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Monday, November 27, 2017

Extreme Cold - Ch 2 - The Twisting of Our Perceptions of/in Matter and Energy

HTML'S MAGIC: Extreme Cold - Page 14 - 'Beyond Extreme Cold.

Page 1 Chapter 2 of 'Extreme Cold'
'A History and Monologue on Matter and Natural Systems
in Materials Science of/for Energy Systems within
any Macroscopic Scale'.

by GP duBerger

Let's challenge the modern-day dogmas of science.

Click or tap to read Forbes': 'Energizing Investments And The Future Of Uranium', where important dynamics have been left out and deny that the "Three Mile Island accident" ever occurred. (Well.... How are future generations supposed to know?)
My problem is that I actually remember these things because I was alive then and I see the younger generations being lied to by powerful media outlets, educational systems, celebrity scientists and "communicators", with full financial backing to distribute their stercus tauri on the past and the future. GD
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In this article by Forbes (click/tap on pic), they describe the Fukushima radiation leak into the ocean as equal to “76 million bananas”. So, I guess, the problem is with Nature's potassium in bananas, and are the real problem and not our "Fukushima's", since bananas are being deployed as a standard for radiation by authority, ostensibly to allay concerns.

Of course, these papers are written by asses, because 78 million bananas take up a lot of space so the radiation being emitted by their potassium, if those 78 million bananas were all in one place, the radiation would still be negligible. I think we would be more worried about vermin, and "phlogiston" rotting those bananas and not the radiation exposures to those poor banana-removal crews, risking their lives being exposed to banana radiation.

If, this is such a thing to not worry about then why the media fallout? Regardless of what kind of radiation or how much radiation there was dumped into the ocean, it should of never be there in any form or amount the first place.

Anyway, forgetting its promoters, apologists and rationalists this aspect of nuclear physics discredits the entire field of physics and nuclear chemistry to create, allow and maintain such a system for nuclear energy and propagate "fusion" as a solution, where the only reason why fusion is not developed is because one cannot create enough dangerous isotopes with it, where Nature's systems are entirely deprecated and corrupt "man-made" systems that were originally developed for war take precedence.

Then we have people wonder why there are so many shooting, killings, bombs and murders, conflicts and wars, —For nothing?

Quantum Jumping
In the future, after the conquest and acquisition of the 'Electromagnetic spectrum' has been completely achieved by private enterprise, a new empire-building baronial system and economy will be created for the Quantum and we will move around, ourselves, like electrons, jumping from place to place instantly until someone, someday, accidentally presses the wrong button and everything disappears as Kurt Vonnegut describes in his best-selling science fiction novel.

For people in the future jumping all around all over the place like in this video clip here, "historic" personages like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs etc. will be talked about, in the same way, we talk now about knights in the past with details of their conquests and adventures except this will be with the conquest of all the Electromagnetic spectrum throughout its universe.

I'm positive that people living in the baronial system a thousand years ago didn't think their knights were anything special in their time too, and were just thought of as scary-rich people, like today.
If aliens were observing us from space, they would see us, now, as living in a sort of baronial system for the conquest of electromagnetic energy, like heat was in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and would probably see the whole thing as quaint, and if you were magically teleported to a thousand years ago; believe me you would not be very impressed either, even with the ones with the "highest" education available in those times.

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Just as Kurt Vonnegut describes in 'Slaughterhouse 5' where the only thing left to do, after realizing the button has been pressed, will be pressed and is being pressed is to aid in the removal of dead bodies and then the thing starts over again because that is how the moment is structured, the question becomes: "How is your own moment in this Universe structured?".
Therefore the concept of Fate and Destiny is entirely different for an open system where things actually never change and the Universe itself is just 'The perfect Moment' and people are not prepared for this either, thereby preventing anything or anyone from having a say in the matter, yet they believe in a sort of Time that is a linear or a cyclic isolated system, where things don't change in the universe, which, of course, is impossible for any type of closed system.

