anywhere by anybody. 99% of scientists on this planet are toeing the line, but there are no objective scholars or academics anywhere who will look at "modern" science in a critical manner.

Here, I also demonstrate that everyday reality, can be just as weird and wonderful as quantum mechanics, and better than any known philosophy or organized religious mystery. It is my way of showing that anything is possible with science and the study of Nature alone if we include all the Laws of Thermodynamics in one set and not just bits and pieces of some Laws and Principles here and there. Nature is capable of displaying things that go way beyond anything called "miraculous", so why shortchange yourself?

Your own senses given to you by Nature and the construction of an ordered mind through the knowledge and application of Thermodynamics is all you need to know the fantastic within any reality by simply "tuning" your mind to them, where one will unlikely fail to find a way to improve things in any way you wish. As a matter a fact, applying anything along thermodynamic Zeroth Law Principles cannot be used to make anything bad or worse; you need a closed-system thermodynamic model based on the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics to make anything worse.

To create a war, you need one closed system to fight another closed system as this is impossible for an open systems to fight another open system and any sort and nations, religions, cultures, traditions, allegiances, corporations, etc. are all closed systems, yet people who live and work in these things, "feel" they exist in a real open system, or they are "right" or are "universal", or "God is on their side". I can prove through thermodynamics that God or Nature is on no one's side in any conflict.

The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics can help build good things, that produce work and heat when and where necessary, and these devices describe the true gift and intrinsic value of machines and their actual purpose and why they exist, even naturally, (Creationist's take note: The Flagellum of bacteria is a Sodium Ion pump constructed with protein instead of metal, plastic or wood) and one can understand that, maybe, in another galaxy, where conditions may be quite different and radiation levels are lethal to organic life, Machines may have evolved because their very idea and purpose is 'Sufficient' to promote life itself, and that is all that's required to become an entity that can become self-aware overtime.

Carbon-based life allows for proteins to become machines where this may be impossible elsewhere so life evolves from tougher materials instead where those conditions also change that substance's properties that would do the same as carbon here in our conditions. If we can think of other planets as being "alien" then imagine this difference between different galaxies across the Universe.

You cannot make war with Nature but you can make war with those who live with, or promote Nature. Like this site has been destroyed four times so far by others, and every time I rebuild it, it gets better, so I have dumped their problem back to whomever is responsible. (These days (2014) these monologues are invisible and unsearchable on Google so they will be moved to another location. Thank god I created a list/directory a long time ago!) If they had left me alone in the first place, I would never of reviewed every word, object and entity in these documents and subsequently improve them because on the outside of this, there is a real living Universe where things suddenly appeared out of nowhere to add validity of these original arguments, where every subsequent "republishment" appears less bizarre than the last one. It appears that webpages are ephemeral things (around three years) and if I was not here keeping an eye on things all the time this entire site would disappear into cyberspace exactly like the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic.

'Naturists' or religious groups that live in compounds or form societies and clubs, whom reject technology and civilization consider only what grows and ideas such as "family" as Nature when Nature is actually everywhere. The idea of the traditional nuclear family, is itself ridiculous to hold on to in any society, unless it is necessary for survival, since all the roles of grandma and grandpa and mommy and daddy are now performed by society, either with private institution or public institutions, from conception and birth, daycare, then television, to retirement home and finally funeral home and now all these things can be done over the phone, by text or email and by appointment. These are systems poisoning humanity and putting the red carpet out for embedding or an embedded future.

Trash People
This is a work created out of research, which anyone can find and being an artist I'm not qualified to teach physics or Thermodynamics, but I can tell you why they are important for everybody to learn and appreciate. All of this is therefore presented with art work, as things that resemble 'Conceptions', 'Compositions', 'Collages', 'Decoupages', 'Echoed-Harmonizing Similarities', 'Readymades', 'Nearly-Readymades', 'Found Art' or 'Happenings', etc. and as in any work of art, not everything should be taken seriously, or in a manner that society expects you to react or has programmed you to react, but rather in the way of how you-yourself react to it first naturally.

In the practical sense (as said before in 'Extreme Cold'), because of legal reasons, interference from others and the positions people take or give themselves, you are a 'visitor' not a "reader", and this is an Art gallery and not an information-type site, there is No information here, there is only elucidation. Here, we will find that there are many things that cannot bear the slightest weight of any kind of scrutiny nor brook any contradiction due to their flimsiness which is only evident to art, and yet as matters of opinion, they exist among us and are treated as dogma and matters of fact, but are actually illusions which no life should be based upon.

Truth becomes an enemy that can only exist, outside, in the cold of our societies and it is considered as turbulence because the only protection we can offer for our "progressive" ideas is a house of cards, where, if we drew the curtain and opened the door, the fresh air and the light alone from outside, would knock this down effortlessly. Society does not need the Big Bad Wolf, but it is necessary to create it so that the delicate structure of our flimsy constructions and beliefs are to persist, where we keep our doors locked and our minds closed to what could be a better way, that is only there to benefit all humanity and all the creatures we live with, and make us a species of life that would be suited and worthy to explore the cosmos and navigate our own future as apposed to our "present" thralldom, conformity, traditions, apathy, psychopathy and other unpleasant things.

Let's just say that artists study Nature too and spend much of their time emulating it and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics can have very interesting logic, mathematical and artistic properties that, by themselves, expresses "their" own course as 'equivalences' in very 'sufficient' ways that presently we are not used to, and some of them can be like surreal Apollonian and Dionysian absurdities. Is not a simple "Lava lamp" a work of art and an artistic work that is always recreating itself where it is the transitive "hand and brush" of Hot and Cold that paints or sculpts new forms?

These ideas can be captivatingly beautiful or not, but they are very interesting nevertheless, provided one keeps his objectivity intact, which also will be discussed in detail where from the beginning you'll see that I'm only promoting STEM subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and introducing their wonders which is an approach well suited for Art with some suggestions for improvement, especially in math. With Maths I emphasize development in a more 'Open-dynamical System' kind of math, which is unfortunately very sparse.

It turns out that modern science and philosophy are so bad today, because of the way the media and other things handles it, that it has reached the point that it can be now attacked by the imagination alone and in this, we shall use the 'Dialectic Socratic method' as our paint brush to both clean and repaint something better so that we can also pretend like our leaders and popularizers do. It would be wise to consider that no true artist/poet on this planet has any political/religious agenda, but all have a social agenda which is to inform and bring awareness through the expression of things themselves, and not by just demonstrating them, Freek show-like, with a man attached to the demonstration presiding with an unseen narrator in the background too. To the artist, the object, form or device is itself sufficient and it is up to viewer the merge with it if one is acquainted with even a polite knowledge of/in Thermodynamics.

Finally, these written works contain the "ghosts" of wronged and maligned scientists and artists from the past which you will undoubtedly feel, for yourself, at one point. Just say Hello or Thank you; they won't bite.
Here is the Red Line I warned certain people not to cross earlier. What follows is nothing compared to what I have said already. This is a 'Portrait' of the Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, by GP duBerger.

The Principles of Sufficiency and Equivalency for the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

The best way, I believe, to start describing the much maligned Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics would be in outlining two imaginary principles first, which I have created for this occasion as presently they can only exist in artistic philosophy because I believe they are intrinsic and from there I/we will branch out and see how these principles interact with everything while working together transitively in creating the wonders of equilibrium, in the same and opposite way everyone has been indoctrinated with the concept of Entropy (in principle) being everywhere, and as a bad thing too, but I believe I have already successfully argued in 'Extreme Cold' that it actually creates value if we look at matter, and that entropy only affects closed classical matter/energy systems "detrimentally" (increases) and in the subatomic (concerning radioactivity) it decreases and as for the quantum, —well that can only exist in an open system (where entropy never increases), as I believe I have effectively argued that one cannot put god in a bottle nor does things like gravitational shielding exist including that many particles cannot be contained (like neutrinos) for any purpose either, — even as/in a system except if we consider mathematically the open system of the universe as an embodiment of/for neutrinos and cannot exist anywhere else outside the universe, or that things like neutrinos are part of the expansion and acceleration of the universe where then we must consider Movement as an anti-dimension in its own right.

The only thing that can be "contained" in quantum mechanics are states (phases) of matter (picture above) which depend entirely on temperature differences of heat and cold and other systems (like pressure) affect their properties to create reverse walls that either preserve or destroy these particular states that are then studied, but as stated in 'Extreme Cold', closed systems such as for example: any form or Relativity from Galilean to Einsteinian always answer to an "unknown" environment of physical motion enveloping the entire relativity versus the particular relativity's inherent capacity for acceleration created by those conditions. There is much uncertain mathematics involved in Low-Temperature physics since no one can experience the Bose-Einstein condensate from the inside and can only study it from the outside, which in itself affects any experiment or observation in the same manner as we see stars twinkle at night. To be able to observe the condensate means that it was already heated in some way and so was completely altered.

The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics' Second Principle, I call 'The Principle of Equivalency', which is always its result and is characterized by Its First Principle which I call: The Principle of 'Sufficiency' which is always its goal in an internal sense only, meaning that for equivalency to occur, it only needs to be a 'Sufficient Equivalency'. The Principles of Sufficiency and Equivalency are inventions of mine for this monologue on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and must not be confused with official science or Thermodynamics, but these should considered here as nominal-working principles (not theory) as I can and do discuss, at length, how and why these are important dynamic principles.

Sufficiency as a Principle, already exists in Logic and in Philosophy and is described as: "The inverse of necessity". It is characterized with equivalency in "if and only if" statements (Leibniz) and thankfully have the same mathematical symbol as in Thermodynamics where Equivalency in other areas is described properly. See comprehensible Wikipedia article on: Conditional Equivalents.

These arrows we see all over the place and "the arrow of time" (whatever that means for entropy) usurps the primacy of matter because movement and motion are properties of matter and not energy. So, without matter present, there is no energy going anywhere nor is there any space. Nowhere in science or philosophy has it been proven or demonstrated that energy alone moves nor can the Second Law of Thermodynamics describe any sort of equilibrium anywhere in the universe yet all science and technology is based on it. For energy to "move" It must be as matter, without mass (like the subatomic photon) or matter with mass (like the subatomic electron), but energy by itself does not move or carry motion. The way they discuss thermodynamics and energy today, one would have to create "movement particle" and other similar nonsense.

Playfully dedicated to the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics since this Law of Nature has been suppressed since the 17th century.
General Base - Back Again
This is entirely different with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics where a new system, itself, is the "message" which builds on Marshall McLuhan's theories by adding to it: "The technology is the message" , or adding something even newer like: "The technology transforms the person, therefore the technology is just as real", which explains things like bigotry and its maintenance in both science and religion, but whomever sees this immediately, or understands this eventually, is already a superior person in the sense that inferior things do not bother him/her.
We see this phenomena when we are in our cars, we are more incline to express ourselves with our vehicles or by remote control like using the horn to tell someone to come out or open the garage door or by pressing a button. A young man revving the engine of his muscle car I call: "The North American Mating Call.

