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Thursday, June 20, 2013


By GP duBerger

Dear Readers

I wish to thank my readers from the Web, who over the years have supported and encouraged this work on the history of Thermodynamics.

HTML'S MAGIC's dialogues, essays, and monologues have evolved since the ten years ago it was originally conceived and have made a real impact.
Also, due to changes in tastes, technology, and with Google/Blogger, this present website needs to be rebuilt from the ground-up. The length of each page, the details and information are too much for the Blogger servers to handle, where making edits and placing additions has become an impossible task.

Further, since the advent of HTML5 and XML (Blogger Template) the pages have become inefficient (despite the removal of many redundant elements and embedded items). To a webmaster, this is not to be tolerated. Pages must load fast, cleanly and quickly.

HTML'S MAGIC has also become difficult to find on Google Search, but not if the engine is run by Samsung internet, etc,. etc. Now, we will soon be dealing with Win 10, which according to Microsoft: “will always be a work in progress”.
‘Complete Survival Guide’ App
Complete Survival Guide
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A fully indexed app for tablets and smartphones is now in the works. This app will be similar to the very well made "Complete Survival Guide" app on Google Play, where readers would now enjoy all updates in a seamless fashion. (left pic)

Also, a Group may be formed on Facebook where people may discuss and exchange ideas derived from the subject, which should include modern philosophy, politic, Private enterprise versus Free enterprise, interference by organized education, organized science and organized religions including their detrimental impact on mankind, technology, and society.

Such things will be eliminated from the present platform and are more suitable for social media and social networks, but the essential thermodynamics will be the only thing offered on the web, and on ios or android.

Again, Thank you for your support in the past. HTML'S MAGIC is getting ready for the future and will be back in 2018!

Paul du Berger
Oct 30, 2017