Appeasing Wrath
Those that go around and inflict unnecessary pain to those that think outside the box, are themselves 'Pain' because they can never inflict anything beyond the point that is beyond their ability to make the victim believe in their BS. This was how some gods were defined in ancient times where things like 'discord', for example, was actually a goddess called "Discord" and one offered Her an appropriate sacrifice to avert Her wrath when Her "representatives" showed up out of the blue, or Her mood changed if you were actually acquainted with Her. Fame and Infamy, Heroes and Villains and the new nicknames attached to them, in ancient times, was their way of having social insurance numbers, where they would be recognized wherever they go by the legends they created where their reputations would always precede them wherever they went to a village or city and the village folk could discreetly disappear before they arrived, so they wouldn't have to deal with them and they would not know that you are supposed to be there. Or they would have the time to prepare a feast for arriving heroes so that everybody could warmly welcome them and throw a great banquet, performances and other joyous celebrations for them. The idea was you always knew ahead of time what was going to happen which is a lot better than the news today with all our satellites and sophisticated media where everything we find out, has already happened and there is nothing you can do about it, which explains a lot of things, which I won't get into here.

Information, machines and innovation should dynamically always be about the future and not about the present or past!

Recapitulating: We could produce as much heat-energy with the fission of uranium if we take advantage of its natural systems that can never be toxic or lethal and for some reason, only produces useful and beneficial isotopes (which is not some freak of Nature), but the way physicists have designed this science we find that their way is the only way to create weapons for mass destruction.

How science, philosophy has never come to terms with Nature's "natural ethics" in Its protocols demonstrated everywhere with matter and energy through Thermodynamics, that only appears to promote life and remove poison, but have chosen to ignore?

Man who is not merged with matter is not merged with life and not merged with the universe as one.

Challenging the Second Dogma of Science: “Matter is unconscious and inanimate”

Sheldon discovers geology

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Time: 1:10
No wonder this is dogma; it has to be because no one even knows what is the complete spectrum of what is consciousness or animation except as defined by narrow and arbitrary parameters.

The Universe is also many forms of dynamics and not some single object for dynamics. These different dynamics are present as/in open, closed and isolated systems and matter/energy are not just some static and well-placed assembly of things and energy that is ordained only to humans or for human consumption functioning to drive like some consumer-grade Second Law of Thermodynamic machine.

The Universe, we will find, is more like a transitive "sharing experience" among everything together, regardless of each other's distance, power, frequency, intensity and place in time.

For example: A simple rock may not be able to speak or move around with "will" or seeming purpose as we know, but a simple rock has unique characteristics that are not shared by individual life forms.

Thermodynamic processes initiated and ending by heat, in a variety of dynamics, create (1) information in its isolated systems; (2) changing properties and structures can be observed by/with closed systems and (3) its mass, movement and its travels can be acknowledged in open systems and cannot be changed unless acted upon, where we would also take a variety of different Relativistic theories into account.

Rocks (Matter) and the Stories They Tell

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Time: 00:20
Ontology: For fun, we could compare ourselves to a rock and ask, for instance: "Why and/or how we move and the rock moves?", and at least be able to stop making comparative judgments involving any form of superiority without revealing something that can only be an opinion that has no meaning anywhere else in the Universe.

We ourselves can choose which systems we prefer and most chose closed systems with increasing entropy and a succession of organized religions that mock Nature's physical Universe.

This may originate from Dialectics, whose first concept says: "Everything is transient and finite, existing in the medium of time." which sounds more like Augustine to me, who confuses dynamics with actual things (like rocks), but this monologue is not a "forum" for philosophical arguments.

Nature already gives an account of Itself for all who want to observe, but we will discover that there is a plague in delivered diegesis rather than proper analysis with so-called, "communicators", science popularizers, narrators and intellectuals in all sorts of media explaining science, and this is most pronounced with Thermodynamics, even at its most elementary basics.