Or another example I can use, is where I always tell people who want to study the Second Law of Thermodynamics, to study Arthur Eddington first and not Clausius even though they worked in different fields in physics since Clausius is one of the people responsible for the subsequent corruption that Thermodynamics became by the way he put it together and Eddington's work captures the power of The Second Law of Thermodynamics and is one of the finest examples of scientists turning something good and creating bad and with the other who takes something rotten and turns it back into gold.

Since this corruption of the Second Law is what makes it so difficult to understand, it's difficult to find good information or instruction that does not read like "Dissertationese". So we study Eddington instead, and infer how he uses the Second Law of Thermodynamics in his work which helped him enormously in making his fantastic discoveries. This also gives us a sneak peek of the mind of a scientist when he is a genius, by the way he metaphysically treats the different Second Laws of Thermodynamics and applies their metatruths into a physical system.

On The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Some reader's may find this strange that I defend the very existence of The Second Law when reading my other essays and history of Thermodynamics where I'm particularly critical about it. This is no so, as I see the Second Law as indefinitely valuable since it demonstrates the power of systems and how to consider things like matter, energy and work if the system one is working on is being scrutinized for designing devices or troubleshooting and many more other things. It puts things like matter, energy and work in an order of/for things. Without the Second Law of Thermodynamics, there is no such thing as a Closed System and everything is either an Open or Isolated system — respectively, the Zeroth and First laws of thermodynamics.
It is the childish way it is used and treated as being that chemical/nuclear/electrical energy are: 'Be all and end all of everything' and worth killing/dying over; This is where you will see my Mr. Hyde.

Scientists may be incompetent when considering the implications of their ideas and theories, especially when they veer off from their office, and start telling us how to think with their stupid books and videos, but then the magnificent work of Engineers who build miraculous devices and who create specifications out of Principles and, of course, they deal with matter and not just energy among other things. Their work is so good, they create civilizations even with shoddy nonsense which also explains why they have separate universities and trade schools. You'd think that scientists who only talk about energy is because they don't want to get their hands dirty where, on the other hand, engineers only need to be inspired to build things that everyone can enjoy and enhance everyone's lives with.

All their work that involves the consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is still not considered treasonous towards humankind and can be saved and even further developed into real Second Law of Thermodynamic or even Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic designs and open systems included, of which architects have now taken the lead (and I'm not talking about the phenomenal-new Death-Ray Walkie Talkie building in London), which would require even more engineers creating more professional jobs and augmenting human condition since workers in society would have more knowledge, and more responsibilities and more money and create a wider sphere of growing respect and professionalism between different societal groups.

I wouldn't dare ask an engineer what he thinks about the theoretical physicists today as I would feel that I'm insulting him/her. These people are builders and all their mental energies and expertise are used to build things so that is why you don't see them go talking nonsense in the media. They work with what's given to them to work with by scientific despots and corporately reliable systems of scientists. They say (Wikipedia) that engineers are not popular because we don't ever meet them.

That is nonsense as one meets engineers all the time except they don't go around telling people what to think, or how old the Universe is and their collaborative efforts are things that speak for themselves and do not require a spokesperson.
Engineering societies have also established codes of practice and codes of ethics to guide members which would be a good example for scientists to emulate and in Canada, general guidelines include that an engineer must pass an ethical examination and be able to show good character through the use of character witnesses which does not even exist anywhere in the medical profession.

Anyway, if it weren't for engineers you can just kiss all of science goodbye, yet licensed engineers and artisans would still be working, and without all the riffraff and are further protected, in courts, in that they (licensed engineers) cannot be sued for breaking any confidentiality agreement where they would testify against some corrupt legal entity and so they cannot be later ruined with some subsequent civil litigation. There is none of that in any scientific community or university who set up foundations and institutes all the time with private donations in the hundreds of millions of dollars to create nonsense and lies where the Permiter Institute would be a good example of this.

Oath to abide by a code of ethics called 'The Obligation of an Engineer'.

I am an engineer, in my profession I take deep pride.
To it I owe solemn obligations.
Since the stone age, human progress has been spurred by the engineering genius.
Engineers have made usable nature's vast resources of material and energy for humanity's benefit.
Engineers have vitalized and turned to practical use the principles of science and the means of technology.
Were it not for this heritage of accumulated experience, my efforts would be feeble.
As an engineer, I pledge to practice integrity and fair dealing, tolerance, and respect, and to uphold devotion to the standards and the dignity of my profession, conscious always that my skill carries with it the obligation to serve humanity by making the best use of Earth's precious wealth.
As an engineer, [in humility and with the need for Divine guidance,] I shall participate in none but honest enterprises.
When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good.
In the performance of duty and in fidelity to my profession, I shall give the utmost.

An example I can use, is that these articles are basically writing and illustrating themselves much like the historical automata illustrated at left. I am only providing the words, the structure, the body, the entities, the elements, the research in/or creation of necessary illustrations, the grammar and punctuation, etc., to reveal it.
I am the Machine, yet not a slave either, that is gathering up the data for an idea that is itself alive, or may be even more alive than myself in terms of quantity and quality, in the sense that everything in the Universe is equivalent to life itself by Nature's standards, regardless if it's an animate, inanimate object or an idea. If it belongs to Nature, it is alive or capable of life, self-animation or the animation of other things which may, at times, include people. It is only the magnitude of time and space that allows the general observer to see this in terms of the physical Universe. One could magnify any living thing to plasma level and find that its quarks are indistinguishable from other quarks in this endless expanse of liquid plasma so it is our own magnitude and the way we comprehend time that limits us to recognize the animate from the inanimate in this magnitude, but the mind can stretch itself to other places beyond the body and can inhabit any realm, dimension or magnitude in the vicinity, or through matter with eternity. One could think of it as Nature's own Social Network where everyone and everything is connected everywhere, but in an open and indefinite system. Here we may imagine Humanity as a Unit or system, in Rock, Earth and Soil Regions; Water, Ice and Vapour entities; The Sun, The Planets and the Moon systems, etc., and everything is alive and vital when they are connected together just as easily as one could dissect a living cell and find all its inanimate components.

I guess Nature has an agenda too, which appears, to me, as to make everything alive or to share/promote life that reveals without purpose, because the truth needs no purpose, nor any explanation for its being and without life there can be no truth and vice versa. Symbolically speaking, that is what things like the devil and god and their representatives wants you to believe, is that there is no life in the Universe except through classification, acquisition, and enclosing everything where it can then be made useful to burn something else because both god and devil put out their own form of entropy, especially in the way these entities view man as being pre-born in sin and filth yet those very souls are good enough to be sold to a devil where this is completely non-existent with Nature. Instead, one has to already be a miserable being to believe in such things and a lot of that misery was created by men, not by any God or by Nature who are instead used as excuses to hide the actions/inactions of those humans who are actually responsible.
The Principle of Sufficiency also describes where systems end being described or constructed where they exist, and new ones begin their being that can be added later to bigger systems that can be added or created and the process works at the same rate as the expansion and acceleration of the universe because new things, in terms of quantity, are being created faster than the speed of light, in terms that describe their physicalities which are occupying new space because of the creative process itself, and since nothing can go faster than light, the Universe compensates for this by accelerating into a larger "space" and not by stretching or warping the old space but by creating it, or creating new systems that never existed before, faster than light, where its magnitudes and grandiose size can be treated Relatively. With Matter, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, — even beyond the capacities of acceleration itself.

In terms of new space being created by matter moving at accelerated superluminal motion that the light speed constant may be qualitative as well, and not just quantitative because it can be accumulative and indefinite through Thermodynamics alone, as heat itself demonstrates. This means, thermodynamically, that if one travels faster than light in newly created matter/space you will never reach any destination in hyperspace or its boundary faster than light speed anyway, because the Universe will create more space between you and your destination, exactly as relativity describes, but here we can link Thermodynamics to this process now where when returning to normal space we find we have traveled faster than light, the destination is itself another matter for another system to create some form of navigation that can be practical.

The last time any work was done on this connection where any documentation on THERMODYNAMICS AND RELATIVITY exists has been deliberately tampered with, where the last time any lecture was given on the subject was at the The Tenth Josiah Willard Gibbs Lecture, delivered at Atlantic City, December 29, 1932 (the 1930's were the last golden age for Thermodynamics), under the auspices of the American Mathematical Society, at a joint meeting of the Society with the American Physical Society, and Section A of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; and any fake forums and message boards today discussing the subject proves that there is a definite element involved in creating misinformation. Regardless, misinformation does not concern art because art has other ways to express deliberately broken ideas and resuscitate them or forensically put them back together again. Artists not only create, but they repair too.

The Big Bang and/or creation is still happening and is not just a one time concern, it is just that we are so small, we can't see it and, either though time or space, we are inside of it as an infinitesimal small part that exists between some sparks where the totality of some form of equilibrium is still trying to be achieved. What astrophysicists see as a thirteen billion light year universe is simply the boundary of those sparks and beyond those sparks the Universe continues. It is best to start thinking in terms of millions of billions of trillions, of quadrillions, of quintillions, of sextillion, of septillions, of octillions, of nonillions, of decillions, of undecillions, of duodecillions, of tredecillions, of quattuordecillions, of quindecillions of etc. of years where, at least, they would be on the right track in determining the Universe's "age". Determining whether the Equilibrium of the Universe will ever be achieved or not, depends if one has been indoctrinated in closed systems and only find those ideas acceptable, or those that are inclined toward open systems that can change their own nature where the possibilities of existence, itself, become indefinite.

It is only a question of the person's mind and its philosophy because at one point science has a limit and must either build a fence around its philosophy to protect it, as was done in the past (i.e. Issac Newton and others) or abandon everything altogether and venture beyond its own present understanding, and report its findings (like Michael Faraday, Heinrich Hertz). When science becomes a popularity contest it is no longer science.

Whatever happens there will be a need for hyper-philosophers and their intellectuals, while conjugating in E-Prime questions like; "What kind of Equilibrium is the Universe trying to achieve?" For now, basically, you decide what the Universe is for yourself and you will be right, but it does not mean that it is true for everybody and everything. Your mind and imagination and every single thought it produces, belong to the Universe itself, so asking existential-creating questions like: Who am I?, What do I want? and all concepts concerning Good and Evil and God and, etc., etc. are redundant and subscribes instead to some state in the Universe, somewhere, which we are a part of (whether we like it or not) and some are more susceptible to this being and the feeling it generates. There is also the "merging effect" to consider that I have elaborated on already in 'Extreme Cold' where it is the individual or group-entity that decides what possibility in the Universe he wants to be connected to or merged with. Life is as much a conversation as it is a physical awareness.

Basically, Lucifer can only exist in hell and nowhere else, and the Jewish Jupiter can only exist in heaven and both are part of closed systems, and since both are created by provincially-minded religious intellectuals, a long time ago, these things don't actually exist or are so far away by now, they are not worth considering because we are riding the wave of the cosmos or they are not or cannot since they clearly have a precise domain somewhere that does not move, change, expand or grow.

Organized beliefs begin where they find a way in putting a hypothetical devil or hypothetical god in everything else too beyond Heaven or Hell, and that is where all the fun begins and by the sword, the blood spurts to the beams.