This would be a meta-truth where "Meaning" has no more meaning for living things because it only involves one system at a time and moves within other closed systems around them that form "onion shells" around existence and could no longer be a useful argument to pursue, where a stone exists and moves and is part in all thermodynamic systems simultaneously and all systems are working together that involves the physical Universe directly, which can be argued as being itself, dynamically a form of life, or part of a distinct form of awareness that teaches and learns simultaneously.

To a rock (or any form of matter), there are no questions and answers that exist separately, but questions and answers that exist simultaneously and they appear and disappear by themselves. There is no interference, there is just Is.

A rock's increasing entropy only belongs to some closed system and not the rock itself because it also exists in open and isolated systems to its, and everything else's purposeful benefit given to everything by Nature. Human intelligence is not so intelligent if it cuts itself off from other systems that are everybody's birthright.

Authority is not always there to be your friend and give you all the information you need, but mostly is there in only giving you what you need to serve its purposes.

The Tree-Man on the right panel, and a pair of human ears brandishing a blade. A cavity in the torso is populated by three naked persons at a table, seated on an animal, and a fully clothed woman pouring drink from a barrel. From triptych: The Garden of Earthly Delights. Text from Wikipedia
From triptych: The Garden of Earthly Delights
Hieronymus Bosch

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If living things have emotion, intelligence and empathy, then it is safe to assume that emotion, intelligence and empathy are already everywhere in Nature and it is just the magnitude that makes the difference and are not just some attributes that just humans have to possess intelligence and feelings. It's no longer a question of whether life exists elsewhere in the cosmos, but more a question of the discovery of other forms of intelligence, emotion and empathy.

Along with all "science" and mathematics: This promotional aspect in "teaching" only one thing about Thermodynamics, and only in a certain way, not forgetting how different Thermodynamics is between physics and in chemistry.

In the 21st century, we have seen by example, with the scant information available for things like the Stirling cycle, or Natural fission, where there is a wealth of "information" for what must kill everything, and it is the rationals they use and inject in these articles (in any form of reference, and I have many more examples) I find most intriguing because they only discuss closed-energy systems exclusively and never open and isolated systems which themselves are very efficient, productive, cost-effective and quite beautiful as devices, machinery or architecture, besides being totally non-polluting and make better economic sense.

By not teaching open and isolated systems in science, life, mathematics and technology, they are not teaching, but programming the masses and this is no better than communist or totalitarian indoctrination and propaganda whose own and unique subtlety in capitalism, and specifically for private enterprise as opposed to free enterprise, is done through an "education" equivalent to its purpose in science, philosophy and politics as if it were some belief system.

This is society and civilization themselves breaking or distorting the law (the laws of Nature) which is possible because of physic's own ethics are not recognized.

In effect, It is the right-wing liberalism known as Private enterprise, as a trustee or custodian that is turning science into a religion or a worldview that will be the supposed-answer to all our problems, despite it being exclusive to the closed thermodynamic system.

The illusion/delusion parts come from "problems that will be solved by science", which should never have existed in the first place, but were purposefully placed only for the benefit of private enterprise and its subsequent corruptions.

An Axe To Grind

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Time: 59:14
Among many other uses: We can use isotopes in rocks (among other forms of matter) to determine something's age yet isotopes as a whole, tell a story themselves in how and why they are produced that tell us about ourselves and "how old" we are as a "children" species and shouldn't be playing with this kind of fire until we grow-up or, at best, follow Nature's protocols and examples to begin with like we would be listening to a grandfather or grandmother and then we would not have things like, Windscale Fire, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl or Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasters and there will be others in the future as that is just a matter of time.

Why they would build Nuclear reactors in tectonically unstable and tsunami-plagued Japan and right on the edge by the seashore, instead of using geothermal energy, which is a perfect location for it, to generate all the electricity they could ever use or need, like they are trying to do in Alaska is beyond my level of understanding. They (Authority) may as well just plant some dirty nuclear device with a random detonator instead, where it will go off randomly by itself when it "feels" like it.
These nuclear reactors are not progress, but a set-up for and/or invitation to disaster.