Now, intellectuals who are not so provincial as those prophets from the past. Nevertheless, they are attempting to do the same except the boundaries are much larger now because they are aware that the Universe is much larger than they thought previously, where if one actually left people alone to their own personal beliefs, we will discover that they are all actually connected and coincidentally see and know the same things spiritually.

Every individual life that comes into existence is part of this creative process where an equivalent amount of space is created spontaneously somewhere/everywhere in the Universe too because it's part of what produces new things in a quantitative manner. You, yourself, provide the quality in everything you experience, including your own being and with everything you affect directly.

So basically; evil or bad people are just human beings of very low quality and nothing else. The concept of Heaven and Hell and living eternally with bliss or agony is ridiculous because of the concept "Eternal" that is attached to these things. Everything including Evil people are afraid of both life and death and want to be remembered or recorded in some way.

It is best to look at evil through the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics where anything that exists that does not produce any form of Sufficiency or Equilibrium disappears from the Universe entirely, which is worse than death or living eternally in agony. The only thing insufficient are things like heaven or hell or the new heaven and hell they are attempting to create which can only leave information behind, which eventually must become misinformation or something new entirely. It all depends on how long and how far you are going to live and in that state, the verbs Be and Have are equivalent, transitive and beneficial.

There was no "Big Bang", but there was once something much better: The Perfect Moment in Time that became everything and will always exist in any way you want to imagine it, because it is Perfection itself, that can accommodate all forms of imperfection within it, because it is perfect. Theology and other private social entities are very good at creating ideas and philosophy that separates man from everything, — even from himself and reattach things using philosophical devices:
  •  PLACE NAME OF: Organized Religious Entity etc. HERE 

  • PLACE NAME OF: Prophet or Saviour Saint, Cult Personality, etc. HERE

and people are not allowed to do this themselves. Creationism and Big Bang cosmology do just this by separating all our faculties and imagination from life itself, by setting-up hypothetical demarcation points, that by sheer coincidence, all have fireworks going on too, and infer how far away we are from any supposed events, especially those things involved in creativity, rather than showing everyone how close we are to these things, in all times and all departures. People must take into account that 6000 years ago; 6000 years ago before that, was thought of like 13 billion years ago, today, or was equivalent to the mentality and education available of the time. You were considered a genius if you could talk about the number 10,000, (A Myriad) even jokingly. Like Zero, these numbers were not even conceived of yet, nor did they need too, as explained in 'Extreme Cold'. An idiot-moron of today with his polite education would of been considered a genius in biblical times by merely mentioning the word/concept "billions" in any discussion.

An Organization Does Not Make Things More Real Or Better

Further, cosmologists (in a Maxwellian fashion) and creationists lower the value of all existence by making it preordained or its source derives from some divinity or other and directly attacks man's place in this Universe as having no rights to his own hard-earned survival because we were supposedly given existence as a gift and did not earn it through evolution and natural selection, or even allowed as to be an invocation of Nature and we are not even allowed to adapt and we must not allow anything to adapt or change either because that would be a deviation from the so called: "The True Path" or "The Truth", or some tradition, but the interference, torture, experimentation and domestication of different species of life and slavery of men and women is OK especially if that involves changing things for "the better good" or "the need of the many" (in an artifice to begin with). It's all stercus tauri. Further: Nowhere does it say in any religious literature that torture, experimentation, interference, mass murder on religious grounds or slavery is acceptable. People, it seems, already have a wide interpretation of god and even thermodynamics/science so why not continue; Why stop interpreting and discovering where/when it becomes a system or an organization? One discovers in such a situation that no organization makes anything real or better, but makes exploitation convenient and cheap like those who implement the exploitation.

Any gods, or any kind of organized business/science from their very conception, promote self-awareness and self-fulfillment, but only through groveling-slavery and dependence — so where's the philosophy? People naturally belong to these awful organizations because they don't want to feel alone or left out in a society they depend on to survive, yet these religions, philosophies and businesses preach an isolation and aloneness for humanity within a indefinite continuum that is filled with endless opportunities, provided for everything by Nature, which they hide from their flocks, customers or students by focusing prayer, faith or business (private enterprise) in other things they control exclusively nor can they explain what these religious mysteries or opportunities are and why they exist including an endless assortment of distractions to keep humanity displaced just enough to not think about more important matters like questioning what they are doing in the first place.

It is a must that our species depend on each other to survive, but must it be this way? Why must Humanity give away its strength and power as a unified force and entity to such small things as gods or de facto gods, trends, organizations, beliefs or to the musings of autistics and sociopaths especially when we individually are better than any of these things if we work together freely, where in any state of the unification of all humankind; nothing could stop us. We have a right to be in this Universe despite our faults because we earned it, and we don't need anyone's or anything's approval either.

This conditioning that imposes fate and design and god's will is good if you are breeding cattle, fish or poppies etc. and you need a consistent product for consumption. — but people? Anyhow, the mathematics of perfection is something quantum physicists and mathematicians will have to deal with one day in an objective manner and not in the manner of Professor Higgs, which produces effect without cause (as does the "Big Bang", "Dark Matter" and other such nonsense theorists, cosmologists and intellectuals talk about today) which is also contrary to both Perfection and Common Sense, — forget The laws of Physics and Thermodynamics, but rather by the methods used by Wolfgang Pauli who in the 1930's used simple Thermodynamics and Conservation of Momentum to correctly postulate the existence of the Neutrino through Beta Decay without having to spend 6 billion+ dollars to try to prove it. Anything that exists had to go though the protocols of the Two Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics at one time, prior to however anything is now known, including the Universe itself, which was quite many different things in the past and will be many different things in the future just like the stars which only change into other types of systems yet their presence as objects of mass are constant or, at best, will be indefinite and will grow in mass too because the Universe is growing and accelerating everywhere and in anything because it is everything (imagine a black hole accelerating to the speed of light and what would happen to it). These other things cosmologists and intellectuals describe are only impossible in closed or isolated systems where only this and that are possible — but everything?. For any thinker out there, today, talking about the beginning and end of anything, I think it is really simplistic because where is all the matter, mass, temperature, energy, pressure, thermal equilibrium, angular momentum going to go, or where it came from, and here this is the Zeroth Law saying this before even the First Law of Thermodynamics even begins to be considered which is why it is numbered the Zeroth law and according to the Step Method number system —not the Hindu-Arabic number system.

The Principle of Sufficiency has nothing to do with any Principle on efficiency, whether it be time efficiency of energy efficiency, or entropy (The Second and Third Laws). The other laws decide, generally, how long these new systems will last and why and where parts of them will go and they will be briefly discussed at the appropriate time. It allows us to understand simultaneously a universe that has a beginning and an end (as a closed system), but, also, has always existed without any beginning and there will be no end to it (as an open system). We can say that modern science would be like art because it allows man to create his own machines out of systems and his own creations, out of Nature, very much like an artist working stone, or painting a picture or writing a song, but as in any work of art from the past and with modern traditional art-style, anything they present is meaningless outside this planet, we think we control, which I already described in 'Extreme Cold' when I showed how various academia "created" the Thermometer from an upside-down centigrade scale (a step method of counting) for a metric system (where the zero is placed differently at the beginning) and gave it the name of its author! So this is all for show and must never be taken seriously by the proletariat or the average Joe or Jane as real science and learning, or considered the actual truth. It is the intellectual's truth and their systems that they teach.

This is why modern art is so difficult for many to understand because we are already light years ahead of the scientific community, because modern art only expresses open systems, yet to the artist this is not some vast emptiness and can be as close to anything he wishes because he is entirely connected to matter, where, for example, a graphic designer would only be connected to energy, and usually a closed system. The talent is the same, only the philosophy is quite different. The artist seeks to be close and the others want to close, each of which provide its own brand of intimacy to anything.

The ones that many consider artists today, in such places as the 'New York Times', who paint people, landscapes, trees or buildings are daubers, sign painters, graphic designers, arrangers and should not be considered as real artists (except to society) because they only serve industry (by making poisons look good), sensation (advertising) and governments (propaganda), and these things are certainly not the entire Universe, but are only more profitable to do. Step out of the big city and these profits become more worthless the further away one is from the big city and other forms of value take over.

Real artists have also abandoned universities a long time ago for reasons I will not even begin to describe since this deserves an entire lengthy article, but suffice to say these places serve those students as information sources in how to get government grants, corporate sponsorship and how to attend and makes friends at political party get-togethers and "fund raising events", where a small contribution gets you big public commissions if they get elected.

They teach HS not art where this nonsense is more suited for trade schools teaching art, but if that's the sort of life you want, go right ahead and call yourself anything you want because society will believe you, but you are actually part of a closed system and you will be one of its prisoners.

All Temperature Cheer™
Today anyone who is a serious artist observes everything, reads books and studies a lot of new ideas and works them into an adapted coherence but the difference, now, is he no longer puts any ideas into any enclosure. If the idea was originally free in space it remains free in space and space itself is the "closed system" or quasi-closed system. For that he lets society create enclosures and propriety entities, and they can all use their transformation to "hang" themselves with any material provided by Nature in the first place.

One can trace all the Universe's internal systems back to a "correct" beginning if one uses the expanding balloon method or one can "correctly" see the entire universe as one artifact as if it were an inflating rubber tube with no center or beginning and both views are true and are the same when we understand that their microcosms and macrocosms can be viewed as 'Sufficient Forms' that are more like molds for a structured rhetoric and thought process and not as Top Supermodels, who are also super-high maintenance things.

It is all the same type of arguments between Electromagnetic Fields or Electromagnetic Waves and also, why they use these type of arguments. This is why Maxwell's theories don't work with Relativity or Quantum Mechanics and Faraday's Theories (understandably) don't go far enough because Nature doesn't exist only in a package (closed system). Why the Universe must have a shape or structure is already ridiculous where Faraday, who is still ahead of everyone even today said that, "The Universe is only composed of forces and fields" because it is already every shape you can imagine and it only depends on who's looking at it, and who also has the bigger voice, to say what it is, but this does not mean it is true. One can look at the Universe in a wide range of Electromagnetic Frequencies or Gravitational Fields and see a completely different Universe with totally different structures.

It is no wonder that places like ESA employ graphic designers with their specialized tools to "show" these "realities" and not the actual picture (if available) because show the real picture of some phenomena of a certain cosmic magnitude, to a thousand different people, and you will get a thousand different interpretations and points of views. The interesting thing is that this practice is not only used in cosmology but is employed by all the sciences and in Thermodynamics, which thankfully thermodynamics is actually not part of science, in what defines science today.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

'Sufficient Forms' are not complete models by any means and are only indicators for further research and should not be used as templates of the actual Being of The Entire Universe. The boring Alpha-Omega scenarios provided by religions, theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists, which they ram into our heads in anyway imaginable and enough to arouse suspicion as well, which is why I call these and other things; 'High Maintenance Science' and need not even be discussed or interpreted through Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, because it is perfectly evident and requires no explanation or a cosmologist on video telling you, through blue screen technology, what you are looking at while being served a condensate condescending dish off rubbish. Now don't get me wrong, as I understand perfectly those who run the world. Imagine if everything was replaced with Zeroth Thermodynamic devices. Well we would have millions upon millions of unemployed engineers, thinkers, Ph.D'ers, intellectuals, etc. with no purpose and various assortment of psychotics and a multitude of sociopaths with nothing to do because everything is being run on thermal equilibrium that run themselves where there is no war or peace because both become irrelevant. In actuality people shouldn't need jobs in the first place where there are multitude of other activities available to/in life that provide more purpose to whatever meaning you want to give it.

One's own life belongs to oneself and not to any society, nation or club and it is certainly not these things that should be allowed to issue orders and impose rules, but should only be allowed to sell their schemes where a person who is acquainted with simple thermodynamic concepts and their principles can decide things for themselves.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics and its systems and technology, make people "feel important", but in reality it reduces existence itself where 'having' is far more important than 'being' where the Universe must conform to 'desire', itself. The Universe, itself, will not do this.

One can easily imagine the chaos that would ensue. So it is necessary for them to create and market technology with a thermodynamic approach to it that emphasizes waste, mismanagement and entropy all built-in into one package because this creates jobs and jobs, keeps people busy and busy people don't create problems and everyone thinks they're important or their not important; it makes no difference because they are thinking in a closed system anyway which can be controlled and manipulated in an assortment of different ways, which create other jobs too and everyone has a "purpose" in this pretend system for existence.

Now all around this, there is the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics "watching this show" because you can remove this thing from Man's political, religious and economic sphere on Earth, but you can't take it out of the Universe itself and it "sees" man's closed systems in a complete "thermal" equilibrium cycle with each other because the cognoscenti, themselves, have no faith in humanity itself, and I suspect very little in themselves too, not to mention lack of vision and foresight since they are incapable of acknowledging their own entropy. This is most acute in/with any political party anywhere on Earth, in any nation.

Because it is not just the pawns that get eaten but the bishops too, and the the knights, the towers, etc., so therefore they are equivalent entities and they're all on one chess board and no one wins all the time regardless of how smart he/she is and everyone dies sooner or later in one game or another, on either side, but in each game there are survivors, and any pawn that makes it across the board can be any piece he wants to be except a king. Because you can play the game over and over again an infinite number of times and it will always be a different game with only two outcomes: Stale mate or Checkmate and then the game is reset with new bishops, new kings and queens and so on, they all do the same exact functions over and over and over and every civilization that rises thinks that it is the supreme event of all history and this has been going on for the last ten thousand years and will go on probably for another ten thousand years. They'll be other Alexanders and Hitlers, Messiahs and Prophets and Saints in the future, so don't worry. Whoever invented Chess was a philosopher. This was once the game only for kings, but when kings took up Knitting and Crochet, instead, to pass the time (Henry the VIII is a good example and can be viewed as England's version of Caligula) things also started to go wrong because the type of wisdom imparted by good knitting and by playing a good game of chess are not the same thing, including the company they keep and conversation they invoke.

So it is important to beware of books written or videos featuring all our favourite and popular theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists nowadays because they, as seen in a Zeroth Law way, actually talk more about improving their own lives and not everyone else's; they and nobody else notices this, but I do and it can get very irritating. When they do talk about mankind's future, they make it plain that they will be our custodians and they have the Time Machines to prove it. They fear nothing while discovering new perversions in science and dread; creating bad ideas that benefit no one except for business opportunists. Stephen Hawking has taken this to another level because to explain his theories, he uses only the ones he knows are wrong, or hates, and uses them to explain things to us simpletons. I might not be able to understand 'Hawkingisms' because I don't need to, but I understand perfectly, people like Stephen Hawking and Leonard Susskind and their many friends and I also know that they contribute absolutely nothing to mankind or humanity and Stephen Hawking's friend, Roger Penrose has actually perverted the meaning and concept of 'Impossible Objects' where it is obvious that these things are not impossible if one considers these things moving in rotation along their own centers of gravity in mathematics and physics and forget about their beloved Newtonian motion for five minutes.
Penrose's "work" along with friends and his father is the worst form of interference into art and art's open-system concepts along with movement from the scientific, psychological and mathematical communities.

In the physical world, The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics is Nature's Physical Law of Matter that also describes any process involving growing, improving, healing and recovery or recuperation and this applies equally to the metaphysical for some reason. As a matter a fact, you must continue your counterproductive ways that exist for whatever reasons, and feel the Universe make all the necessary repairs overtime because you are part of the entire universe too, if only you would let it in and provided that your need is an honest one, so it could do its job and the Zeroth Law shows one where to look. Just locate a consuming closed system that affects your life.

There are no "miracles" in this universe; Objectively, the only miracle that exists in life is you. This is not a process involving abracadabra from any third party, but is something that requires thought and work. Nature is a great mechanic and loves to get its hands dirty, and needs to hear your squeaks and rattles to correctly diagnose any problem.

If you use your illness as a means to gain any unnecessary attention, or as a method to express your anger, then forget about Nature helping you; try your luck with your god instead.
Everybody looks like what they are and people like Donald Trump spend more time with their tailors, public relations personnel, and stylists than they do doing business. Image is everything with these types. There are many who don't even appreciate this in themselves and prefer to practice a form of organic 'Organized Degradation' because they feel their body is a canvass for social or political expression, both good and bad, and call it art or romanticized "failurism", when their bodies deserve no such treatment especially when we we express ourselves for/against systems.

This business of uniting things instead of dividing things is what makes "thought" itself so valuable and could be the purpose of any form of self-awareness. The natural philosophers, at least, when they divided things to learn about Nature, always put "whatever" back together again, unlike the science of today who divide and call those thing "new discoveries" and even go to the extent of claiming ownership of these things (like DNA) or they claim some greater philosophy out from these bits they patent. Socrates emphasized a life where questions were more important than "answers" because of what "professionals" subjectively or arbitrarily put into new systems from any of man's other systems, which were just as bad and corrupt then as they are now, among other things. These new systems depended on "answers" to function well and/or get "sold" from those who don't ask question themselves and people who don't ask questions don't fix things very well making everything eventually totally corrupt. In another sense, imagine a universe, like Adam and Eve's, where there were only answers to everything where questions did not exist. That is the life of a tool or a slave whose existence only serves a system (paradise/utopia in this case) and has nothing to do with life. In Isolating terms: a galaxy where only machines evolved they would be looking for questions like biological beings look for answers; one day we will meet, as we have already met before metaphysically.

In this illustration (above) we see the concept of existing in many parallel realities and call this a "discovery" in quantum science forgetting that such a thing already exists in this one universe because the subatomic, that exists in you and in everything else, is simultaneously everywhere at the same time here. So in another universe, these things would be dictated by different probabilities because they are in already in another place to begin with and there is already an irremovable interval between any two things that must be accounted for, whether they be two particles or two universes. Therefore, there cannot be any parallel universes. The beings there may look like you, but they are completely different too in personality and being because their lives were completely different. In some parallel universe where the same physical laws apply and everything is identically reproduced you may equivalent to a Jesus and in another you are a Genghis Khan and it is the goal of the philosopher to be aware of this and make sure you do not become a Hitler in any universe no matter how favorable are the circumstances to become one which is only possible to be when we connect things together and put them together.

My own mother and father here may of been completely evil, but in another parallel universe they are quite different and so cannot be blamed or criticized, where I on the other hand must ask where I "see" these different qualities and why I connect to them there where something tells me the truth in this matter does not exist here in this universe because why would they be good people elsewhere. There is pleasure to be gained too because I have "seen" people like Donald Trump living like a pauper and doing completely different things. It is also certain that no two clocks are the same here and there, in any hypothetical parallel reality, as this is not even permitted here which would have more of a chance in happening. This quantum logic of the parallel universe may be good for systems, but not for individuals or objects where one of each is already plenty and is just another ploy to make the Earth and man the center of the Universe again.

In this illustration, assign for yourself, the letter A,B or C to any of each of these systems. If two bodies are in thermal equilibrium with a third body then the first two bodies are in thermal equilibrium with each other, but if one looked at each individual system needed to create a, complete, Zeroth Law function or machine, of any kind, one will never find two of its internal systems (AB, AC, BC) to be completely identical (Dynamically, the Third Law of Thermodynamics where any steps in any change of temperature are themselves infinite), at any one time. It is always some form of 'Sufficiency' from within and without that takes place, that finally brings to bare any accurate measurement that is worth anything. This is true, whether we are comparing two identical cubes of ice with other devices besides a thermometer or two subatomic particles. This is where the 'Principle of Sufficiency' comes in because we must make allowances for quantum mechanics and things that are not quantum mechanical and the same for things that are classical mechanical and not classical mechanical because this is neither but is Thermodynamics. 'Sufficiency' replaces Probabilities with things that must be discussed in a Thermodynamic context, and replaces Statistics in Classical Mechanics because they could never gather any information sample long enough that would be worth anything because heat and cold are always changing around the ABC system. and equivalency means that hot and cold are not going anywhere; they're just becoming equivalent, where in 'Extreme Cold' I already explained how a simple thermometer can be considered a perpetual motion machine in an open system because its indicator always oscillates (Mechanical Work) without receiving any signals from anywhere.

Matter and it's internal movements come first!

The Heat of the Universe does not go to the Cold part of the Universe because Cold doesn't exist in nothing, or even in space; so what we see is, strictly, only thermal equilibrium.
Thermodynamics is simply not physics or chemistry in any way you think about it and neither science can claim it either, nor can classical or quantum physics, either, can make claims of "knowing" more fundamental things in any law or principle in thermodynamics, nor does one apply any laws of physics to thermodynamics under any circumstances as, also, previously shown in 'Extreme Cold'.

Here we see how science attempts to assign particles to thermodynamic functions which work wonderfully in one context and are a disaster in another context. The problem is probably that they are using physics to do this and not Thermodynamics.

Here it can be found that it is possible to, also, demonstrate the Uncertainty Principle may be a little more universal than thought. At present they are not needed because the present-day-specifications of most technologies we utilize today do not require these considerations as yet, but they will, inevitably. In English, The Uncertainty Principle means: "Everything Vibrates" [v] and specifically; just by observing something, you change it because your own vibrations change things. This is why a photon must be in at least two places at once because its very existence is a form of vibration (a force in a field) creating substance which with any other form of radiation is called a quanta of energy and frequency. Vibration is a property of all Matter/Energy regardless if you are talking about ghost particles or stuff inside immense black holes. If it exists, it sings; or some would say clinically: information is being exchanged between all particles.
Anyway, if one would pursue this course of evolution in science towards the future, one will see how physical science today would evolve itself into something that resembles ontology.