More evidence on the abuse of capitalism as a system.

Click or Tap on pic to see story on precious and extremely high-quality chemical energy being burned for nothing.
In case of deletion of article, go to my GD
Illustration: This natural gas being burned for nothing (flaring) as seen from orbit over Canada and the United states, that can be easily and economically liquified (as seen in the clip above on the Stirling cycle) and shipped or stored anywhere, or the gas itself can be easily stored in old and depleted oil wells and get filled with natural gas instead for later use.

This flaring, again, is done by right-wing libertarianist private enterprise, which is not to be confused with capitalism. These companies, themselves, are inept and inefficient systems (see: Deepwater Horizon oil "spill") and cannot manage Nature's riches in even one small area and cannot see anything beyond the next quarter or boardroom meeting and what the visitor sees in this photo is one of the results.
These people/groups take Nature's bounty and create scarcity to keep prices high and destroy high-quality chemical energy. In fact, they destroy more energy than they produce.

At the other end, communists and anarchists should learn to make a distinction between private enterprise and free enterprise who embody and employ distinct philosophies and have separate goals.

Aside from the practically unlimited riches the Earth already has for all our needs, these people feel compelled to convert this into paper money instead, that exists for an economic system that must destroy itself and only that has value. This is insanity.

A small piece of history regarding petroleum

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Time: 0:50
These groups (private multinationals and international banks) just don't want others to make money too, so they burn or waste everything whenever possible, where then there are "laws", regulations, permits and legislation to defend these types and make everything they do "legal", or the only thing available, or they pay a paltry fine or trade carbon taxes with countries that have little industry (which is done on purpose) and polluting even more or not changing a thing which is not Capitalism, or Free enterprise, not to forget the tax money that is being lost by governments because this energy is being thrown out like garbage and never enters any economy.
And yes, this is thermodynamics believe it or not, or at least its abuse where we can be entirely objective because this part of Nature has its own theory of knowledge to be reckoned with that comes before chemistry, physics and any economic theory.

Methane-powered car hits the road
Cars, trucks, trains and boats can be made to run on an abundance of choices of hydrocarbon-based fuels that are everywhere, — even locally as can be seen here in this clip.
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Time: 01:35

So while they burn American/Canadian natural gas, the same companies are trying to "refine" low-energy tar sands where one would have better luck refining candle wax to make gasoline, and in another area they are trying to build the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline which is being prevented/disrupted by the Taliban to transport the same type of Natural Gas from the Caspian Sea where only North American and British oil executives will make money and will pay no taxes or royalties to these corrupt/corrupted states, and the North American and British citizenry will not benefit one bit themselves in their consumer economies.

Then we understand why things like, "the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" are probably created by those same multinationals to further their own interests because no one can have instantaneously fully-equipped and trained armies at their disposal that miraculously appear out of nowhere where there are more innocent Turks, Syrians and Iraqis being killed and threatened than western journalists who already knew this region could be an occupational hazard and should be reporting/investigating where this nonsense comes from in the first place and trace it to the source, like real journalists did in the past. Read: 'Chuck Todd Defends Not Challenging Republican Lies On Meet The Press' by Jason Easley. This is the garbage modern "journalism" provides.

Later, I will discuss and show (with many demonstrations) of a dangerous pathology that is eating away at "education" today i.e. The histories behind The Carnegie Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation where, for example, simple hydraulic devices developed in ancient times by Ctesibius, whose simple drawings and principles shown by Heron of Alexandria are unrecognizable to people with Ph.D.'s or a college education and only present the Second Law of Thermodynamic parts of these systems in education and media.