Within any two identical ice cubes, by themselves, there are variations in their vibrations, harmonics and positions of the atoms and molecules in the ice that, now, can be measured from classical physics alone, and an enormous amount of data, derived from this, could be found to describe the difference, or similarities, between those two "identical" cubes of ice. This is because Classical Physics would of been "taught" by Quantum Physics to take certain things into account, even if you don't see them, but should be expected to spontaneously appear in classical mechanics, that would "normally" not be considered in any traditional treatment of classical mechanics and this is especially important in matters of how much time is considered for any particular reaction to occur. This is especially true with researchers who do work for religious organizations where never any time is allowed for the experiment or demonstration to be completed. This lack of vision is in the exact proportion in that how many years bible literalists allow for the Universe to of existed as compared to the amount cosmologists allow for the Universe to of existed, which I show later. Anyhow, this data from our ice cubes can be accumulated up to a point where the ice cubes could be recognized as distinct and separate entities that are as unique as, say, a photon and an electron if one took this data and didn't know where it came from and looked at it for the first time.

This is why bad scientists (the theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists you see in the media all the time) who also like to split important concepts apart have always been reluctant to engage in any kind of discussion on the Zeroth Law by turning boredom into a science itself, to drive people away and brush under their red carpet, anything to do with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics because it makes them uncomfortable and would rather create exotic theories, filling up The Universe and/or the media with meaningless esoterica which, of course, makes them feel comfortable, especially, when they can package The Universe for us, in nice Bubble Wrap® instead, which makes the shipping and distribution of their nonsensical and unprovable, pet-theories, virtually, indestructible because their ideas deny the Principle of Equivalency. If people knew about the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, these bad theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists would get pelted with matter. The proof that none understand the Laws of Thermodynamics is where they don't like that properties of matter cannot be manipulated philosophically, simply because heat itself comes in many different forms and overall has very little to do with just raising the temperature of anything. Most heat in the Universe is hidden heat.

For instance: No one can measure a simple thing as Latent heat only using a thermometer. You measure latent heat by using, in an equivalent manner, a clock, a thermometer and movement, friction or a constant precise amount of heat and other things (depending on the experiment) to see any change in matter's properties, or any phase changes. That would reveal any latent heat you are looking for, and time is the first most important consideration and the thermometer follows its indications of change in temperature while we observe a change of properties first, which is better than any present Quantum mechanical theory any day when considering this phenomena.

The nice thing is that everyone loves to squish and pop Bubble Wrap® (check out their cool website (Sealed Air Corporation) by clicking HERE and start Popping!) so their pet-theories and the misconceptions they propagate, eventually get muffled by the same bubble wrap while the Universe and mankind keeps popping things for fun and they (popularizers working for Wall Street) must suffer the logistics of Entropy in science, itself, and this time Entropy will not be so forgiving! Here's your package back from the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics; it reads: "Return to sender". In fairness to theoretical/particle "physicists"; "my own findings indicate" that any discussion on the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, would create an indefinitely-endless document like the one your reading now, but that is no excuse. It's called fun and hard work; which is something any real scientist understands perfectly. One cannot be a scientist, an inventor, a writer, a producer of documentaries and a businessman all rolled into one and expect to be taken seriously. Yet, they do and they are taken seriously by gullible people.

These simple statements that create their own equivalence can be taken apart and put back together in any way imaginable and it still makes sense and even point to other truths as well. If there is an idea here, I wish to focus upon, it would say the following conclusions that, oddly, recreates the dreams of physicists and philosophers of the 19 and 18th centuries but do not contradict quantum mechanics because of its second statement.

The following should be read in the spirit the mathematician David Hilbert:

'There is nothing that exists that cannot be calculated or expressed. It is only the calculation-systems or languages that has not yet been invented for it that does not exist yet.'
'The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics can self-indicate and self-estimate but cannot self-regulate as in any principle within itself but can regulate or be regulated when functioning within/with another system that is outside, like a feedback device'.

This means that The Zeroth Law can use its own principles to create new ideas and/or logic and logic gates that have not, yet, been discovered which will be revealed when we start exploring Hyper Space and Sub Space (i.e. N dimensions).

To the layman, this is equivalent to creating new compound adjectives and adverbs without having to use goobledygook where, in the future, science will hopefully become "jazzified" so to speak, rather then just playing strict philharmonic presentations as if that was the only expression for science. Science, one day, may be as creative as modern art because it will be allowed a similar approach, employed by art and music to open systems, to whatever it is studying provided that we survive because there is just enough closed system technology to develop to destroy us all before we start studying the open system area of science and the Universe which is left to any superior species of life to manifest for themselves where only inferior beings would only employ closed systems and thus be auto-exterminated so that they do not contaminate the Cosmos. After Matter, the most powerful thing in the universe is Life, which also must be regulated by Nature in their respective evolutions. Matter is regulated by Thermodynamics and with Life it is with systems life is regulated. The systems it prefers, and incorporates will provide that form of life its ultimate destiny.

By starting to think and develope open systems in everything, this will be the way to understand and exploit new phenomena and materials that have not been discovered yet, which would also be enhanced and coordinated by these new approaches that are, also, demonstrated in The Principles of The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.
Imagine building inexpensive rockets, satellites and space ships/probes that are extruded and made entirely out of never before conceived plastics — even the internal circuitry is plastic or a special ceramic glass and the whole thing is propelled away from the Earth Diamagnetically. No more worries about particle bombardments; micrometeorites could be made to bounce off rather than penetrate hulls with these new materials and systems, damaging electromagnetic radiations among other things would be a thing of the past. For that to happen we have to start thinking of plastics, ceramics, circuits, systems, etc., etc., in an entirely different way than we do now and engineer these things to open system specifications and needs.
From liftoff to traveling through the stars, we find that we must learn to push away from things diamagnetically and use this same power to push things away that would harm the hypothetical space ship and not use reaction engines for propulsion, where the manipulation of electromagnetic fields is all important; and for attraction we use gravity. With technology of this type of thinking, anyone could slice through space like a hot knife through butter.

These new satellites and probes could be made to absorb these "destructive energies" and employ these energies for useful purposes. These things would "laugh" at the planet Venus's high pressure and sulphuric acid weather and stay there to roam around like Mars probes do and look for Venetians "Venusians". Let's not forget the problems Jupiter and Saturn pose and et cetera. One day, a professor will tell his students "Today we shall explore the Sun's surface" and connect an interface to a device that provides multiple satellite-probe feeds directly from near the Sun's atmosphere regardless of any ionic interference and from different locations of the Sun's surface to the class, including its sound from the Sun's atmosphere using technology and sensors based on Equivalency in open systems (where they are there, but at the same time they are not there in certain ways) where everyone will study and discuss, in class, their own observations, feelings and ideas in real time, or eight minutes later if you prefer! The only true statement in Open System Physics would be: "What just Happenned?" because nothing exists, anywhere, in the present, in open systems.

Even the Eight minute delay of information can be rendered instantaneous in all kinds of ways (quantum entanglement), but the thermodynamic method would be to create, or discover, a large enough encompassing system within an open system that will "know" things instantaneously through the equilibrium of the three thermodynamic systems themselves which makes the whole, one thing in a certain manner; which can then be manipulated to get any required information. This I already described in 'Extreme Cold' with a system that shows how matter and energy interact and matter always takes precedence so what I say, is not restricted to any "modern" information theory nor does "information theory" have some monopoly on information theory since this extends to Thermodynamics through Matter.

I personally find it interesting when scientists declare in public, impossibilities that only, themselves, exist because they have not even examined 0.00001% of other possibilities and methods to do things, where according to artistic philosophy, there is nothing that is not possible in this universe if you can think about it, because your thoughts already belong to the Universe. Just because it cannot be made by General Electric or Boeing (exactly because they are too big), that is not supposed to be mankind's problem and not everything that "exists" in the Universe must solely revolve around any economy, nation, scientist, religion or corporate ideal.

Before embarking on another side of things, I wish to clarify the everyday-philosophical end and demonstrate how these two points of view unexpectedly coalesce very neatly because of its 'Principle of Sufficiency' which makes it possible for anything to react with anything at some point, including a vacuum and nothing. This 'Principle' describes the character of creation and is used by Nature to build/create any kind of open or closed systems or to repair any open system that has been damaged because given time, everything will react to anything inevitably. All that is required for these things is ......to exist and "nothing" happens to be something too and itself, in certain cases, can be considered a reaction because of its relationship to inevitability, which will be explainned further on.

If The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics be represented as like in an existential play, à la J.P.Sartre; It would show two bored people looking for something to do. Examples include: Adam and Eve; Boris Badinov and Natasha Fatale; Rocky and Bullwinkle, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, etc, etc. The consequences of their acts become what they are and they all become equivalent to each other.

The following cartoon demonstrates this in a way anyone can enjoy and learn. Notice how the characters always try to find a sufficient equivalence with a third system somewhere or the system appears all by itself which gets interpreted as an accident, and therefore gets rejected (Information goes to where it's most needed) and a new system is searched for. My personal favourite is when Boris and Natasha are looking for something rotten to do today, Natasha comes up with a contest where you would have to describe; "Why you like being evil, but only with 25 words or less!". That's Sufficient Equivalence that will create an Equilibrium.

The following clip from a James Bond spoof: Casino Royale (1967), is a sneak peek at a Universe only represented by the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. It demonstrates how people would interact together in such a reality. Notice, too, that the only games you can play in this Universe are games like TIC TAC TOE (check the slot machines in the clip) or games using only modulo-operation arithmetic such as, Baccarat, as nothing, else, can exist in this kind of Universe.

The original book, 'Casino Royale' by Ian Fleming is, itself, very characteristic of equivalency games like Baccarat and Tic Tac Toe which demonstrates his genius when relating this in a spy novel as part of the plot which unfortunately is totally lost in the 2006 version where Poker (which is not an equivalency game) is used instead of Baccarat. Ian Fleming would be pull his hair out if he saw this new version and is only representative of the fact that movie producers understand very little about the authors they use. With the resources, money and support staff they have available to them; they have no excuse for accepting and putting out scripts such as this. These movies are only expression of their directors and producers and nothing else. The money they have is only surpassed by their ignorance which will always be proportionally greater.

In the novel everything is interconnected from the Queen of England down to the vagrant, which is how and why James Bond always appears so intelligent because he sees these equivalency-type of connections everywhere and it is that, that makes him a spy extraordinaire.
In the 1967 farce, everything is the opposite; The new James Bond recruit: Evelyn Tremble (played by Peter Sellers) can't make any connection with anything in the Universe (except with Baccarat), but everyone else can, including the villains, the double agents and even the machines!
Everything, and every element, and every character in the modern remake has no reason to exist the way they do, except as one gigantic paranoid conspiracy. All the espionage agents act like specialized professional soldiers with one job to do, where plot, planning, mystery and intrigue is non-existent.

Equivalently speaking: The 2006 movie betrays, as if this were intelligence, more about the producers in how they think and how their mind's work, including their subconscious ego that, itself, tries to find meaning, than about the mind of a master spy.

The most important Zeroth statement, in the following clip, is when James Bond at the AFSD training center (Anti-Female Spy Device) asks one of the girls: "What is it that you do exactly"? She responds: "Nothing, but if you are one of them, you do".

You'll note, as well, that "Good" and "Evil" do not exist but are instead, equivalent entities that are only protecting their own interests, while looking for that third system somewhere to be complete.