So today, it is strange that we have a principle within a law of thermodynamics (The Second Law) that is still incomplete, which is why we have the Third Law, which was developed because of this "power" various entropies possess regarding matter's properties (among other things I will describe and relate later) and where the Second Law is not deprecated or modified for classical closed systems exclusively (Clausius's 'Fundamental Principle'), and taught to be as such, since the Second Law of Thermodynamics involves machines, physics and economics directly. The quantum is another matter and is being corrupted in another way as will be described.

The entropy of the open Universe never increases, but Kelvin/Clausian closed systems can do great harm to a local Open System whose main purpose is to nurture and foster life (The Environment) against those needs that are comparatively redundant when there are too many badly engineered 19th century-like closed-system machines or burning/flaring/spilling facilities inside the local open system where, as an interface between systems, we are not properly introducing ourselves to any future. This is, I think, the most important thing to teach our young, but this is not and everything is just treated as, "Business as usual".
"Am I fiddling while Rome burns?"
-Quote from Quatermass Part 1 - Ringstone Round

Some will argue that the Earth is a closed system and for the purposes of this monologue, I will have to disagree. It depends entirely on how one sees and perceives the Earth. The Earth can be a business venture and nothing more, or the Earth can be seen as a cradle of life where (contrary to the Bible) a multitude of species go extinct every day naturally (humankind being blameless), but an equal number of new species evolve into being at the same time and this is going on right now.
Whether modern man only appeared 6,000 years ago or 150,000 years ago is irrelevant in most contexts. The fact is he "appeared" out of "nowhere" (or as stated in chapter one, "from nowhere to somewhere"), like all new species do today and this is demonstrated by Nature even today. Nature's "miracles" have a long story behind them before they make their appearances that has little to do with magic tricks.

Both views (exploitation and conservation) exist in all religious texts and all contain many contradictions when these ideas are networked and don't conform to Thermodynamics and it is one's own existential choice, while regarding or disregarding it's meta-truth, of what one wants to read, remember and apply that makes it "all" true or not.

They say, All closed systems undergo Always-increasing Entropy.
Well, what about subatomic closed systems?

Archbishop Desmond Tutu:
Speaks About Canada's Tar Sands

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Time: 02:59
The energy of Earth's radioactive "decay" in its interior that drives 9/10ths of all geothermal activity is a closed system, yet here we are describing the subatomic (radioactivity) so its Entropy never increases, but actually decreases (Matter made more stable where an imbalance of neutrons is neutralized). In the subatomic, we find the counterpart to the closed system's, "always-increasing entropy", where counterparts already exist for isolated and open systems.
This is not so fantastic or revolutionary if we remember that entropy only describes systems, not its elements and those elements can neither be created nor destroyed.

We understand now, through Thermodynamics and how this system's entropy works; that radioactivity is a system performing a function, which we understand as heat and is not a "real thing" as scientists always relate today. But then, people believe that Coca-Cola is ,"the real thing" where there is actually nothing "real" about Coca-Cola at all. It's just beverage recipe; A system. The only thing that's real are its ingredients.

A telephone (among many things we think of as things) is not a thing, nor does it exist in Nature. It is a system. The correct syntax in the physical universe should always be, "A telephone system". If one says/sees "A telephone", one's thinking is polluted with "Carnegieitis", or ones mind suffers from the effects of "Rockefellerosis". whose cancerous goal are to make classical mechanics closed systems be taken as the only things that are important to existence and life.

What is an Open, Closed or Isolated system?

Imagine the entire universe as particles of matter and waves of energy that are forever exchanging energy, matter and information. Within those exchanges we find there are cycles and those cycles are closed, open or isolated cycles. The elements within never change but their assemblies do. These cycles serve their purpose, where with Nature's isolated cycle is a system for Memory. Closed cycles are necessary for Change, and open systems for Conservation of evolution. Undoubtedly, there are other systems after Conservation which will be found in other dimensions.

This means dynamically that the Laws of Physics will need to be rewritten, or appear in a new scale form much like we conjugate verbs where in any action/reaction, we can take into account an amount or shape of matter and consider any action/reaction with respect to/of its isolated systems, it's closed systems and open systems. Doing this will allow us (among other things) to develop superluminal velocities of travel and will be explained later.

Concerning Earth's matter/energy and the Sun's past: These burning embers have been generously furnished by some star that existed long before our own Sun and will last beyond the Sun's life as we know the Sun now, but all the energy that drives every natural system on its surface and in the oceans is driven mostly by the Sun and the Moon which are driven by the Universe and its natural movements (not motion), so every natural system on Earth is also ultimately driven by the cosmos and its own entropy which remains constant in the Open universe (never-increasing) and in the molecular Isolated system (where entropy never decreases).[E]

So, the universe is both an isolated system (it's unique compared to nothing, or non-existence) and an open system at the same time where it expands while always accelerating. For simplicity and convenience, I refer to the universe as an open system because we see, now, that the universe expresses itself in every-way possible because that is what a universe is supposed to be.

It is that which makes philosophy a science.

Nothing anywhere is being created or destroyed, but only their heat, energy, motions, information and Work get transferred across the universe. The only thing that can be created and destroyed are closed systems, therefore, Thermodynamically speaking, a god would only be a creator of some closed system and Nature tells us we actually exist because we made ourselves aware, on our own, of other systems by making scales and this we started doing around 30,000 years ago.

Conformity and order in society goes way beyond those parameters set by organized religions, organized science and social order, where we discovered thousands of years before religious literature and dogmatic science that there existed other systems.
In palaeolithic times we knew more with less.

The Clausian (always increasing) entropy of the Second Law of Thermodynamic is also something to be reexamined since it only deals in classical-mechanical closed systems and because of this should not, in any way, be some post-modern middle-class philosophy of life in both its passive or aggressive manifestations.

Education is a Problem
From the masses themselves, we find problems in people being able to learn basic
Here in this monologue, we will learn that Systems (in this case/clip, "Belief systems") are only supposed to be things/tools to arrive at some higher level. We then release ourselves from that system. This will be shown later through the work of Heinrich Hertz and his discovery of the Photoelectric effect.
His way of dealing with systems scientifically can be applied universally to achieve the same results in anything one desires.

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Time: 02:06

This is especially true today, where our lives are dealing more and more with the subatomic, with our everyday electronic devices that we have in our homes and carry around, where fundamentally at the quantum level, their closed-system entropy is always decreasing and humanity is not being made a part of this phenomenon, but the technology itself is forcibly being designed and engineered to conform to Clausian parameters of Entropy instead, which are what the Carnegie and Rockefeller "philanthropic" foundations are all about.

If any always-decreasing subatomic closed systems like quasiparticles did not occur/exist, we could not create Bose-Einstein Condensates with them.
One day we will have to broaden all our awareness's of what we "think" constitutes existence and "nothing".

I have other examples where this entropic effect/principle can only be known in the macroscopic. We must remember that the universe itself is one huge particle accelerator itself, whose own entropy never increases and for quarks and baryons to miraculously assemble themselves into hydrogen and helium is because of this Thermodynamic system and has nothing to do with god, physics or chemistry, but Thermodynamics.

They, in their way are saying that there is a "hand" behind all this and that; when it is actually so much more. Thermodynamics is the door to this wonderful new awareness.

Theoretically: Any real quantum-mechanical device should actually "improve" with "age" and not deteriorate, or lose information (by working it and/or adding information to it, and by itself adding its own new data to/for itself), but the systems they create for this technology with designed-networked-elements guarantees their demise in many ways. Planned obsolescence has now entered the realm of the quantum and the photon.

We see, already in new sciences that never existed before (quantum mechanics/particle physics), that "shelf-lifes", destruction and apocalypses are actually created and Nature is turned upside-down, so, syllogistically, we can assume that "apocalypses" in general are all "created" artificially and correspond to the technology and knowledge of their time and explains why there are always new and different one's being proposed that are getting increasingly less artistic and symbolic (St. John) and becoming more mathematical (Stephen Hawking).