Mankind, therefore, is a completely unique entity, but only when he chooses to be freed from the intellectual and the philosopher and any of their organizations because morality and ethics are systems and systems have nothing to do with truth or anything else, at all, but only have to do with themselves and those things they serve which creates its own truth but outside the system, club or society, it is not at all the truth or even any form of reality.

Equivalency Theory in Action
There are three ways to gather information. By sharing, by trading and by a natural form of equivalency. This short clip, here, shows all three at once in three minutes. Animals themselves mostly use equivalency to communicate their needs and/or objectives and the ones that are known to have languages like elephant, whales and dolphins incorporate equivalency in those languages and in their methods of communicating things, which is something we are losing if something is not done about this. Most have already lost the ability to share since we exist in closed systems where ethics and morality have already eroded to the point where we cannot understand creatures and things that exist in open system or share both open and closed systems so we have debates that cannot be resolved on things like for example: Euthanasia (assisted suicide), Animal rights, Environment, etc.
Now, besides ethics, it is equivalency that is being eroded and if this continues, we will one day also no longer be able to trade or communicate with each other. Then it will be either war, isolation or annihilation because today, all of these things are options.

An example I can use is when big media makes a ruckus over me using tiny clips for fair use from popular media to explain deeper philosophy that no one teaches in schools because it's important to keep kids stupid and not teaching them about matter which can only be done by learning Thermodynamics, not physics. (Only Cartesian and Newtonian forms, movement and colour are allowed where the first introduction to society is the scheduled school bus itself and is considered by artists along with the unique color of the school bus as a formalized Kafkaesque imprisonment and annihilation of personality.) So I use things in popular imagination that everybody understands that exists as popular media, which I consider fair use to augment everybody's understanding of Matter and Thermodynamics. Their lawyers, when I have to deal with them, all think that any information is all propriety including people's imaginative extrapolations (not exploitation) or meta-cognition of the source, where that too is apparently owned by BBC, CBS, Sony or NBC, etc..

Their arguments are equivalent to whom they are, which is not much, yet they exploit the public in excess of the capacity of their narrow-minded philosophy can handle and to them a PC is only a media device and has nothing to do with education. These media groups and their lawyers are so stupid, that they never realize that they can alter their old TV shows, often with simple editing to something more intelligible and with more substance, or provide an entirely new meaning/story because the excellent work by the actors and writers of those shows cannot be corrupted except by formalizing media as one expression: To make money forever over the same old things instead of using money to create new things and not encouraging imagination.

The actors and writer's unions have something to do with this too, and because they are socialists; have even more bizarre ideas of what they consider propriety, where altering any script after production and release is not properly defined, yet the DMAC is made to protect the prevention of any possible creativity that is derived from any script or production yet a lot of these screenplays themselves can be seen as copyright infringement taken or adapted from the work of others, which from someone who reads would know about. See: 'Counter-notification Diary' and 'A Fun Copyright' which you will find in HTML'S MAGIC List/Directory that explains this in detail.

To recapitulate: So rather than fixing the gross defects in the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics; Instead, they spend billions deciding, as if they were on Mount Olympus, whether Pluto is a planet or not (the universe is getting bigger and it's just a matter of time where they reclassify gas and liquid giants too), or looking for God particles and God (where god is proportionately getting smaller withe their Higgs particles and fields) and what do they intend to do with these god particles if they ever get hold of them? I'm sure that the devil has excellent suggestions. I think before we start reclassifying planets and deciding what black holes (of which there's a multitude of different types too) and what dark matter is; maybe we should go there first, otherwise it's all a story and nothing more, much like religious literature. They call this "Observation" like this was some sort of experiment in a test tube in a laboratory where what phenomena they observe encompasses a magnitude of physics and forms of matter that they know nothing about.

Until there is some sort of trade (exchange of energy) or we can receive some sort of transmission or bounce a signal of these things or find our information through some equivalency and its systems, these things are just stories and scientists have exceeded to boundaries of the limits of calculation, especially with their use of closed-systemed mathematics and use this to describe the theory of everything.

Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics found lying for dead on the streets.JPG
Let's say, hypothetically, they found these god particles and learned to put them in some type of bottle, or learned how to manufacture these gods at will; try explaining this to intelligent people whose absolute faith in Jesus, Mohamed or Buddha, etc. would find it impossible to imagine why this exists. No! — it takes an obscure artist minding his own business, one day to find the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics left out on the streets to die. I'm doing my best to nurse it back to health, but I'm no doctor either and I know that if I sent it to the hospital, allegorically speaking; they (the doctors), the nurses, the orderlies, the administration, even the janitor would attempt to kill it, dispose of it and remove all evidence.

Sufficiency and Equivalency as Metatruths

Equivalent but apposing interests consider each other as Fiends, not Foes who think nothing to get The Enemy to work on their side when it suits them. Like, when James Bond coerced the double-agent Vesper Lynd with a trumped up tax bill. Now I hope, that there are some that come to realize that this is no longer the absurd, but only a basic template for any kind of Universe for any kind of thing which I would understand as something very difficult for a conservative mindset to understand or accept but Thermodynamics is not politics and the Zeroth Law itself can never be possibly employed in politics or any closed system the way we know them, where there is no such thing as an "Axis of Evil" that G. W. Bush tried to create; where in a Zeroth Law Universe "the enemy" is something that can be changed to do or be anything you want, if there is a purpose by adding a new system somewhere and one's "wants" will themselves change because of this phenomenon of sufficient equivalency.

With the Second Law of Thermodynamics one makes something more complicated (more meaningless jobs and we begin by dividing the universe into bits) by adding new closed-system devices on top of others where they all lead to networked elements that are understood only by a few and so are controlled (along with their markets) by the few. With The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics one makes the device more sophisticated by adding more open-system devices with it (more meaningful jobs where also god and Nature become meaningful and easier to connect to). Everything is just a system that already has a natural sophistication within it in the Zeroth Law system which should give existentialist philosophers, scientists, politicians and mechanical engineers something to think about next time they say or do anything.

Any society that bases its standards, its industry, its education, its religion, its laws, its ideals and ideas on Second Law of Thermodynamic systems is doomed by way of encouraging mediocrity on/at every level. One example of mediocrity is that everyone knows if you put a rotten apple in a basket of ordinary apples, they will all rot, and that is the same as the Second Law of Thermodynamics. But with the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics we can change this by adding a third system somewhere and stop the rotting completely at any time. For example, since I'm using a theme from the Cold War of the last century:

Philosophically, the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics "sees" 'Capitalism' and 'Communism' as equivalent entities, 'Somewhere they both want to own and control everything for nothing'. So now we have a sufficient equivalence between A an B when a third system appears, which we will call C. C would be 'Power' etc. All become equivalent because we are dealing with living beings. A and B, are in equilibrium with a third system, C, then A and B are in equilibrium with each other.

With living things that are self-aware, motivations, whether they are objective or subjective, also fall into Zeroth Law Principles where consensus and complicity becomes important like in the cartoon above with moose and squirrel and Boris and Natasha, and of course, the 'Casino Royale' clip I provided. The ultimate goal of any capitalist whose anonymous society's are publicly listed but privately controlled, is to own, control and privatize everything as like any communist. They had this in the USSR and this consortium was called 'The Communist Party' which owned and controlled everything.

With Free Enterprise, everybody knows why you are making a profit; with Private Enterprise, nobody knows why you are making a profit.

In modern times, where Communism is practically no more, in the "free world", we see Private enterprise with all their influences that are all, still, limited to being closed systems, busy protecting their own self-depleting interests and resources against the new enemy, —'Free Enterprise', who are now labelled as a 'New Communist Manifesto' or a type of socialism just because people are getting together and doing something positive for themselves.

Whatever closed systems that are conceived; 'What goes around comes around'. Right now, private enterprise is turning capitalism into a nightmare because more and more opportunities for people to improve their situation are disappearing or are too expensive, Just look up all the universities that are privately owned and controlled throughout the world using your Search Engine and don't forget to check their mottos and dominant fraternities for a real laugh.

Fortunately, there is the Internet (created by free enterprise and not private enterprise) and properly used, there is a repository of knowledge equivalent of education that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars where anyone is at least capable of auditing a multitude of courses, given free, from the best, most renowned and prestigious universities in the world which the most stupid individual there exists is capable of learning himself because he/she can play the video from wherever he does not understand as often as he/she wishes or cross reference the idea from another source.

You may not be able to afford a university degree but you can have an equivalent knowledge that is even better because you don't have to waste your precious time learning esoteric courses, they force you to learn for nothing in university, which no one wants anyway and especially where technology is changing at a faster pace than ever; this system allows you to keep up to date with what's happening for tomorrow.

This is called 'Autodidact' and this is becoming a respected concept and a widely accepted one too. Regardless, whatever opportunities that are disappearing, they are being balanced with new ways to adapt into, which end up being better for everybody anyway.

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There one of my favourite lines in it that says: "Quantum physics? You're soaking in it!". Palmolive dish-washing soap The Quantum was only discovered in 1901 so there was a lot of focused pioneering work, which has gained a lot of publicity and many much-deserved Nobel Prizes, which gives everyone the impression, today, that quantum physics is the only standard for the Universe and for the study of reality, but in fact there are a number of new discoveries happening all the time in classical physics including areas where it is hard to separate the two and for different reasons as well. Classical Mechanics is alive and doing very well and delivering as many new discoveries as Quantum Mechanics. Unfortunately, we see mostly only the bad side of this where, as mentioned earlier, Minds are being taught ideas in all areas, regardless of the subject, that divide everything instead of making things work together. One simple example that can be presented: The Weather:

Click on picture to magnify

When a typical weatherman announces the probability of 50% chance of rain, this actually means the weather office does not know if it's going to rain. On the other hand, the probability of 50% of electrons performing a function under certain conditions is significant and very useful when designing a semiconductor to operate a certain way because one does not calculate in quantum mechanics; one quantifies things instead and then they use statistics designed for quantum states as they use specialized statistics for classical states. This becomes quantum physics where it is the qualities not quantities that are significant and produce the desired results or discoveries in science and often unexpected (one could say undesired) results in philosophy, creating new windows, avenues or opportunities there.

Those conditions here described (weather and electronics) both incorporate huge, open and indefinite systems, but the physics/conditions are incompatible where with quantum mechanics or particle physics we would increase the number of electrons or change their frequency and we can turn 50% into 90% probabilities, but you cannot do that with the weather. Therefore, to preserve the mathematics, which cannot be wrong, it must include an auxiliary system and this new third system, that has either classical or quantum properties, must be sufficiently significant in part of the calculation in the mathematics and physics involved and must be primarily handled in the manner of The Principles of Sufficiency and Equivalency of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic.

These two Principles of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics would say to a particle physicist at CERN or Brookhaven, that no single Proton has ever been collided by another in the same way, in all the collisions that have ever taken place, in either their particle accelerators or in the Universe; and is a problem much like we see classically here, in this clip above (Chaos and Butterfly effect), with the billiard balls where the background information that is created (the other billiard balls) is/are always different. This is further proof that they are only trying to create particle-beam weapons à la Star Wars (as previously shown in 'Extreme Cold') because they are not even interested in this background information and actually use techniques and algorithms to get rid of this information. They will never find these weapons because they will never have particle accelerators big enough to do this job that can control a collision, that can reproduce the same effect each time.

Theoretically, there's always an unseen new particle "created" that is unseen with each identical collision experiment. In classical mechanics we may say that war (destruction) "creates" an opportunity for change (new things), where it is the same with the quantum and we find that both destruction and creation are the same thing. withing each physics there is a equivalency and between them there is a Sufficient Equivalency.

Tornado in Dallas April 2012

Watch: National Geographic - Extreme Universe 1x03 Space Storms to see storms on other planets. Any accurate and useful statistical conclusion is always based on the largest amount of possibilities in the smallest amount of parameters and then the conclusion can only be, from a statistical source, accurate when calculating the smallest amount of possibilities in the largest amount of parameters. All statistics are forced at one point and this shows the difference between a good statistician and a bad one who does not understand what he is doing, or knows how to discriminate but only follows procedure and protocol. It is not satellites and the weather office computers that are doing anything wrong and need to be overhauled.







As you can probably see, the interpretation of such data is just as important as the data itself from the weather office. The person who brings his umbrella, who thinks he's going to get wet is actually correct because 50% is a large amount, especially when considering an indefinite system like the Earth's atmosphere, which is a system comparable to any quantum-complexity yet there is nothing that can be quantified in Earth's atmospheric system, rendering any statistic, when mishandled in this manner, meaningless. This is so because the language used and the mathematics employed are not mutually communicating or equivalent to anything within those systems which is something that must be part of the statistic itself!

The Answer Is Already Part of The Question

This of course is never done and this is especially true when they say: 100% chance of rain (which is an oxymoron) and it doesn't rain on top of that. On the other hand, in quantum physics, if you say 100% probability, this is not an oxymoron because those conditions don't exist in quantum mechanics therefore this assumption can never be made and therefore isn't.


Further, although this is rare, one can have drizzle that is sufficient to soak the streets, yet there is not a cloud in the sky anywhere and it is clear enough to see the stars at night perfectly as if it were not raining. This rain that pops in and out of existence, out of nowhere, in the physical world, is just the thing to clean and clear a lot of nonsense in physics because it is only in such a case that we can use quantum probabilities for explaining such a thing, but this occurrence is so completely rare in the classical physics world. The quantum and classical world both share many traits, it is only the frequency of these phenomena occurring that makes any difference and this is why one must use statistics only designed to handle occurrences in those realms when dealing in those realms, and in them we must employ systems to/with their statistics.

On the other hand, a quantum field extends indefinitely like any other field and is not restricted to only quantum mechanical rules because there is a point where it will extend to where it can only be only classically treated as if it were a genuine classical field, if the energy is high enough, yet this is still a quantum field.


Hyper Energy Universe
Here we see in terms of Sufficient Equivalency where radiation that is invisible to us, we find that we are also invisible to it since this radiation passes through us effortlessly.

What is treated as a miracle in the physical world is common place in the quantum world and what would be treated as miraculous in quantum dimensions is quite ordinary in the physical realm. It is only the Universe expressing certain manifestations of itself, at certain times, but these manifestations appear everywhere nevertheless. Things are popping in and out of existence all the time and colliding too, in every magnitude.

Yet if we were to compress the time describing many activities across the Universe like showing five billion years in five minutes we will find all kinds of things popping in and out of existence, all the time and Relativity has simply moved to higher ground. I'm sure that after watching this you'll understand my misgivings with theorists writing books and making videos with Jesus/God, and Time and Entropy as redundant because we haven't even barely scratched the surface of physical and force phenomena to draw any kind of conclusions about anything and we probably never will either and god help us if we do. Further, many theoretical/particle physicists and cosmologists actually impede progress towards innovative thinking and new discovery by hogging all the media time, where they all say the same things anyway.
There is a difference when publishing one's findings and drawing no conclusions or telling people what they are when they don't know themselves and publishing findings and endeavoring to discuss what these finding may suggest in relation to other things.

This video clip from the Carnegie Institute for Science, originally entitled: 'Reforestation's Cooling Influence--A Result of Farmer's Past Choices' (now: 'Testing Geoengineering') shows how irrelevant or damaging data gets installed into systems with political reasons for private enterprise not to mention the pompous arrogance we see here by introducing "Solar Radiation management on a global scale". Of course, this has always existed, except now they also dispense with the pretense of any kind of intelligent discourse or debate. If "prestigious" privately-controlled institutes of learning and research display science in this manner then you can be assured we have a long road ahead for many reasons. The video clip is not to be missed, — which is why I embedded it here. It is an experiment they are proposing to do on our planet instead of doing this first on Mars or Venus. This involves turning an open system like Earth's Atmosphere and turning it into closed system and freely admitting that they don't know what their doing in the sense that they have no idea of the consequences, but the experiment must continue nevertheless because this is more important. Notice the kindergarten-like illustrations from the Carnegie Institute designed for adults. Even what they call: "Human contributions and responses" is treated scientifically. These are the types of intellectuals that exist in science, business and politics that will destroy everything just so that they can sell it or tax it.

What is the philosophy and logic to have such a thought process? This is probably an effort so that private enterprise can control air, water and farming on a global scale and charge everyone for it eventually. This includes forcing farmers to buy genetically modified seeds for crops that can tolerate the high alkalinity of the new soil polluted with the aerosols like aluminum, sulfur, strontium and barium, etc., and the real nature of carbon dioxide and its solid: Limestone is perverted or suppressed as already discussed in 'Extreme Cold' since carbon dioxide compounds can reverse this, but they want to sell their junk instead. The real terrorists are in the West with private enterprise creating/legitimizing science like this where this will be the only thing known by "educated" youth in the future and we'll just forget understanding or knowing the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.

If they were going to do experiments like this in Iran they'd get border to border carpet-bombed tomorrow, so why do we tolerate this research here? Why does anyone bother having a family when we know what kind of future is in store for them unless one plans to be part of this barbaric elite one day, who will charge for what is naturally created, animated and maintained by Nature anyway because they polluted everything and poisoned everybody physically and mentally. So besides paying for seeds we pay for pills and medication to stay alive, — not to mention water and the air and ultimately space itself because there are many different ways to own and control things. Just ask a corporate lawyer.

One day, if everything goes right, we will only be able to grow food naturally that cannot be eaten, where if one pays private enterprise a fee, they will give you seeds you can grow food with that will feed you. Food will be sold before it exists and after it's grown!!! turning life, itself, into and meaningless interval, or a controlled substance, like whatever exists between A and B and humanity will be, forever, fenced in and enslaved by these Mongols, and the middle-class bourgeoisie are handing this power over to this "elite" on a silver platter like peasants handed over their food to Mongol invaders, by merely tolerating this and supporting the very corporations, universities, research institutes and multinationals contributing to their own demise.
For proof of this; just look at organized religion: They have always been in the business of selling god before it exists for anyone, and making it "real" after anyone exists, where God actually should be a completely personal matter, especially in that no god needs to be "popular".

Fortunately, mankind and humanity have Matter and the Zeroth law of Thermodynamics that can put a stop to this chemical transformation from private concerns. For Example: Thermodynamics uses vaterite (a form of calcium that is everywhere) to lock up pollutants and incorporates them into calcite among other things, with renders poisons and pollutants insoluble to water. All Thermodynamic processes that produce change come before any chemical or physical reactions and Thermodynamics is very people and life friendly unless you combine it with physics, like in the making of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons among other things.

This is why Thermodynamics is more important to learn than science; And by the way, Thermodynamics is not physics if you happened to not know this, but is 'dynamics' — period!
Thermodynamics, especially the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, can fix anything that has gone bad if you know what to look for, how to look for it, and how to implement it and anybody can learn it too, as this is not rocket science, but the Natural Universe doing things for all life.

For more on calcite and the purification of water and soil (and ultimately the body) without using any chemicals or energy but only the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, go to: Extreme Cold: 'A Short History of Perpetual Motion and The Duel Aerolic and Hydraulic Generator', from my List/Directory.

Private Enterprise is the ultimate dictatorship of the proletariat and now the middle class can be part of this too! Karl Marx never saw that coming.

The GMES Atmosphere Monitoring Service

If society was not so totally corrupt, we wouldn't need things like the GMES atmosphere monitoring service (and why should we trust them too) monitoring the atmosphere at different altitudes for new substances introduced into the atmosphere that were never there before. On the subject of Carbon Dioxide itself; Does not a concept like Bio-fuel worthy of these scientists precious-research time? With this stuff you can have the most "efficiently-polluting machines" you want because the fuel is made from the atmospheric carbon and this cycling effect might even be good because Nature loves it, when things move around. Further, this fuel is more profitable to energy consortium's, but they won't implement it. These powerful people think: "Deplete and Divide everything" rather than "Put Together and Create New Things" because by removing opportunities they insure that only they stay rich and in power for generations which makes perfect economic sense, if you're part of "family". These people think like children and are extremely territorial, like all children. They also don't want ordinary people developing superior fuels that contain no poisons in themselves since these new types of carbon fuels would be necessary to create for the ordinary householder or community who would not be equipt to deal with dangerous nitrogen compounds, changing the entire paradigm of the energy "industry".

One day, people will realize, when they are really fed up, that we don't need giants or anything they value, that they use to create "value"; since mankind and humanity can have its own values, which describe the Universe and theirs cannot. One day, anything of economic value will have to be made indistinguishable to anything of real Universal value if we are to persist as a living species.

For now, it's obvious that some big chemical company has created some new marvel like Agent Orange or Napalm and want to market their new atmospheric and soil control product at the expense of incredulous tax payers who think that the atmosphere and the soil should be controlled by our leaders or captains of industry because who is ultimately funding this research, in one way or another? Anyway, this has these kind of company's signature written all over it. Here, we are not talking National Security, food for everybody and comfort, but World Security (as in securing the world) and World War 3 which will be a global civil war and in this war, the NATO western powers will lose because you cannot "win a war" against a foe who is convinced it's going to die anyway, where people have decided once and for all that they don't want to be controlled from cradle to grave by giants. These people are monsters and will ultimately have to be handled in the future in an equivalent manner whether everyone likes it or not, if they don't start changing their attitudes and start creating more equitable systems for everything and everybody, and learn to do business under those terms "dictated" by free enterprise.