The visitor here will see, later, other examples involving miracles, from others, that are displayed mathematically too (and people believe them), of which will be explained its/this folly (which won't take long).

In the mind of the modern scientist; When an isotope stops producing decay products it is called, "spent" (as if it's energy was for our exclusive use and purposes), when in fact it has become stable, where its new conditional entropy never increases or never decreases depending, respectively if those atoms are functioning in an open system or an isolated system.

So, the philosophy they "teach" in/as atomic physics, quantum/particle theory and nuclear chemistry are (in Thermodynamics) antithetical to the purposes of quantum and particle theory themselves, but not for petroleum, because there is no Thermodynamics in any of their dissertations or papers. They are just inventing science that means absolutely nothing anywhere else in this galaxy and beyond.

The history of Thermodynamics and its study show us possibilities we would never of dreamed possible by any philosophy, which includes the so called, "Scientific Method" which itself varies from one field of inquiry to another which one will discover by clicking or tapping on the link just provided and is not the ideal they teach kids in high schools.
Today's "Scientific Method" beyond the boundaries and rules set forth by Natural Philosophers (whose "objectivity" was necessary for disproving things, —not proving anything) is not realistic because science deals with open, closed and isolated systems, but their method only works for closed systems, hence why it is different, in every field.

It seems that as "mind boggling" and upside-down thermodynamics may be to many, it is just as well that it lends itself to utter simplicity in discovering it for one's self instead, without being presided over by mathematicians (statistical mechanics) teachers and intellectuals where human instinct, imagination and empathy are involved and developed naturally which makes it a fitting subject for art to examine, discuss and recreate after knowing its basics and perhaps that is what Nature wants us to do with any dynamics (and with most other things) and through this, opens the door for any individual to a universe of great philosophy, feeling, spirituality and invention that only wants to be open, inclusive and shared with everything, —like the universe.

The first Syllogism (The foundation of logic) in existence everywhere in the Universe, and is to be found everywhere:
The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamic.
This work itself, serves only to inspire the visitor; will attempt to take you around this wonderful, ever-moving diorama called, 'Thermodynamics' as if it were art.

Here, humankind can begin to imagine his own extinction or transformation in the future, by what systems he employs everywhere in his/her life and most people exist in perishable systems (increasing entropy) from religion to their cars, their houses, to their mobile devices, etc., etc., where there are things all around us that exist physically, that can assist us, but they are part of open and isolated systems.

Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army
Here is something much better than watching for an hour (Yawn), the
"astrophysicist"/cosmologist/planetarium keeper turned science popularizer
("communicator") celebrity scientist; Neil deGrasse Tyson discussing "Animal
intelligence", "Islam" or anything else that's epistemologized out of closed systems,
cosmology or planetariums, etc., on PBS, books or social media.
I see this "Paper Army" clip as an existential adaptation for/to the piles of rubbish
being published today on/by "science" which is armed against "life" that finally gets
ripped to sheds by a protective and intelligent cat.

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Time: 2:31
This explains today's behaviour with the complete nonsense one hears today from theoretical/particle physicists, cosmologists and popularizers (communicators) to further the interests of their sponsors, who are all ultimately working/promoting with/for the petroleum, chemical, nuclear, fossil-fuel industries and mining consortiums.

In the propaganda dept., i.e. the propagation of bad ideas, bad science and bad technology systems (like cars that need transmissions, mufflers, fuels and oils from private enterprises); they are more profitable because of the way our economics is structured, where the infantile mediocre ideas, values and products they manufacture and produce are the things that are equivalent to a brain and reflection of the mind of a stock broker, bank, corporate lawyer, slush-fund charities (like, "cancer research") or trust funds since they work for or employ vast systems and see and do things like giants, but being a giant doesn't make one see clearer or better, —only differently and a giant's horizontal perspective is always shorter the bigger and taller it is in any universe or form of relativity because, anywhere on or in the universe, one lives on a curve.

Famous exchange between Spock & Leonard McCoy

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Time: 1:22
As there is no such thing as "Absolute Zero" because of non-existence, so there is no such thing as "Unlimited power" or "Absolute destruction" because of thermal equilibrium.
We find as well, that the one miracle science allows, called: "The Big Bang" is only because of some other cycle that is going on because the background radiation of the universe must correspond to some equivalence since this temperature is no magic number, but actually means something, which no one knows yet and never will until mathematicians start using scales and the step method rather than arbitrarily-created symbols for numbers and functions based upon usage for physics developed originally from bookkeeping (The Medici Bank) and not for Thermodynamics.

Only Thermodynamics is big enough to provide any plausible/workable theory and not physics because here is a direct connection between Thermal Equilibrium and Entropy that points to as yet unknown forms of physics because according to Natural Philosophy; there are no miracles.
A miracle's explanation may be beyond human understanding or experience, but this does not mean that it is a "god" or saint that is responsible, but Thermodynamics would have more to say than any present discipline of physics, mathematics or chemistry.
As for miracles based on faith and a real love for god, that is another matter that is as far from what scientists themselves think are miracles and what is god. See the life of my local saint: St. Joseph.org.

Epistemology: Hot may go to Cold and this applies to philosophy as well concerning all things that oppose or complement each other, but only to a point and is not some linear eternal truth that leads, directly or indirectly, to zero, death, creation or an apocalypse. It is simply the philosophy of Movement, not Motion.
Not to cheapen Death or Existence: Ourselves, we can only "understand life" when we are dying, and there is /are transitive processes involved that are not controlled by any "real" entity, but are only a system in/for a universe.

New and Improved religion!

We know they (celebrity scientists) are wrong in many areas because they (popularizers, theoretical/particle physicists, cosmologists) and now intellectuals and "communicators" have replaced the priest (among other things) and discuss nothing but closed systems (putting fences around things which a giant cyclop is likely to do) and describe a universe where laws, faith and redemption comes from their time machines, extra-dimensional strings, dark matter/energy, gravitational waves, Higgs fields and multi-identical universes where sins committed here, —well, your a saint over there and never consider other systems (like open or isolated systems) which would automatically make their nonsense impossible to discuss, all the while stating things like: "God does not exist" without producing any paper beforehand like a doctor of philosophy is supposed to do before he says anything in public because he would be laughed at, or shunned by his peers and colleagues.

I would like to see Stephen Hawking or any of his cronies; that is among any of our celebrity scientists of today, to produce at least one paper proving there is no god before making speeches and declarations.
Maybe they are right, but this is none of their business either especially with the type of god they are describing or criticizing has absolutely nothing to do with the G-D that the faithful know, follow, experience and believe in.

Concerning the God particle: I'm surprised they have not found the anti-Higgs or or even looking for it because the system they invented demands this, but not the physics, or looking at this magnitude-wise, for a hypothetical mirror/negative universe this would be necessary, but instead there is a lot of blah blah to be found as answers including a lot of new funny prefixes added to the word, "Boson", so this part of particle physics should all be considered stercus tauri and/or looked at more closely.

Thermodynamics reveals that a lot of science is but pure human invention and/or vanity by only discussing one system (closed) for everything which becomes exceedingly difficult in quantum mechanics and particle physics, hence the hyperbole, pseudo-science and antithetical nonsense one discovers everywhere now.
It is the same in organized religions where there are too many who talk, but don't know what they are talking about, inspiring many like St. Francis of Assisi to find the lord themselves because even he knew then, that you won't get that from any organized religion.
Mathematicians and physicists may have a clear idea what is symmetry in a closed system, but they have never considered what symmetry is beyond human thinking or intelligence, which undoubtedly would be quite different.