Another example, besides the weather and chemicals where we put to much emphasis on the consumer-grade First and Second Law of Thermodynamics could be in what I like to call "Latent Heat Abuse" because it creates an incorrect "picture" of Thermal Equilibrium at the Atomic scale; as thus: Water boiled in a microwave oven gets colder faster because it is only the hydrogen atoms getting stimulated by the radiation and not the oxygen atoms. Yet everyone sees that the water is boiling through the glass. The oxygen atoms are getting their stimulation from the hydrogen atoms instead until they attain equilibrium. This is because oxygen atoms cannot be stimulated by microwaves. That's why microwaved water gets colder faster than water boiled in a kettle because the hydrogen atoms (which are much smaller) in the water molecules are transferring their energy to their much more massive oxygen atom companion because The Second Law of Thermodynamics says so; i.e. hot things go to cold things = hot hydrogen atoms warm the colder oxygen atoms which is biased because with the Zeroth Law, hot or cold are moving in both directions and finding their sufficient equivalence while the radiation is being applied or not. In all, to get them to harmonize together, (vibration = heat) The zeroth, first and second laws are all busy, with their own principles, moving around heat-energy in quasi-transitory equivalence. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms, among themselves, sort out their energy differences and things really get colder and faster, when the radiation is stopped because of the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics This is why certain things in a microwave would explode (which would be impossible to do otherwise) of which anyone can see many demonstrations of, in places like You Tube.

On the other hand, all the while obeying the laws of Thermodynamics; in condensation: Water that has been boiled in a conventional way, will condense and then freeze faster than lukewarm water in a refrigerator system/device because the mist coming off the cooling condensing water is carrying off more than it's fair share of energy faster and since the water is hotter, there is more condensation. Which is why you can make faster Jell-O® if you use only boiled water and not half boiling and half cold — as prescribed in the recipe. They tell you to do this because the old fridges in the past needed to be defrosted periodically and if you put boiling water in a fridge — well, you create more unwanted ice and the fridge has to be defrosted more often. So to make Jell-O more attractive to consumers they altered the parameters of the recipe and everybody thinks they're happy. In this system, it is Time that is the important variable (more time spent stirring the Jell-O so that the crystals are properly melted because of over-saturation or spending more time defrosting the fridge.) In either case there is a direct relationship with the time needed to follow both recipes and it will be found that the time needed to defrost the fridge more often and the time spent doing extra stirring and the extra time needed to congeal are the same and they both produce Jell-O, but this formula allows you to create Jell-O at different speeds within whatever principle governs the condensation of what any particular gelatin allows (in this example) and not the lowering of the temperature of the fridge beyond a certain threshold, will be what changes anything.

The following video clip demonstrates this effectively where if this were done with cold or warm water, the water would not turn into instant mist. Only boiling water can freeze faster than cold or warm water, and for those reasons just described.

They will not teach The Laws of Thermodynamics in any elementary school nor will they teach the differences between open and closed systems because of interference from other areas except, maybe, when it's too late and it will be treated as an esoteric subject; especially to potential future consumers (which means everybody) because the more stupid a consumer is, the more junk he buys so this must be learned autodidact. I have given away more of my older computers and laptops than I can remember to kids, from impoverished families, where I discovered later the computer was sold at the pawn shop by their parents to buy drugs or beer (true stories). If one teaches Thermodynamics to some of these kids along with the philosophies they imply (since they are dynamic), this no one can take away from them. Unfortunately, I did not know this at the time. That's why this thing has to be everywhere so unfortunate kids can learn and teach themselves The Laws of Thermodynamics where everything afterwards is secondary. Without Thermodynamics there is no physics or chemistry or science whatsoever and it is also the mother all the Arts. Besides, physics and chemistry offer no philosophy, but thermodynamics does, where Nature would provide a multitude of Sufficient Equivalences to match your needs that you can pick and choose from, to create something new and better in your life in any platform or pursuit of desire and/or study.

All the reported physical "miracles" performed by all the prophets and saints that defy explanation from the laws of physics or chemistry can effortlessly be explained in Thermodynamics because we are only changing certain properties of matter with various forms of movement and motion along with what their systems must do. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics begins this by providing a more complete understanding of matter.

Then of course, The Periodic Table of the Elements, like physics, can be nefariously exploited and taught in any manner as any spreadsheet can be manipulated, but The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy in the Third Law of Thermodynamics cannot be manipulated, as I mentioned earlier in 'Extreme Cold' and this is why their principles are especially avoided in any kind of teaching curriculum because there is no known technology that can effect them besides microwaves and other such similar technology, and at an enormous cost I might add, and as soon as the power is interrupted the system recovers like nothing ever happened. It is the heat distribution of the Universe that happens all by itself and once you apply any energy to it or put a fence around it, it becomes a system which is Nature's Almighty fence which comes before anyone puts a fence around things. The only effective way they can affect Thermodynamics for humanity is by not teaching it.

So instead of treating The Zeroth Law and Entropy as friends, we treat them as enemies because no one can control these things and make money off of them. We build our own societies around these things with only the laws we can control, market and sell and convince ourselves that this is the only reality. Where there is entropy and zeroth-thermodynamic principles, there is no want and nothing depreciates economically, nor is there any waste, but they can be improved or tailored to specific needs and everyone and everything, or any concept has time to grow at its own pace. The question is whether the verb "To Have" or "To Be" is more important to you in life. All civilizations that fell badly were based on the verb 'to have' and today this is the first verb that is taught to children in school in their first grammar lesson in any language ostensibly because it is the easy verb in any language. This translates into a society that creates things like; "buy now pay later".

Anything's original value always remains and they maintain their value in perpetuity especially in the fact that their emphasis is based on the Principle of Sufficiency not in Efficiency. It is not the question whether the Universe or life exists or not, it is whether they exist sufficiently, of which the answer is Yes. For instance: Anything that exists in/for the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics such as a thermometer or a scale cannot be made obsolete. It is only the kind of thermometer or other device that can be made obsolete. All Zeroth things are part of the Universe that is indefinite. When they do teach Thermodynamics it is always in closed thermodynamic models because, again, they are amenable to the implementation of privatization by certain individuals and rely exclusively on an artificial manipulation of any system's qualities and quantities; never emphasizing their essence which always lead to networked elements. These networked elements can be limited to closed systems or be part of isolated or open systems. At one point all phenomena exist by themselves and should not be things that are sold since these things belong to Nature.
Announcing the 66th year and 6th month anniversary of the Atomic Bomb (a device based on Thermodynamics, not physics, except in how matter is being manipulated by physics). To celebrate this festive occasion. We have organized a Rave to inform the younger generation and "raze" awareness of the Cold War. "Highlights" include newly declassified documents that prove that the Cold War was, actually, only an exotic form of the Second Law of Thermodynamics that does not exist in Nature and consistently appeared after an atmospheric detonation of a Thermonuclear device! (an improvement over the Atom Bomb!)
According to Dr. Forbid of the University of Colossus: "This exotic form of Thermodynamic Law called, 'The Cold War', only appeared after an atmospheric detonation. It then cooled in the atmosphere and heated up the political sphere!" To celebrate these new findings, organizers plan to hand out free glow-sticks to rave dancers and provide a life-size mock-up of Little Boy, whose eventful return from Hiroshima is, as to be, the centerpiece for this event, were revelers can bask in the "afterglow" of aftermath!


There is enough copper here to supply an entire African country with plumbing.
In seeking "answers" about Matter (as if Matter was a question, since science is not philosophy), scientists build large particle accelerators and detectors to look for a "primordial substance" by trial and error and/or theory, i.e. "tinkering". This is not like Boyle or Rumford researching "Frigorific Particles" or "Frigorific Rays" since the follies of Boyle and Rumford were logical and led to truth and philosophy.
A corresponding-principle that can be worked with by quantum and classical physics is needed because without this; workable, mathematical/ philosophical models that can forecast a direction for research to follow, cannot be accurately tuned-into, but must rely instead on inferior philosophies and personnel because the Universe, itself, becomes something different at that level. A Zeroth law-like principle is needed, to create formulae that would help in producing good results in any of these laboratory experiments, while saving money and time. Here, we are talking about laboratories that cost billions of dollars, every year, to operate. This is important in other areas because science has lost its way: There is a big philosophical difference in the purpose and motivation of finding the ultimate particle as opposed to discovering the origin of life but they are discussed and treated in the same way and this applies to other fields as well.

Before the Wright Brothers there was Montgolfier Brothers. Back in the day, when scientists had limited budgets and couldn't even afford to build cheap cyclotrons, they used an inexpensive 18th Century technology called hot air balloons (or what they called in the 17 hundreds: "Aerostatic Globes") to collect cosmic rays and other data for 20th century technology-development, from high in the atmosphere, which provided excellent results. Archaeologists and Geologists looking in the other direction, used balloons to photograph sites on the ground and discovered new digs, which was a quantum leap, in itself, for those two disciplines because many things were invisible on the surface.
In this way, the first antiparticle was discovered:
The Positron and an antiparticle is not antimatter despite what NASA or whatever tells you.
I have read confusing stories that say something different, where reports are that one guy "observed" the positron in 1929 and another "discovered" the positron in 1932 which doesn't make any sense, especially when one reads this on the same page! Regardless, both events occurred on aerostatic globes.

On Positrons
What actually happens when you get a PET scan at the hospital?

What does make a lot of sense was that hot air balloons are not only cheaper; you get the real thing, direct from the factory — Nature, where many quality products have been available since the beginning of time and all in First-Class condition. The Universe is a natural particle accelerator. Today we've gone back to this tried and true method with things, a lot more sophisticated than Wilson cloud chambers in Hot Air Balloons, like the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer because these are some of the sort of experiments they are doing on the International Space Station and not on hot air balloons because with the ISS they can locate where these high energy particles are coming from, which is a lot better because the Where? might answer the Why?. Today in the 21st century, Geology and Astrophysics are still working very well together when they use the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer in the North and South Pole (see or bookmark: Ice Core Records, Dr. Gisela Dreschoff: From Volcanoes to Supernovas ). Particles produced by man in an accelerator are not the same quality as natural particles produced by Nature because, here again, they are studying reactions in closed systems. The answer is to build Particle-Gathering space ships because in this case, the effects of relativity can be studied even better with a spaceship/accelerators in their experiments upon matter which is limited with stationary accelerators.

Atomsmashers are an empirical way to find a primordial substance, in research. There are high hopes, but these elegant powerful machines that provide opportunities to view nature in controlled experiments, will one day be looked upon as quaint devices and representative of technology, as it knows itself today; the same way we, now, view cathode ray tubes because there will be better methods to work with subatomic particles by then. In Fact, the Tevatron is to be decommissioned at the end of September, 2011. (The last Space Shuttle Mission flew on May 16 2011).
By simply looking at the architecture used for Fermilab's campus; Wilson Hall. It's a beautiful building, but I can't help wonder if Classical-Physicists work on one side of the building and Quantum-Physicists work on the other side and all because of particle physics which does little to unite these sciences. This building might be representing the idea that; before they could split the atom they had to split physics and people first. First, let me briefly show you inside Fermilab which is an old clip about Fermilab when it originally went online back in the 70's and, interestingly, there was no talk about Higgs bosons (God Particles) back then and according to sources of the time, this thing was not built for that reason. So we may all ask: What is this altering of historical particle accelerator's story and the rewriting of scientific history all about? I find this video clip representing, now, a historical perspective that is quite apt in this discussion and is also the reason why I did not remove it when I found the better more flashier clip from "The Atom Smashers" up above. Today suddenly, 'God particles' are treated as serious news; Why? Why use the word "God" at all?

GP duBerger


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